The Best Movie Ever, the Perfect Multi-Gym and Egg Bites


Running has been going well this week. I’ve done two semi tempo runs- one with four timed intervals (6 minutes hard, 2 minute rest) and yesterday I did five miles in the middle of the run at goal marathon pace. My goal marathon pace is about 20 seconds slower than it used to be, but hey, that’s how life goes.

2015-07-29 05.59.51

I did watch the best movie ever though while on the treadmill.

2015-07-28 09.11.15

McFarland USA is so good. Talk about some running motivation and just an amazing story. It’s not easy to run and cry at the same time. Ha.


I have a love/hate relationship with the assisted pull up machine at the gym, but even if I have just a couple minutes it’s one of the go to machines I hit up.

2015-07-27 18.42.11

I use if for pull ups and dips. It’s just fabulous.

2015-07-27 18.47.34

Well, just the other day we got our own awesome Perfect Multi-Gym®.

2015-07-28 14.34.28 HDR

Once it’s assembled it installs easily in any door frame and you can just take it down when your done using it. IT doesn’t have to stay up there all the time and you can do a bunch of different moves with it on the ground. How awesome is that?

I’m so darn excited about it.We got our sent to us, but I just checked online and the Perfect Multi-Gym is only $29.95. That’s a darn good deal.

I got ours all set up by myself and admittedly was pretty proud.

2015-07-28 15.46.02

Obviously Joaquin had to try it out before anyone else. This guy is strong.

2015-07-28 15.44.47

I got to try it next.

2015-07-28 15.46.58

I hadn’t done an unassisted pull up in years, but I actually can still do a couple. It brought back memories of my years as a gymnast and having to do them all the time. Joaquin got a little video for me up on instagram in case you need proof. Ha ha.

I want to use it for some toe touches too. Dang those are hard.


In other news, our blogging time is going to be cut down severely very soon when school starts again, but Joaquin is thinking we should just start a fashion blog with our outfits of the day.

2015-07-27 09.32.02

What do you think?

Ha ha.


I eat eggs every single morning in some form or another. Sometimes they’re scrambles with a bunch of veggies, sometimes I’m drinking egg whites and sometimes they’re rolled up in a gluten free spinach tortilla.

2015-07-27 09.11.06

I love hard boiled egg. Actually, I love hard boiled egg whites. I wish I like yolks, but I just don’t. I’m lazy and get annoyed with the whole peeling the hard boiled egg and taking out the yolk thing. So, the other day I had the idea to just bake the egg whites in muffin cups just like I’ve baked the whole eggs before.

2015-07-28 09.52.29

It worked. I just put two egg whites into each cup lined with parchment paper and baked them at 375 for about 25 minutes or so (I didn’t pay attention). They’re good warm or cold and are so easy to just take on the go. Even Joaquin likes them. They’ll definitely be a go to for easy protein snacks once school starts.

Okay I’m off. The boys have big plans today which involved me doing a Google search on how to make lemonade last night before bed. Yeah.

Old and New Fit Friends, a Strength Video and an Ab Routine


I try to do the Meatless Monday thing. The key word is try since every week is a bit different, but in case you do it and need an easy salad for lunch or dinner you should try adding baked tofu to it. I’ve had this salad at least three times over the past week which was inspired by Coach Elizabeth and her tofu recipe creations.


I got the savory marinated tofu from Trader Joe’s, cut it in cubes and then baked it at 400 just until it got crispy. Then I piled it on my ginormous salad compiled of butter lettuce, organic broccoli, Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing, Scotty B’s bacon jalapeño hot sauce, crushed red pepper and Trader Joe’s smoke seasoning. Oh heck yes. I have never really been a tofu fan, but things have changed now. This salad has just knocked my socks off. Woot!


I’m into this new routine of running a little less, but adding more strength training. Yesterday I didn’t do any cardio, but I did this video I found from my man Bob Harper.

Pick up those weights friends!


It was harder than I expected it to be and had to get lighter weights for the shoulder parts. It’s an hour long and I was impressed. I’m even a little sore today and that’s always a good thing, isn’t it?

2015-07-26 10.25.37

It brought back memories though. Remember those days when I made those Team Bob videos with him?

It was so long ago. I hope he misses me. Ha ha.

The next workout I do is going to be this one since I’m in it. Ha ha.

There I am in the blue tank. :)


I have a new awesome friend in my life and her named Katie. I met her on Instagram (@katiesfitscript) and adore her. She is super inspiring, has the most amazing abs ever, is an amazing athlete and knows everything and more about using counting macros to get to your goal weight.

Because of her I’m jumping on the macro counting train AND starting to focus on my abs which I’ve neglected since forever.

After my little strength session yesterday I did this workout that I came up with laying in bed the night before.

2015-07-26 17.51.52

I only made it twice through the circuit since the boys got over trying to help me count to 50 pretty quickly and started finding a few too many things in the boxes of things we were donating.

2015-07-26 10.32.58


Oh, I guess I did get a little cardio in because I took all those bags there to Goodwill. I got a good sweat on cleaning out the house and loading all those up.



Mondays could always use a little extra motivation so thought I’d share some of my favorites from over the weekend with you. It’s so nice to just slow down and focus on being a better person. I’ve always used being too busy as an excuse for everything, but finally things are changing and I’m learning so much.

The first one is from Katie.

2015-07-26 07.06.46

This one is from Lysa TerKeurst. I’m currently doing one of her devotionals and it’s awesome.

2015-07-26 16.52.27

Here are just a couple more.

2015-07-26 07.51.052015-07-26 07.04.30

Oh and random, but I got all creative yesterday and made each of the boys a special tooth holder for the tooth fairy.

2015-07-26 13.19.38

Pretty cute huh? Empty Nuun containers covered with contact paper. Classy.

WE had one minor scare when we found the container open and had to search for the missing tooth, but we got it and we had a special visitor last night.

2015-07-27 06.06.18

Have a wonderful week!



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