Flash Handful Bra 50% Off Sale!


Say what?

Heck YES!

Today ONLY (Thursday 7/21), you can get 50% off all the 2015 Adjustable Handful Bras. Details below, but also there’s a doTERRA BOGO sale so make sure to keep on the lookout. Today and tomorrow they have a different BOGO item combination. Lots of us got on yesterday’s so stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook. Email me if you want details or want to get in on a bulk order or anything. Woo hoo!

Okay, there’s a couple things to address before we talk bras and sales. Oh, wait, has anyone got in on the Early Access Nordstrom Sale yet? I’m so tempted……..


I’m currently obsessed with this Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

2016-07-17 09.22.46-1

Collagen Peptides are all the hype at the moment and I’m jumping on the train. I love that it’s unflavored and there are no added ingredients and I’m hoping it will make all my wrinkles go away and give me really thick hair. Ha ha. Kidding. Seriously though, I’ve been adding a serving to my morning coffee with coconut oil and nondairy creamer and it’s just darn fabulous. Vital Proteins has a lot of other different flavor options, etc. but I like this one the best because you can just mix it with any drink. I actually just ordered 2 more because I like it so much and don’t want to run out.

The STUFT Seedy Bread has make a return also.

2016-07-17 09.08.33

This week I played with the recipe a bit and have been topping it with NuttZo Powerfuel and blueberries.



Just in case you need some smiles here’s the boys on “crazy hat day” at their little camp.


2016-07-19 09.04.26 HDR

Any guesses on where we got Joaquin’s? Ha ha.

I’m not a fan of putting make up on, washing my hair or even looking that nice over the summer, but since my eye sight has gotten twice as bad over the past year I decided to get some cool looking prescription shades to make up for my laziness.

2016-07-19 15.06.28 HDR-2

Ha ha.


Running has been going okay this week. The last two days have been super short runs and Wednesday was my first run of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virtual Run Series.

2016-07-20 16.26.37

It was a 5K and I totally forgot to do my air guitar picture afterwards. Ha. These guys are cuter anyway.

Thursday calls for some mile repeats though. I’m a little nervous about the toe/hip situation so we’ll just see how it goes. I subbed a full body fit class Tuesday and Wednesday I taught a HIIT class and then spin in a room where the AC was broken. That was fun. Ha ha.

My other workout was attempting to go through closets, old clothes and toys in the boys’ room. They said they would help me, but I’m not sure they were much “help”.

2016-07-20 15.12.36


Okay moving on to the important stuff…..

Today ONLY (Thursday), you can get 50% off all 2015 Adjustable Handful Bras.

They will be further reduced to $25/each if


is entered at checkout.


Right now, if anyone uses this link: HANDFUL , there is 10% off everything site wide offered.You won’t see this discount reflected until you check out, but it always there running in the background with no expiration date.

For the flash sale TODAY in addition all 2015 Adjustable Handful Bras will be further reduced to $25/each if STUFTMAMAFLASH is entered at checkout.


If you missed the $25 bra sale the first time around, here is another chance! The sizes are mostly XS and S that are left, but those M and L ladies out there can still get 10% off site wide and that discount is good ANYTIME for any size or item. You don’t have to enter STUFTMAMA for the 10% discount as it appears at checkout automatically, but just in case…

The FLASH SALE is for 24 hours only and you DO have to enter the code STUFTMAMAFLASH for the 50% off to get the $25 price on the Adjustable Bra.


Hope you’re having a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lessons From Pete, Training Update, My First Virtual Run Registration and Silk Creamers


Good morning! I meant to get a post up yesterday, but you know life happened and my computer time was used to search printable reading calendars to keep the boys (and myself) on track with our 20 minutes of reading over the summer. Yes, I know it’s already the middle of July, but it’s never too late, right?

This is the one I chose just in case you mamas need one over there. We’re going with prizes for every 10 days completed and one big fun outing once we get all 35 boxes check off.

Printable Reading Log Calendar 

(Click the above link for the PDF. Here’s the partial screen shot.)


Speaking of reading with the boys, I love it when we all learn a little something from their reading books. Last night’s lesson was from Pete the Cat.

2016-07-18 20.57.11-2

Pete was NOT good at his baseball game, pretty much everything he attempted he didn’t do well, but he never got sad because he did his best. He was so happy that his team did well that he wasn’t sad. Isn’t that just awesome? Heck yes we can try our best and just not succeed sometimes, but that should never stop us from being happy with what we put out there and for others who do really well. Pete the Cat just rocks.


I took it really easy on my toe all weekend. I also made sure to apply oil at least a couple times a day on it. I actually ordered this Helichrysum oil for Andrew for after his knee surgery, but I’ve been using more of it that he has.

2016-07-17 21.08.51-2

This oil is one of the pricier ones, but definitely a good one to have on hand. Helichrysum has many benefits and uses, but at the moment we’re using the heck out of it because research indicates that it decreases muscle pain by lowering swelling, inflammation and improving circulation and can also aid in bone repair. All great things in my book.
The blend I’ve been using also has doTERRA lavender, lemongrass and peppermint essential mixed with castor oil as the carrier oil.


Saturday I had a long run scheduled so I split up time on the elliptical here at home and my spin bike while watching a couple Gilmore Girls episodes. Sunday I did the elliptical for 40 minutes and a quick KettleWorx video. I’m also attending a Les Mill CXWorx training this upcoming weekend so I previewed a workout for that.

2016-07-16 12.44.54-1

So…. after taking four days off of running I decided to test it out a bit yesterday and hop right back into the training plan Coach Jason has for me if my toe would tolerate it. I slept in so my only option was to run in the heat either on the treadmill at home or outside. I opted for outside. The toe did okay as I took it super slow. It was darn hot and I can tell I’m not really back in my running game and that it’s going to take awhile, but just completing it felt so good.

2016-07-18 11.16.33-2

I was so thankful for the sweat and the fact that it was hard (most things in life you want take hard work) and that it was done without any major pain anywhere.

It was a big day yesterday and the boys and I made sure to finish it off the right way with a little pool time complete with putting pajamas on at the gym afterwards.

2016-07-18 17.50.55 HDR-3

Today I’ve got a 3 mile run on the schedule and am subbing a class later in the afternoon. I’m just crossing my fingers I can have a successful week of following exactly what Coach Jason has written out for me. Things keep happening to throw it off and I can’t remember the last full week of real focused training I’ve had. We shall see……



I signed up for my first virtual run. Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is hosting a fun series of virtual 5Ks for the next month that you can do anywhere and still get your own bib and medal and everything. How fun is that? I signed up for the this one- Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Virtual Run 2016 Making a Band which is a combination of all three of the 5Ks. You can sign up individually or with the Making the Band for all three.

2016-07-19 07.01.58

See, you get your own bib to print out and everything. I printed a couple extras for the boys because they’re in on it too.

If you’re looking for other races to finish out the year you can still use code STUFT on pretty much any Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series race (yes, even Vegas now).



On the home front we’ve been making lots of zoodles.

2016-07-16 18.27.31

The pretty much go with any meal, but lately I’ve just been roasting them with this awesome Chosen Foods avocado oil spray.

2016-07-16 19.02.01

There has also been a lot of coffee, but really, isn’t there always?

I’ve been on this whole variation of Bullet Proof coffee kick.

I used to drink coffee just black and sometimes I still do, but I don’t really enjoy it as much as when I get to add all the fun things. The mix I’ve been making for myself (and for the hubs while he was home recovering) is coffee, coconut oil, collagen peptides (for extra protein) and the new Silk Creamers.

2016-07-16 09.09.12 - Copy

The hubs and I rediscovered our love for creamers when we were in Boston for the marathon. I try to avoid dairy as much as possible so was so excited when these new Silk Creamers came out. They have a bunch of different flavors and have them both with soy or almond.


I found them at Target, but the store locator will tell you what products they have at stores near you. I really want to find the hazelnut one, bit so far we love the vanilla and use it daily. It has the perfect thick consistency and you don’t need too much. It also has sugar in it so you don’t really need any additional sugar or anything either.

Sometimes it’s chilled over ice like in the above picture (if I wake up too late and the coffee has been sitting there for awhile) and sometimes it’s warm like this morning.

2016-07-19 06.38.08

For some reason I always like blending it too to make it all frothy and such. Mmmmm hmmmm…..

My other favorite Silk products that are always stocked here at home (just in case you care) are the unsweetened cashewmilk and the unsweetened vanilla almondmilk.


okay, and with that I’m off to face another hot one.


Stay tuned because there’s a HUGE 24 flash sale on one of my favorite products this Thursday. Heck yes I’ll be posting another blog in just two short days. Ha ha.


Have a great day!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.


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