Friday Excitement, a Fall Sale and a Reverse Lunge With a Shoulder Press


And good morning. It’s Friday- woo hoo! Usually I’m not THAT excited about Fridays, but for some reason I’m really excited about it being Friday today. Which is weird actually, because our weekend is jam packed, but oh well, I’ll take it.


I’m not usually ever really excited about TV shows either (except for Modern Family and old Parenthood episodes while on the treadmill), but I’m into The Biggest Loser this season.


No running chat today since in my last post that’s pretty much all I talked about. Wait, I didn’t just talk about weekly mileage, I talked about squash too finally. Ha.t

We took a family trip to Starbucks yesterday and I had a free drink to use. I don’t know about you, but when I have a free drink I purposely get one of the most expensive ones. I went with my old favorite Starbucks drink.

2014-09-18 15.32.20

It was good, but I don’t drink soy milk that often anymore so it really did a number on my stomach. I better stick to dirty protein green tea latte from now on.


One of the highlights around here pretty much every day is getting the chicken eggs.

2014-09-18 12.56.10

We only got two yesterday. What a disappointment. Ha.


Last night I watched The Biggest Loser and threw together a huge salad and this random bowl of quinoa, kale, steamed broccoli, Trader Joe’s tomato basil hummus, nutritional yeast, shriracha, garlic, a habanero, crushed red pepper, a bunch of different seasoning and fresh basil.


It was a good idea, but no, it did not taste better than it looks. It’s definitely worth another try though.


There’s a really great sale on the Pro Compression website on all their products at the moment.


Yes. It’s a store wide so the discount is even good for the Pro Compression legging.

Save 40% when you enter coupon code FALL at checkout. Free shipping available for orders over $20, shipped to your US address.


Here’s one of my favorite moves from my strength training class last night. This class is an hour long using just weights and resistance bands. It’s one of my favorites and you’d be surprised how great of a workout you can get with minimal equipment. Strength training is important and a great way to cross train. It’s ideal to do it 1-3 times a week.

I’m a fan of getting it all done on the same day instead of doing a “back day” and a “chest day”, etc. I just want to get in, do the most effective moves and get out.

Combination moves are key. The more muscle groups you get involved the better. You get a better workout, work the core more, burn more calories and get more done in less time.

So this move is a great one. A reverse lunge with a bicep curl/shoulder press combination. You get the toning and strengthening in the legs and lower body while also engaging the core and upper body.

You just need one set of medium to heavy weights. I would do 15-20 on one side and then switch or do it continuously for a minute on one side and then switch to the other side. My friend used a variation of this in her class the other day using a Gliding Disc under the back foot which made it even more challenging.

Here you go.

If you can’t see the video, it’s here in YouTube.


Okay and I’m off. It’s FRIDAY! Have a good one!


*HumanX was the official sponsor of The Kauai Marathon a couple weeks ago. This post and focus on cross training is part of the continuing campaign.


What’s your favorite combination move?

What’s your favorite recipe or way to eat quinoa?

Who’s watching The Biggest Loser?

It’s Never Too Late, Squash Finally, How Do You Read and How Many Miles to Run


Happy Thursday friends!

I got a later start than planned today, but it doesn’t matter how late of a start you get, what really matters is that you get the work done and you don’t let excuses get in the way. Yeah, it’s hard, but aren’t a lot of things in life?

2014-09-18 07.37.55

I also have to admit I never really want to run fast or do speed work. It’s tough to be huffing and puffing while you run and I totally see how people just don’t want to push themselves. Why work hard if you don’t have to, right?

Well, I think the rewards and the feeling you get afterwards far outweigh the short amount of time you are really in it. Obviously things are going to hurt a little and not be easy, but the more you do them, the easier they get and the better you feel. Right?

I started running and started talking myself out of any kind of speed work that I had planned. I had excuses lined up, but thought I’d just try one interval and see how things went. It wasn’t horrible so I did a few more. Not at the pace or the entirety I had planned, but I’m giving myself credit for what I did do.


Two warm up miles followed by 5 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow, then 6 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow. I repeated the set one more time and then I just made myself stay on there until the second Parenthood episode finished. It felt good. Seems like 11 is the lucky number for the week.

2014-09-18 07.38.50-1

The boys are off at school at the moment and are getting really great at doing their own hair. The question,  “How does my hair look now?” is asked at least five times in the morning on school days.

2014-09-18 08.05.12

Love this guy!


Breakfast wasn’t too shabby. I finally roasted up some kabocha squash. I have to say even after my incident with them, they still managed to come out pretty well.


Check out this magnificent breakfast.


Chicken apple and spinach egg white scramble topped with Scotty B’s bacon jalapeño hot sauce with roasted kabocha and Seedy Silk STUFT Bread.

Oh yes. Deliciousness.

I freaking love breakfast. It’s by far my most favorite meal of the day.


Runner’s World has debuted their new look of their magazine. They’re aiming for more real life runners on the cover.

2014-08-29 12.30.32

They also are sharing how we all read the magazine with #HowDoYouRW .

The article is here:

How Do You Runner’s World

Here’s pretty funny video they put together with a lot of familiar faces. Yes, I’m in there towards the end and am a total dork.

Here’s the video. There are some funny ones and I really wish I would have been more creative. Beavis.


I was asked a question the other day about how many miles to run a week when training for a marathon.

I’m not really the person to ask. Sometimes I wish I had a coach to tell me exactly how many miles to run and exactly what workouts to do when. Other times though I’m glad I don’t have the pressure. To be honest I actually change my mind daily about where my head is at with running. It’s all part of the sport though I guess.

I’ve followed training plans roughly in the past, but never exactly how they’ve been written. I buckle under pressure frequently. I’m really good at that actually.

Currently I’m making my own plan using the book Running a Marathon For Dummies written by my coach friend Dr. Jason who I’ve ran with a couple times. I’m basing my plan to lead up to the TCS New York Marathon in November with CocoaVia.

I really don’t know if there’s a specific answer for that mileage question. It all depends on the person, the time he or she has and his or her specific goals.

Last night after I got this question about mileage I decided it was worth a text to my coach doctor friend for some expert advice to be able to pass along.

He does cover this topic in his book, but he said it depends on a number of factors (how much time the person wants to devote to training/ how good he or she wants to be and how much he or she can handle without getting injured).

He also said that someone can run a marathon off of running 30 miles a week, but they won’t be good at it and the marathon will run control them. The more a person runs, the better.


Most of the plans I’ve seen (and loosely followed) have weekly mileage ranging from 35-60 miles per week. Most plans also follow a similar pattern with 3 weeks of higher mileage followed by a “cut back week” with lower mileage.


Two years ago my weekly mileage was at about 40 miles a week plus my classes. Currently I run about 50-70 miles a week for the harder/longer weeks and then anywhere between 30-50 for the lower mileage weeks. The majority of my miles are easy paced which helps keep me from getting injured, but doesn’t help make me any faster. Ha. They’ll be a time and a place to step it up. Not sure if it’s now as I’m still dealing with some other things at the moment, but I think it will happen sometime before I’m 50. Ha.


I wrote this post way back when with some thoughts on running from coach Jason too. As I reread it I thought it might be good to share them again since it talks about how to implement a recovery week into your training plan.

Here it is:

Thought I’d share some tips and information from Coach Jason since he’s a doctor AND since I learned the hard way that recovery is just as IMPORTANT as training hard.


He also said this in the same blog post (you can find it here on his website).

A lot of runners I’ve met don’t like to take recovery weeks because they feel guilty that they’re not doing enough training. But that guilt is overcome when you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. When designed this way, with both stress and recovery given equal attention and diligence, your training plan is an elegant system that works.


Okay. Enough running chat for now. Time to get the kiddos. Oh and by the way, my little man who said he was going to run and hide and NOT go to school the first day, well, he told me this morning that he loves school now. Thank goodness. Woot woot!


Have a great day!


How many miles a week do you run when you’re training for a race?

What’s you favorite breakfast lately?


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