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Flat Kitty Has Been Busy

Flat Kitty Has Been Busy


Oh man, this guy has been giving me a run for my money the past two days. I’m ready for a LONG weekend.

Yesterday he wanted to tag along with us to Strollerwise class. Okay, fine, but then he made the whole class stop so he could feed the ducks.


While I was busy trying to get this picture Joaquin helped himself to some of the old (and I mean OLD) bread that he was supposed to be feeding to the ducks. Gotta love that guy.

After class Flat Kitty had to go down the slide.


And wouldn’t you know Joaquin decided to take a run for it.


Just when I got back with him it was Judah’s turn.


Poor Kitty got a little beat up with all the running around. Someone (named Joaquin) dropped him in the mud.

He’s a trooper though. He still wanted to play for a bit.


When it was time to go he needed a little TLC.


On to today.

After my 7 mile run and my Mocha Madness Smoothie this morning he tagged along with me to my hair appointment.

And, by the way, the boys (all three) were practically pushing me out the door. Either they really wanted to have some guy time or they new I desperately needed my hair done.


We got to skim over a few magazines for a bit.


And someone developed a huge crush! Smile


Rather than have my friend blow dry my hair I decided to run to the store.Time is valuable these days.


We stopped at Jimbo’s for a few things.


And, by the time I was back in my car I had a little “situation”.


Um, yeah, has that ever happened to you? TOTALLY my fault because I use certain products on my face and then force my friend to wax my lip. Oops. No wonder people were staring.

I thought maybe it would look better once I got home.

Hmm… no.


I can’t really hide that can I? A and D ointment here I come! Smile

My favorite Jimbo’s purchases: Artisana Coconut Butter and SunButter.


And since I’m trying to stay away from Coke Zero these days I got a new tea to try.


I’m sipping on it right now and it’s okay. I miss my Coke Zero, but this will due.

Oh gosh, sorry. This post is about Flat Kitty.

At home he had to say hello to Pat.


Then wanted to have a nice lunch with everyone (and sneak some sips water).




In honor of the new products from Jimbo’s we put together some Chocolate Fudge Pie.


(I wish Kitty could clean.)

It works so much better blending it in the Magic Bullet.


We made a double batch. One in the freezer for me and one in the refrigerator for the boys for dessert tonight. It had a nice thick pudding or frosting consistency.


Then this happened.


Ugh. These guys tried to blame Flat Kitty, but I’m no dummy.

After a LONG time and a little extra help it was fixed.


Hmmm…. I don’t even want to know how this got there while I was fixing the gate.


This afternoon the boys went down for a nap and a Put Me In Coach Oatmeal cookie was in order.

I made this one with my new jar of SunButter and subbed in some coconut flour. I had to add a little more almond milk (because of the flour).




It was THAT good!

It was followed by my chocolate pudding. (I couldn’t wait for it to freeze.)



No way. That didn’t happen. This stuff is too good to share.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Smile

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