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Date Night Guacamole

Date Night Guacamole


Hello. Long, busy weekend, no blogging. Oopsies.Smile

Now I’m up past my new curfew so this is going to be quick.

We had a wonderful weekend around here, but it flew by going from one activity to the next.

Since I left you with “Flat Kitty” (if you missed it, you missed out- click HERE) I feel like I haven’t had time to catch my breath. I’ll spare you from all the details of my weekend, but will share a few highlights. (Speaking of highlights, my hair could use some in the worst way. Good thing I have an appointment this Friday.)

We got to hang out with friends and family 3 days in a row. How exciting. Among them was this cutie patootie couple (Becky and Ron) who are having their first baby girl at the end of October. Love them!


We showed up very late to their baby shower (showerless after teaching classes all morning and with our cranky boys in tow). I am one piece of work I tell ya. I really need to work on being a better friend.


Becky- it’s totally understandable if you want to tell me to go kick rocks. Smile 

Any hoo-

I also made a crap load of espresso cubes.


Found a new reason to love my treadmill even more than I already do.


Afternoon smoothie during nap time (above). (Thank you Sarah for the suggestion.)

STUFT-Ritas at 9:30 pm for Andrew and I (below).


Some of this homemade guacamole.


Yet another Put Me In Coach Oatmeal Cookie.


Andrew taking this picture without me even asking him to. (I was making Costco Orange Chicken.)  Then proceeding to tell me that I might want to hold that oven mitt over my belly button.


Ha ha ha! Good thing I had that giant glass of wine so I knew he was joking.


Sunday breakfast with my boys before church.

Mean Green French Toast topped with almond butter and agave for the boys.


Same green French Toast for me with some PB2 and sugar free jam for me.


And a mocha with a few of the bazillion espresso cubes I made.


That’s nice, isn’t it? Typically Joaquin is “Awwww Dun” in about  5 minutes and off to find something else to do.


While Judah and I try to finish eating (and drinking).


We found some important info in the Trader Joe’s Frequent Flyer.


Coolio Trader Joe’s. I love you a little more now too.

We also had a surprise party to go to tonight at Mom and Dad’s for a close family friend/neighbor. It was a blast!



Okay, and now, for the homemade guacamole. My friend Laurie makes the BEST guacamole ever and she told me her ingredients. I did the best I can to recreate her famous dip. 


Date Night Guacamole

2-3 avocados

1 tomato diced (sometimes deseeded also- a tip from Sam the Cooking Guy)

1/4 red onion, diced

1 jalapeño or serrano chili

fresh cilantro

Cut the avocados and put flesh in a medium bowl. Add all the other vegetables.


Add spices and seasoning:

garlic salt, garlic powder, sea salt, rainbow peppercorns, white pepper, Mexican oregano, hot sauce


(I didn’t have any fresh cilantro so I used dry. It worked well. I don’t measure how much I put in, This combination of seasonings is just fabulous.Be careful not to add too much white pepper.)

Mix well.



We used this to top our Healthy Chicken Nachos made with this chicken from Costco.



And we enjoyed some quality television while eating our nachos and drinking our STUFT-ritas.


Ha ha ha!  “You stay classy San Diego”. Tell me you’ve seen that movie.

Time for some shut-eye. Good night!

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  1. 1

    a few of the bazillion espresso cubes I made = i want at least 1 milllion!

    the put me in coach…NICE!

    and you’re never going to believe this but i have that exact same picture from the TJ’s freq flyer that i edited and forgot to post in my post 2 days ago about the mango chunks i bought at tj’s. SAME PICTURE!! what are the odds?! 🙂

  2. 2
    Julie Corlew says:

    Yes..I’ve seen that movie..about 15 times. “I love lamp.” I was totally standing in the bathroom yesterday with my Magic Bullet making a smoothie during naptime. I will use the treadmill in the bonus room nxt time.. Whatever works right? I would be a big bowl of guacamole’s girlfriend if it asked me..that’s how much I love that stuff. Weird..but true.

  3. 3
    Carie says:

    Those icecubes look yummy. I need to try and that guacamole too!

    I recieved my goodies in the mail today and was so excited!!! Thank you 🙂


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