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Monday, Monday….

Monday, Monday….

Good morning! I never know if I’m going to look forward or not to Monday mornings. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated, and then sometimes it’s a little refreshing. A brand new start to the week, a new set of goals to work towards, etc.

This particular Monday morning, I’m not feeling to well. A little tired, a little under the weather and my stomach is still full from my late dinner (leftover pizza and salad at 10:30). I don’t recommend eating dinner that late, but with two sick 16 month olds who kept crying and wouldn’t go to bed I really didn’t have a chance to eat earlier. This probably didn’t help either….


Yes, yes I did. I ate that whole missing piece of leftover ice cream pie. I couldn’t help it. It was just waiting for me to take it out of the freezer. That’s one thing I do not like about having leftover desserts around the house. I usually try to give them away, but I couldn’t find any takers with this one (okay, okay, I didn’t try THAT hard to give this particular dessert away). I had to have a piece because I experimented and subbed in peanut butter (well, actually PB2 mix) for the chocolate sauce in the recipe from last night’s post (click here for the recipe). It was fabulous- just like I thought. You really can’t go wrong with adding peanut butter to anything. But, you CAN go wrong if you finish the whole darn piece at 11 pm .


Ugh. That’s going to stay with me today. But, I enjoyed every bite of it and I did get 10 miles in on the treadmill earlier in the day yesterday so I don’t feel too guilty.

Okay, back to this morning- Monday. Here’s a few of my goals for the week:

  1. Blog on here once a day.
  2. Get to bed BEFORE midnight every night (and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep).
  3. Clean and organize my office (and pay bills that I might find under my piles of mail).
  4. Recruit some more stroller moms for my classes.
  5. Run at least 25 miles (that’s my standard when I’m not training for a particular race).
  6. Try to not touch that ice cream pie again until next weekend.
  7. Enjoy every minute I get to spend with my boys. Smile

What are your goals for the week? Have a great day! Time for me to get my boys up. Hmm…. what shall I do for breakfast?

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