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Fiesta For One Please

Fiesta For One Please

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, I have so many things to write about, but because it’s late (and I’m barely keeping my eyes open) I’ll focus (or try to anyway) on one thing:

Homemade Healthy Nachos Swap

It’s no secret I can put food away. I sometimes amaze (or embarrass, depending on how you look at things) myself. I used to LOVE getting take-out nachos from little Mexican food restaurants (and we actually did a month or so ago after the Coronado Bay Bridge Run. Oh man. Back in the day I’ve even downed some after a late night at the bars (that was a LONG time ago). Ugh. I try not to think about it. Anyway…… since it was a special occasion last night (The Bachelorette), I decided I needed a little “fiesta” (I probably should’ve had a “siesta” instead, but oh well).

Here is my nacho creation that really satisfies my craving for some Mexican food. Look at this thing!!!!! You too can make your own nachos. Smile


Take a few corn tortillas (I usually have about 4-6 small ones at 60 calories each). Cut them into chip size pieces. (I keep my tortillas in the freezer. Gee, that’s weird. Then I always have them on hand if I’m really feeling like I want some tortilla “chips”.)



Put them on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil (this makes it easier to clean afterwards) and sprayed with cooking spray. Then spray the tortilla pieces with a little more spray. Sprinkle with sea salt, a little cayenne (optional) and a little taco seasoning. (I use McCormick Taco Seasoning. I buy the big container of it from Costco.)


Bake at 400 for about 10 minutes (or a little longer). Keep a close eye on them and take them out when they start to brown and get a little crispy.


(I burnt these a little. Oops. I tried to keep the burnt ones out of the shot, but didn’t do a very good job.)

Top with a serving of refried beans. (I like the refried black beans. I also freeze the other servings in the can so I can easily use them for a quick meal later. No, not the same night- a different day. I don’t eat THAT much. ha!)


Then add some chicken (I added an individually packaged 3 ounce serving from my afternoon of freezing) and a serving of low fat Mexican shredded cheese. You may need to heat it up a little in the microwave to melt the cheese a bit. I always like mine with the cheese really hot.


Then top them off with some cut up romaine lettuce. You can also add a few black olives, some  jalapeños, a little hot sauce, etc. The whole huge plate of nachos is about 700 calories and a little over 12 grams of fat (depending on if you add olives and what kind of cheese you use, etc.) as opposed to Chili’s Chicken Nachos for 1670 calories and 103 grams of fat (nutritional information from Calorie King).


Serve with a side of salsa (and the Bachelorette). Mmmmmmmmm…….


Who wants to party? (Nerdy glasses and red striped pajama pants optional.)


Kissing cats (everyone else is asleep) required.


Make sure to finish off the fiesta with a Skinny Cow sandwich.


Note- Try not to throw the sandwich at the TV when the Bachelorette ends and stupid Bentley doesn’t show up until NEXT week. Why do they do that?

See you tomorrow! I’m hoping to do a morning post to recap our day today and some yummy things we’ve been eating, bake some banana muffins and hopefully get that darn PB2 cookie just right.

Oh, one funny thing really quick.

I told Andrew last night he should read my Father’s Day Post and he told me he didn’t know how to get to my blog.

I laughed.

He said “You think I’m joking, but I’m serious.”

I told him to search “STUFT mama Father’s Day”.

It must of worked because he found it and wanted me to add that on his chicken marinade he used 3/4 can of Coors Light (he says your supposed to drink the other 1/4). He is one funny guy!

This house is just FILLED with funny guys.


Need some more funny guys? Take a look at

or maybe a funny cat? Check out the post all about Kitty.

Good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How did I do focusing on one thing? ha!

What fast food/restaurant swap do you want me to experiment with next?

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  1. 1
    Stephanie* says:

    Now, I have a CRAVING for nachos!! And luckily, we made a whole chicken in the crock pot yesterday for BBQ sandwiches and I still have plenty of chicken left! Dinner tonight? Um, YES please! 🙂

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yay! They’re so good with chicken. I’ve had them before with just beans and cheese or with some soy crumbles, but chicken is my favorite!!! 🙂 Hope you like them!

  2. 2
    Cheryl D. says:

    Wow 1670 calories and 103 grams of fat!!!! That’s outrageous! I had to do a double read just to make sure I read it right.

  3. 3

    Yum. Great idea. I love a taco salad when I’m just over salads. The baked corn tortillas is a great idea.


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