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Ahhhh….. Sleep :)

Ahhhh….. Sleep :)

Oh my goodness, I forgot how good it feels to get a good night’s sleep. Went to bed at 10:30 last night! Woot woot! Could barely keep my eyes open to shovel in my dinner and dessert after teaching classes at the Y for over 3 hours. That was LONG!!!!!!

Dinner last night- I needed something quick, filling, and with a good amount of carbs and protein. I had some goodies from Trader Joe’s that I could whip together. Here’s what I did. I’m going to call it:

STUFT Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

Start with some broccoli slaw. Put it in a pot with a little water. Cover and steam until it’s a little soft.


Then add tomato soup (I used Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup). Add some organic spinach. IMG_0451

Then some chicken breast meat. (I buy it from Costco, package it into single servings and then freeze it. Then it’s easy to just grab a bag to add to anything.) and…….. LOTS of crushed red pepper and a fresh jalapeno (optional of course). IMG_0453

I made myself some cheese sandwiches (yes 2- it was a long night) in my COOLIO sandwich maker. LOVE this thing! (I actually have 2 of them. One for cheesy sandwiches and my old one I use for banana and peanut butter sandwiches or sweet sandwiches that are messy.)   


I made one flatout wrap sandwich and the other with whole grain bread. They each had a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and a Babybell cheese.


Here’s what they look like when they’re done. 


This dinner was YUMMY!!!!!!



This morning it was a Biggie Banana Bread Bake kind of day (with a mocha of course).


Are you wondering what that fun plate is? Well, it’s another one that’s part of a set I have. I showed my favorite one in the original post for this recipe. Click here to see it. This plate is almost as cute.


The boys got theirs too. I used a real farm fresh egg (from my sister-in-law’s chickens) and a little agave nectar (instead of splenda) in theirs.


Ummm…. are you guys hungry?


After stroller class the smoothies today were broccoli and strawberry. Yum!


I decided to take a look in our pantry while the boys were sleeping so I could put a picture of the Trader Joe’s soup I used. Then I got a little carried away (that’s weird). Here’s a little “pantry peak” of some of my favorite things that I always have.


I use soups a lot to add veggies and chicken. Broccoli slaw is my favorite.


Must haves for my morning lattes or mochas (Depending on the day. More often than not they are mochas. he he! Smile I used to only have mochas on the special occasions and weekends, but now that I’m not working full-time, everyday is a special occasion. Ha!)


Yes, I buy things in bulk. PB2 is some powdered peanut butter. I’ll have to share some recipes with that soon. The beer- well, that’s for Andrew. I always make sure to have it on hand though. I’m a wine or Mike’s Light kind of girl.

Tonight I want to post some pictures of me back in the days when I didn’t take very good care of myself. A little look back on the old Kristin. It’s been entertaining trying to find some good ones.

Here’s a flower to make you smile! Smile Have a great afternoon!


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  1. 1
    sarah broadwell says:

    Hey Kristin,
    I stumbled upon your blog while I was on the Naturally More PB website. I love it! I can’t wait to turn my computer on in the mornings and read your latest post. I can really relate to you. I just moved from San Diego, I run 1/2 marathons, teach Body Pump, have a 2 year old and our pantries could be virtual carbon copies of one another. You do things with all those ingredients that I never would have thought to do. I made the straw-nana cake for breakfast yesterday. Delicious and filling! You are super inspiring! Keep up the great work. Can you post some of the smoothie recipes you make for your boys? My daughter is going through a picky eating phase and I’m hoping she will at least slurp down a smoothie. Blog on!

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hi Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m soooo glad you stumbled on my blog. Yay! I know, isn’t that straw-nana cake delicious? Love it! I will definitely post some smoothie recipes. I made an okay one today and will post it tonight. Thank goodness for smoothies, because my boys have definitely gotten pickier about veggies. I pretty much make them every day. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any 1/2 marathons in the near future?

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