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Pumpkin Protein Dough

Pumpkin Protein Dough


Here it is.

Finally, right?

I really have been feeling bad for being such a tease with my pictures of this and for taking so long to share it. I have not been feeling bad for sampling it every day to make sure it was blog worthy.

It is.

I also feel bad for talking about myself a little too much lately. That’s just silly.

So this post is not about me. It’s about the protein dough.

Oh wait, I take that back. I just have to tell you that I had another day up in LA with My Trainer Bob shooting a Team Bob workout.

This was posted on Facebook for the new BobHarper.com page.


Want a closer look?

Me too.

Team Bob

Oh my man Bob and his cool socks. The workout was tabata style and it pretty much rocked.

They have a couple promotional videos out for the online club. You can check the first one out here.

Here’s the second one just in case you missed it. (Oh nice, I’m wearing the same shirt again.)

More cool socks.



I also inhaled an entire head of roasted cauliflower (seasoned with smoked sea salt, pepper, garlic salt, garlic powder, cayenne, and crushed red pepper) tonight for dinner. I topped it with some rotisserie chicken and Randy Jones BBQ sauce (since I’m out of my beloved TATS Black Dahlia).


I also had it with a little Flatout cheese less sandwich (instead of my former cheese sandwich I made it just like my nondairy garlic rolls).


I also had this for dessert.


Um, yeah, that little experiment isn’t worth mentioning yet.

Your welcome.


Ready for the Pumpkin Protein Dough now?

This is a variation of my original protein cookie dough and my STUFT protein cookie in a bowl made with pumpkin and a few other tweaks.

It might not be as pretty, but it is delicious.


Pumped Up Protein Dough

Here’s a little video the boys and I shot last week. How fitting that I just so happen to be wearing the same shirt yet again that I wore to the workout today with “my boyfriend”.



I tried to avoid using measuring cups and utensils as the cups usually end up in the boys’ mouths and knives in Joaquin’s hands.

Too bad Kitty didn’t want to make an appearance this time.

One of these times I might actually do my hair.

Oh man. This protein dough is GOOD!


You can eat this stuff plain right out of the bowl.


You can add a little peanut butter or other nut butter. (My favorite is SunButter.)


Open up.


Ha ha.

You can top it with some chocolate. I’ve used some of these baking chocolate discs from Trader Joe’s.


Along with some prepared PB2.



And well, you already saw this, but after my race Sunday, I did it up a little like this.


I subbed in half of the protein powder with PB2 and put this little Ghirardelli dark chocolate gem on top.


Oh yes.


And while I had every intention of writing out the recipe for you on here, I’m calling it a night. I’ll update the post tomorrow with a printable recipe.

I also have a little giveaway for you.

How’s your week going?

*Edit- You can find a printable version of the recipe for Pumped Up Protein Dough here.

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  1. 1
    Miz says:

    LOVE the whole bob harper thing!!
    and dont go changin’ 🙂
    dont ever ‘do’ your hair!

  2. 2

    Holy Moly these recipes look fantastic… not enough time in my day.. I need to take a week off and cook, but these are for sure going on my to-cook list.

  3. 3

    Wow! That looks amazing! I definitely need to try that. Will be checking back later for the recipe :).

  4. 4

    This is so up my alley! I am a true pumpkin lover! I am so proud (read jealous) of you working out with Bob like that. I bet it hurts so good! I think it’s great you prepare foods with the boys. I used to do the same and I am VERY OCD about cleanliness when I am in the kitchen. I realized that I had to let some of that go when they were in the kitchen with me. I figured if their hands were clean, we would be ok with a little extra saliva. I know, gross, but it’s true. Measuring recipes is such a great learning experience and doing things together is the important part, right?! I hope you have a great Thursday!

    • 4.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Ha ha. I know, what can be that bad about a little saliva. 🙂 I love having them help in the kitchen and learn about food. Even though I don’t love the clean-up. 🙂 Hope you’re having a good Thursday too! Thinking about you!

  5. 5

    Dang girl, look at those arms! Totally rockin’ and that pumpkin protein dough looks fantastic. I am still out of PB2 right now.

  6. 6
    Jessica says:

    I love that on the facebook page everyone was commenting on how awesome your arms are! We should get together next week and do something fun (and maybe I can make some of your recipes because I will be on break)!

  7. 7

    Making this tonight!! And pass those biceps you’re sporting!!

  8. 8

    The roasted cauliflower + chicken looks so good! I will take some of that chocolate, too. 😉

    Congrats on Team Bob. You look great, Kristin!

  9. 9

    I love a quick treat like this. Adding pumpkin just makes it all better!

    Congrats to you and your boyfriend, Bob! Lookin’ good rockin’ the biceps!

  10. 10
    janetha says:

    You are so hardcore! And, as always, I am obsessed with your guns 🙂

  11. 11

    Those baking chocolate disks are my favorite as I loooove unsweetened chocolate! Glad you made it to see Bob again. I love his socks too. I bet you’re his favorite 😉

    • 11.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      For soem reason I knew you’d have those chocolate disks Sara. What else do you do with them? 🙂 PS- I totally want some socks like Bob. 🙂

      • I basically use them like you did in this recipe. I break them up and melt them on top of hot cereal and put them in pancakes like chocolate chips. You should have knee socks with Kitty up the side, lol. Can you imagine??

  12. 12

    ahh teasing me with the pictures and no recipe!!

    • 12.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Ha ha. I emailed you Clare. It’s probably a good thing you don’t have earphones. I shouldn’t subject people to watching my kitchen videos with the boys. 🙂 Recipe will be updates soon (no earphones needed). 🙂

  13. 13
    Lisa says:

    Your video is so adorable! Your boys are the cutest! And I really would like your arms, jealous. And now that I am in love with your PB + chocolate covered protein dough, this is obviously next on the list because I am eating pumpkin like it’s out of style (I think it’s out of style to say that anymore), anyways this rocks and how cool you got to workout with Bob and be in a video! I would be starstruck everytime I saw him I think. I so wish we had a Trader Joe’s where I live, everyone always has the coolest stuff from there!!!

    • 13.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Okay- first of all you are way too nice Lisa. Oh if you like the other dough, you will like this (especailly if you already love pumpkin). I try to play it cool when I’m around him, but I’m star struck too. 🙂 He he. And you NEED to get a Trader Joe’s close to you. They better do something about that ASAP. 🙂

  14. 14

    I love Bob and his hot socks! I would probably melt if I met him…I don’t know what would happen if I worked out with him!!! I’m jealous!

  15. 15
    Amy says:

    that is SO awesome you’re workin out with bob!! your arms look amazing btw…just so you know haha. bob seems so cool….would love to meet him! oh and your protein dough sounds great!

  16. 16

    Yum to begin with and BOB!! I LOVE BOB! You are so lucky to have gotten to work with him wow!!!!

  17. 17
    Courtney says:

    Here’s what’s making me smile: I just found your blog and am a healthy mama myself! What’s making me smile is the beautiful weather in Kansas City and the KU Jayhawks (my alma mater) playing in the Final Four! I would love to try some Sun Butter, too 🙂

  18. 18

    I most definitely use those TJ dark chocolate discs just like you do. Blog twins?

  19. 19

    I just watched this video – you are so cute!! and so are your boys!! Your arms are bangin’! Thanks for showing how to do this.. can’t wait to make it!

  20. 20
    Jennifer says:

    I just discovered your site/blog and absolutely love it. I had to try this recipe today because I like generally weird combinations (and pumpkin!) I needed some healthy alternative to stop the day’s trend of reaching for chocolate every time I was hungry/bored/irritated/etc. Thank you! It was great. I love high protein foods and recipes because I am always hungry and end up eating junk when I don’t plan things out well. I will be reading often. You are very motivating, between the healthy eating, running, and being a mom. I have 2 young kids also and am a group ex instructor on the side. I’m also running my first half-marathon in a couple weeks…I’ve always stuck with shorter distances so this is a little bit of a challenge. Anyway, I’m glad I found this place!

    • 20.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hi Jennifer! So glad you stumbled on the blog. I hear you on needing healthy alternatives instead of reaching for chocolate every time. That’s why I have to come up with these things. He he. I’m so excited for you and your half marathon. Let me know how it goes. Oh, and I have a post coming up with this new program for group ex instructors that is super cool! 🙂 (Discounts, etc.)


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