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Chili Peppers and Pumpkins

Chili Peppers and Pumpkins


Earlier today on my Facebook page I wrote that I felt like I was sweating peppers on the treadmill. I’ve convinced myself that this past week I’ve been walking around smelling like spicy peppers, especially after my workouts. To my fitness class peeps- I am sorry. This is not the way to impress “my boyfriend” (who happens to be riding a bull right now on The Biggest Loser- funny stuff).

I guess these peppers I just put on my broccoli slaw spaghetti (made with this soup instead of marinara) probably don’t help the situation.



In all the excitement last week I totally forgot to write a post about where all these peppers came from.

The peppers came from a pumpkin party. (Whoa, say that three times fast.)

The other weekend we had an amazing family pumpkin party. Naturally, the boys and I had to make some Peanut Butter Doughtzel Balls to take along.


(THESE would impress “my boyfriend”.) Smile

The party was awesome.


Our cute nieces were there and helped watch over the boys.


Thanks to them I actually got to visit with friends that I don’t see often enough.


My best friend since 7th grade Jaime.


My other dear friends Robin (who’s pregnant with twins) and Katie (and her cute Carolyn).

The boys tried to work their charm with their new lady.


What can I say? Joaquin’s a foot guy.


I think it worked.


After a little corn maze action


and a lot of chasing this guy around,


the boys were ready for a “nack”.


I was ready to try to get some good family photos.


They look excited, don’t they?


Look at Joaquin. He was trying to plan his next escape route.

We also got to hoard pick some apples.


Judah did a really good job of finding all the bruised apples on the ground and adding them to the bag.


I did a pretty good job of throwing his apples back on the ground and trying to find the good ones.


Do you think he caught on?

Joaquin did a good job of getting distracted rather quickly (surprise, surprise).


He is a piece of work I tell you.

Before we left Andrew got me a few butternut squash.

How cool is this thing?


Yes, it’s totally the same one I worked out with for my Move of the Week last week. Ha ha!

Then on our way out I spotted the pepper garden. Oh yes, A PEPPER GARDEN!

Andrew gave me 2 minutes to grab as many peppers as I could.


I think I did pretty well with my limited amount of time.


I work well under pressure.

It was a long day.


Not long enough though to keep me from begging Andrew to drive me all the way to pick up my Vita that same night. What a great guy!

He even treated me to dinner at Islands on the way home (but only let me take a picture of my Margarita Lite before I had to put the camera away).


It was good (better than Skinnygirl). So was my veggie burger and salad (not pictured- I wasn’t allowed).

I’m guessing that THESE


may have something to do with my “sweat scent” as of late.

He he!

PS- The peppers are almost gone. (Bad for me. Good for anyone who comes close to me.)

PPS- I just ate this plate of desserts while watching The Biggest Loser.


Trader Joe’s chocolate soy sandwich (90 calories), a Chef Betsy G. biscotti (110 calories), and a S’more (190 calories) – a graham cracker and a marshmallow (microwaved for 20 seconds) with a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate 100 calorie bar in the middle.

Hello hearty dessert.

Hello pillow.

Goodbye friends.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. 1

    I always want to eat dessert while watching the Biggest Loser too! What’s up with that?

    Awesome pics of the boys…I love that Joaquin is a foot guy. 😉

  2. 2

    fun outting!! you look awesome in workout clothes, but super cute in regular clothes too!! I’m never in regular clothes. lol. #gymrat

  3. 3
    Mama Pea says:

    You are buff.
    You have good taste in drinks, boyfriends and desserts.
    You rock.

  4. 4
    Cari Drewry says:

    Hahahaha… I guess this is what they mean when they say “you are what you eat!” Thanks for sharing!
    * Tattedbabydoll

  5. 5

    I just clicked on your broccoli slaw spaghetti and I am going to try that soon. I just bought Costco’s new Kirkland marinara sauce so I am anxious to try it out. Thanks for the recipe.


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