Spirit of the Marathon, Random Eats and Boston Strong


Good morning.

Happy Tuesday.

Before I start rambling, I better announce the giveaway winner.

The Lotus Yoga Gear Giveaway winner is….

#28 Kaila @healthyhappyblog

Congrats Kaila! Email me your mailing information and I’ll send it along.


Let’s see, workouts first.

Taught a few classes yesterday (spin, HIIT and step) which left me pretty exhausted by the end of the night. My last class was step.

2014-04-14 18.42.45

Yep, people still do it and yep, I plan my combos in the car on the drive to the gym and then have about 2 minutes to test them out before class and make sure they’re going to work. I’m that instructor. Sometimes it all goes well, sometimes it doesn’t. Ha.


This morning I got on the treadmill early. I had a pretty awesome movie picked out to watch.

2014-04-15 05.45.28

I can’t believe I’d never seen Spirit of the Marathon before. Talk about inspiration. Definitely had goose bumps and tears more than once. And look who it is, my friend Deena Kastor was on it. I didn’t even know. She was injured here and running on this pool treadmill thing with running shoes and everything. Never seen something like that before.

2014-04-15 06.27.31

And now I’m adding the Chicago Marathon to my bucket list.

2014-04-15 07.07.53

The movie talks about the magnificence of the marathon. How once you finish a marathon and overcome the obstacles of the race and the training you’ve endured, you’re a better person and can tackle anything.

Seriously, just freaking awesome.

I fit in 12 easy pace miles while watching.

2014-04-15 07.32.34

Legs were super tight today. Run was super sweaty today.

2014-04-15 07.39.23

Some treadmill cleaning and foam rolling were in order immediately afterwards.

2014-04-15 07.44.022014-04-15 07.46.29


Some eating as of late.

Yesterday for lunch I made a random mix of chilled roasted spaghetti squash with PB2, sriricha, Chinese spice seasoning, crushed red pepper and coconut aminos with salmon. I didn’t measure anything, but threw them all together and it turned out pretty darn awesome.


I had it with this brown rice California Roll from Trader Joe’s.

2014-04-14 14.09.41

First time ever having sushi from Trader Joe’s, but it was pretty good.



Got home late. Was picking basil outside and noticed the awesome moon.

2014-04-14 20.21.02

I guess yesterday it was a Blood Moon. I didn’t catch it, but did anyone see it?

I had just enough energy last night to stuff my face with a turkey burger meatza pizza,  a couple zucchini pizzas, roasted asparagus and a salad.


Followed up that bad boy with a roasted plantain, some NuttZo and a couple scoops of Sea Salt Caramel Arctic Zero.


I’m liking Arctic Zero more and more. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Ha.


This morning I just had a two course breakfast.

A typical egg white scramble with chicken apple sausage and spinach.

2014-04-15 09.35.56

Then a SunButter and cinnamon sandwich my favorite bread and a Flatout wrap with coconut butter and cinnamon and some strawberries.

2014-04-14 10.01.58

Guess I was hungry.


Today is the one year anniversary of the bombings at the Boston Marathon last year. There’s a lot going on in the social media world for #bostonstrong.

So crazy to think about what happened a year ago. My heart goes out to all those who’s lives were changed forever and who lost loved ones.

Yet, how awesome is it to see everyone coming together to show support and love.

We sure are one heck of a strong bunch.

You probably already know, but there’s a moment of silence planned for 2:49 pm EST today. Thought I should pass that along.


Okay, I’m off. Have a wonderful day.

I’m going to finally look through my welcome packet for Boston (I can’t believe I just opened it right now)


and the boys have big plans to hang with our cousins that are visiting all afternoon.

Should be a blast.


What’s your favorite running inspired movie?

Are you or anyone in your community doing anything for #BostonStrong today?

Where were you last year when it happened?

A Backyard Visitor and a Medicine Ball Workout


Slept in a little this morning. Not the plan and I guess I need to start my 21 days over to form my 5:00 am wake up habit again, but oh well. A little extra time in bed and a few quite moments to get my head in the game and this with my little guy was worth it.

2014-04-14 06.48.10

It was too perfect also that as we were reading this we could hear the birds chirping outside.

Still got myself to the treadmill relatively early. Decided it was time to break in my new Mizuno kicks.

2014-04-14 08.26.41

They might be the shoes I wear next week for the Boston Marathon, so I thought I should probably get a few miles on them. Lately I’ve been racing in the Wave Sayonara so we’ll see how it goes.

The New Girl was the morning entertainment. Funny that the episode I watched it took them 3 hours to finish a 10K.

2014-04-14 07.35.49

Let’s hope I’m not crossing the finish line like that next week. Ha.

I started at an 8:15 pace and went a little faster each episode. Three episodes total for an easy 8.22 miles at a 1.5 incline.

2014-04-14 08.24.20

All smiles afterwards.

2014-04-14 08.24.49

Yep, I always wear the safety clip and I always use old baby bath towels. They work the best.

2014-04-14 07.04.32


Here’s a couple more things from the weekend before I give you a little workout for the week.


Um, the coolest jumpy ever at a birthday party yesterday.

2014-04-13 15.21.18

Yep, it was pretty much the same size as our house.

And speaking of our house, we had a little visitor yesterday in our backyard.

2014-04-13 13.23.292014-04-13 13.23.442014-04-13 13.24.01



Last night I did some late night work and took your advice to make my popcorn sweet with coconut oil, molasses, cinnamon and my favorite cocoa powder. I chilled in in the freezer for a bit to harden the coconut oil.

2014-04-13 21.18.16

It was delightful, although a little messy to eat in the office. I won’t be doing that again.

I also ordered two new different popcorn kernels to try from Amazon. I’ll do a little test to see if there really is a difference or not. I feel like all air popped popcorn is the same, but what do I know.

Wait, I do know that this dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s is good stuff. It went well with the popcorn.

2014-04-13 21.17.43


Okay, so the other day I did a quickie backyard workout with a medicine ball. It was about 20 minutes, but kicked my bootie.

So, you know, thought I’d pass it along.

Here’s the workout first.

Mama's medicine ball workout

Here are some pictures my “coaches” took along the way. The only move that didn’t get a photo was the side to side lunges.

The cool thing about this is that you can pretty much do it anywhere. If you don’t have a medicine ball you can use a hand weight and just do regular push ups. The boys even had fun doing some of the moves with me.


2014-04-12 17.56.03

Mountain climbers

2014-04-12 18.18.25


2014-04-12 18.19.19

Push ups

2014-04-12 18.15.34

Mountain climbers

2014-04-12 18.18.23

Squats with a shoulder press

2014-04-12 18.24.422014-04-12 18.24.38


2014-04-12 18.24.55


And yes, these are the best coaches ever.

2014-04-12 18.22.51


And that’s it for me this morning. I have to buckle up to teach a few classes.


I stumbled on this video on what elite athletes eat before marathons. Thought I’d pass it along. No surprise that a lot of them eat pasta.


Oh, and Handful Tanks are on sale right now for only $25 with FREE SHIPPING. Sizes and colors are limited, but totally worth checking out.

And, today is the last day to enter the Lotus Yoga Gear GIVEAWAY. Enter HERE.


Just curious:

Mondays- love them or hate them?

Have you ever found a snake in your yard?

What’s your favorite workout to do at home?


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