A Move, a Figwich, Quest Chips, Just in Time and a Power O’s GIVEAWAY


I refuse to bother you about the sleep situation, but let’s just say last night was not good and our little man called for reinforcements and sent in his twin brother to tell Mommy some messages. Not once, but twice. There is going to be a serious sleep boot camp after this weekend.


Taught a couple classes last night.

Here’s a move for you from my HIIT class.

Side burpee with a jump half turn. Everyone loves it. Ha.

Just click on the picture for the link. It’s on instagram.


It’s also in Mama’s Bootie Workout the boys and I made a couple years ago. Just in case you need a whole little workout to do this fine weekend.


I went for a run outside this morning.

2014-07-25 07.18.35

I had a nice easy pace 6 mile run.

2014-07-25 07.46.20 HDR-1


We don’t have much fresh produce around the house at the moment so I had to get creative with my late dinner last night.

I made up a stir fry with broccoli slaw, asparagus, chicken apple sausage, Trader Joe’s smoke seasoning and Scotty B’s bacon jalapeño hot sauce in coconut oil. I topped it with fresh basil.


I also had to use up some more figs so made a little Flatout figwich.

Figs on a Flatout cooked in the sandwich maker.


Brilliant, I know.



We got those new Quest Nutrition protein chips yesterday to sample.

2014-07-24 12.33.402014-07-24 12.34.592014-07-24 12.35.10

I’m not sure how they pack that much protein in the chips and still have them taste good, but they do. We tried the cheddar and sour cream ones.

2014-07-24 12.36.31 HDR2014-07-24 12.36.552014-07-24 12.37.242014-07-24 12.38.372014-07-24 12.37.412014-07-24 12.37.51 HDR

We all gave them a thumbs up. Mom tried them too and liked them, but thought they had a bit of an aftertaste. I didn’t really notice one, but it’s a protein chip, not Doritos, so obviously the taste is going to be a bit different. They were crunchy and reminding me of baked potato chips.


Besides those Quest Nutrition chips, we also got a couple other things just in time for the race this weekend.

I’m taking the marathon trip with Pro Compression and SunButter and they have some really great timing.

I got some of the new Pro Compression socks including the lavender sock of the month.


They have some other new products out, but you can use the code FUN for 40% off and FREE shipping on those lavender ones.

I also got these cute travel SunButter packs.


They are the perfect size and will be traveling with me. 

We randomly stopped at Panera for lunch today. I haven’t been there in so long, but I love their salads and their multigrain bagels and baguettes.

I went for the Chinese Chicken salad with everything on the side because, well, that’s what I do.

2014-07-25 11.37.13

I’m headed to San Francisco tomorrow, so in true form I haven’t started packing yet. Nice.

At least I have some socks and SunButter and a busy night ahead on top of trying to pack.

Oh well, ready or not, I’ll be on that plane tomorrow.

I won’t leave you hanging though.

Since the other two giveaways end tonight (Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Giveaway and the Wienervention Kit Giveaway), I’ll just throw another one at you. How’s that?


Our Love Grown Foods Power O’s have officially hit the shelves of WHOLE FOODS CENTRAL (which is Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin)!!!

That is pretty huge and they’re celebrating in a big way.

With a LOVE giveaway of course.


Oh yes, one lucky winner will win a LOVE DROP of Power O’s. Woot Woot!


Leave me a comment here to enter. For all of you midwest folks, make sure to tell your friends. Everyone can use some #beansforbreakfast . Ha ha.


Giveaway open until Tuesday, July 29th, 11:59 pm PST. Open to US residents only.



What is your favorite salad from Panera?

Who lives in the Midwest? (Mom is from North Dakota. I love it there and always used to want to move there.)

Anyone going to be in SF this weekend for the marathon?

Curly Potatoes, Figs on Toast and Surprises


Well hello.

Where the heck has the day gone? Anyone else feel like that? Beavis.

Did NOT have a good night last night with the whole kiddo situation. I knew the other night of a full night’s sleep was a fluke. Ha. We’re working on it and I can’t thank you enough for all your advice the other day. Glad to know others have been through this stage.

I prepared myself though by going to bed at 9:00 pm with a packet of chocolate NuttZo.

2014-07-23 20.59.51

Ha ha.

Again, still trying to figure out how this works, but looks like I got enough sleep. Sure doesn’t feel like it though.

2014-07-24 06.08.19

Did a treadmill run this morning. Entertainment was this movie.

2014-07-24 06.58.07

Pretty funny. Gosh I love Netfix. Easy pace 10 miles.

2014-07-24 08.27.172014-07-24 08.27.33

The boys thought it was a great idea to come in and yell “boo” while I was running. I’m so lucky I didn’t fall off. I took a little break to have a chat about appropriate times to try to scare people and how it is very dangerous to do so while anyone is on the treadmill. Good thing I was wearing the safety clip. Oh man.

2014-07-24 07.57.13

Oh, you like their new pajamas? Yeah, me too. Thanks Mom. We love you! We even did a little modeling session last night. New pajamas are the best.

2014-07-23 19.11.26

Want to know what else we did last night?

We made our own healthy curly fries.


We are getting the hang of our cool vegetable spiralizer.


I topped them with coconut oil and sea salt and roasted them at 450 for about 15-20 minutes. Not quite getting the hang of not burning things around here yet though.


Overall it was a success and they were darn delicious.


We’re still on our French Toast kick. We had quite a few eggs to use up this morning.

2014-07-24 09.14.57

I mixed in some real eggs with my egg whites for mine and since Andrew came home with some fresh figs from Tutu’s the other day I decided I better use some as a topping along with blueberry chia jam.


Oh and there was some SunButter, coconut butter and molasses on there too.

Good stuff.


Really quick before I’m on my way.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Quest Nutrition came out with a brand new product today.

We were sent a little surprise package that we opened earlier.

Will have to post specifics later, but we posted our little taste test here on instagram.


Gotta run at the moment.

Is it Friday yet? Ha.

Two awesome things I saw on instagram yesterday. Thought I’d share.

2014-07-22 21.29.33_thumb


2014-07-23 05.27.48_thumb



What’s your favorite French Toast topping?

What is your favorite thing to do with figs? (I still have some I need to use up.)


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