1 1/2 Weeks Down, a Bazillion to Go and the Best Gift


I really hadn’t planned on going on such a long blogging hiatus, but the past week and a half pretty much hit me like a freight train. We’ve made it through the first week and a half in kindergarten and with Mommy back to work so it’s a huge success in my book.

As much as I thought I was prepared for what was going to happen once the school year started and the boys started school it still knocked me flat on my tushy. It was pure craziness. It was so much tougher than I thought emotionally and just physically stressful to keep it all together. I think that hardest part was worrying about the boys and making sure everything went okay. I’m a worrier by nature and obviously the things I was most worried about the first days of school all went down. It was pretty traumatic for all of us.

I won’t go into detail, but the past two weeks have been filled with lots of tears, sobbing, really hard goodbyes, sick nervous stomachs, etc.

At least they looked good for the first day, yes?

2015-08-20 07.16.47 HDR

I mean, aren’t these the coolest backpacks you’ve ever seen?

2015-08-20 07.17.07

Unfortunately the second day was even harder than the first to say goodbye since the first day didn’t go so well, but by the end there were smiles. We may have faked them at the beginning of the first day,

2015-08-20 07.45.24

but they were genuine on the way home last Friday.

2015-08-21 15.44.18

We celebrated with a movie night watching Elf. (I mean, what else would we be watching?). We were all asleep by 7:45 pm, but only after a very generous serving of chocolate milkshake protein ice cream.

2015-08-21 18.12.05

I’ haven’t been working out as much the past two weeks, but I’ve been physically and mentally exhausted and my attention has been just taking care of the boys and having my act together at work. SO it’s been nice to back off a bit and just do some running to get the miles in. I enjoy it so much more, even my early morning treadmill time.

2015-08-20 05.53.43-1

Different day, but same shoes and clean socks.

2015-08-25 06.00.39

By the way, Mizuno now has a Wave Sayonara 3 out and I’m really digging them. I’ve been doing all my treadmill runs in them. They seem just a bit heavier than the 2’s, but man are they comfortable.

The only class I’ve taught the past two weeks is my Thursday night spin class. It’s funny how you can get in there so stinking tired, but still sweat like crazy and leave feeling fabulous.

2015-08-20 18.34.202015-08-27 18.34.26

I know that through all the craziness my upcoming race is going to be here before I know it. I took advantage last Saturday to get a good long run in. It was the first 20 miler since the OC Marathon last May.

2015-08-22 11.01.19 HDR2015-08-22 11.01.452015-08-22 11.02.10

The rest of the weekend looked a little like this:

2015-08-23 09.17.25-1

That a homemade robo suit by the way The guy asked for scissors and disappeared for awhile. He came out like this really proud of his suit he made. He’s on a mission to make one for everyone in the family. We’re pretty pumped.

2015-08-23 09.42.032015-08-23 09.42.082015-08-23 09.50.23

We made a few soon to be published videos and counted that as our resistance training. It’s going to be hard to find the time with our new schedule, but sometimes all you need is a few minutes and there’s nothing that says you can’t get everyone involved. These guys love playing the “trainer”.


Thanks to Chef’d I had some really easy dinners to make this week.

2015-08-18 16.28.02

Check it out, they came all packaged in a box ready to prepare.

2015-08-18 16.29.14

I got to order two meals of the Runner’s World menu so I chose the Chicken Mango Fajitas and the Caramelized Onion and Fig Pizza.

2015-08-23 10.14.40

My creation did not look as fabulous as the picture, but it was darn delicious.


Speaking of delicious, we are now grocery shopping with the rest of the world on Sunday mornings. I’ve been a little upset with Trader Joe’s recently because they kept not having what we needed in stock, but last Sunday they really pulled through for us, both in the sample department

2015-08-23 12.19.13

and FINALLY having the riced cauliflower.

2015-08-23 12.23.22

I refuse to tell you how many bags I bought.


Breakfast lately really should be a bit more colorful, but when I’m in a bind I go for the standard egg white breakfast STUFTwich.

2015-08-24 07.23.54

Totally unexciting, but it’s my go to when like is crazy and I can’t throw anything else together.

You know, days like this.

2015-08-24 15.52.06 HDR

Ha ha.

Other things that have gotten us through this week in particular are:

coffee, lots and lots of coffee (for Mama and Daddy only)

2015-08-26 04.35.51

motivational shirts and Run With Perseverance tank tops

2015-08-25 15.58.37

approximately 2 jars of peanut butter free NuttZo (code STUFT-15 for 15% off online)

2015-08-25 17.02.49

and this afternoon/evening it was another ginormous helping of Quest Nutrition peanut butter cream protein ice cream topped with brown rice cereal.

2015-08-26 17.59.20

That there in the background is the Bachelor in Paradise (or whatever it’s called). I gave myself 20 minutes of quite time with some quality TV. Ha ha.

And with that friends, we’ve made it. Barely, but we made it.

2015-08-28 15.28.17

It’s funny how when life suddenly changes your priorities can change instantly. The only thing that mattered this past week was making sure my boys were safe, well fed, cared for, knew they were loved, given courage and that they just knew they were number one. It’s going to be that way for a very long time to come and as crazy and hectic as it’s been, I’m loving every second and I know in my heart my time is being spent doing exactly what I need to be doing.

It’s about sacrifice for those that you love.


2015-08-25 04.17.092015-08-25 19.54.33


That sums up life from here on out.

Heck yes I’m ready.

One Huge List of Humpday Favorites


I know it’s not technically humpday yet, but It’s been way too long since I’ve done just a round up of favorites and I’m not promising I’ll be around for awhile since I’m so nervous about getting back into the routine and the boys starting school and everything. I really have to put trying to stay sane first. And while saying goodbye to summer is definitely not my favorite, wearing some serious arm candy to remind myself to enjoy the journey sure is.

2015-08-18 12.58.00

Last night at the gym I was tired, but knew it was the only chance this week to hit up the machines and the weights there so I went for it.

2015-08-17 18.42.162015-08-17 18.53.56

There are definitely times to rest and I’ve been doing a lot more of that these days, but then there are also definitely times to suck it up and go for it. Right?

This quote from Runner’s World pretty much sums it up.

2015-08-18 07.38.14

Okay, moving on to some favorites.

There’s really no particular order with this, just a bunch of random things that I love and really can’t do without these days.

On my easy workout days I’ve been making use of my old school battery operated elliptical. I think it’s 11 years old, but it’s still kicking. Love this thing and just love having equipment at home to workout on. It’s been so hot here I’m trying to stay inside as much as possible.

2015-08-15 09.35.09

The multi-gym is getting a lot of use too. The pull ups aren’t getting easier just yet unfortunately, but they’re getting done. We’re working on it.

I must also say that my kitchen helpers are the bomb. They are becoming pros at making cauliflower rice.


I’m trying to get back into the whole prepping food for the week on the weekend. I think it’s going to take awhile to get back into it, but we’re getting there.


With the cauliflower at least. Ha ha.

We’ve been starting pretty much every morning with Love Grown Foods cereal. Mighty Flakes, Super Oats or Power O’s. It all depends on our mood and it’s a really easy, yet healthy way to start the day.

2015-08-08 07.47.28

I’m currently on a a mix of original unsweetened Power O’s and chocolate Mighty Flakes chocolate kick.


Obviously I love all Silk milks. My favorites are the unsweetened almondmilk and cashewmilk, but I’ve been adding some soymilk lately to mix things up a bit.

2015-08-11 17.45.17 HDR_thumb

I get my Vega fix every single day. I take chlorella and maca and have their protein on a regular basis.


I’m a fan of it all. Lately though I’ve been making a dark chocolate fudge sauce with Hershey’s dark cocoa powder and maca and some sugar free syrup or a little splenda and water. It’s divine.

2015-08-15 12.25.41

Speaking of protein though, someone was asking about the protein ice cream.

2015-08-15 12.36.57 HDR

I really is consumed around here on a regular basis and it takes awhile to master the whole making it super creamy thing. You have to keep changing the speed of the Vitamix and really, the only protein powder that makes it really creamy is Quest Nutrition protein powder. It’s seriously the best. I don’t know why it makes it more creamy, but it does.

I finished off a tub of Quest protein powder last week so I bought three replacement ones from Vitacost. Ha. This should last awhile.

2015-08-09 16.48.06

It’s best consumed while watching Bachelor in Paradise, but you know. We won’t be having time for that anymore.

2015-08-15 12.41.49

Maybe I’ll have to make time once a week.



I was sent a new sunscreen to try awhile ago and someone just recently asked about what sunscreen I use. I really like this one as a top layer over all the make up and what not. Here’s what the website says:

With Even The Score™ from Cosmedicine, you’ll be able to conquer your favorite outdoor activities without the interruption of sunscreen dripping into your eyes. This miracle anti-aging sun-protection product was designed with high-performance athletes in mind and also strives for endless beauty by providing your skin with scientifically-backed nutrients for a radiant, younger-looking complexion.


I’m super picky about sunscreens because I sweat like crazy and hate it when it gets in my eyes or drips all down the front of my chest. This one doesn’t do that at all. It’s more like a creamy, clear consistency and I really like it. I was sent this one for free, but will be purchasing it again when I run out.

Random, but I always wear sunscreen on my lips too for when I’m teaching outside all day or running outside. I found this one on Amazon awhile back, but use it on a regular basis.

2015-08-15 08.04.35


Okay, let’s talk some fit gear now.

I got these new Active Pacific sunglasses from the expo on Saturday and ran with them in the race Sunday. Not only are they a cool color, but they didn’t fog or anything and I could barely feel that I had them on because they’re so light.

2015-08-16 09.45.04

Oh and the Polar V800. I mean this thing does it all and Polar Paul and I are already BFFs even though he’s a little bossy sometimes.

2015-08-11 18.34.01_thumb

Ha ha.

I’ve been wearing the Polar Loop 2 around during the day lately.


They all sync together with the Polar Flow app and it’s just darn awesome. I was worried I’d set it all up wrong and everything since I’m awful with technology, but so far so good and all is working well.



I just did a huge closet clothes drawer cleaning binge and it was so great to get rid of so many old clothes. I replaced quite a few of my Handful bras. They say that no bra should ever see a second birthday and some of mine were almost 5 years old.

Um and I just have to tell you that the new design is the best ever and they now come in camo.


(That’s what I wore to the race expo to try to be cool for my boys. Ha ha.)

You know what my favorite thing about Handful bras is? You can wear them with anything. I just switch up the color everyday to match my outfit, but they even go with dresses. See?

2015-08-15 19.28.41

Oh and while we’re on favorites, don’t even get me started on that guy there. He’s my rock.



Oh and for when I’m really trying to look all fancy for him with my sweaty hair and all, BIC Bands has some really fun sparkly headbands.


And my obsession with Mizuno keeps going strong. They have some really great gear coming out for the fall.


They also now have a Wave Sayonara 3 shoe.


I’ve been using them for my treadmill runs and love them so far. They seem a bit sturdier and heavier than the Sayonara 2. I feel like they have a little more stability and cushion, but are still a light shoe.


I know I’m missing a million other of my favorites, but that’s all I’ve got for now because an early bedtime is much needed for the next few night.

2015-08-13 08.00.39

That was from last week and yes, that’s my Curious George from when I was little that I recently found while cleaning out the closets. Ha ha.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! I think we’re ready. These guys have their first day of kindergarten outfits all picked out.

2015-08-14 18.19.59

Kidding. Kidding. We’ll save those for the second day of school.


Hope your school year is off to a good start! Make sure to find time to enjoy the journey!


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