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Well….. Didn’t Quite Get to It

Well….. Didn’t Quite Get to It

Oops. Last night I planned on getting a little post and some pictures up of my days of not really taking care of myself. Maybe I will get to that tonight. I DID manage to update the recipe section a little bit so it’s ready for me to add some new recipes. I better get cracking! ha!

Dinner last night- man, I was craving some carbs, pizza style. I was trying to come up with something good while I was on the treadmill. We (Andrew and I) went to college at Cal Poly SLO and there was this pizza place there called Woodstock’s. They had the most AMAZING “Wild Bread”. Yummy, thick pizza crust with melted cheese and Italian seasoning served with a side of marinara and ranch dressing. Oh… so many nights of going there with my roommates and pigging out on that bread (usually after a frat party or two) Smile. Things are a little different these days. ha! I try to recreate a healthy version every now and then to satisfy my craving for it. Last night I succeeded. I change things up every time, but here’s what I did last night.

I took a whole grain Flatout wrap and a Naan bread and put them on a lined and sprayed cookie sheet. Then I topped them with some cheeses (1 laughing cow light garlic and herb wedge, 2 Trader Joe’s reduced fat string cheeses and 1 regular string cheese), some garlic powder, garlic salt, dried oregano, a little white pepper and some crushed red pepper.



Baked at 400 in the toaster over for about 7 minutes or so. (Just until the cheese melted and the bread started to brown a little. I have burned this MANY times. I had to keep a close eye on it!) Then I heated up a side of marinara (with some more crushed red pepper of course). And…………



Perfection! Totally took care of my craving (and for about 650 calories). I did have a little low fat ranch on the side too! So then I got into my Bag of Dessert Treats from last week. I chose a Vitatop sandwich and had to try just one of the animal crackers with frosting. I threw in a Trader Joe’s soy sandwich too. I couldn’t resist. Oops.


This morning started off like this………


Hey look. Some organic produce from my mother-in-law. AWESOME! What can I make with this? Wait, what’s going on over there?


Oh man.



Great. (And yes I have 4 different nonstick sprays- olive oil, regular, butter, and one for baking- problems Kristin). Where’s your brother? Oh…..


Ugh. Maybe some milk will keep them occupied. Ummmmm…


Nooooooooooooo. (Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but that carton is EMPTY.)

Well, at least our Biggie Banana Bread Bakes were done. Look at these little beauties.


Breakfast is served boys.


Mine was a little different. I put a little cinnamon on before baking it and then I needed to top it off with a little (or maybe a big) dab of Naturally More. It went GREAT with my almond milk/soy mocha. Yum!!!!!


And the plate of the day was….


He he! Soo cute! After breakfast we packed it up for a quick trip to the store for some essentials.


Oops. I guess I’m getting that cool Starbucks cup. I already have one (okay, two) at home, but this one you can CUSTOMIZE! Cool! I’m going to make it a “STUFT Mama” one! The essentials were….


Yep. Wine and milk. Thanks Shannon for telling me that my favorite wine (Ménage A Trios) was on sale at Vons. Smile Put in some cheapo $3.50 bottles of Sutter Home Moscato too (for the warm weather coming up). We ended up getting more groceries than that, but it’s a good picture.

Got home to find this WONDERFUL present waiting for me.


I ordered some of my favorite nutrition bars last week from All Star Health. Woo hoo! Great website and great prices on nutrition bars, etc. Love them! And… fast shipping!  Can’t wait to get into these! Too bad I’m STILL full from my ginormous breakfast.


Today’s smoothie was organic broccoli, strawberry yogurt, some frozen strawberries, organic vanilla soymilk and some apple juice.


Magic Bullet- I love you!


Oh, and um wine, I love you too!


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  1. 1
    shannon says:

    So glad you got the wine! I still have to make a trip over to get mine. Your recipes look so yummy. I have to try some of them! Do you put the broccoli in raw?? And can you taste it all with all that other stuff in there??

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yay! Thank YOU for tellng me to get the 6 pack (and for telling me to put it in the fridge). 🙂 Yes, I just put the broccoli in raw. You can definitely still taste it. I actually like using spinach better. It blends in better and doesn’t taste as strong. But….. it’s still good and the boys still love it!


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