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No Work, All Play

No Work, All Play


Hiya! Smile I had the day off work today. I worked 3 half day Fridays and then got a day off. That’s a schedule I can get used to. ha ha!

Flat Kitty already made his appearance earlier, so I can ramble about other things. Ha! (BTW- did you like that video?)

I made sure to take full advantage of the morning. I talked Andrew into letting me get out the door for a long run. The Silver Strand Half Marathon is sneaking up on us. Yikes!

I even took a little extra long to get ready with my mocha smoothie (in the mix- 1 cup soymilk, 1/2 banana, small handful of spinach, tablespoon instant espresso and 2 tablespoons my favorite cocoa powder).


After a quick conversation with Andrew-

me- “I think our boys talk a lot for their age.”

Andrew- “Well, you’re a talker.”


After getting out some of those new muffins for the boys (recipe coming soon).



And a quick conversation with Andrew-

me- “I think our boys talk a lot for their age.”

Andrew- “Well, you’re a talker.”


I was on my way.

13 miles-done! It was my first long run in awhile. There’s something about running in the fall that is just awesome. My training for our next race is a little different since I’ll be pushing the stroller. I’m not looking for a good time, I just want to finish. I almost feel like I’m a newbie runner with a big goal. Sometimes the only thing that matters is just getting out the door and doing it. Let me tell you, when I push that darn stroller I am SUCKING wind about 5 minutes in and it is not fun (that’s exactly how I felt years ago when I started running WITHOUT the stroller). This half marathon is going to be a huge challenge, but we’re not doing it for us. We’re doing it for Amelia.

I finally got all the information together and I’m realizing I only have 5 weeks to raise money for them. Yikes! Details are at the end of this post.

When I got home from my run it was time to make another (yes another) Makes You Want to Dance Fall Apple Bake.

This time I added in the other half of my banana (cooked on the stove for a bit) to the mix.



After the oven I topped it with some Naturally More.


And scarfed it down with an iced mocha.


Today, instead of dancing we played beauty parlor.


I  think daddy would be proud. Don’t you?

Someone was a little jealous…….


I can’t put Kitty’s hair in a ponytail, but I CAN clean those ears with a Q-tip (don’t worry- he loves it). I’m off to do that now (and clean his eye boogers) before our big night! Have a great weekend!

Please check out the new page I just posted to read her story and find out how you can help. All the details about the run and donations can be found there. Just click here:

Running For Amelia

We could give this amazing girl the chance to be able to hear! I’m honored to know her, her family and to be a part of such a wonderful cause.

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  1. 1

    Hold up – you’ll be running your next race with the stroller or you’ll be training with the stroller?? Either way, I know how hard it is….so I know how amazing you are!! Good luck!

  2. 2
    Perdita says:

    Cracking up at the boys! SO funny. I watched them more than I watched you in the rubber band demo. Kitty puts a smile on my face every time too.

  3. 3

    Oh my gosh your boys are ADORABLE! They look like little men 🙂 So cute!

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