When Are They Going to Wake Up?

My precious boys………. It’s very rare that I ask this question (I’m usually frantically trying to get as much done as possible while they sleep), but I’ve been gone ALL morning teaching classes so I can’t wait for them to wake up. We’re going to have a “STUFT fashion show” this afternoon because I FINALLY spent

(Side note- It’s now an hour later because as soon as I wrote that they got up. Figures. We’re sitting down for lunch right now so hopefully I can get this done really quick and we can get on with our fashion show.)

Soo….. yes, I finally spent this


I wanted to spend it when I wrote about in Thursday’s post, but I forgot to bring this


I bought some new workout/running clothes today, but was pressed for time so just grabbed some stuff off the rack. Hmm… that usually doesn’t turn out very well. We’ll find out at today’s fashion show. Ha! I need new workout gear in a bad way. (I’m still wearing stretched out shirts I wore through my pregnancy-nice.)

Okay, a quick look at last night’s dinner. Taco Pie. Mmm….

First piece.


Second piece. (The Skinnygirl margarita may have had something to do with this and something to do with the horrible cutting job on my first piece.)IMG_1289



I kept hearing about these, so we HAD to try them to see what the hype was about. These bars are NO JOKE. They are big (for over 300 calories, they better be).


We got the Double Caramel ones and they were FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, worth every calorie (320 calories) and gram of fat (20 grams). AMAZING!!!!!!!

Breakfast this morning was Banana PB2 Overnight Oats. I used steel cut oats instead of the normal old fashioned rolled oats.


I usually prefer the taste of steel cut oats (over regular oats), but for some reason it just wasn’t the same in the overnight oats. I think they are much better COOKED. But, they did the job to fuel me up before a long morning of STUFT Fitness boot camp and then classes at the Y. (LOVE spending my morning with boot camp and Y peeps- they are AWESOME! “Hi” if you’re reading this!)


No fancy toppings today. Just some more PB2 mixed with sugar free maple syrup. Doesn’t look very appetizing. Oops. I need to get better at my pictures.


That’s a strong instant espresso version of my favorite morning mocha in there too.

Okay…… I was going to post the outdoor workout from yesterday, but I’ll have to get to that later. It’s playtime fashion show time with my boys!!!! Happy Saturday!

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