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Well, Why Not? It IS FF Isn’t it?

Well, Why Not? It IS FF Isn’t it?

Ha! I was hoping to start a “Fitness Friday” last week, but that turned into a “Workout Wednesday” post this week instead. I slept in today instead of getting on the treadmill for an early morning run so I had to make the most of my time before naps.

Before I get to that…..

This morning I HAD to have some more SunButter pronto. That stuff is sooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!! I actually want some right now. I just want a big spoonful right out of the jar. I’ll hold myself back though. It’s almost time for my standard salad lunch (Best Ever Ginger Wasabi Green Salad).  Anyway….. the boys and I had some SunButter Banana French Toast for breakfast. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then……. I just needed to get moving a little bit. I thought I’d give the boys a day off of being in the stroller since they’re in there pretty much every day for at least an hour. Then Judah gave me an idea…..


Hmm… jump rope? Okay. But only after we give Kitty his morning hug.


We packed it up and went out back. First stop? Dirty dog water. Annoyed


I just wanted to do a quick little workout that got my heart rate up and made me sweat. Here’s what I had to work with:



Soooo…….. here’s my

Quickie Backyard Calorie Blast


  • jump rope 100 times (You could time it for a minute instead, but I didn’t have a watch, AND I kept getting interrupted by the boys trying to get in on the fun)
  • froggy jumps down the cement -10 one way and then 10 back
  • stair laps – 10 total laps (1 lap was down and back up)

I went through this 5 times. I had to stop along the way to get get a little snack for the boys. It was fast, I was breathing HARD and my legs were definitely feeling the burn. The boys had fun too. They tried to jump with me, helped me count, cheered me on,


and gave me high fives along the way.


A little sweaty? Yes. Goal accomplished.


Are you wondering what’s at the bottom of the stairs?


Some animals of course.


Oh….. and this…..


Ha ha ha! Sorry, I just had to.

It was time for a smoothie. Today’s smoothie was spinach, Trader Joe’s vanilla yogurt, frozen strawberries, a carrot cube, organic vanilla soymilk and apple juice. Yum!


Okay, time to get organized with these little cute notebooks and hydrate with this Sparkling Ice (another great Costco find).


Have a great Friday!





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