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TJ Time

TJ Time


I had to take the day off yesterday. I got home late last night after teaching a couple classes and then had to get up bright and early this morning to sub a 6 am spinning class and followed it up with a short jog while I was out and about. Now after my fabulous mocha madness smoothie I’m ready to conquer my “to do” list. (I’m only able to do it because my WONDERFUL husband is watching the boys for my for a couple of hours. I think he’s witnessed a few too many breakdowns this week. Oops. I owe him a yummy dinner tonight.)

Today’s smoothie had a whole banana (not a measly half Smile and a mix of 3/4 cup almond milk 3/4 cup vanilla soy milk). Sorry, recycled picture, but was just as tasty.


Okay, on to the good stuff.

So, I felt like my last post was all about me (and opening day). BOR-ING (the part about it being about me- not actual opening day)!!!! Ha! So, today’s post is all about one of my most favorite things in the world:

(Finally…………. it’s about time Kristin………)



I had a really hard time putting this together because I didn’t want to leave anything out. There are just so many amazing things. Darn you Trader Joe’s. Seriously, I find new things everyday. I’m sure I’ll be adding new finds and others along the way, but this is a start. Here’s a list of my regular Trader Joe’s purchases. I tried to separate them by section in the store and I put some of my current favorite yummy finds at the end. (Things that I love, but don’t necessarily buy all the time- I try to buy “treats” in moderation.)

Here we go:




broccoli slaw, kale, spinach, romaine hearts, bananas, jalapeños, seasonal fruit (I just bought rainier cherries yesterday- can’t wait to dig in)



Light string cheese, Laughing Cow cheese wedges (Garlic Herb and Swiss), wheat pizza dough (I keep it in the freezer- LOVE this stuff), peppered turkey (Andrew’s favorite), veggie dogs, butternut squash raviolis (the boys’ favorite)



Whole wheat Tuscan pane (Warning- it gets moldy pretty fast. Eat it quickly or freeze it. This bread is great for big sandwiches, but I still love my favorite bread from Costco more.)

Snacks, etc.:



Freeze dried bananas (perfect toddler snacks- we like the blueberries too, but they stain), organic trek mix (my favorite), wasabi peas (I use these in my favorite lunch salad), honey wheat pretzels (another perfect toddler snack)

Boxed, canned, jarred, etc..



brown jasmine rice, organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup (for this recipe), single serving mac and cheese (for the boys), organic baked beans, black beans, organic marinara, salsa autentica

Baking, nut butters, oatmeal, etc.:


multigrain pancake mix (soo many things to do with this stuff like this biggie banana bread bake or this amazing straw-nana cereal cake), organic apple sauce, instant oatmeal packs (for quick and easy scrambled oatmeal), steel cut oats, crunchy unsalted almond butter (They have a ton of other yummy nut butters, but I have my standard Naturally More and SunButter that I use all the time. I want to try the new peanut butter with flaxseed though which is the same idea and their version on sunflower butter.)

Dairy, milk alternatives, etc.:



Unsweetened almond milk (best price and tastes just as good as Almond Breeze), regular milk (cheapest for the boys), nonfat Greek yogurt (if I’m out of my FAGE from Costco), small fruit flavored yogurt cups (They come in a pack of 6- for the boys. Sorry no picture), unsweetened coconut milk (NEW and FABULOUS- not in refrigerated section)





For the boys: veggie corn dogs, pizza al polla asado ( I eat these too! YUM!), chicken quesadillas, chicken tamales, pizza formaggio, gnocchi a la marinara, multigrain waffles

For the big people: Chinese vegetables (perfect for adding shrimp), shrimp and vegetable stir fry, single serving spinach lasagna, pizza parlano (Andrew loves it), individual brown/jasmine rice bags (they now have them at Costco though for a lot less money)



Rheingau Pinot Noir and Joseph Handler Sweet Red (both are DELICIOUS and cheap) Smile

Other things I love, but don’t always buy:


Dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate pretzel thins (not pictured because the last time I bought them I ate the whole bag in one sitting, hence I haven’t let myself buy them again yet Smile), 100 calorie dark chocolate bars, and if you really want to splurge the frozen chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches are AMAZING (we haven’t gotten those for awhile either) 

Hmm… do you think I like dark chocolate? ha ha ha!

I think that’s it. There’s so much more, but I’ll call it an afternoon.


What is one thing you never leave Trader Joe’s without or one TREAT that you love, but don’t always buy?

Is there anything that I need to get next time?

And…….. I’m really sorry to those of you who don’t have a Trader Joe’s close by. To show my apologies, here’s a video of my brother-in-law that I forgot to include on the “And Away They Go” post (yes, he also does Batman too). Enjoy!

The warrior dance at Opening Day.
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  1. 1
    sarah says:

    I, too, bought the dark chocolate pretzel thins and ate half the bag before we got out of the parking lot. I knew I would either have to confess to my husband that I ate half the bag or eat the rest and hide the evidence by throwing the empty bag in the garbage can outside. Of course, I ate the whole bag. I was introduced to the world of TJ’s when we lived in SD because it was within walking distance to my house and I didn’t have a car so I walked there every day. I pretty much like all the things you do but I just bought the “Sugar, chocolate and coffee bean grinder” to try. It looks just like the salt grinder I got from there but a sweet version. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It doesn’t seem sugary or chocolatey enough but I like things really sweet. Like when I make oatmeal, my dad jokes that I need to back the splenda truck up. It was only $1.99 so I don’t feel like I wasted any money. Oooh, if you ever really need a sour splurge, their lemon curd is to die for!!

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Sarah- you are AWESOME! There has definitely been more than one time when I ate a whole bag of those things in one sitting. In fact, there are a couple other things from Trader Joe’s that I don’t let myself buy anymore. ha! And I totally just bought the sugar, chocolate and coffee bean grinder also!!!! I don’t know how I feel about it either, but it does make my iced mochas look pretty when I sprinkle it on the top. Lemon curd? Is it frozen? THANKS for your fun comment! It made my day! And… thank God Trader Joe’s isn’t within walking distance of my house or I’d be in a whole lot of trouble!


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