The First Time Ever, Flashback Workout, and My Favorite Monday Deals


Unfortunately we’re back to the grind today, but for the first time EVER we have the house decorated before December. Crazy, huh?

2016-11-27 20.12.01

I may have broken the shed getting the tree out, but I’m still proud that they boys and I did it all on our own. The pressure was one because this guy showed up.

2016-11-27 16.54.57

We are definitely in the Christmas spirit here though.Here’s proof.

He he.

We even made Baby Jesus last night and salt shaker angels last night at church.

2016-11-27 18.03.40

2016-11-27 18.03.53

The man of the house even built us our first fire of the season.

2016-11-26 19.05.50

Okay, really, I just have two Cyber Monday deals to pass along and a flashback workout.


Deals first.

Handful does it AGAIN today with an amazing deal.

Yes, $40 off $100. This is sooooooo awesome! And they have an awesome new long sleeve shirt that out now which rocks (along with all their other stuff). Stock up here!

doTERRA has so many different deals going on and some that I can personally offer you. Giving the gift of essential oils and health to yourself and others is just amazing. By they way, they have this Holiday Joy oil out that I will be diffusing every single day from now until Christmas and Douglas Fir in the family room since our tree is a fake tree from Costco.

2016-11-07 04.51.11

If you want in on the doTERRA deals email me! They are only good TODAY!

Flashback workout time. I’ve been trying to do some sort of HIIT each day even if it’s only for 10 minutes or so because even on harder levels on the elliptical it’s just not as intense as running. I revisited this one the other day and forgot how awesome it is.


Here’s a video we did a couple years ago in case you want to do it together! You can even do it with your kiddos! (I also like to make my 8th grade students do it.)

STUFT 10 to 1 Burpee Challenge

Okay, so time to get back to it.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Here’s my Monday workout motivation and I’m pretty sure it will be the exact same every single day this week.

2016-11-27 08.00.10


Have a good one!

2016-11-26 15.25.24-12016-11-26 16.13.16

Two thumbs up!


All The Black Friday Deals


We survived our first Thanksgiving Day family fun run yesterday. Usually Daddy is working. We had a blast!

2016-11-24 07.59.462016-11-24 08.47.22-1

Judah was a little upset that we didn’t get any medals at the end, but we did get some free KIND bars so that was pretty sweet.


My brother told me not to post a picture of our turkey in instagram so I didn’t. It was pretty impressive though because it was a 22 pounder that my uncle brought.

2016-11-24 16.00.22

I had to. You know, just in case you want to see it.

Last night was a good one. Cheers!

2016-11-24 15.59.20


Okay, moving on….

I know you’re already getting enough emails with sales and specials and what not, but as an online shopper myself I feel that it is my duty to share my favorites out there that are happening right now.

Let the shopping bonanza begin!

This isn’t really for Christmas, but just in case you feel the need or desire to cleanse up a little bit with a cleanse that’s all planned out for you and can be delivered to you house, check this out.


You can save 55% of any Chef V Cleanse. This is the one and only cleanse I have ever done and I must say it was an awesome experience. My mom and my brother have both been on it too and we’re all fans. My review of the cleanse is here. I actually fell in love with the juice so much that I get it delivered weekly.

2016-09-27 06.50.26


So, if you’d like a little something to get back on track or to prepare for the holidays, use code STUFT for 55% off any cleanse on the Chef V website.


Mizuno has some amazing Breath Thermo Gear for the colder winter months and you can get 30% off any products on their website with code STUFTmama.


2016-11-23 16.15.30

Mizuno stuff rarely goes on sale, so this is a pretty sweet deal.


I’m obsessed with Handful. I’m actually obsesed with all their products has they now have some pretty awesome tanks and long sleeve shirts.

Well, TODAY, if you buy any two Handful Bras, you get a FREE flippin’ awesome tank.


And…… the code STUFTSALE still works so you can get 20% off AND a FREE tank today! Ahhh… exciting!!!!!!! Check out the Handful website!


You know how much we love LEGOLAND. Well, I just got an email that they’re having these amazing deals if you sign up for their email newsletter HERE. I’m just throwing this out there because this place is pricy and the only time we go is if we can score a deal. He he.


Pro Compression has 50% off black styles.


I LOVE Vega products and their Black Friday sale is 20% off and you can get this free bottle that’s valued at $48.99 of you spend $100.


(By the was I have a REALLY awesome Vega giveaway coming up in just a couple days. Woot!)


Last, but not least there are some AWESOME doTERRA deals today and this whole weekend.

I have special promos to offer with either of these kits this whole weekend. You have to email me for details though as we’re not allowed to publicly post the personal freebies/deals that we do anymore.

2016-10-26 22.02.56

But there are some FABULOUS ones!

2016-11-25 08.25.55

Email me so I can hook you up!


This is the current oil I’m diffusing in the kitchen.

2016-11-22 14.19.00

This weekend I’ll be switching it over to the Holiday one! I’m pretty excited!

Lastly, this coming Tuesday I’ll be doing a short online class at 7:00 pm PST with all the oil basics.

2016-11-23 07.31.38

Email me and I can send you the link to join and try to get you some samples in time for the class!


Okay, that’s about it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Have fun shopping out there today!



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