Obviously, if you know me, you know I get distracted very easily.

I also seem to make distractions for myself quite often. Most of the time it’s subconsciously. Sometimes not.

STUFT Daddy had the day off work yesterday. We had a few errands to run in the morning.

This happened.


I had to take my car in again yesterday for some service. If only I could get a new minivan, then all these issues that come up after your car hits 120,000 miles wouldn’t be a problem. Ha.

Well, turns out I was too impatient for a ride or the shuttle to pick up my car when it was finished so did a little shake out run to get there.

photo 4

That’s the thing about running.

You can run anywhere friends.

Oh and we’re moving up in the world because I now have all four door handles on my vehicle.



I busted through the rest of the day getting things done, none of them being packing for Boston though.

Luckily it’s a quick trip and hopefully I won’t need much. Just racing gear and such.


Last night I was baking.

photo 2

Yeah, that’s right, late at night I was baking the best PB2 Chocolate Chip Cookies for my sister-in-law’s baby shower today.


photo 1

I was also eating a baked purple sweet potato.


Had a hard time sleeping last night and was up bright and early for a little shake out run in Boston on the treadmill before teaching boot camp.


Ha. I ran miles 6-11 on the actual course. It was cool. It was a little over four miles on the treadmill, but I got to see a lot.

Next time I lace up I’ll be there. Woot!



Okay, a seriously note really quick because this is the last you’ll hear from me before the trip.

The other day I read a blog post on the internet that both slapped me in the face and tugged at my heart all at the same time.

You know what I’m talking about right? Sometimes you read something or someone says something to you and it gives you not only a new perspective, but also the kick in the butt you might need to make a change.

Well, reading this did it for me.

What Distraction is Really Costing You



Seriously, read it.

Then hug your kids and your loved ones and be in the moment.

Time is love.


The same day that I read that we got to meet our family at the beach.

2014-04-15 16.42.04_thumb

It was awesome.

2014-04-15 17.02.10_thumb2014-04-15 17.02.32_thumb

And you know what? We almost didn’t go because it was the day I had set aside to work all afternoon.

Work, shmurk.

We always have time to work, we don’t always have time to have precious moments with our family.

I won’t get that time Sunday as I’ll be traveling all day, so today I’m making darn sure there are no distractions holding me back.


We’ve got a baby shower, an Easter egg hunt, Mom’s retirement and birthday celebration and who knows what else besides packing. Ha ha.



I hope you embrace today and this weekend with your arms wide open. I know I am.


And just in case I don’t get to an Easter post, here are some flashback links on our previous Easter years.

Easter 2011

Easter 2012

Easter 2013 (part 1 and part 2)


Not sure how much blogging time I’ll have while in Boston, but I’ll be on instagram, Facebook and twitter. You can come along with me on the adventure there.



Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter!

See you in Boston!


Why do they call it “bean town”? I realize I should know this, but I don’t.

What will you be doing Easter morning?

STUFT Healthy Protein Dip (or Cookie or Whatnot)


Well hello.

It’s Friday.

Easter is two days away, so is my trip to Boston.

Not ready for either.

No problem. I work well under pressure. I also work well with a Starbucks in hand.



I have a recipe for you really quickly.

Yeah, I know, I’m nice like that.

I also have a bunch of reader questions that need to be answered, but I’m not that nice. Those will have to wait. Okay? Okay.

This protein dip though. It can not.


Here you go.

I’ve been making this yummy protein dip a lot lately.


It’s similar to the old protein cookie dough crumble recipe from a long time ago.

But, this one doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners and such. It does have all my favorite things though- coconut flour, almond flour and chia. You just can’t go wrong when you’re mixing those things up. Ha.



Just look at a few of the options.




Wait, actually I just now remembered that I have one of these in cookie form in the freezer. I better find that guy and see if my little freezing plan worked.

Oh and I just have to say that I love that this makes a pretty big serving. Not like two measly tablespoons of nut butter. Ha ha. But, this would be really great with some NuttZo mixed in there. Oh heck yes.


Okay. Done.

Time to get to business.


Happy Friday!


Do you ever make your own protein bars or dips?

Do you work better under pressure?


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