“WSJ?” That was Andrew’s text to me tonight. I texted him that I needed to pick up a WSJ on my way home from my spin class. I thought everyone knew what WSJ was. I guess I was wrong and I guess I was too tired after stopping at Costco to track one down.

Here’s why I wanted one………………


We were written up in the Wall Street Journal!!!! Woo hoo!!!! It was so exciting to see my name on there. I know it’s not a big deal, but like I said in this post, I’ve always been jealous of my brother’s newspaper fame.

After our green Hooligan Pancakes,


The boys and I celebrated a little this morning the only way we know how (besides the “No Pants Dance revisited”. If you missed that- click here).

We tore it up with the jean diapers…..


IMG_2892. IMG_2904






(Hey look, Joaquin kind of has a mullet. That’s PERFECT for the jean diapers.) Smile

On the table. On the dog dish.


IN the dog dish.


Someone was NOT impressed. What’s wrong Turk- do you need a diaper?


Oh, and behind the chairs.


And finally………

With smoothies. SOTD (smoothie of the day)- spinach, a frozen banana, Trader Joe’s strawberry yogurt, Naked Berry Juice and vanilla soy milk.


This afternoon I played the “how much can you fit on a small snack plate” game.


I don’t know why snacks are so much better on a smaller plate. On my plate- Fuji apple with PB2 and Naturally More and a half of a Power Crunch Choklat dark chocolate bar.


Hmmm… I guess I played the “how much can you fit on your cheap desk” game too. Ugh. I really need to get ORGANIZED. Kristin- you are not making much progress on your MO. Yikes.


Oh my goodness, I almost forgot. Last night Andrew and I got to sit down and have dinner together (it usually doesn’t happen during the week because our schedules are so hectic). We had homemade healthy chicken nachos.


I changed my mind after the first picture and went with the black beans instead. Whoa- huge jar of salsa (which was mighty tasty).


I guess we didn’t need ALL these.



It was just that kind of night people. Smile




Andrew was NOT in the mood for a picture so I snuck this one in. Good thing he doesn’t read the blog. Ha ha ha!


He WAS in the mood for American Pickers though.


Do people really watch that show? We switched over to TOSH.O shortly. That guy is pretty darn funny.


Hmmmm.. okay. I’ll fall in love with Ciao Bella.


These are AWESOME!!!!! A new Costco find (although they weren’t there tonight). Shoot, I don’t have a picture, but they were in a purple box- graham sandwich with chocolate gelato and swirls of marshmallow. Amazing. 250 calories amazing. Smile

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  1. 1
    Jessica says:

    We watch a lot of American Pickers here- we really like the show! Love the pic’s with the boys in the Jean’s diapers!

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I didn’t mean to say anything bad about the show. To be honest, I didn’t really give it a chance. Andrew loves it though. 🙂 I have no room to talk as I get excited about the MTV Challenge. Um, okay Kristin, you’re 34, not 21. ha!

  2. 2

    You are too cute! Congrats on the WSJ 🙂

  3. 3
    Perdita says:

    Congrats on the WSJ!! hahahahaha – I would have done the same as Andrew. Can never figure out abbreviations! Must say…you are becoming quite the celebrity. Your pic in another paper….your name mentioned in WSJ….wasn’t there something to do with Jeff and Jer and the gas pump too!!?? WoW! Your boys are busy bees. I get exhausted just looking at the photos….and I have a daycare with 4 kids. They sure are cute though. Love the jean diapers.

  4. 4
    Erin C. says:

    Congrats on WSJ! That’s so cool. I’ll call my dad and ask him to hold onto yesterday’s copy. I can put it in the mail next week if you e-mail me your address.

  5. 5

    Oh my gosh, that mocha smoothie looks good!

    I actually read the WSJ Everyday!!! I’m probably the only 22 year old that reads the physical paper every single morning but I love it! I’ll be looking for your article!

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