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A Quick Check In

A Quick Check In

Hello! How’s your weekend going? I can’t believe it’s already Sunday afternoon. I didn’t get on the computer AT ALL yesterday. It was weird, but a nice change of pace.

I only have a couple minutes before the boys wake up and we’re on to our next adventure, but I missed you! he he!

One little disclaimer before I get into activities- Huggies Jean Diapers are cute and make me laugh, BUT they DO NOT hold the same amount of pee (and other fun stuff) as normal Huggies. I’m not sure why that is or what the heck happened, but every time the boys sport their cool looking jean diapers they soon also sport a not so cool looking wet spot on their pants. Grrr……. Oh well. Note to self- use jean diapers only for fun picture taking opportunities.

Okay, so on to some activities and meals. Friday we took the boys swimming for the first time. Oh wait, look at my Friday afternoon snack. Chobani strawberry yogurt, some Trader Joe’s organic trek mix (delicious) and strawberries with a slice of the best bread ever with some SunButter on it. Holy cow- it was AMAZING (and perfect for a summer afternoon).IMG_2083

Hmmm…….. swimming……..for some reason I thought they would love the pool and just want to get right in. That was NOT the case.


I know you can’t tell, but he was CLAWING my back and saying “no no no no”. Oh man. He would NOT let go (even when we went far away from the pool under the umbrella).


Joaquin took awhile to warm-up to the idea, but pretty soon he didn’t have a care in the world (except not letting anyone else touch that bat).



Judah FINALLY got in. Yippee!


Ha ha ha! Isn’t this picture funny? It looks like Andrew doesn’t have a body. I may get in trouble for this one. Sorry! Good thing he doesn’t know how to get to the blog. ha!

Anyway… after a couple close calls almost dropping my camera in the water we got this family picture (with the self-timer feature).


We celebrated the night with some On the Border (complete with Guacamole Live, Diablo style chicken fajitas  and balloon animals).




Fun times! When we got home, this was what was left of the balloon animals.



Yesterday was CRAZY- another 3 minute banana muffin, IMG_2125

boot camp, YMCA fitness classes, a good friend’s son’s birthday party, a trip to Toys R Us (NOT my favorite place),

trying to figure out how many of these I have in my car



a new discovery out front,



(Side note- I was so tired I forgot to take pictures all afternoon, then when we got home I remembered I had my small camera in my bag.)

and then finally some of my favorite wine…… Ahhhhh…


and some Costco spinach raviolis with roasted zucchini and broccoli.


Enjoyed on the couch (date night) with the husband (and the first half of the movie Dinner For Shmucks). Smile


Vitatop frozen sandwich with Cool Whip Free and some Naturally More for dessert.


Time to go. See you later tonight! Hey, should I wash these bibs or still use them??????


Ha ha ha! And yes, Kitty is sticking out his tongue (and has a nice eye booger). He can’t help it, he has a few teeth missing. What can I say? Hmmmmm…..

Your welcome?????? Smile

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