All The Colors of the Day


This morning’s workout was a random home HIIT workout I made up as I went along using the BOSU and the Ultimate Sandbag. Burpees, push-ups, slow jacks, lunges, etc.

Then I was really missing the treadmill and I could tell it was missing me too so I got on for 20 minutes at 20% incline.

2015-01-27 05.17.49

I held on the majority of the time, but I didn’t step off to the sides at all. A little something I’m working on. Ha.

I hit up a little time on the elliptical afterwards to complete the morning workout.


Today was a very colorful day.

It started out with this roasted purple sweet potato goodness with some chicken apple sausage and a bazillion egg whites. I wish I liked the yolk, but I can’t stand hard boiled yolks.

2015-01-29 07.47.33

I might as well confess that I bought those hard boiled eggs from Costco too. I found them in the refrigerated section and they’re organic.


I’d been looking forward to a little doctor appointment for over a week now. I wasn’t looking forward to the actual treatment, but it was nice to get a little insight and a plan for the next few weeks.

2015-01-29 16.30.53

I have a follow up prolotherapy appointment in two weeks and won’t be running until then. We’re optimistic that this is just a hiccup with the whole hip dysplasia thing.

Just in case you want to see the size of the needle used for injections here’s an old throw back Thursday picture for you.


Don’t mind Flat Kitty there.

Seriously though my goal is to get to Boston and do the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge this year again. It was a dream come true last year and I want it again so badly. I have plenty of time to get there, although I don’t have plenty of time to try to be fast. That’s okay though. All I want is to be injury free and healthy at the start line.

Surprisingly I’m okay with this injury “hiccup”. Of course it’s frustrating, but the timing could have been a lot worse. It’s a good time to refocus, slow down and just rest a little more.

You know when you see a rainbow and the perfect time? Well that totally happened on my way home from my appointment.

2015-01-29 17.21.21

It was even a double rainbow. The timing was perfect. It was totally a sign.


The timing was also perfect as I got the boys’ first soccer game about 10 minutes in just in time to see Joaquin take a ball in the face in the worst way. I mean it was LOUD and knocked him straight to the ground.

That little fighter jumped right up and screamed “I’m okay.”

I knew though that he wasn’t. That ball hit him so hard and his nose bleeds all the time so I knew what was coming.

Pretty soon he was running and crying and hiding his bloody nose in my shirt.

During the clean up I told him he was like Superman and was so brave when he jumped up and said “I’m okay.”

He said, “Well mama, I was faking. I was really starting to cry.”

Poor sweet boy. Man my heart hurts just thinking about it still.

After the long clean up and getting a second soccer jersey since the one he was wearing was soaked in blood, he was upset because he was missing most of his first soccer game. He was so ready to get back out there.

What a fighter, right? I’m so proud of how brave he was. There’s no way in heck I would have stepped foot back on that field. He did. There wasn’t any fear at all about getting back out there. Gosh we can learn a lot from our kids sometimes, right?


He may have not had any fear about getting back out there, but he does need a little work on his readiness when he’s playing goalie.

2015-01-29 17.55.34

He gets very distracted back there.

Funny that Judah is the exact opposite and is very focused on the game.

2015-01-29 17.55.27


I randomly bought these sparkling water drinks from Target and this cherry limeade one is fabulous with a splash of apple cider vinegar.

2015-01-29 19.04.39

(I’m trying to get out of the whole craving Coke Zero all the time thing.)

Shockingly we did not have something from the Trader Joe’s frozen food section tonight. Wait, that’s a lie, the boys had their marshmallow things along with the veggies I made.

I roasted up that opo squash from Frieda’s we got the other day. All I did was slice it, spray it with coconut oil and season it with some seasoning salt, garlic and smoked sea salt and then baked it at 425 for a bit. It was really good as it didn’t get as watery as some zucchinis do. The taste was similar, but it was a bit drier. I also baked Sizzlefish salmon and steamed broccoli.

2015-01-29 19.20.51

I topped the salmon with garlic onion jam and the squash with Scotty B’s bacon jalapeño hot sauce,

2015-01-29 19.25.09

I was trying to eat really healthy since it’s a birthday weekend and all and we’ve got some celebrating planned.

Weird that last year I did the STUFT 60 Challenge (recap link) and ran 37 miles on my birthday and this year I will be running zero. Maybe I’ll pool run for 38 minutes. Ha. Or maybe I’ll just get to my birthday run a little late like the fabulous Kim who ran with me last year and did her birthday run this year 4 months late.

Just in case you want to take a walk down memory lane with me, the recap link is above and here’s the video.

Treadmill Run News Clips


I’m taking an long weekend in honor of slowing down and spending quality time with the family. I think you should do the same, yes?



Have a good one friends!


Have you ever seen a rainbow at the perfect time?

Have you learned any lessons from your kids lately? I learned one tonight about not being afraid to get back out there after a huge blow to the face from my sweet Joaquin.

Have you ever had opo squash?

Janie, Daily Happenings, Random Eats and Some Seriousness


Why hello. I’m not sure how things are going on your end, but this week has felt rather long over here and it’s only Wednesday night. Some weeks are like that though I guess.

I’ve been keeping on the early morning workouts, but making them a bit shorter and still trying to mix up some kind of intervals and/or strength training every other day.

I made up some spin intervals this morning.

2015-01-27 05.54.47

I didn’t have a specific plan or anything or set times, but I did some seated sprints and some hard standing climbs.

2015-01-27 05.54.32

I had a pretty awesome movie for entertainment.

2015-01-27 04.59.12

Oh heck yes. Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The best movie ever.

Did anyone else want to be Janie?

2015-01-27 05.59.40

That whole lovey scene with them practicing is one of my favorites by the way. I’ve practiced all those moves at some point in my life or another. Ha.


Since it’s Wednesday and all and people do the What I Ate Wednesday thing, here’s just a couple of random things that have gone down as of late in no particular order.

This Jupiter Cold Brew Coffee. It’s darn delicious.

2015-01-25 16.46.32

I’ve been trying the new Vega One flavors with some morning smoothies. This one was the mocha flavor.

2015-01-27 07.38.42-1

I’m still mixing Silk unsweetened almond milk and egg whites together for the smoothie thing too for a little extra protein.

I found this little chicken salad cups form Costco last week and finally tried one. It was pretty good. I like the nutritional stats, but I’m just not sure if I’ll ever be a chicken salad type person. I’m not a fan of that kind of stuff for some reason.

2015-01-27 12.49.23

Maybe I need to make my own or something. I do like the convenient little container these come in though for on the go.

The other day I topped a brown rice cake with Sweet Spreads chocolate brownie coconutter.

2015-01-27 17.48.28

It was like perfect little combination.

Oh goodness and I never showed you the ultimate combination from over the weekend.

2015-01-25 13.05.26

I mean, right? Chocolate peanut butter Arctic Zero (which I’m really liking more and more and finding it impossible to keep pints around the house for very long), homemade dark chocolate sauce and a baked cookies and cream Quest Bar. It was heavenly.


In other news not related to food at all, it was twin day at work. I suckered my new co-worker/best friend into being my twin.

2015-01-28 17.06.06

My friend Jessica tagged me on this picture from instagram.

2015-01-27 21.09.16

Freaking hilarious. We’re going to recreate it over here, but have it say “I wish he’d wear a bra.” LOL. Wouldn’t that be awesome? If only they made Handful bras for cats.


It’s the days when I really just want to get home and take my shoes off and relax after a really long day that the boys insist on opening the door without any help. I have to laugh every time because it’s like a cruel joke of testing my patience at the end of a very long day.

2015-01-28 17.04.252015-01-28 17.04.19

This guy really needs to work on his patience too by the way.

He does NOT need to work on his skills of tying things up and creating traps everywhere though. it’s his thing. Tonight went down a little like this until I told him I have to be set free to start dinner.

2015-01-28 18.13.25

Lovely, yes? I guess the cats are learning his tricks too.

2015-01-28 18.13.02

(Judah was busy playing school while this was going down. He was the principal and had a lot of “work to do.”)


Okay, in all seriousness, I have to confess that I’m struggling a bit. There are a few red flags here going on at the moment that need to be addressed. The whole return of the injury and not being able to run and such (luckily I have a doctor appointment tomorrow) and the whole trying to still keep up and do too much with a full time job. I need to let go of a few things that aren’t things that “need” to be done so I can take care of myself and the family. We always forget about that don’t we? The taking care of ourselves part. I still have a lot to learn.

Check out this nonsense.

2015-01-27 05.51.23

That was not good and something I’m definitely going to make a priority so it doesn’t happen again. If I can’t run, the least I can do is focus on quality sleep and good nutrition.

So, yep, I’m focusing on a few other things while I can. There will never be more time to focus on certain things, but sometimes we just have to make the time.

I remember a friend telling me a couple years ago that we can’t do everything at one time, but we can do one thing all the time.

2015-01-27 07.45.39

Have a good one!


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