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I recently got asked where “STUFT” came from which made me realize that I hadn’t written anything on here about it.


It’s no secret I like to STUFF my face. (I just put this huge tray of roasted zucchini and some Cheesy Wild Bread STUFT Style in the oven.)


I tried to be cool and make the Flatout like a little calzone. See how I smushed up the edges? Hope it turns out well after baking.

(Grrr……… I just BURNED the whole darn thing. Why did I think I would get this post done quickly?)

I guess I’ll let it sit.


And I like to STUFF myself with desserts (usually healthy versions). Look at the one I had last night.


(Triple Chocolate Vitatop, a cookies and cream Skinny Cow sandwich, a couple of animal crackers, some of these dark chocolate almond butter cups from Henry’s (that were delicious) and a little Fat Free Reddiwhip.


And it’s pretty obvious that my life is STUFT with a million different things (running my own business, teaching fitness classes at different gyms everyday, taking care of my boys, creating new things in the kitchen, training for and running races, writing on this blog (which I LOVE), spending time with my family, etc.

But, it actually came from STUFT Fitness.

When I founded my own fitness business last year I wanted a catchy name. For some reason STUFT Fitness just kept coming to mind. A lot of people didn’t really like it, but I thought at least no one else would name their fitness business “STUFT Fitness”. I’m pretty sure I’m the only car around with this obnoxious advertising sticker on my back window. My best friend told me the name was like a doctor with the name “Dr. Pain” or getting your teeth whitened by a dentist names “Dr. Stain”. Ha ha ha.

Well…… the name still stuck. It stands for STehly Ultimate Family Training. My business that’s focus is to design classes and workout programs that are customized for the busy family or parent. I’m hoping the classes I currently teach can grow with the boys and we can transition from our Strollerwise classes we do now to family boot camp type classes. We’ll see where that takes us though- we’ve got awhile.

STUFT mama was born about 3 months ago when I felt the calling to follow my passion and start a blog. I wanted to share my life, all my food finds I’m obsessed with (I’ve spent a lot of money and tried all the different things I may as well share what I like), kitchen creations (I’ve always had notebooks of random recipe creations), fitness tips and workouts, races, personal struggles with finding balance and……… just to connect with all of you!

Okay, I know this post isn’t very long or that interesting, but this mama is going to go STUFF her face with her burnt cheesy bread (I’m pretty upset about this actually)


while watching MTV’s The Challenge- Rivals.

At least I have this to go with it. (Ménage a Trois from Costco- $6.99)


And this waiting for me in the freezer.


(it was a former student working tonight so he put four flavors in my cup and filled up really well!) Smile

My goal is to be up and on the treadmill by 6. Hmm…. what movie to watch tomorrow?

And I’ve got some more “green” action coming your way tomorrow. We did some more experiments today and they were awesome!

In hopes that you don’t feel like this post is a let down, I’ll leave you with this.


And these.



Do you ever get really upset when you burn (ruin) a meal?

Do you still eat (suffer through) it? Or go to plan B?

I’m on the fence with this one tonight. Ugh.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. 1

    Love the jean diapers!! 🙂
    I wrote about your recipe on my blog tonight!!

  2. 2
    Scott Arnett says:

    Seeing that roasted zucchini while I’m here at work is making me really hungry!

  3. 3
    Perdita says:

    You always make me giggle with EVERYTHING! Love the Stehly explanation. Did you try the Vicks? You mentioned that your chest cold is lingering…..not sure if you know this – alcohol keeps your resistance down and weak, so when you’re feeling down….lay low. Have some over the counter night time meds instead….tastes just like a good glass of something! (hic!) NOT!
    To answer your question: I HATE when I ruin / burn a dish. All that effort of thinking about what to eat and prepping it for nothing! I eat it anyway….because there is absolutely NO desire for a plan B.
    Thanks for a great class last night. I noticed the 80’s music. So good. Somehow it gave me more energy, because it took me to a memory bank that made the class fly by! You rock (‘n roll!)

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