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Weekend Webisode- BOSU Moves and a Peanut Butter Surprise Pizoatie

Weekend Webisode- BOSU Moves and a Peanut Butter Surprise Pizoatie

Are you ready?

Wait. That’s just silly.

Of course you are. In fact, I probably need to really impress since I teased you with this picture on Facebook the other day.


Then I couldn’t even get my act together to publish this video we made or give you the recipe for our special Flat Kitty Friday Peanut Butter Par-tay.

Oh man, I’m a mess. In fact I’m really a mess right now. I have the worst bedhead ever and I’m wearing some old robe I found in the back of my closet. I forgot I even had a robe. It’s not pretty.

This past week has been crazy. I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself to try to get a good audition video together for this amazing opportunity. I’m one of many FitFluential Ambassadors who are submitting videos to possibly work with a well known online publication. I’m so new to this whole blogging and social media thing. It’s kind of silly I’m trying to compete with the big dogs, but there was no way I wasn’t going to give it everything I’ve got. My chances of actually getting a gig are probably not that great, but I am not one to let opportunity pass me by. I’m stubborn and if it’s something I really want, I put my heart and sole into trying to get it. People get to where they are with hard work, not just by chance. This week I’ve been working my butt off (while I should’ve been resting from the my marathon), but I feel good about what I put together.

So, as I sit here right now I am once again sleep deprived, but my all my audition videos are done and hopefully now I can catch up with life.

It’s time to share what I’ve done with you and be a better friend to you all. I owe you for hanging in there and putting up with my teasing.


Don’t worry. The recipe is here.

I shot a new short audition video that I’m submitting. I thought I needed to try again since I handed Joaquin a knife in my other video. I’ll throw it in here just in case you want to humor me and give me any feedback. It’ll look more impressive the more views it shows, but I’m not one to pressure you into watching me. Not yet anyway.



Okay so here it is. My STUFT Weekend Webisode. It’s a little lengthy, but it has 3 awesome moves to do on the BOSU and a little pizoatie creation in the kitchen. This was our premiere. Ha ha!


Just a couple of video notes:

I tried to get all done up. I’m pretty sure the make up I’m wearing is at least 10 years old. I’m blaming it for the huge zit I now have on my chin.

I talk a lot.

I made sure to not hand any knives to the boys this time in the kitchen.

The oven is obviously not on. You’ll see why I say this towards the end.

Here you go. We make this little creation in the kitchen.

Peanut Butter Surprise Pizoatie

All I can say is yum.








And since I really love you all, here’s the recipe in writing so you can go make it right now!

He he.



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  1. 1
    Jody says:

    #1 Your boys are SO cute! #2 Your arms rock! #3 I am making that today!

  2. 2

    You totally deserve the online magazine gig! I think you are awesome! The pizoatie sounds perfect! Tony said the kitty part was a tease and it was so not cool! Love the peanut butter surprise in the center of the pizoatie. I think single serves are definitely the way to go to help with portion control too! Also, loved the workout, but I’m a crazy gal and LOVE burpees and mountain climbers! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    PS, the chia farmers are missing out by not asking you and I to be spokes persons for them. Seriously, I am pushing those little seeds on everyone these days!

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I know. Kitty went missing. I’ll make sure to put him in the next one just for Tony. 🙂 I think those moves could work into one of your Tabata workouts maybe…… I think you and I should be on a mission to be chia spokeswomen. 🙂

  3. 3
    Shannon says:

    Good luck with your audition! I soooo hope you get the online magazine job – you deserve it so much! I love bosu burpees and mountain climbers! That was one of the best investments I made for home exercise. Your little guys are so freaking adorable! So fun!!!

  4. 4
    lindsay says:

    when i grow up, I want to be a STUFT MAMA!! hehe, you are amazing and i admire you so much kristin. I will be coming to you when we have kids. I love your video, all that you are, etc. I am a kitchen experimenter too.
    And the pizoatie……um….. BRILLIANT!

  5. 5
    katie says:

    You are the COOLEST!! I totally agree with lindsay!! I admire you so much! I love the video!

  6. 6

    such a cute video with the boys helping you make the pizoatie! my husband and i are in love with judah and joaquin – they’re adorable. can’t wait to make this heavenly peanut butter-y treat! 🙂

  7. 7

    Cannot wait to try out this recipe! I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas. Good for you for doing videos! I’m nervous about starting it, but know that I need to. I just have to face my fears. Hope you had a awesome weekend!

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Thanks. Videos are fun. I’m starting to get a little addicted. He he. Maybe I just like talking to the camera. It listens better than the boys and my husband. Just kidding. 🙂

  8. 8
    Amy Zirkle says:

    Wonderful videos – you have such an easy way about you – and the fact that you juggle all you do plus those ADORABLE twins – I don’t know how you do it. I have to try this recipe!!! And yes, your arms are AWESOME – Hope you are having a nice weekend – oh and I can report that DC has been creepy warm – not complaining tho – supposed to be near 62 on Tuesday -holy cow! Thank you again for all you do – I so wish I lived in CA so I could take one of your classes – be well! Amy

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Amy- I always think about you when I want to complain about the weather here. It was hot today on ym run. LOL. I wish you lived in CA too and could come to a class. That would be so awesome! Hope you had a great weekend also!

  9. 9

    I’m drooling and I need this….dang…..I need a pizoatie and now I’m a believer I can!

    Thank you dollface!


  10. 10

    you are amazing!! love bosu workouts. two years ago when I still worked out at a gym the sis and I would do use it all the time. love your videos!

  11. 11

    You have the best little creations in the kitchen!

  12. 12

    Great videos! I love how involved your boys are in your life, from exercise to cooking, I think that’s so important on how they will view healthy living as they grow (not that I’m an expert, since I have no children, but it seems to make sense to me!).

  13. 13

    ahhh what an inspiration you are! 😀 You’re super fit and seem like such a fun momma! And the boys are adorable! They’re fortunate to become exposed to healthy eating and the kitchen at such a young age~can’t wait to do that with my own kids (first I gotta have kids) 😉

  14. 14
    Robin Baker says:

    you are so awesome. I love it. where did you get that HUGE jar of Chia?

  15. 15
    Robin Baker says:

    what are you using for your videos?

  16. 16
    katie says:

    Your arms are awesome!

    The boys are SO adorable!

    Love this, looks so good and so easy!

    Happy weekend to you and your sweet family! <3

  17. 17
    Sherry says:

    Any substitutes for banana? Yes I am one of the few people who cannot stand bananas. Maybe applesauce would work.

    • 17.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Sherry- yes, applesauce would totally work. I’ve actually done that before. 1/4 of a cup, but you might need to add a little sweetener. I might have to make one today to double check. 🙂


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