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2-fer Thursday

2-fer Thursday

Yep, I’m going to try it. Two posts today. We’ll see. This one is during lunch with my boys. Hmmm……..

A quick look at dinner last night. BBQ Chicken Pizza (one on a Flatout wrap and one on a Naan) and zucchini. Chicken breast meat mixed with low calorie BBQ sauce ( I used Randy Jone’s Spicy Jalapeño, but forgot to take a picture- oops), red onion, jalapeño, zucchini, 1 Babybel cheese and 1 Trader Joe’s light cheddar cheese stick.

Before the oven.


After 10 minutes or so at 400. Smile


Fabulous! Then I had that Artic Zero that I reviewed in last night’s post. 

I woke up this morning so excited about this waiting for me.


Yep, overnight oats (with chia seeds this time). I’m getting better at making them just about right. And when I do, (which I’m predicting will be in the next day or so) I’ll post the new recipe. You can find the my first attempt by clicking here on this- Peanut Butter and Banana Overnight Oats. Really though, the new ones will knock your socks off. I put too much Greek yogurt in the mix today. It got too big so I only ate half of them in the morning and made a smoothie with the other half as a snack after Strollerwise. Before I get to that though, look what I found in my bed this morning.



Are you jealous? Smile

It’s been a week since I decided I need to lose those 7 pesky pounds. So we got on the scale this morning.


Nice black toenail from running. It says 0.0- I don’t want to put the actual number on here, but… down 1 pound, 6 more to go. “Slow and steady wins the race….”

Everyone wanted in on the fun. (Wait, “fun”? What am I thinking?)



Okay, really quickly……… on to the second half of my overnight oats. I added some spinach and a little bit of protein powder.


And after about 30 seconds in the Magic Bullet got this.


Awesome. I added a couple strawberries and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Smile


Gotta go. These boys are DONE with lunch (and so am I). here’s my lunch- Veggie Burger Ginger Wasabi Salad with a couple Snapea Crisps on top.


I’m hoping to use this tonight on my way home from teaching classes at the Y.


I’ve had it since my birthday (January). I need some new workout clothes in a BAD way.

See you tonight!!!!!

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