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WIAW and Some Freaking HUGE Zucchini

WIAW and Some Freaking HUGE Zucchini


Well, random eats all day and more than one not so great experiment all thanks to these.


They don’t look that big in this picture, but let me tell you, they are. Remember these zucchinis?

First, I need to mention my Bachelor Pad Party last night. My boy Ames, a frozen dinner, and my pajamas. I am one party animal. Smile

I went for the Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake with a Flatout cheese sandwich. Inside the sandwich was chicken breast meat, a laughing cow garlic and herb wedge and a Trader Joe’s low fat string cheese.


The perfect party food. Smile Followed up with this.


Oops. I’m really not doing too well on my “staying in” challenge am I?

Today started out with Kitty’s butt in my face. Got to LOVE waking up to that. Sorry, no picture, but I think I’m doing you a favor. he he!



Breakfast was a green protein pancake

IMG_4204 IMG_4210

with some PB2 and sugar free syrup


and an iced mocha.



Breakfast for the boys was green scrambled eggs with a whole wheat Trader Joe’s English muffin with jam.


All I did for the eggs was blend a handful of spinach leaves with the egg substitute before cooking microwaving.



After we got home from Strollerwise I realized that Judah was still in his pajama shirt. Awesome. Mother of the year yet again. Smile

At home, they managed to tear the house apart while I shredded a butt load of zucchini.


Lunch was an experiment that I wasn’t too impressed with, but had been wanting to try it for awhile .


I put some monterey jack cheese, some Cuban style black beans and half a plantain in a Flatout.


Cooked it in my handy dandy sandwich maker so I had this cute little thing.



It was good. The flavors were a little weird together, but I’d definitely eat it again. The boys even ate theirs (Joaquin ate the cheese while Judah ate all the beans).

Then we each had a freshly made zucchini muffin. And let me tell you, it was NOT the best idea to bake in the middle of the day during summer. Silly me. (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow after I revise it. It was my first attempt ever making zucchini muffins and I need to do a little tweaking.)



I managed to escape for a little bit this afternoon to go to a meeting.What do you know, my meeting was across the street from Old Navy. I decided to stop to spend a gift card I’ve had since my January birthday LAST year. Ha! Here’s what I got for $70.


This was my favorite purchase.


I hope Andrew appreciates them.

After I worked up an appetite shopping and doing an “I’m Free” dance in the car by myself, our late afternoon snack back at home was some almond cookie dough dip (subbed in half almond butter and half applesauce for PB2 and peanut butter in peanut butter cookie dough dip) with Flatout cinnamon crisps and an apple.


Dinner for the boys, well, it got a little crazy (and messy). It started innocently enough with some cooked carrots, but got out of control. These guys were hungry. It was kind of a blur, but I’m pretty sure they consumed carrots, leftover pizza, a veggie corndog from Trader Joes, a banana and some Greek yogurt. Holy moly. Here’s a look for your entertainment (and so you can be thankful you don’t have to eat with us).


Yes, that’s a piece of carrot on his head. This guys is one of a kind.


and so is this one. Smile



Yep. At some point he traded the carrot for the spoon.


We all got a little loopy towards the end of dinner.


I probably shouldn’t teach them these things.


I did NOT teach him that (or the carrot/spoon on his head).


Who wants to come over for dinner?

I didn’t get on the treadmill until 8:30. Ugh. Sometimes it’s so hard to get motivated that late at night, but I ran my 6 miles and am hopefully ready for the race this weekend.

For my dinner I tried to make a zucchini BBQ Chicken Pizza minus the cheese (since there was an abundance of shredded zucchini).



I had high hopes for it. It was good, but not great. The “crust” needs a little more crunch. Another thing I have to tweak a bit I guess.


Maybe it’s the ginormous zucchini’s fault. Ha!

Dessert was a Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bar. Sorry no picture. I was busy typing.

Okay, bed time! See you tomorrow!

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  1. 1

    Wow Kristin, I love your Blog! Your boys are adorable and such good eaters!! I am a mum of one 2 year old boy so I have no Idea how you do 2!!! The food looks spectacular!!! I’ll definitely have to stop by your blog more often! xxxx

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Thanks Melissa! Is your 2 year old boy a handful too? 🙂 Stop by whenever you’d like. 🙂 Yay!

      • My 2 year old is definitely a handful! I wish he ate as good as your boys What are some of their fav foods to eat? Philip loves yogurt and of course peanut butter, pasta and noodles some chicken and rice dishes. as far as veggies go he is not really into them:( I’m hoping with time he’ll get better! He used to eat everything!!

        • STUFT Mama says:

          Melissa- I can tell my guys are starting to get a little pickier. Their faces light up though when I take the bag of spinach out of the fridge. he he! We’ll see how long that lasts. Favorite foods- bananas, cheese, whole wheat pasta (I throw in veggies with it), whole wheat muffins, “Moo-thees”. 🙂

  2. 2
    Jessica says:

    Your boys are definitely not the only ones that make big messes when they eat. I am “impressed” when mine eats a meal without putting at least some of it in his hair. He can use silverware, but tends to use his hands and then seems to think he needs to put it in his hair (this is pretty much daily). Some days he smells like syrup all day because he got it in his hair at breakfast.

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Jessica- I figured they weren’t the only ones. ha. Does it get better? 🙂 And the food in the hair- what is up with that? Joaquin has to put everything in his hair or on his head. Today it was a tortilla stuck to his forehead. Yikes. 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  3. 3

    Sorry to let you know, but I’ve already captured the Mother of the Year award. I won it when I caught my little guy licking the floor of a kid’s play area. He was just pretending to be a puppy….

    You had a full day! I know you may find this hard to believe, but I kinda miss the messy highchair days.

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh…. a kid’s play area. That might beat my guy drinking out of the bird bath the other day. ha ha ha! 🙂 I can’t imagine missing the messy high chair days. 🙂

  4. 4

    what a fun combo!!!!! i think i have to try the banana and beans together. obv with the cheese on top too! super fascinated!

  5. 5
    Julie Corlew says:

    Oh honey, Easton wore his pajama shirt and no pants ALL day on Sunday. I won’t be stealing the Mom of the Year award from you any time soon. Ha. The boy’s dinner looks a lot like Easton’s tonight. Hmmm…he had some bread with Chocolate Covered Katie’s “Banana Butter” (have you tried that?? I added some coconut butter to it too. YUM IN MY TUM) raisins, veggie straws and some of my squash. So see…we all feed our kids a “buffet” of sorts at some point. 🙂 I got on the treadmill @ 8 tonight too..umm..wasn’t very into it. That makes it SO hard. Anyhoo…great WIAW!

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hven’t tried the banan butter yet. I’ll add it to my long list! 🙂 I know, isn’t running late at night the pits? I’m usually fine once I get on the treadmill, but I’d rather get it done earlier in the day.

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