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Flat Kitty Friday- Help This Mama Out

Flat Kitty Friday- Help This Mama Out


Happy Friday friends! Smile Hope you’re having a good day!

Today’s edition of Flat Kitty Friday is not that exciting. In fact, as I write this I’m still a little bitter because this guy has not been very much help around here this week. ha ha!

Let’s start with some eats for the day and then I’ll get to the good stuff.

I subbed in some kale for spinach this morning for my lazy mama mocha spinach smoothie. I’ve been using this new protein powder I found at Trader Joe’s lately.

IMG_6306 IMG_6305

There’s my guy.


Ha ha! Look at Kitty in the background. He wasn’t impressed.

After work I was feeling a little guilty that I haven’t shown you my new red pepper broccoli slaw concoction (that I’ve eaten the past 4 days in a row) so I repeated it again for lunch. This time I added some Trader Joe’s Organic Tempeh to the slaw while it was still on the stove.


Why yes, that IS Kitty’s butt in the picture. Pretty much all my meals have that butt close by.


(Must give him a bath, must give him a bath……..)

This afternoon I just ate a Mighty Chocolate Microwave Muffin (minus the spinach). I baked it in the oven and topped it with some PB2 glaze (PB2 powder and vanilla soymilk).


Mmm…. hmmm…..

Okay. Enough about food. On to Flat Kitty Friday.

As you probably figured out from my list, we ventured out to Costco yesterday. If anyone has ever made it out of that store without spending at least $150, please tell me your secret. I need help.

I forgot Flat Kitty (and my coupons). That didn’t stop me from cramming as much as I could though into the cart. (Side note- It would be really helpful if all stores had carts that big. I could do some serious damage in Trader Joe’s with a cart that size.)

By the time we got home Judah and I were already exhausted. Joaquin, well, that guy is another story. Raise your hand if you love Costco?


Unloading the car is not my favorite. Here’s where Flat Kitty decided to make an appearance.


He didn’t offer to help.


He just wanted to play around and watch me do all the work.


I didn’t like his attitude so I gave him to you know who.


After a few Flat Kitty “hugs”


I found him like this.


Since I was busy unloading (and he didn’t want to help), Flat Kitty found himself in a few not so ideal situations.




Poor guy.

Once we were inside the boys stepped it up and “helped” a little.


If helping means eating green muffins and watching mama. Smile


I was a little disappointed in our trip since Costco didn’t have my Spanx tank top I was hoping to find or the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches we usually get.


I was really excited about this. I think it was about $7 for a 3 pack. I guess that kind of makes up for it.


And then I got these new business cards I won from Averie’s blog in the mail.


Ha ha ha! So nerdy, yet cool at the same time?

I got them from Next Day Flyers. They were very helpful and patient with me (since it took me forever to upload the design). After I finally processed the order I had the cards the very next day. (Hey, that’s their name. I just put that together. Dumb.)


On the way home from work today Flat Kitty and I made a little pit stop at Nordstrom Rack to look for some Spanx. The selection was pretty limited, but I managed to grab a couple options to try.


Hopefully they pull through. I have another “club date” coming up.

I’m calling it a day. I need to try on the Spanx, get the boys up, head out for a training run for our race for Amelia and then relax with STUFT Daddy.

This weekend is all about playing house (and catching up on some serious Zzzzzz’s). STUFT Daddy, Tutu and Grandma D have been keeping me afloat the past two weeks, so I need to concentrate on getting all my “mommy, wife, friend” things done around here.

Have a fabulous weekend! Yippee!

Tonight is “date night” on the couch with some STUFT-ritas, Taco Pie and our Modern Family friends.

I can’t wait!

What are your plans?

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  1. 1

    I feel you on the spending at Costco. That’s me at Whole Foods. And Target. And the wine store. 😉

  2. 2

    We had a Costco card once upon a time, then it expired and now my husband refuses to get another one – boo! We do have friends with one and they always pick up the things we need (peanut butter, wipes, rice, etc.) but I miss out on all the impusle purchases!

    I like the way you pack the car – we have a pick-up but I’m always scared something is going to fly away so I pack it all into the cab 🙂

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Maybe it’s a good thing you miss out on the impulse purchases. I bet it saves a lot of money. I have a buttload of goat cheese I don’t know what to do with. ha ha!
      Packing the car is NOT fun. Dang stroller……

  3. 3

    poor STUFT kitty!!
    Sitting on the couch now, eating ice cream, cuddling with Travis. SO glad you’re enjoying your Friday night too!

  4. 4

    Between Costco and Trader Joe’s, my husband may as well just have his paychecks made out to them. I was looking around the house last night, good thing today is cleaning day!

  5. 5

    I used to have a Costco membership but just shopping for two people I still could never get out of the store for less than $100… That must be part of their business plan “trick”. On tap for me this weekend is one last long training run before a half marathon next weekend, come cleaning and hopefully one actual fun thing (just have to decide what :)) I hope you have a good weekend and manage to get to feeling a bit more caught up and relaxed 😀

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Kinley- How was your long training run? Did you get to your fun thing too (if you decided on one)?

      • My run went really well! Hopefully I am ready for my half next weekend?!? I feel like I only sort of trained so we shall see 😀 And yes, I got to do some shopping and grabbed some Chinese and a DVD to watch at home with my sis so that was really fun! Back to the grind now though :S But at least only 4 more days to go!!

  6. 6

    The STUFT car is making me laugh. I am finally in a position where I get to go to Costco alone and it is heaven I tell you. Awesome business cards. Today we are in serious cleaning mode (esp the bathrooms).

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