The Dailies and the Dream


Well hello.

I’m not sure if my Mondays could be any longer.

Yesterday started bright, wait, not bright, DARK and early as I had to practice for my KettleWorx class. Memorizing choreography is just not my thing.


I’m more of a plan my class in the car on the way kind of gal.

I fit in a run on the treadmill afterwards to finish off the final episode of Sex and the City.

2015-03-30 06.50.402015-03-30 06.52.51

I kind of want to go to Paris someday. I’ve never been to Europe.

After my classes last night it was time to step it up and hit up the weights like a big girl. I’ve been skipping out on them and on my normal strength training routine lately and my body can tell.

I always start out my short gym routine with walking lunges.

2015-03-30 18.39.102015-03-30 18.36.37

Yeah, not a pretty picture at the end of a Monday. I even got a nice little blemish on my nose there. Lovely.

I only did a couple exercises, but made sure they were good ones. If your gym has a pull-up machine you must find it and try it. I didn’t take a picture because there were too many big dudes around, but I seriously love/hate that thing.

Here’s a picture from this website though of it.


I’ll try to get one of those big guys in the gym who never smile to video me using it next time. That should go over well I’m sure. Ha.


This morning I did a short. slow run. That was good enough for the day.


Speaking of the day, I’ve been thinking lately of all the things I’ve been eating or doing daily that I don’t write about. There might be less writing about daily happenings in the very near future because something’s gotta give, but here’s some things that have been happening daily around here.

Green drinks.

2015-03-30 15.49.15

I’ve been making my own fizzy green drinks with these three ingredients plus some other fun stuff.

2015-03-31 16.38.35 HDR

I bought the Amazing Grass Green SuperFood® Drink Powder as recommended by Coach Elizabeth. The original flavor here is not my favorite, but I have it it lemon lime and love that one. They have other flavors too on Vitacost I just noticed so next time I’ll stock up there.

My drink concoction:

Fresh grated ginger mixed with apple cider vinegar, a scoop of the green powder, a teaspoon of the plant minerals, fresh lemon juice and sparkling flavored water. Sometimes I add a little sweetener too. It all depends on my mood. Ha.


I’ve been getting into those Strong and KIND bars. Yesterday I tried the Thai Sweet Chili one in route to the gym and it did not disappoint.

2015-03-30 15.51.44

My attempt at a protein muffin for the road this morning did though. It was one heck of a crumbly mess and not easy to eat at all.

2015-03-31 07.46.05

It was darn tasty though probably because I added a little extra NuttZo to finish off the jar.

2015-03-31 16.58.08 HDR

I eat at least a serving a day of this peanut free NuttZo. Probably more like 2 or 3. It’s embarrassing really how fast I go through these jars. Crunchy Power Fuel is my favorite and I’m about to have to use my own discount code (STUFT-15 for 15% off) to order some more from the NuttZo website.


Something else that I have at least a serving a day of is Vega protein powder. I love the Vega One vanilla chai not just because of the taste, but because it has some extra greens in there too. I just discovered though that they now have the Vega Sport protein powder in mocha flavor and that they have a tropical flavor of the protein and greens. Vega is my favorite!

2015-03-31 17.20.17 HDR

Oh and I’m starting on the whole maca thing. Those chocolate bars are freaking awesome and when isn’t it fun to enjoy chocolate and know it has good health benefits for you, right? Here’s a little info about maca from the Vega website.


Oh, I almost forgot about my dream the other night.

I had this random dream and I was holding on to a bar really high up in the air. I would NOT let go. I was so scared. I was going to have to fall a really long way, but there were mats and everything at the bottom and I was supposed to not get hurt at all.

My hands were slipping and I had that panic feeling.

But I would NOT let go. I was too scared and didn’t trust that I wasn’t going to get hurt and was just not ready to take the long fall. I didn’t know what was going to happen if I did, but kind of knew I couldn’t hang on forever and it was inevitably going to happen. I just wasn’t ready and was holding on for dear life.

I don’t know exactly what happened in the dream. I kind of remember letting go right before I woke up, but I don’t remember the whole falling feeling, etc.

It was so weird.

What’s even weirder is that I feel like there are some things in my real life that I need to let go of, but I’m still holding on so tight. I know I need to let go, but I’m scared and just not ready.

Maybe it’s time to just “fall” in faith though.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but every once and awhile I have a dream that really makes me think.




Off to work on taxes. Yep, that’s right. I still haven’t done them and it’s April tomorrow. I like a little pressure.



What have you been eating or doing daily?

Have you ever tried maca before? If so, did you feel a difference?

Have you ever had a dream that you felt told you something about what’s going on in your real life?

Weekend Wrap Up


Long time, no blog. Definitely a wine win for everyone. Ha.

We had a wedding Friday night. It was a good time, but it was hard to rally up energy after a long work week. I’m fairly certain I was the dud of the table.

2015-03-27 19.05.37 HDR

I’m also fairly certain I could’ve eaten two more of these little chicken plates.

2015-03-27 20.31.38

If I had to choose, I’d have to say that I prefer buffet dinners at weddings. I like being able to choose what I pile on my plate and I like to pile it high. Ha.


Workouts lately:

Friday I fit in a little over 5 and a half treadmill miles before work.

2015-03-27 06.37.53

Saturday I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I knew I wanted to fit in a long run sometime this weekend, but wasn’t quite sure when it was going to happen.

We had a super busy weekend and my main man always says “family first” so that’s where priorities were.

I got to run 1/4 of a mile with the boys for their Junior Carlsbad race and we were attempting to chase down a certain Olympian athlete and her daughter, but couldn’t quite get the lead.

2015-03-28 10.03.09-2_thumb

Ha ha.

I thought I might be able to fit in a run around lunchtime, but we met up with family for a little impromptu lunch instead.

Around 2:30 pm I had to make a decision to either go for it and do a long run in the afternoon or wait and beg Papap to babysit in the morning and go for a run early Sunday.

I decided to go for it. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy as I was already so darn tired from the day, but I figured I’d rather get it done and be able to rest and sleep in on Sunday. Not to mention I was already in my running gear.

2015-03-28 10.50.17

I grabbed a gluten free bagel for the road and headed towards the coast.

2015-03-28 13.56.31

I couldn’t figure out why it was so crowded until I actually started running and realized it was Spring Break for a lot of people. I was starting a long run, they were already double fisting adult beverages. It was lovely. Ha.

I knew it was going to be a long one. It was hard mentally and physically. Nothing hurt, it was just really slow and really long. I’m just not used to it really.

You just really have to let your mind wander and go with it. I try not to let myself think about what’s going to happen when I’m done until I’m past the halfway point.

Yesterday I ran one direction until I reached a certain mileage and then turned around. Not the most exciting, but I didn’t want to try to do too many calculations on distance and everything. It was a familiar route though that I have missed tremendously for over three months so it was so great just to be out there.

Again my pace was humbling. I got slower every single mile.

The climb to the turn around point was the worst. It was uphill for an entire mile. I can’t tell you how many times  I said to myself “this stinks”. But……….. holy smokes it “stunk” in the best way ever. Struggling like that is the best way to struggle and then that darn turn around was that much more magnificent.

2015-03-28 16.37.45-1

Then the whole recovery meal and finally getting to sit and relax with a hot hubby date, dinner and some Dunphys was that much better too.

2015-03-28 20.55.502015-03-28 20.58.452015-03-28 21.03.50

Did you happen to watch this week’s episode? Phil was inspired by Kermit. Just one more reason to love that guy. Ha.

No workout today besides the usual Sunday chores and running errands and such, but I have to say, sometimes those days are more tiring.

I meant to fit in a yoga workout and take some time for my PT exercises, but the day got a way from me. Beavis.

What we DID do was get in some quality time eating breakfast together at the kitchen counter which we used to always do, but rarely get the chance these days.

2015-03-29 09.26.44

I got smart and decided to add the peanut free NuttZo and SunButter before putting my Vega Baked Protein Pancakes in the oven.

2015-03-29 09.30.58

Sure, it might not look that pretty, but it was awesome.

2015-03-29 09.31.08 HDR

After a little Palm Sunday action at church

2015-03-29 11.18.32

we decided to brave Trader Joe’s again on a Sunday. You’d think we’d learn, but no. Not when it’s the only option we have to get groceries for the week.

I think it’s pretty funny that when we went last week wearing our worst outfits ever and looking like we just rolled out of bed (because that’s pretty much what we did) we saw everyone we knew there.

Today we went in our Sunday finest and saw no one we knew. Figures.

At least we were all smiles on the way home.

2015-03-29 12.56.51 HDR

Ha ha ha. Good stuff.

A monster of a salad was needed once we got back and unloaded everything.

2015-03-29 13.56.31 HDR

Lately hummus and avocados are on every single salad along with the usual go-to items.

Some of the new Love Grown Foods Mighty Flakes in chocolate might have followed in the cool new mug.

2015-03-29 15.53.31

And, I’m not sure if you’ve seen them yet, but Yasso has come out with new flavors of their frozen Greek yogurt bars.

I tracked down the mint chocolate chip ones at Vons.

2015-03-29 18.57.35

They have some new frozen Greek yogurt bars now too that I’m going to find after Boston. Check these out. Has anyone had them?




Okay, time to gear up for the week.

The motto for the week is this.

2015-03-29 11.54.33

It’s so much easier said than done, isn’t it?



What’s your motto for the week?

Who else braves Trader Joe’s on Sundays?


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