San Fran Has Some Hills


Yes, yes it does.

Although my traveling partner is flatter than flat, San Francisco is not.

I forgot how many hills this darn course has.


I still love it and had a blast.


I got 3:26:20. That’s with two stops to tie my shoes. I’ve never had to do that before. It was weird.

It was a good run though. Those hills kicked my bootie and it was a tough course, but the run felt good, I didn’t have any dehydration issues and my foot didn’t hurt at all so I’m pretty excited about that.

My time was even slower than the last time I ran The San Francisco Marathon two years ago.

Although I was a little disappointed with myself and my time at the end, I was all smiles once I saw some pretty cool dudes at the finish line.


Right? How cool is this robot man? You better believe I sent that picture to the boys right away.

I also bumped into my man Bart.


This guy doesn’t care about my time either. He’s just glad he got to make the trip.


I’ll get a full recap up on the blog soon, but today was a good day.



Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Congrats to everyone else who raced today!

Last Hoorah For My Flat Friend, the Expo and Giveaway Winners


Hello from San Francisco.

Yep, you get two posts today.

We made it.

Yes, we.


Awww…… dang it. Miss this guy, but I found the flat version of him when I was packing in the wee hours of the morning. I decided he would come along for the trip. This little race weekend will be a celebration for him. I’ve been needing something for some more motivation. Why not Flat Kitty? Ha.

He was pretty smart today though. He chose the exit aisle on the plane.


There was so much more leg room.

Unfortunately he wasn’t much help with the whole taking the BART into the city and figuring all that out, but we’re learning as we go.

He did help me find some bananas right away.


He spotted some purple sweet potatoes too, but I don’t think we can figure out how to cook those up in the hotel room.



This seems like it was the happening spot. I’ve never seen a line so long for ice cream.


Does anyone know, is it worth it? I don’t remember what the place is called, but it’s in the Ferry Building.

We had a quick lunch at Gott’s


and a Starbucks shaken tea.


After a rather long bus ride, we made it to the expo.


We made it there just in time to pick up my number, shirt and make a few stops before it closed.

A few key stops were the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series booth,


a quick visit with our Big Sur Marathon friends,


finding a cute shirt to add to my wish list


and a stop to check out some new Vega Sport goods.


Did yo know they have protein bars? I haven’t tried these, but I might have to.

I grabbed a couple packets of my favorite Vega Recovery accelerator.



The entry to The San Francisco Marathon was sponsored by CLEAR Me so I made sure to stop and thank them in person too.


I thought I’d show them how cool it looks to have your pocket sticking out all day without anyone telling you.



I knew there was a really great reason I especially loved this race.


Established in 1977. Awesome since that’s the year I was born. I guess I have to run this race every year now. Ha.

I ran into this awesome lady on the way out who’s running tomorrow too.


Nothing about the shuttle line or the ride back were short.


Outfit is ready. Now it’s time for pizza and sleep.


Have a good one!

See you tomorrow after the race!


Oh, and before I forget.

The winners of the GIVEAWAYS-

Yasso Giveaway- #157 Deb E.

Wienervention Giveaway- #33 Amy


Congrats ladies! Email me your mailing information and I’ll pass it along.



I need a good post race eating place for tomorrow night. Let me know if you have a favorite!

Anyone know what’s up with that ice cream place?

Anyone want to send me some Flat Kitty pictures?


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