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For the Love of Lettuce

For the Love of Lettuce

Hiya! Hoping to get this quick post done before bath time for the boys. Not sure if that’s possible, but we’ll give it a shot. (It didn’t happen- it’s now 2 hours later and the boys are in bed.) Before I get to the lettuce, here’s a couple of yummy highlights from the past 24 hours.

Last night’s dinner was Lourdes Chicken Soup. A-MA-ZING! Really, seriously the BEST chicken soup EVER!!!!! Huge chunks of white meat chicken, delicious broth, all the fixings on the side, just awesome.


It came with all these goodies. (You break up the tortilla and add it to the soup. It gets all soft after it sits in the soup for awhile- heaven.)


Need a closer look?


I requested those chilies special. I think they were serrano. Yum!

Today, I saw that my 12 pack of PB2 jars expire next month so I figured I better get to work on them. I used to eat this stuff on a daily basis, but I’ve been experimenting so much with different things, I’ve been neglecting my PB2 obsession. I’ve also been reading a lot about Chia seeds lately (on other blogs). All the healthy benefits and how they soak up moisture to form a gel. I bought some last week.IMG_1068

I just had to try them out so I made a little concoction for a snack.

  • 2 tablespoons of PB2
  • 1 teaspoon chia seedIMG_1070

Then I added a little water to form a paste. It turned out just how I thought it would. I put it on top of a Fuji apple as a snack (with a little cinnamon sprinkled on the other apple slices- cinnamon is awesome).


It was the perfect combination and a great late afternoon snack.

Okay- on to lettuce really quickly. I used to buy the prepackaged salad bags from the grocery store for about $2.60 each. I would eat one every day for lunch (yes, the entire bag- I know, I eat A LOT). Holy cow did that add up. It was easy and convenient, but I needed an alternative that would save some money (now that we’re a family of four and I’m not working full-time). Sooooo….. here are my tips- Deena this is for you!!!!! Smile

Romaine is the bomb! So easy to cut, store, etc. and it has a lot more vitamins than iceberg.  I buy it at Costco (it’s one of my must-haves on my original Gotta Love Costco post) or Trader Joe’s. It’s a better bargain at Costco ($2.79 for 6 heads while Trader Joe’s is $1.99 for 3), but I’m not always making the trip there. 

Here is the step by step of what I do to make sure we always have lettuce on hand for salads or sandwiches.

  1. Cut the heads of lettuce before rinsing them.  I usually cut up about 3-4 heads at a time.
  2. Put them in the basket of the lettuce spinner. Rinse well.IMG_0996
  3. Spin. Dump out water. Spin again. Dump out water. Sometimes I even do it a third time. IMG_0997
  4. Wipe out the container with a paper towel to absorb all the extra water. IMG_0998
  5. Put a couple of paper towels in the bowl. IMG_0999
  6. Place the basket with clean lettuce on top of the dry paper towels. IMG_1000
  7. Put a paper towel on top. IMG_1001
  8. Put the lid on and store in the refrigerator. It usually stays good for about 3 days or so.  IMG_1002

grab a handful for a quick salad (you don’t even need a lot of dressing with fresh lettuce) or top a sandwich (or wrap).

Happy lettuce chopping? Confused smile (I can’t think of anything clever to say.) But, I CAN give you a Kitty kiss to sleep on. (Don’t worry- Kitty loves it.)


Oh, and I obviously didn’t win those Kenny Loggins tickets or Mom and I would be getting our Footloose on right now. How sad. Instead I’m blogging and steaming some broccoli slaw for my Spaghetti Slaw Marinara. Yum! I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.  Until then……

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    christine says:

    i would love to buy that salad spinner? where can i buy the exact one??


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