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Salsa Chicken and Google

Salsa Chicken and Google


Last night was a bit of a doozie. Not only was I sleep deprived and trying to catch up with The Bachelor (not a fan of some of those ladies), but my broccoli slaw with salsa and tempeh experiment was pretty disgusting and my iPhone completely went blank. Nothing would work. NOTHING.

I woke up and after I night of being plugged in my little pal was just the same dark black screen. Even though I tried pressing ever button I could, holding them down, etc. NOTHING.


Here were a few of my thoughts:

This phone is brand new. What the heck?

I really should have backed my information up. (I have yet to sync it with my computer.)

Taking the boys to either Verizon or the Apple store today will be a blast I’m sure (much better than the Costco trip we have planned).

I guess it’s better that it’s my phone than my computer (which I also have yet to back up).


Then I googled this


and found this page.


It told me to hold both buttons down for at least 10 seconds. I did and that friendly little apple showed up on the screen.

All is good.

I am one happy camper. (One who really needs to back up her computer and her phone.)


I won’t bore you with my failure of an experiment from last night, but I will give you a very easy dinner recipe. This was one of the first recipes I made for Andrew as a married couple back in 2004. I found it in Cooking Light magazine. You can find the original recipe here. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s healthy. It’s one you’ve got to try.


Stuftified Salsa Chicken

1 pound chicken breast meat cut into bite size pieces

1 tablespoon taco seasoning

1 cup jarred salsa

3/4 cup reduced fat shredded Mexican cheese

1 (4 ounce) can green chilies (diced or whole), drained



low fat sour cream (or jalapeño yogurt dip)

sliced black olives


1. Cook chicken on the stove with the taco seasoning in a skillet coated with nonstick spray.

2. Transfer cooked chicken into an 8 inch square baking dish coated with nonstick spray.

3. Top with salsa, cheese and chilies.

4. Bake at 475 for 10 minutes.

5. Serve over rice (I use brown rice).

6. Top with low fat sour cream (or jalapeño yogurt dip), sliced black olives and sliced chili peppers (optional).


Here’s some pictures of the steps (just because I took them).




This is how I did mine up. Do you like that habanero on there? Ha ha ha!


This dinner goes really well with a STUFT-rita (with or without a little amaretto in there for fun).


Note- I made this dinner way back in November and had planned on posting it a long time ago. I almost forgot about it until my failed experiment last night. Holy cow, where has the time gone?


Off to tackle the day. That jalapeño yogurt dip is top on my Costco list. You know, because there’s a coupon and all (and I’ve been craving these enchiladas lately).

I should probably stop in at the Apple store too to get my phone checked out. That store scares me.

I’m sure I’ll find time in between my Strollerwise class and my classes I teach tonight at the Y. All the time on the world.


Oh, Flat Kitty Friday tomorrow! I almost forgot. Email me or post your pictures on my Facebook page with anything you want me to link up! He has been one busy guy!

Let’s do this.

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  1. 1

    I’m so glad you got your phone working again – being without a phone is really hard. We don’t have a home phone anymore, so it’s really bad if that happens to me. What did we do before cell phones?!

    Margaritas with Ameretto sounds amazing right about now, it’s been too long since we’ve had a mexican themed dinner in our house.

  2. 2
    Nadine says:

    I love your recipes, simple yummy ingredients! This one is going on the “make this weekend when I buy more salsa” list.

  3. 3
    Kris says:

    holy habanero!! 🙂 we brought back a bunch of chile arbol from Mexico, and yesterday I made a (RAD) sauce with a lot of them… my fingers STILL hurt today from the heat!! oops.

    glad your phone is back to normal!

  4. 4

    Dude. Google solves everything. I am fairly certain it’ll soon cure cancer and find world peace.

  5. 5

    Ohhhh… the green chilis. Love, love, love. There’s not enough heat in the world for me. 🙂

    Amaretto is margaritas is a brilliant idea. Have you had any of the jalapeno or habanero-infused tequila drinks? I’m a little obsessed.

  6. 6
  7. 7

    Good news about your phone! My iPod used to do that all time and I was constantly resetting/restoring it but then it dies for good and I have a new one that has yet to do it (knock on wood) so I wonder if it’s some kind of glitch that makes them do that!?!? Technology is not my forte 😀

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I hate technology and now I’m scared it’s going to happen again. I better back my stuff up sometime soon. Oops. Sorry about your old ipod. 🙁 Hope your new one doesn’t do that! 🙂

  8. 8

    You always seem to be eating Mexican food!! 😉 A family favorite, I’m guessing.

  9. 9
    Brandy says:

    My phone did that too about two weeks after I got it. I posted on FB and a friend told me to do what Google told you…hasn’t happened since. It’s almost like it has to induct you into the world of Apple by freaking you out for a minute.

  10. 10

    Ah, I love Pinterest. Just pinned the chicken because gotta love something easy, flavorful, and healthy!

    PS – Google is my best friend. It solves so many things for me.

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Pinterest is scary. 🙂 If there was only more hours in the day…… 🙂 Thanks for the pin! Yes, it’s so easy! PS- I have a feeling google has a lot of best friends (just like our boyfriend). 🙂

  11. 11

    Phew! That would have been a huge bummer! Those iPhones can be tricky. Salsa chicken looks delish!

  12. 12

    I need to try that chicken dish out for the boys (veggie version for me). It sounds right up our alley especially with the peppers on top! YUM! I hope all is going well today. I have no idea how you do it…I feel like there is no time for anything!


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