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Me Again

Me Again

Hi! This is going to be a short one since Andrew is on his way home with some Golden Spoon. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!! I really should stay up late and do some more financial computer work for STUFT Fitness, etc., but I may have to call it a night and eat my yogurt and go to bed early. What’s happening to me? Ha!

I made a batch of low fat banana muffins this morning after my early morning treadmill run while watching Sex in the City DVDs. That show is pretty funny.  A little inappropriate, but I can watch the same episode over and over and not get bored. I always pretend like I’m Carrie when I’m sitting here at the computer anyway. Ha ha! If I only looked as cute as her. Smile

So…… I’ll post the banana muffin recipe tomorrow, but I will show you my experiment that didn’t turn out very well.


Well, it doesn’t look that bad actually. I made a different version of the 3 minute banana muffin (coconut flour instead of whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup egg substitute instead of 2 tablespoons and liquid stevia instead of splenda). Since I was already baking muffins I decided to bake this too. It really didn’t rise at all. It just sat there and did nothing for me. Annoyed  It did taste good though, but I think when I want bake I’ll just go with my biggie banana bread bake instead. I’ll stick to the microwave for these little experiments.

Of course I didn’t have it alone. Some PB2 cottage cheese and Naturally More topped it off. (That Naturally More dollop has leftover PB2 powder and my favorite cocoa powder on it from when I was measuring them out. It looks pretty cool though, huh?)


Lunch was a Flatout turkey wrap with a Laughing Cow light cheese wedge, some turkey, a serrano pepper and some lettuce. Mmmm..


We met some friends for dinner at this cool Persian place downtown.


Persian food……………….. Delicious- yes. Toddler friendly eating area- no. Only one high chair led to our boys running around the small restaurant like crazies. So much so that I didn’t get any good pictures (besides these two),

IMG_2138IMG_2140 1

I felt like loser not being able to have a good conversation with our friends who we rarely get to hang out with (because I couldn’t take my eyes of the boys) and I pretty much had to inhale the food (which actually isn’t that abnormal for me- ha). Oh well. Life as a parent, right? 

I did get this good picture at the end of our visit. We’ll miss you J!!!!!!


Yogurt time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t frozen yogurt soooooooo good on summer nights? That reminds me, I better get out my ice cream maker for some fun experiments. It’s that time of year. 

Only 1 more day for the PB2 special offer of 20% off your entire order! Yikes! I better order some. See this post for more details. 

See you tomorrow!

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    SOunds like a fun day!! Only ONE highchair-NOT so much! 🙂 Your boys are just TOO cute tho!!
    Enjoy your yogurt!

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