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More Returns?

More Returns?

First off- look at this parfait.


Um, yum! A little PB2 cottage cheese , a Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt (bought in a variety pack from Costco),


blueberries and half a package of this trail mix.


Not too shabby! And just that much better eaten with my new favorite tea spoon.

If you haven’t noticed I have a bit of a problem with returning things. (Remember the day of returns awhile back?) I tend to buy things on a whim and then let them sit for awhile around the house. Then I get worried about money and find the things I don’t “need” or things I haven’t used yet and return them. It’s a vicious cycle friends. Smile The other day, it was time to return THE jeans. Yes, here they are again.


They’ve been here for a long, long time (in the red bag).


(Don’t mind the container of nursing bras. ha!)

The big return- so bittersweet. I’ve been holding on to them because they were my last “designer” purchase for myself before the boys were born. I won’t be making a purchase like that for a VERY long time (if ever again). So it was hard to let them go. I’m still a little weepy. Crying face

Here’s why I finally decided to return them.

  1. I’ve NEVER been that size and if I was I probably wouldn’t be a pleasant person to be around (or have enough energy to write this blog- ha!).
  2. I want to be an example of a “normal” person (not a super skinny one- although in my dreams I do kind of wish I looked like Kelly Ripa or Jennifer Aniston Smile).
  3. I could really use the $100 that I paid for them.
  4. They’ve been sitting in my closet since November of 2009.
  5. I wear jeans probably once a week (if that). I’m usually in workout clothes that are much more flattering of course. Ha!
  6. I’m a mom on a budget. I can’t bear the guilty feeling of holding onto jeans that I’ll never wear when I can make that money stretch for something that will benefit our whole family or the boys or someone else who is in need.
  7. Lastly, I have a lot (I mean A LOT) of other jeans sitting in my huge jean drawer. I’m a little scared to show you this. Ready?


Holy cow, right? They have been accumulated over years of being obsessed with jeans. My dress up “uniform” is jeans and an Old Navy tank top. Classy. Smile I used to buy expensive jeans, but then not pay more that $10 for a tank top.

Anyway….. the boys and I were off to the mall to return these. All went well thanks to a stop at Panera.


Toddler tip- have them put the bagel through the sandwich slicer you you have bite size pieces.


No mess and it lasts a long time. (Thanks to my best friend Shannon who used to eat bagels like this years ago so I can copy the idea.)

We also returned a bra (Victoria’s Secret) and some face wash (Sephora). I guess I took a little too long.


He woke up when we got home just in time to cause some more trouble have some quality playtime pretending to watch TV (I promise the TV was NOT on).



Even though Joaquin thinks he can control it with his toy cell phone. Ha ha!  Oh, and only appropriate that the boys were wearing these shirts after the Sneaky Chocolate Pudding fiasco. Smile

I feel like I’ve left you hanging a bit on my 7 pesky pounds progress since my plan of action to get them off. I have to admit, I have not been counting daily calories. With the hectic life that I lead I just can’t take the time and energy to count out every single calorie (I used to count calories every day and write everything down. It is very helpful if you don’t know about how many calories you’re consuming each day. But, I have a pretty good handle now on the amount of calories I eat and amount that I need to maintain my weight.) Counting every calorie is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I used my little food journal for about 3 days. I’ve since been making better choices and following my plan roughly. My biggest thing is just doing small desserts rather than big ones. (If I only didn’t have a sweet tooth.) Thank goodness for Skinny Cow and Vitatops!!!!!


I tried to weigh myself the other day to report, but….


nothing. Really, I just replaced the batteries and nothing. But……. I’m not too concerned. I think it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Right now I need to focus more about taking care of myself and eating for energy and health than worrying about a number on the scale. My clothes are fitting a bit better and I’m feeling good, so that’s what is important. A healthy, happy weight is different for different people. Maybe I’ll lose those 4 or so more pounds I really want to lose, or maybe they just want to stick with me to keep me happy and healthy (and tolerable for anyone else who has to deal with me).

I’m going to continue to focus on working towards my 7 pesky pounds goal, but I’m not in a hurry and I’m not working to get into THOSE jeans anymore. (I have quite a few others to choose from-ha!) It’s a lifetime process.

Off to experiment a little more with some GREEN microwave muffins. I’m so excited about these! We’re all loving them over here. Well, actually, Andrew’s been a little scared hesitant and hasn’t tried them yet, but the boys and I have definitely consumed our fair share. I can’t wait to post about them! I’d give you a sneak peek, but we had a cassowary photo season this morning and my camera battery is DEAD (to go with the Jimmy Kimmel clip).

Happy Friday! I’m hoping to get the cassowary post done tonight while Andrew is barbequing turkey burgers. We’ll see if I can pull it off. Smile

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