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Wednesday Workout Debut

Wednesday Workout Debut

FINALLY…… Here it is. This is the first workout I’m posting on here. This is a very basic strength training workout anyone can do at home. (This one is for my AWESOME niece- thanks for being patient! You rock!) Before I get into the workout let me list some of the benefits of strength training.

  1. It improves physical appearance. (You look more toned and lean.)
  2. It prevents the loss of lean tissue that accompanies the aging process. (As we get older our muscles get smaller and lose strength. Strength training helps prevent this.)
  3. It increases our metabolism. (The more muscles or lean body tissue you have the more calories you burn [even while you’re sleeping]. As we get older our metabolism gradually decreases, but strength training can delay or slow down the process.)
  4. It reduces the risk of injury and other degenerative diseases.
  5. Some other benefits are that is has been shown to increase bone density, lower resting blood pressure, and ease arthritis pain.

Basic Strength Training Workout w/ Weights

You will want a set of dumbbells. Somewhere between 5-10 pounds. It’s always better to start out too light than too heavy!

Do 20-30 reps of each exercise. It will be effective if you only go through the entire workout once, but if you have time feel free to do it twice. (When I do this I only go through once. There are enough different exercises that target the major muscle groups that you are getting a balanced workout.) You want to do these exercises in this order- working the major muscle groups first. Remember- you should always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine. You want to warm-up for about 5 minutes also. Any light cardio or dynamic movements that help warm-up your muscles and loosen up your joints a little.

Dumbbells should be held one in each hand unless otherwise stated. Keep your core tight throughout all exercises. (I always tell people to think about pulling your belly-button in towards your lower back.) Remember to breathe!

  1. squats (with alternating side leg lift if you want an extra challenge)
  2. bent-over rows (palms facing each other)
  3. push-ups
  4. alternating forward lunges
  5. alternating reverse lunges
  6. bent-over rows (palms facing your legs- elbows lift out to side)
  7. chest fly (laying down on the floor)
  8. plié squats
  9. overhead shoulder press
  10. bicep curls
  11. tricep extension overhead (weights together and elbows in close to your head)
  12. plank (No weights- forearms on floor. Knees or toes on floor and hold body straight. Work towards holding it for a full minute.)
  13. v-sit (30 seconds-1 minute)
  14. bicycles (Lay on the floor facing up- lead shoulder towards opposite knee)

Please leave comments or email me if you have any questions about the exercises or anything. There really is so much more I should  be including on positioning, technique, etc. but that would make this REALLY long.

I did a workout very similar to this (I used resistance bands also) ALL the way through my pregnancy with my twins. My doctor even caught me in the middle of my workout once when he called me and I was 37 weeks pregnant (and sucking wind from my dash to get the phone). He he!

Oh, I almost forgot. You should do strength training 2-3 times a week and always let your muscles rest 48 hours in between.

Woo hoo! First Wednesday Workout is a Wrap! (But my office is still a mess.) Rolling on the floor laughing

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    Amanda says:

    Hello! Just came across your blog. Would you do a strength workout like this on its own or along with cardio? How long did it take to run through it once? I do a lot of running so it’s always weird for me to take days where I don’t run and just do strength-so I’m curious as to what your take is!

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