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The End of a Staycation

The End of a Staycation


“Awwww man”. (the boys say that regularly). Well, I’m not officially stating that it’s over until tomorrow. Monday it’s back to reality. Yesterday, I had to end my post abruptly because of this….


Thank you Joaquin. Things like this ALWAYS seem to happen just when I get all full of myself over something (in this case it was because of the smoothie I just concocted for the boys).

This smoothie was a winner (he threw his cup because he wanted MORE and there wasn’t any). Really, I impressed myself with this one. Ready?

STUFT Tots Chocolate Milkshake


handful of fresh spinach

1 frozen banana

1 1/4 cup vanilla soymilk (or other milk/nondairy milk)

1 tablespoon agave

1 tablespoon cocoa powder


Blend until smooth and drink up!!!! It was fabulous! The boys sucked it down (before throwing the cup).



After smoothies (and cleaning the mess) the boys and Andrew got some last minute yard work done outside. I really think the boys were a big help. Smile

First we watched Andrew feed the animals.


Then we got distracted by the sandbox.


Then when Andrew moved his chores closer the boys really got to “help”.


That last one’s a nice shot, huh? I tried to crop it. Maybe it was a bad idea to subscribe Andrew to the blog. Yeah, that’s right. I had to subscribe him since he claimed he didn’t know how (and had never even looked at it). I’m actually considering unsubscribing him so I don’t get in trouble for this one. Oh well, honesty is key right? And speaking of honesty… while Andrew worked his you know what off outside, I did this.


Yeah, took pictures of my boys and myself. ha ha ha! Andrew did say “Who wants to see you?” Well, probably no one, but oh well. Then I noticed I REALLY needed to do something about my toes again. IMG_3293

And I didn’t feel that bad because I was NOT the only person observing.


Hey, nice work guys.


After our Andrew’s yard work, I put together a quick dinner for the boys.

Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Raviolis with spinach, frozen peas and some chicken.


Instead of cooking for us, I tried out a new wine (I started out just tasting it because that’s what the cool people do)


and waited for Andrew to come home with dinner (I did make some espresso cubes while he was gone so I felt like I did something). We really shouldn’t have, but…… it was the official last night of the staycation and we were SUPER tired sooooooo…….


Oh man. We DID agree that starting today we’re declaring an eat-in challenge. We’re not allowed to buy food until we clear out the freezer. We have sooo much food in the house so we’re NOT allowed to order food for awhile!!!!! But… last night’s closing ceremonies (of the staycation) were awesome.


Complete with Little Fockers (not that great of a movie) and a little ice cream for dessert.


Andrew went back to work today. Sad smileInstead of throwing a “pity party”, the boys and I made some new versions of the mighty green microwave muffin (recipes will be coming later this week- think pumpkin instead of banana), but not without a mess of course.


But… delicious none the less.


(Presentation is key.) Oh wait, speaking of presentation, look what I found last night.


One of my precious favorite tea spoons had been used to feed the cats. Ahhh!!!!! I don’t know why I care, but today the tea spoons were moved to a different drawer so it doesn’t happen again. Smile

Back to today……. some new discoveries were made.


Yes, soap does NOT taste good. And someone would not get off the “phone”.



Well, I thought maybe I could do a yoga video while the boys played. Hmmmmmm….



That didn’t turn out so well. Yoga in this house is NOT relaxing!


But…. I did enjoy some amazing basic overnight oats with some PB2 in the mix and a Power Crunch Choklat bar and some Naturally More on top after my short yoga session.


And I made some of Tutu’s green beans.


And prepped some romaine lettuce.


Then (I promise this is it)……. after naps we got out a new present from Grandma.




Staycation is O-V-E-R. Back to reality…….

I have to do a lot of clean-up and organizing with the blog this week (and STUFT Fitness and my office and……), so bear with me. It actually might be better for you all because I won’t do so much rambling. ha ha! Smile 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. 1
    Perdita says:

    Hilarious with the soap! Kudos to Mama for letting him figure it out that it doesn’t taste good! It’s the only way he will remember that soap is not to eat! I had a good giggle. Ooooohhh…can’t wait to try the TJ lemon and triple ginger snap ice cream. I LOVE ginger and I LOVE ice cream. woohoo that it has been combined. Sorry I didn’t make it to any of your classes last week…but you will be proud of me…I went for a walk/run on Sat. I cant’ tell what the distance was…only how long – the route I take is an hour. I was so chuffed that I ran more than walked! I’m getting there. “just keep running….just keep trying….” That is my mantra! Hope to make your classes THIS week. 🙂

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh, you will love the ice cream. Beware though it is full fat ice cream, but so worth it. I’m not even a big lemon fan, but it was impressive. And I am really proud of you for your walk/run. I LOVE your mantra and hope to see you this week! And thank you so much for all your nice comments. They always make me smile and I will take your advice anytime (for Joaquin throwing his cup and everything else).

  2. 2
    Perdita says:

    We’ll talk at the Y. If you don’t have time after class….feel free to call me anytime 760-436-2790. When it comes to kid advise…I LOVE to hand it out and I always have ALOT to say ! hehehehe. Just as much as you enjoy reading all my comments, I love your replies. See you tomorrow night.


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