The Last STUFT Summer Edition- Discounts and Favorites


Whelp, not much to report in the running area unfortunately. Still nothing. At this point, to be honest, all I really want is to be able to wake up in the morning and walk normally without pain or feel like I’m favoring my right hip like crazy. There’s a lot of snapping and cracking going on and it hurts the worst right when I put my right foot on the floor. We’re working on things though and I refuse to do any running on it until it’s not hurting at all. I’m really in denial that NYC Marathon is now just 11 weeks away. I’ve been in worse positions before (like Boston of 2015), but things are not looking good. I will not give up yet though.

I’m cross training like crazy with weights and core workouts. I’ve been doing exercise videos, getting creative with my own classes and practicing my CXWORXS core classes.

2016-08-14 10.44.352016-08-18 06.28.43-1

I’ve been getting cardio on our battery operated elliptical which doesn’t have power anymore. I’m not positive our little gem of a machine is going to last much longer. I pretty much have to muscle through the workout without any power to it. I think it’s good though because it kicks my butt every single time. Ha ha ha.

2016-08-17 08.25.18-1

I’ve googled my symptoms and pain about a bazillion times and have gotten x-rays, but not an MRI yet. My guess is that I have hip burstitus, specifically Iliopsoas Bursitis or Iliopsoas Tendinitis as my pain is in the groin area and so sharp when I step that I can’t even think about running on it. It hurts when I step with thatr , sit and try to sleep. So yeah, pretty much all the time at the moment.


just because I’m not running there’s no reason I can’t spread the love for the races that are coming up and that I love though right? I mean, I’ll be back at it in no time.


The AFC Half Marathon was today. That was the first half marathon I ever ran and will always have a special place in my heart. I was registered to run it this year, but unfortunately that wasn’t happening. Let’s look back though on my favorite time I raced this particular race in 2012 and placed third in my age group.


The complete race recap from that year is here. Oh man what 4 years can do. I’ve run it every year since then too, but that was my favorite for sure (and my fastest).


Anyhoo….. here are some more races coming up.

The Long Beach Marathon is coming up on October.


They have a half marathon and a full marathon. I love this race and last year’s race time is my current BQ. If all goes well I’m going to do the half this year, but we’re taking things day by day. Here’s last year’s picture though. It makes me happy because it was one of those races that really just felt good. Too bad they all aren’t like that, right?

2015-10-11 09.38.03-1

There’s an inaugural local race in Encinitas coming up in March of 2017.


It should be pretty awesome and is down along the coast the entire time. I’m pretty pumped about it.

You can use code STUFTMAMA for 10% off an entry to either the Encinitas Half Marathon or the Surfing Madonna Run or both. (Just click on the link or the discount code to register.)



Moving along…….

Handful Bra has some new colors coming out for the fall. In fact, they’re out right now. Aren’t they awesome? They have new colors in the regular bra, the Y Back and the scoop tank. Oh my word. So awesome.

2016-08-17 16.14.51

Use this link (Handful Bra) to automatically get 10% off your purchase. The discount shows in the cart at checkout. Woo hoo!


I’ve been watching a lot of movies while getting my time in on the elliptical. Friday it was The Duff. That was pretty funny. By far though my favorite over the past week was Mother’s Day.

2016-08-11 10.53.55_thumb[1]

I returned it and immediately was mad that I didn’t watch it twice while I had it. Yes, it was that good and I have already added it back in my queue.


My favorite snack bar is currently these RX Bars.


My favorite is actually the Coconut Chocolate one, but I haven’t snapped a picture of that one yet. This is the new Maple Sea Salt flavor. They have no added sugar and all natural ingredients (egg whites, nuts dried fruit). They’re expensive, but in my opinion worth the price and yes, I paid full price for them on their website.


My favorite afternoon mocktail is lemon sparkling water with a splash of ACV and a couple drops of Ginger doTERRA oil and a couple drops of Lemon or Grapefruit oil as well.

2016-08-04 14.12.26-1_thumb[1]

Oh my goodness it’s so good and totally helps when that afternoon craving for a Coke Zero hits. I’ve been doing my best to stay far far away from those.

I’m currently obsessed with this Vital Proteins collagen too.

2016-08-05 06.48.20_thumb[1]

I usually add two scoops to my morning coffee, but I’ve also added it to protein ice cream. It’s good stuff and there are so many benefits of collagen. It’s now part of my daily routine. You can read all about the benefits on their website here: Vital Proteins.

Another super easy grab and go protein snack I discovered is this Epic Bar. I got them from Vitacost. This is the only flavor that I’ve tried and liked. I got a beef cherry one or something, but honestly I did not like it and had to choke it down. I really like these Chicken Sriracha ones though.

2016-08-12 10.40.54

I got some new Mizuno Wave Inspire shoes the other week. I thought it was a sign that I was good to go and have a pain free run.

2016-08-13 07.38.33

I thought wrong and clearly was not the only one disappointed. Gosh darn it.

2016-08-13 07.38.28

We still get our daily walk on though with the boys.


I went to a baby shower the other weekend and made some rollers for the mama-to-be.

2016-08-06 11.33.41_thumb[1]

Lavender is a go to for anything calming (skin, mind, body) and Balance is a great grounding blend that is safe for pregnant women and is also safe for newborns.

InTune (Focus Blend) is slowly becoming one of my favorites also and I’m sure will be used a lot now with school starting.

2016-08-16 19.14.14

I put it to the ultimate test at Costco last week and was thinking I could get in and out of there in 30 minutes for less than $100. I failed, but was on target with my purchases. Ha ha.

I took the gel off my nails and was left with not that great looking or strong nails. I first cleaned them with a toothbrush and lemon oil and then made a cream to rub on my nails and hands before bed. These oils help with strengthening nails (Frankincense, Lemon and Arborvitae). I added drops of each and Castor Oil and have the perfect little ointment for before bed.

2016-08-17 06.59.06

I feel like my nails already look okay.

2016-08-17 08.46.52

Speaking of oils, there is still the awesome August deal going on to get 3 free oils when you make a 160PV purchase.

2016-08-19 18.11.05

Email me ( if you want more information about it or anything about oils.

I actually just read this article about how certain oils (Bergamot, Lavender and Ylang Ylang) can be used for anxiety and high blood pressure. I’m going to start diffusing these together now!

We have a couple classes left this month and if you’re local I’m doing the Athlete’s Class on the 30th. It’ll be more of a get together and chat and learn and we’re doing FREE Zyto Scans. Woo hoo!

Here’s the link to register or you can email with any questions!

Essential Oil Class RSVP

Here are a couple other random things before I go.

My friend asked me what kind of greens I use daily and I told her I take Vega Chlorella daily and texted her this picture.

2016-08-20 16.53.57

And ever since I did the Chef V 3 Day Cleanse (recap of that here) I’ve been drinking the green juice daily after my morning workout.

2016-08-05 09.08.47

In case you’re looking for a kick start, you can still get 55% off any cleanse (my mom and brother and I all did the 3 day one) by using the code STUFT. Link to the cleanses and options is here.

2016-08-19 15.57.36

Oh and recently since I’ve been trying to avoid sugar free substitutes and syrups and such, I’ve been making my own protein creamer at home and then adding it to my iced Americano at Starbucks.

2016-08-10 09.01.16

Pretty smart, huh? My usual mix is Vega sport vanilla protein mixed with Silk almondmilk.

I also love this chocolate balsamic I found at Baker and Olive on pretty much anything- roasted kabocha squash, berries, protein ice cream, etc.

2016-08-15 12.14.27-1


We went out to breakfast as a family the other day as our last hoorah for summer. I always get the same thing- veggie omelet with hot sauce.

2016-08-20 12.52.24

I love it when restaurants have Cholula. This was T’s Café in Solana Beach. Andrew and I went there pretty much every Sunday when we were dating. He he. So many memories.

The boys and I went bowling too. It was one of the last things we needed to cross off our summer list.

2016-08-17 11.11.56-1

They rocked it. I did not. I’m blaming my bum hip, but my score was embarrassing.

And while I might not be ready for the early wake ups and facing school every day again, a certain someone sure is. He is ready to go and woke me up like this the other morning.

2016-08-19 07.02.10

Ha ha. He might need a shirt and shorts though, right?


And this morning while I could’ve been super sad I didn’t get to get up at the crack of dawn to go race, I felt very fortunate to just be able to spend a little extra time soaking up all I could with these guys.

2016-08-21 06.53.33

I am one lucky mama.


And with that, I’m off to bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

The Not so Great Training Update and What’s Happening in the Kitchen


I started this post about a week ago. I was all excited to talk about how well training had been going and was proud that I had had two solid weeks under my belt of good running and workouts.

Well, things have changed since then. I haven’t been by the computer because each time I think I can sneak away just for a little bit of time the boys need something and I just can’t let myself do it. Yesterday I had big plans to write a post, but then Judah asked if I would play Star Wars with him. There’s no way I was saying “no” to that. In a couple years he’ll want nothing to do with me, right?


Okay, so training recap first.

Well, I’m still fighting really hard just to get back into a good running groove and at this point to be able to run pain free at a decent speed. I had a two good weeks of running both around35- 40 miles each week. I really thought I was coming back until I tweaked my back and that has made my good hip all out of whack. So for the past week I’ve been walking with a bit of a limp and taking it really easy hoping it will go away on it’s own. Gosh darn it can be frustrating. My whole plan this summer was to get back into running training big time, but life had other plans.

I’m not going to keep complaining or making excuses though. No one wants to hear that, right? I’m working on being patient and doing what I CAN do. I will say though that I am very fearful that my days of racing and running long distances might just in fact be coming to an end.

On a lighter note, I do have to say that my cross training of getting enough sleep is really on point. Man that 4:00 am wake up call is going to be rough when it comes around in just a few days because we just keep sleeping in later and later over here.

My last long run outside was over a week and a half ago and was 9 miles. I was all bent out of shape when I got my new plan from Coach Jason, but then when I actually went for that run I was really thankful.

2016-08-05 09.00.19

My last good treadmill run was also 9 miles last Monday. My week started out pretty solid (sweaty, but solid), but didn’t end up so well after that.

2016-08-08 10.20.54

Right now I’m focusing on elliptical time, adding more strength (especially core strength), spinning and pool running which I had to resort to last night.

2016-08-15 18.15.29 HDR

Man is that ever boring, but getting to play with the boys after and soak up the last bit of summer rays is just brilliant.

2016-08-15 17.53.53


When I get frustrated or down on myself I just need to remember that we’re all different and I really shuold just be thankful I can do the things I can do. I found this old picture while organizing and it put things into perspective a little bit.

2016-08-11 15.04.38-1

I spent a year in that brace. Mom and I were trying to figure out the exact time if it was before surgery or after and we think it was both. I had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. The hip specialist told me a few years ago that to avoid major surgery I was going to have to change my lifestyle a bit and become a recreational runner. As much as I’ve fought against that, I think the clock is ticking so I’ll take things day by day.

Twice last week the boys and I went for a hike in the morning. The first time we just drove around and tried to find a cool place. Luckily we found one and luckily we had our Spy Gear Walkie Talkies.

2016-08-10 09.26.27-1

At first we thought the highlight was going to be the huge horse poop we saw.

2016-08-10 09.28.44

We were okay with that.

2016-08-10 09.32.46

But then we found a cool little quiet stream.

2016-08-10 09.45.55

We loved it so much we decided to go back again this morning with Bear.

2016-08-11 12.11.22 HDR

And we brought our net.

2016-08-11 12.38.04-1

We’ve been trying to get out of the house more because it’s tough at home at the end of the summer. There’s always something and the minute I clean one room the next one is a mess. Never a dull moment with these “secret spies”.

2016-08-04 14.23.35-1


Around the kitchen-

I make chicken in the crock pot regularly. This week is was a Chinese flavored and I added a couple drops of doTERRA Ginger and Clove to the chicken broth along with Chinese Five Spice seasoning and garlic.

2016-08-04 10.13.40

It turned out delightful.


I’ve been making the new STUFT Seedy Bread weekly.

2016-08-07 13.04.28

When I’m pressed for time I make a quick breakfast sandwich with turkey bacon (from Costco) and microwaved egg whites.

2016-08-08 11.26.58-1

When I have a little more time on my hands I do it up with a soft boiled egg, some guacamole and turkey bacon on the side.

2016-08-07 13.22.04

Mmmmm hmm…..


We got a Yonanas machine sent to us to review.

2016-08-08 07.03.37

Truth be told I’ve been wanting one of these for a pretty long time.

We tried it out last week. Our first attempt went pretty well.

2016-08-08 13.36.02

We quickly figured out that you need more than just one frozen banana to make a decent amount of the banana soft serve.

2016-08-08 13.41.28

We also figured out it’s pretty great topped with a little healthy chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Ha ha.

2016-08-08 13.39.00

The machine is super easy to use and to clean. I’m all about that. It’s also important to follow the little guide they give you for the YoZone.

2016-08-09 12.33.06

The bananas have to thawed for about 5-10 minutes, but not any more than that. We’re getting the hang of it around here.


You can add in frozen berries and such too, but we haven’t gotten that adventurous quite yet. Maybe today is the day. Ha ha.

A new snack that’s made a comeback lately too is roasted plantains.

2016-08-10 16.11.03

I used to eat these all the time and had forgotten how amazing they are. Mmmm hmm…. here is my post from way back when on the how-to.


Okay, well, I’m off to hit up the elliptical with my favorite ladies.

2016-08-15 08.34.47

She says she needs coffee to start her day “coffee, coffee, coffee”. Can anyone else relate?


Sharing a bunch or random favorites and a easy single serve paleo cracker recipe later this week! Woot!

Have a wonderful day!





rx bars

drink ACV


pro compression





Starbucks trick


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