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Weekend Update- 11 Top Stories

Weekend Update- 11 Top Stories


Well, this is not going to be as entertaining as the Saturday Night Live skit, but this weekend was a blur and I wanted to share some of the highlights (aka- Top Stories).


The boys still refuse to eat their almond butter and jelly sandwiches the “normal” way. I wonder how much longer until they can actually eat one without making a huge mess.



I found these Jalapeño Potato PopChips in the grocery store the other day. Um, yum! Smile


And on a different trip to the store the boys had their first MAJOR freak out. So bad in fact that a lady approached me to tell me that she was a nurse and could help me at the checkout (handle my boys). EMBARASSING!


I did another diet soda protein experiment that turned out pretty darn good and for only 50 calories I thought you might want to see it. Smile 


I just combined some crushed ice, the Designer Whey Protein 2Go Orange Mango pack and a diet Dr. Pepper Cherry. The result was a delicious Protein STUrpee. (STUFT/Slurpee combined- I know, I’m so NOT cool sometimes.)

I added the protein powder to the crushed ice. Then added a small amount of diet soda (very carefully because it fizzed A LOT).


I blended it and then had to continue to add a little more soda and blend a couple of times so it didn’t explode.

It totally hit the spot after my run and got me through the next few hours until dinner.


I think it would be good with other flavors too. Fruit flavors would also go well with clear diet drinks. I like Mama’s Pick Me Up Protein Float better, but this one was fun.


The boys and I had some of these. Doesn’t it look appetizing? Ha!


It’s a combination of Deb’s famous Protein Fudge Muffin and the Mighty Green Microwave Muffin.

I think it deserves a different post all on it’s own because I made a couple different versions (with and without spinach, different flours, etc.) and I want to be able to give a good basic recipe. That’ll be my project for tomorrow.

Take a look at this though.


That’s my High Protein Dark Chocolate Spinach Muffin (recipe coming soon) topped with some Creamalicious Frosting and some Organic Nuttzo I found at Jimbo’s.


I paired it with a Lazy Mama soy latte (instant espresso and soy milk).


That foam is thanks to my handy dandy milk frother I hadn’t used in awhile. I never knew you could froth cold milk, did you?


A new discovery was made (while I was busy making the chocolate microwave muffins).


Yep. This guy figured out how to climb up the changing table so he could hang out with Kitty and play with the blinds. Fabulous.


I watched to see how he did it and he was like Spiderman. He climbed that thing so fast like it was nothing. Ugh.


I got out my favorite fall candle. I LOVE Yankee candles because they smell up the entire house (maybe that’s because our house is so small) and they last forever.



We went on our first of many training runs with the stroller for our upcoming race in November. It was a rough one. This picture doesn’t do my sweaty pigness justice and my pace was slower than ever with those dang hills and heavy boys, but I thought it had been awhile since I had a shot of my armpit.


The boys and I are training because we’re running the Silver Strand Half Marathon for our friend Amelia. All the details are in the works, but we’ll be looking for sponsors and asking for donations in the next few weeks so we can help raise money for Amelia’s Hope For Hearing.


I got to take a shower thanks to Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes and some “nacks”.



Our first of many Charger Parties! What what! Smile Every football season we get excited for our weekly Charger parties. Mom and I are the party poopers planners (and sometimes the only people who attend the “party”). The first one was today and Mom made clam chowder. (We played the New England Patriots- we’re all about the themes this year.)

I attempted to take some pictures, but these guys were on the move. They must have been “Charged up” about their replacement hat from Grandma. (Remember the Safari Bummer?)


No, they don’t stop and yes, I know they need haircuts BAD.


Turk and I helped watched the boys and Andrew feed the animals outside tonight. I forget how lucky we are to have all these amazing animals in our backyard.




This dinner was delicious (and eaten before 10:00 pm).


Costco chicken dumplings boiled on the stove with a little chicken broth (about 1/2 cup), ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chili garlic paste, kale and a jalapeño. Mmm…… I even ate it with those chopsticks to try to feel cool. It kind of worked. Ha!

This dessert was delicious too.


Frozen Chocolate Fudge Pie. Love this stuff.

Okay, calling it a night. I hope you had a great weekend. I taped a move of the week, but it was horrible. I was Steve Urkel to the MAX. I don’t know if I can put it on here. Yikes. I can barely watch it myself. I may have to take the week off.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Here’s a picture of this AMAZING sky from the other day to start off your week.


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  1. 1

    I just opened up like 3 links!

    all your smoothie and chocolate creations look awesome. I love that you blended that one with Dr Pepper. I can only imagine if i did that…I can guarantee I would have an explosion and be cleaning up sticky soda for…months. It’s just my luck on that kinda stuff! 🙂

  2. 2

    I want the muffin recipe NOW!!!! Can’t wait to read more about it tomorrow. 🙂

    That dessert is going on my “to make” list. I could do it with a frozen banana, right?

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Muffin recipe tonight Laura. 🙂 Yes, you can do it with a frozen banana (I did for the one in this post). It’s a little trickier to blend, but it still works.

  3. 3
    Natalie says:

    Oh how I have missed the armpit pictures! Glad they’re back! 🙂 It looks like you had a fun, busy weekend! The boys are adorable as always! Have a great day!!

  4. 4
    Hilary Stewart says:

    I was just coming on fb to tell you I missed hearing from you, but knew you were probably crazy busy… and found a new post- yay! Love the posts, keep ’em comin (in your spare time, right? lol). I bought a magic bullet from costco to try some of the smoothies 😉 I usually use our blender, but I’m thinkin’ the smaller cup would be an easier clean- and with the multiple cups I won’t have to wash it out multiple times a day! Double win! Nervous to put the spinach in, lol, can you taste it?

    • 4.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hilary- you will LOVE the Magic Bullet (especially for that reason with the smaller cups- I throw them in the dishwasher). You totally can’t taste the spinach. It changes the color a bit, but you can’t taste it at all!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. 5

    Girl, that’s one hot pit 🙂

    What? A green muffin!?! Sounds fabulous!! And looks delish. If it’s anything like green monsters, you don’t even taste the spinach. And truth be told, I would love to eat my PB&Js exactly like your kids do. Sheer heaven, right?

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Deb- Good thing you can’t see it up close. It’s not pretty. ha! Yeah, next time I eat a PB&J I’ll try rubbing it on my face. Maybe it’ll help my complexion. 🙂

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