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Frosting Frenzy, Nacho Noshing, and a Mic Mishap

Frosting Frenzy, Nacho Noshing, and a Mic Mishap

Umm….. Nice title Kristin. What the heck? This IS a healthy living blog, right? Man, oh, man- I better explain.

Okay, so yesterday afternoon after our long morning at the race that chocolate frosting that had been sitting in the fridge since I made the Incredible Ice Cream Pie the other week was haunting me. Really, it was like calling my name and wanting me to eat it all so it wouldn’t be just sitting there anymore. I thought about all the things I could do with it- I could put it on graham crackers, Vitatops, etc. I considered eating it all in one sitting and not even mentioning it on this blog. I was thinking that I had already written a post yesterday and maybe I could just polish it off and pretend it didn’t happen. Then I got mad at myself and decided I couldn’t do that- that’s the complete OPPOSITE of what I want to do with this blog and why I started it in the first place. So then I thought about throwing the dang frosting away so it wouldn’t tempt me. What did I do?

Well, first of all, back in the day I would’ve eaten it all and then that would’ve  opened the door to all the other food I usually never let myself have (processed foods, sugar, candy, etc.). I would’ve gotten myself into a big mess and probably would’ve consumed over 1500 calories in one sitting (and then felt HORRIBLE afterwards).


I ended up making some fun treats to add to my Bag of Dessert Treats from the other week. Somehow things aren’t as tempting if they’re individually wrapped and frozen. I freeze EVERYTHING!!! Oh, how my freezer has helped me in soo many ways. Smile  I made some Vitatop sandwiches with a little frosting, a granola thin frosting sandwich and some organic animal cracker sandwiches with frosting.


Each little treat I made and wrapped up was less than 200 calories. I put them in a handy Ziploc bag and shoved them in the back of the freezer for special occasions. (The new ones are on the right. The bag on the left is my original Bag of Dessert Treats.)


I actually ended up not eating ANY of the frosting. Smile I DID however give a little to the boys while they watched me make my treats. (They’ve only tasted frosting once before at their 1st birthday.)


Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.

Moving on…

For dinner last night Andrew went out to get us some Mexican food.


I was craving some nachos. Really? (Yes, really. Even after resisting the chocolate frosting fiasco. Maybe that was part of the problem actually.) I couldn’t remember the last time I had nachos. I don’t even like to eat chips or processed food. And yes, I know they are like the worst thing you can order. (I would never advise anyone to order them and I usually opt for a veggie burrito without cheese or sour cream.) But…………


I went for it. Fiesta chicken nachos. I even had a small margarita to go with it.


Oh, and A LOT of hot sauce.


Here’s my theory:

I think that if you’re really craving something and you know that you don’t eat like that all the time, it’s okay to indulge every once in awhile. Food (and life) is more enjoyable that way. I ate those nachos and they were AWESOME. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t feel the best this morning and felt a little swollen all day, but….. they were good, I enjoyed every bite, and I definitely don’t want them again for a LONG time. And, I don’t feel that bad because I know that the majority of the time I eat nutritious, whole foods so an occasional splurge isn’t going to ruin everything I’ve worked for (or derail my normal healthy eating habits).

And now for the mic mishap. (Just for laughs!Smile)

Tonight, in between my classes I was teaching at the Y, I had to go to the bathroom. On my way down the hall I was thinking to myself that it was pretty dumb to wear my head mic (Andrew calls it my “Britney Spears mic”) to the bathroom. I was only thinking that because it looked funny and probably wasn’t that sanitary. Well……. when I got back to the studio they informed me that they could totally hear me in the bathroom. Um hello???? I thought those kind of things only happen in the movies (or at least just to other people).  WRONG!!!!!! Luckily, I didn’t say or do anything too embarrassing (I think anyway, or maybe I did and no one fessed up about what they actually heard.) Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. Oh Kristin, Kristin ,Kristin……..

Okay, hope you had a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week! I’ll leave you with pictures of the boys trying to eat with some new utensils. He he!



I’m not sure that’s very effective.

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