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Seven Year Itch

Seven Year Itch


Well, not really, but today WAS our 7 year wedding anniversary. I didn’t believe Mom when she told me it was a real term. I had to Google it: Wiki Answers Seven Year Itch. Pretty funny.

Seven years ago I became a Mrs. and poor Andrew had no idea what he was in for. Smile



Since we had such a busy staycation the other week, we decided not to do anything special today except take things easy. Last night was our official celebration and just in case you’re wondering, I DID in fact burn that darn broccoli. Grrr…


We stuck to the Costco raviolis though and they were fabulous. So was this wine from my friend Jenna. (Thanks Jenna!) And after a glass of wine I wasn’t as upset about the broccoli. Ha!


Plus we finished things off with a big bowl of Dreyer’s Fun Flavors Butterfinger ice cream. Yowzah.

Andrew worked today, so the boys and I celebrated the only way we know how-

an early morning treadmill run to start the day followed by some baked green French toast. I made SunButter Banana French Toast Bake for the boys (just blended some spinach in the egg mixture).



So it doesn’t look that great, but I’m telling you it is GOOD! SmileThe color will grow on you.


Mine had some Naturally More and sugar free jelly in the middle on my favorite bread.


And some PB2 mixed with soy milk on top.  Smile


And some sugar free maple syrup.


Holy breakfast Batman.

Do you ever have to eat like this?


After church we got some Kitty hugs and kisses.




See, he likes it.

After some boring laundry with Mom,


Dad got home and these “Stud Puffins” got to have some REAL fun.





Once we got the boys to bed we made some fish tacos with this tilapia from Costco.


Fish, corn tortillas, angel hair coleslaw, Sriracha sauce, low fat pepper jack cheese and homemade pico de gallo (Andrew made it). Yum! It was so good I couldn’t take a picture because I was busy stuffing my face.

I DID manage to take a picture of these.


We made our own version of skinny margaritas. Hmmmm…. let’s call them

STUFT-ritas (adapted from the original Hungry Girl Magical Low Calorie Margarita)


1 can diet lemon lime soda

1 packet lemon lime drink mix (I used Market Pantry from Target)

2-3 ounces tequila (or more)

a little fresh lime juice

1-2 cups crushed ice


Blend or drink up on ice. It’s great either way! This makes two large margaritas. (A little more tequila may have been added to our drinks after blending.)


These are REALLY great topped with an ounce of amaretto. (We didn’t have any on hand and we’re trying to not spend money so we went without.)

Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband! (I think he reads this now since I subscribed him. I guess I’ll find out.)

And just for laughs- here’s the card he got from me today.


Inside it says “Communication is everything.” Ha ha ha!

See you soon! Smile

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  1. 1
    Kara says:

    I just read your guest post over on Tina’s blog and I wanted to say how impressed I am that you are in such great shape with twins. I have just one and it’s a struggle some days 🙂

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hi Kara! I think it’s a struggle no matter what, whether you have 1, 2, 5…. 🙂 Thanks for visiting! I think it’s good to have those days when it’s a struggle because then we appreciate the good ones!

  2. 2

    oh my gosh, are you the most beautiful bride ever!! I miss you friend, right now we are away STILL…but I come home wednesday or thursday! When I get back..we are doing LUNCH for sure!!

  3. 3
    Tara says:

    I’m feeling like a crazy stalker but wanted to let you know that I enjoyed seeing your guest post pop up on FFF blog that I also follow.

    I feel like your story is so similar to mine after reading your post. I found the same food harmony when pregnant but lost it later on and am still working on regaining that balance. And while we conceived our son 5 years ago rather easily, we have now been dealing with infertility and the treatments for the last three years.

    I’m adding your green french toast to my recipe list. I love me some green smoothies and pancakes, so looks like it’s time to try a new recipe.

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Tara- please stalk ANYTIME! 🙂 I know, I totally try to look back at how “normal” I was durnig pregnancy. Maybe it has a lot more to do with hormones than we think. I’m still struggling too! Every day is different and I totally have days when I “let go”. Some weeks are good ones, some are not! Ugh. Let’s find that darn balanc etogether! 🙂 PS- I can talk infertility until the cows come home. Email me anytime.

  4. 4
    Sasha says:

    Happy Anniversary! Wow – 7 years. Love seeing your wedding photos – it was such a fun and beautiful day. 🙂

  5. 5
    Perdita says:

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s to another 7 yrs and beyond! Sorry I didn’t make it to class today….and to thus give you the bed pads. I won’t be at class on Thursday either (we are going to P.S for a few days) There’s always next week 🙂 See you then.

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Perdita- thanks! Missed seeing you tonight and will miss you Thursday. Maybe we can get someone to stand in for you. Ha! 🙂 Have fun in P.S. I’m jealous!


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