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Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K

Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K


We had a fun morning.


Can you even read that? Oh man, if you can you have some seriously amazing eyes.

The morning started out a little like this.


and this


and this.


Ha ha ha.

We went to a little race today. I had signed up for the Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K awhile back, but wasn’t sure if I was going to run it or not because I’d been sick all week with the flu. Things were looking up since Friday so we decided to give it a go.

Yes, it may have been a Valentine’s Day run, but that didn’t stop me from sporting a black outfit and the boys from wearing their Christmas pajamas on the ride down. We were out to impress.

The weather didn’t seem like it was going to cooperate, but as soon as we actually got to the race with Grandma D as our chauffer, it cleared up a bit.


Hey look, we even had time to get the boys changed out of their pajamas. They don’t seem that much more excited though do they?

Side note- As Mom was taking this picture she said “Do you really think people want to see this many pictures of you?”

My answer (in my head of course), “No, Mom, I don’t, but I have a little camera problem, I’m a sucker for attention and I need some extra pictures to work with so I can edit out the ones where I look like poop.”

Oh, and I just happen to pull a pretty mean Ace Ventura parallel parking move in that spot with Mom’s car. I wish you could’ve seen it.


The boys finally turned those frowns upside down when they were all set up with their organic cinnamon grahams the fine people at Attune Foods sent us.


Those snacks from Attune Foods do that around here.

After a quick bathroom stop, we got to the start line late as usual.

start linestart 2

Then, after repeating “excuse me, on the left” countless times, hearing a few encouraging cheers and getting the occasional dirty look, we were safely over the finish line 51:03 minutes later.

My sweet, sweet mom finally gave up on ever trying to get a shot of me running by and opted to take a video on her phone.

Finishing the Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K.


Mom is the best. I love her. So much so, that I asked a stranger to take our picture before we met up with Mom to avoid annoying her with a bunch of picture taking.


Then I made her take more pictures anyway.


Aren’t I a gem.



Oh look, she even cleaned my stroller for me a little while I wasn’t paying attention.


I was hoping Judah would give me a little post race massage.


I was wrong. He is getting darn good at saying “cheese” though.


These guys were awesome the whole race.

They even worked their magic to get some balloons on the way to the car.


Silly guys.

The rest of the day consisted of making Mama Pea’s Smoked Sea Salt Kissed Maple Donuts.

I messed up the frosting and forgot to turn them over to the good side, but they were so delicious it didn’t matter.


Then we made filled out Valentine’s cards (not the easiest thing to do with two year olds)


and went to a fun little party at Tutu’s.


Red heart

Did you notice my cool Horizon Organic water bottle in some of the pictures?


Well, not only did they send me a water bottle awhile ago, but they also sent me a couple of these coupons.


I would like to give this one to you. Well, one of you anyway. Horizon Organic has some really great products out there and now you can try one of them out for free.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment here telling me something fun you did this weekend or something you’re looking forward to this week.

That’s it! (I’m too tired to think of anything else.)

I’ll pick a winner Tuesday night at 8:00pm PST and announce the winner Wednesday morning when I tell you about another giveaway.

Fun stuff, right?

Have a good one!

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  1. 1
    Megan S. says:

    My boyfriend plays basketball over in Spain and this weekend I was able to be with him and watch him play!

  2. 2

    Man, you are speedy mcspeedster with that stroller! Serious 10k time envy 😉

    My favorite thing from the past weekend was relaxing on Sunday and watching a movie with my sister!!

  3. 3
    Nadine says:

    Nice! I love that you can take your stroller with you, I haven’t found any races here that I can take the twins with me (it would be fun, and it would mean that my husband could run too!) – I know we could get a baby sitter but we actually haven’t done that yet (and they will be 2 soon).

    Anyhow, looked like lots of fun!

  4. 4

    Great time! You blow mind doing that while pushing two kids! The boys look really cute and sporty in their warm ups. 🙂

    Those doughnuts look incredible too!

  5. 5

    Dang I can’t believe you got up and ran a 10k with those two after being so sick last weekend! You are such an inspiration! Love that huge smile on your face! I’m glad you had a great weekend.

  6. 6
    Bethany C. says:

    I can’t wait to feel better and get back to running. Our household has been hit with the stomach bug and some nasty cold. I have had a fever for 4 days now and I am looking forward to feeling better!

  7. 7
    Bonnie says:

    Wow! A time like that pushing two boys?! Studly. 🙂 Great job on the race! I have a wonderful weekend skinning to the top of Mt. Field and skiing all the way down with my husband – an 8 1/2 hr excursion that was well worth it. 😀

  8. 8
    Candice says:

    Yay! Glad your feeling better! I felt better on sat. to and was able to get 5 miles in (supposed to be 9..but wasn’t quite 100% yet) So now I’m looking forward to getting a nice long run in being able to breathe through my nose! And yes, I’m also excited for valentines!

  9. 9
    Kirsten says:

    Awesome job racing with your boys! I am seriously impressed! This weekend I watched Apocalypse Now for the first time with some friends. It definitely entertaining.

  10. 10

    Girl you amaze me every single day!! WOOOO!!! Great time and great arm workout also pushing that stroller 😉

    You’re mom is too cute and I feel I say the same thing “Yes, Mom, I like my pics being taken, just snap it!”


  11. 11

    You are such a rock star to me. And a craving starter. Dang I come here and leave craving something every single time. At least it typically good for you stuff! And often, a great run. 🙂

  12. 12

    Love the pictures! It looked like your race was warmer than ours. We did a half in Jacksonville,FL, this weekend (for breast cancer awareness-10,000 runners) and I froze my tushy off! One of the coldest and windiest days of the year and we had a half at 6:30 am! Wow! My snotfroze as well as my GU and at one point I couldn’t feel my legs or lips! It was awesome.Florida winter weather is so unpredictable. Suppose to be 77 tomorrow. Figures. Better luck next year I guess.

  13. 13
    Sara says:

    Oh gosh! Can’t wait to try the orange chickenless chicken. 🙂

  14. 14

    I LOVE all the pictures of you, I’m trying to be better about posting pics of myself (I’m always on the other side of the camera)! And those donuts sound so good, my list of treats I want to make keeps growing…and growing..and growing!

    **PS – you don’t need to include me in the givewaway, I just still had to comment. 🙂

  15. 15
    Anna says:

    what a fantastic-looking weekend you had!

    just a little walk in the woods with the dogs for me; hopefully another this week!

  16. 16
    Laura says:

    Congrats– what a fun day! I haven’t done any stroller runs with L yet… but this makes me want to try it! I just made your 3 ingredient fudge, yum! I’ll link over to your post about it. 🙂

  17. 17

    I kinda hate you …those arms…the stroller pushing with ease…the amazing time. bleck. 😉

  18. 18
    Melissa says:

    Too cute…you are:)
    I took my guy roommate to yoga for the first time…. Very entertaining!

  19. 19

    Your boys are absolutely adorable! Congrats on an awesome race with the stroller! I am so impressed by mamas who run so fast with double jogging strollers. That’s incredible!

  20. 20

    Recently found your blog, love it! 😀 What I’m looking forward to this week is Valentine’s day- because it gives me a reason to eat extra dessert 🙂

  21. 21

    Speed Demon! It’s official – you’re Wonder Woman. Wait, I don’t think Wonder Woman had arms as nearly as buff as yours. 😉

  22. 22
    Katie says:

    This weekend my boyfriend bought me a new pair of running shoes for Valentine’s Day! And then I bought myself a Camelbak Groove water bottle (the kind that filters the water), because the water that comes out of the bubbler at my work is gross! 🙂

  23. 23

    You and your sons are too cute! I love their little Adidas suits!

  24. 24

    Wow girl, great race! you are so cute with your mom and boys. I cannot believe you ran with both of them in the stroller. That is seriously impressive.

  25. 25
    Katie says:

    You are my idol for running so fast with that stroller! Good work, Mama!

  26. 26
    ramona says:

    i hosted a premier jewelry party – shich i love because it iss all made in the USA!!

    your pics are great and the kids a-dorable!!

  27. 27
    Jenna Z says:

    While it might not have been truly FUN, we refinanced our house this week and I am SO GLAD to have the paperwork done and start paying our new lower rate!

  28. 28
    katie says:

    something fun I did- I went to eat mexican for my friends bday! something ive been looking forward to this week was tonight.. a group valentines day date!!


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