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Finale Night

Finale Night

Okay, we’ll see how fast I can bust this out while I’m waiting for my dinner in the oven (a flatout BBQ chicken pizza with TATS Original Ghost BBQ sauce and red onion). Smile 

My body is telling me I need to rest. Do you ever have those days? Everything was hard today. I’m just run down. It’s so hard sometimes to listen to your body. I’m so used to being on the go and I’m very routine with what I do certain days of the week as far as workouts ,etc. but……. today I just needed to take it easy. my 6-7 mile nightly run was only a 3 miler and a slow one at that). I run on the treadmill while watching the Biggest Loser- we (my boyfriend Bob, my BFF Jillian and I) have a weekly date. Too bad it’s the finale tonight and I’ll have to find something else to watch next week. I’m trying to not feel guilty about my short run. There’s a lot more days left in the week to make up the miles. Smile (Remember Kristin, sleep more, eat less. That’s your focus this week. Take care of your body and yourself. It’s okay to give yourself permission to rest.) Sorry, didn’t mean to think out loud.

Okay, so today we had our Strollerwise class this morning and then went for a quick trip to the Safari Park (formerly the Wild Animal Park) to visit the animals and Andrew. I thought the boys would be really excited to go. Hmm…


Maybe not. But look who we saw…


Daddy! Hey, nice uniform! We went to the playground for a bit. Here’s a little look at why I’m exhausted at all times. (All these pictures were taken in about a 5 minute time span.)



Yeah, he’s a handful. Luckily his brother is a bit more reserved.


Had the best turkey and veggie sandwich from Major Market for lunch. LOVE their sandwiches. A few jalapeño jack Sun Chips on the side. I got all set up with my food, a Coke Zero, the computer and the Bachelorette. The boys woke up about 15 minutes later. Figures.



Andrew got home for work and it was play time. Beavis and Butthead anyone? “I need TP for my….”



and smoothie time (spinach, broccoli, carrot cubes, frozen strawberries, Kefir, soy milk and apple juice).

Then…… we were getting restless before dinner. What to do???? Dress up with some hand me downs. Kitty wanted in on the fun too!



Nice jean jackets huh? Thanks Aunt Geralyn and Aunt Christine!!!!


You can’t tell, but Kitty is wearing Andrew’s baby shirt. Pretty darn funny. (Only now I can’t find the shirt anywhere. Where did Kitty put it?)

Okay, pizza is burning. Not surprising. More time to write and more recipes tomorrow. I think I’ll feature my morning mocha (that is FABULOUS) and maybe take a look back at the college days with my freshman 15 (or 20). Have a good one!!!!!!!

Just in case you need one more……


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  1. 1
    Robin Baker says:

    my favorite word in the entire post….”kefir” YEAH!!! good mama!

  2. 2

    Oh wow, kitty looks mad, but kitty in the shirt is cute.

  3. 3
    Loretta Long says:

    I love seeing the boys, but you know how much I LOVE Kitty. So happy to see him doing well. You need to really do a calendar of him. I’m sure you’d sell a million of those!

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