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Put a Sock in It

Put a Sock in It


No, not in there. I have my $30 miracle for that silly. I wish I could’ve put one in Joaquin’s mouth this afternoon and tonight though, but I really need to put a FOOT in my own mouth. It’s my fault. I bragged about him sleeping without his Wubbanub. Then today was, well, shall we say “challenging”? Ugh.

No nap. Cried forever.

Over an hour to go to bed. Cried forever.

Holy cow I felt like the worst mom. I almost gave in and got out his little friend from the drawer.

But I didn’t. I DID hold him for a long time though.

Hopefully things will just get better from here. They will, right?

My friend told me this morning at Strollerwise that day 3 was the test. I totally thought she was joking. She wasn’t. The joke’s on me. (Gosh, the same thing happened when my doctor told me I was having twins. I need to start taking people seriously.)


at least I had some fun things to eat to help me cope. Smile 

A couple of highlights from today.

Yesterday, on Peanut Butter Fingers, Julie made a bagel sandwich with cheese, egg whites and jam. I HAD to copy her try it out.

So after our Strollerwise class (which we took inside the mall and conveniently finished at Starbucks and Jamba Juice)


and after I had to wake this guy up (he has a thing for falling asleep in the car)


and change this guy’s clothes (thanks to a Jamba spill in his crotch)


and put away my new straws (I asked nicely and the guy told me I could take them)


I made this.


I started with this little nifty thing.


Sprayed it with some butter spray and put in 1/4 cup egg substitute.


Microwaved it for about 3 minutes to get this cute egg patty.


Put it on one of my new Vitalicious Vitabuns with 2 slices of light jarlsberg and some sugar free raspberry jam.


It was GOOD. I wasn’t sure how it would taste with all the different flavors, but it was awesome! I already want one for tomorrow.

This was my first time trying out the new Vitabuns too. They are magnificent! Smile

I even made a sandwich for the boys.


Two thumbs forks up! Smile

Later today I made some of this cookie dough dip (it’s from Chocolate Covered Katie) and ate it with some Flatout cinnamon crisps.


It helped me block out my mommy guilt for a little while. Smile 

I’m making it again tomorrow (today was my experiment) and promise to share the recipe with you. I’m already excited about eating sharing it! Ha!

After getting home from teaching my classes at the Y tonight (and trying to get Joaquin to sleep for an hour) I wanted some broccoli slaw spaghetti. Too bad we were out of broccoli slaw and we’re

 “staying in”.

Plan B- zucchini slaw.

Luckily we had a few small zucchinis around here. 


Ha ha! Those were actually tortoise food. I used a normal size one, shredded it and cooked it up in a pan on the stove with some spinach.


Added some chicken and spices


Topped it with some marinara and had my cheese sandwiches on the side.


It was alright. Definitely not as good as broccoli slaw, but did the trick.

Dessert was a plantain


Cooked in the microwave with a little butter spread and brown sugar.

before                                                            after


Then topped with a Skinny Cow and a little almond butter.


Man, I ate some good stuff today. It’s a good thing I taught 3 classes. Ha!

Good night! You still have time to enter the overSTUFT pantry giveaway. I’ll pick a winner tomorrow afternoon. You have to comment on that particular post for my random drawing to work.

Here’s the post:


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  1. 1
    Becky Przy says:

    Ahhh so hard with the mommy guilt;-) Someone once told me “only great moms have mommy guilt, it shows you love, care and have their best interests at heart” Those looks like our zucchini. I have over 80 cups shredded in the freezer, 4 more in the fridge, and tons of frozen zucchini bread and muffins…if you need any recipe’s let me know!

  2. 2
    Perdita says:

    So true Becky. Tough love is the best love. I have a story to tell – The hardest thing I ever did so far as a Mom was send my then 3yr old to bed without dinner. We had a few nights of him refusing to eat at dinner time, and then complaining he was hungry at bedtime. Finally I put my foot down and wanted to let him know that this manipulative tactic to get out of going to bed was not going to fly with mama! Oh man! Talk about guilt! The crying “but I’m hungry!” “mommy please can I have something to eat” broke my heart, but I kept to my word that dinner needs to be eaten at dinner time. Well, it only took one night, and he never pulled that nonsense again! Back to you – I know it’s hard, but I promise in a week Joaquin won’t even think about his paci, and he definitely will not remember trying to get through without it. Has the plug been pulled on both boys? How is Judah coping?

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Perdita- I’ve missed your comments! It’s been a couple night and tonight he only cried a little. Gosh, it’s just hard feeing so bad. Judah never really used one. he just started using his because joaquin always had it when he slept. I was NOT about to let him get used to it no. Ha! Thanks for sharing your story. It helps me feel better about it all! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  3. 3

    Aww your boys are so cute!! Sorry you had a rough day with them today. But..toddlers will be toddlers! Being difficult is their job. 😉

  4. 4
    Rosemary Azevedo-Martins says:

    found out years ago, when dealing with binkies/patsies/pacifiers…cut the nipple off and put it by the pet dish…tell little one the pet ate it and then let them throw it away. They may be upset with puppy/kitty but get over it fast….
    Next your large zuks, slice in half and seed, salt and pepper, make meatloaf blend, with or without meat…you can use beef, turkey, or soy….pack into zuk, place top…rub with alittle olive oil, wrap in foil, bake until tender….slice….mmm….so good.

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