Thursday Night Brinner

I was too tired to post this last night. I’m actually too tired right now to post about today. That may have to come in a following post of a weekend recap. Anyway….. brinner again last night. I was needing (okay, maybe just really WANTING) Golden Spoon after teaching my classes at the Y. Stopped […]

The Big Debut…. New Page, New Camera, Revised Recipe

My first official post on the new website. Woo hoo! I’ve given up a lot of hours of sleep the past week and a half. Hopefully things will get easier as I figure out how all this works. After my impulse camera purchase the other day, I thought it was only fitting to take some […]

Come on Kristin….

One quick entry before I try to import everything to the new site. I don’t know why I get so nervous. Isn’t if funny how unfamiliar things are so scary? Oh, and BTW I looked back at my Happy Easter post and I have to apologize. BORING right? Ugh. I better step up my game. […]

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