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Belated Workout Wednesday- 4 Resistance Band Moves

Belated Workout Wednesday- 4 Resistance Band Moves


Hello! This is a little late (story of my life). But, the boys and I did manage to make a quick video this morning for Workout Wednesday”. I have such a LONG list of posts I want to do and debated forgoing this one, but changed my mind.

Before I get to the moves, it was our first rainy morning of fall so we celebrated by making some muffins.


Man, oh man, these might not look that great, but they are GOOD! I even talked Andrew into trying one (his first green muffin ever). I can’t wait to give you the recipe.

I also baked some of these chipotle chicken skewers from Trader Joe’s for dinner last night.


To be honest the weren’t anything too great, but worked well wrapped in a couple Flatouts (or corn tortillas) with jalapeño yogurt dip for some quick wannabe chicken enchiladas. I’ve had the same dinner about 3 times this past week.

Okay, on to the workout.

Resistance Bands are great. We use them in the majority of classes that I teach and can’t say enough great things about them. They are easy to use, portable, come in a variety or resistance levels, and are very affordable. You can easily get a full body workout using just a band.

I actually just received an order of them for my STUFT Fitness classes the other week.


They have SPRI resistance bands on Amazon for a really great price. Just click on the link or check out STUFT Mama’s Amazon store (which I just got to reinstate).

(Side note- I also added my cool little microwave egg muffin cooker that I use to make my Not the Norm Breakfast Sandwich. Yippee!)


So…. here are my top 4 moves with resistance bands. If you only have time to do a couple moves I would do these. They target big muscle groups for both the lower body and upper body. Ideally you would want to do a few more and I have a full body band workout in the works to post on here in the future, but these are great basic ones to start with.

Top 4 Basic Resistance Band Strength Moves

I would do 20-30 of each move and go through twice (time permitting).

Basic squats- hands at hips or above shoulders (to make it more difficult)

One-Legged Reverse Lunge- hands at hips or above shoulders (to make it more difficult)

Bent Over Rows- band around feet, feet shoulder width apart, pull elbows towards ceiling

Chest Press- band behind back and underneath armpits, press forward at chest level


Here’s our demo. I say on here that I list a full body workout. I lie. I have that planned for a future post. Sorry.

The boys LOVE to use their bands. Smile Joaquin is almost better at it than me.

I just may have to clean my carpet before I make another home video. I’m a little embarrassed. Hopefully the boys will distract you enough that you won’t notice.

If I keep plan on posting videos I should probably figure out how to edit them. I’ll add it to my LONG list of things I need to do.

Top 4 Basic Resistance Band Exercises


After the taping session these guys felt like they earned a 12 minute rest (aka Brainy Baby episode).


I decided to let them have it.

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    Man oh man, I want a green muffin! I don’t what I love more – the surprisingly yummy taste of green-filled goodies, or the look I get from people when they see me eating/ drinking/ scarfing the unsavory-looking concoctions 🙂


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