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Let’s Go For a Run Shall We

Let’s Go For a Run Shall We

Today’s excitement was the Coronado Bay Bridge Run. It was a 4 mile run over the bridge into Coronado. We had to do it because it was one of the few that allows strollers. The first race that the boys and I ran was the Silver Strand Half Marathon last November. This one was a tad bit shorter. Smile Thank goodness though because we braved it all by ourselves. 

This morning I had to make sure I had everything before I got the boys up.


Holy cow. Yes, all of that for just a little run. Oh, the life of a mom. Smile That’s my standard pre-race meal- a banana with a tablespoon of Naturally More and a soy mocha. If I’m running longer than 13 miles or if I’m feeling like I need a little something more I have it on top of toast.

Anyway…… we were on our way. Sorry for the early wake-up boys.


After our diaper and outfit change in the car and our stop at the Omni to use their fancy bathroom we got to the starting line late. Ugh. Lot’s of people in front of us. Thank goodness we had our snacks ready.




I was NOT the nicest person on the route. I can’t handle being stuck behind people. It drives me crazy. I cut A LOT of people off (sorry) and almost hit a few (oops). Look at this mess.


I finally had to put the “competitive Kristin” away and just enjoy the ride (or try to anyway). Andrew’s last words to me were  “Don’t be a hero”. I should listen. It’s just so hard for me sometimes. Smile

Look though, I even stopped for a picture.


The bridge was BEAUTIFUL. Umm… Before you look at the next picture, let me just say that it was NOT easy to take a picture of myself while running. Nice face Kristin.


Hey, the finish line….



Where do you think we went first?


Pat and Oscar’s tent for some breadsticks. And then to these nice men for some cool balloon swords.


After we stocked up on as many freebies as we could (one of my FAVORITE parts about races), we headed to the ferry.


Um………. hmm……… the dock was still pretty darn far away (and some diapers were getting pretty darn soggy). This was NOT going to be fun. We waited for a LONG time….



Got a little closer…..


And FINALLY got on.



Woo hoo! (Total wait time was approximately an hour. Thank goodness my boys are rock stars and just hung out. I am sooo lucky.) And thanks to all the nice people on the ferry that let us get out first. Smile

We ( I ) found the car pretty quickly (that usually doesn’t happen- after the Safari Park Half Marathon it took me over an hour to find my car), changed diapers, and got on the road. Hey, check out my cool headband.


Ahhhh….. home. It was time for a little Mixed Berry Cereal Crumble topped with nonfat yogurt. Mmmm…… tasted like warm berry pie. I had to modify the recipe a little and added a tad bit more almond milk to the multigrain pancake mix.


Delicious. All right, time for some hugs and a nap. Smile


I’m patiently waiting until after they boys go down tonight to relax with some wine (or a margarita).

Happy Sunday! Smile

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