11 Random Things About Me

  Well, I’m SUPER late to this whole 11 Random Things About Me post.   I don’t even know the whole rules, etc. I think I was tagged by Katie way back when and then a month or so ago by Christin. Since I don’t remember them, I’m not playing by the rules. Sorry. I’m […]

Games Flat Kitty Plays

  Good morning! Happy Flat Kitty Friday! I’m not sure about you, but I just can’t figure out where the heck the week went. Really? is it the end of February? Flat Kitty had to help me change this awesome calendar yesterday to February (it was still on January). I don’t know why I can’t […]

Doctor Orders and the Perfect Running Shoes

  Random? Yes. Too late to come up with a different catchy title? Yes. Sitting in bed listening to Andrew snore loudly (which actually is good since it’s muffling the sound of my typing)? Yes.   Let me give a quick update on my doctor appointment today. He doesn’t know quite what’s wrong with me. […]

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