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Back to Business- Working it Out Tips

Back to Business- Working it Out Tips


Good morning friends!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, just in case you missed it the boys the boys made a little Memorial Day video for you.

Check it out here. ( I don’t want you to feel left out or anything. Ha.)

I’m a little unmotivated this morning. I’m guessing some of you can relate. I was even unmotivated yesterday to take any pictures.

I had a relatively easy day compared to my usual Monday on teaching six classes. I only had to teach two. Woot.

Mommy taught classes.


(Old picture from last week.)

The boys got to play


and eat cake.



The rest of the day was spent with the boys and at a wonderful Lebanese dinner at a friends house. Amazing food and company, but I didn’t even feel like taking pictures. Well, except for this one I talked my sister-in-law into taking. (STUFT Daddy may or may not have been busy chatting and drinking some scotch at the time.)



It’s back to business today. I have a ton of STUFT Fitness stuff that has been on the back burner ever since the whole organizing my taxes debacle. It’s time to tackle some big projects that I’m not looking forward to. In fact, I’m pretty darn good at ignoring things like this and putting things off until tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day). Ha.

Not to mention this week is crazy. I’m hopeful I’ll have an other date with my best friend Bob and I have the marathon this Sunday. Holy smokes.


Right now I’m facing my typical morning of listening to Kitty drink out of the sink


while blogging and drinking my sugar free almond mocha (made with 1/2 cup light vanilla soymilk and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk).


My mocha is better than normal today because I just read this article my friend Kelly (the leading lady behind FitFluential) shared on twitter.

How Drinking Coffee Can Improve Your Health

The article talks about drinking 6 cups a day at the end, which I personally think is a little much, but it’s nice to read the benefits of my morning mocha. He he.


Sometimes it’s hard to get back to business, especially after a long weekend. It’s hard to tackle big projects or looming tasks that have been on the back burner way too long. Sometimes it’s really hard to get back into your workout routine (or start one for that matter).


Here’s my five top tips to get back into working it out.

1. Plan it out. Make it a date. Make it a priority. Plan out your workouts for the week and stick to it. Write it down, tell your significant other, schedule out a specific time, make a date with a friend, find particular classes you want to go to, etc.

2. Ask for help. I’m very lucky to have STUFT Daddy available and willing to help watch the boys when I need to go on long runs. I’m also very lucky that working out if my job so I have to do certain classes on specific days of the week. I still feel guilty sometimes asking for “my time” though. But, it makes a world of difference if I get time to myself to get my workout in. I think Andrew has realized this too and knows I’m a much better person if I workout and feel better about myself.

3. Make it convenient. Walk or run around your neighborhood, do a video at home, find a gym with a play care so you can take your kids or even do a workout at the park with your kids. If you make it too difficult to do, then it won’t get done. I’m telling you the fabulous play care at the gym has changed my life. The boys love to go (and they love that the gym is close to Costco) with me.

4. Find something you enjoy doing. Find what activity you love or makes you happy and do it. Not everyone has to be a runner (although I’m convinced everyone CAN be one). Running is my thing I love, but my guilty pleasure is to get on the elliptical and browse one of my many fitness and health magazines. (My favorites are Fitness, Self, Shape and Health. It used to be US Weekly, but I no longer have a subscription and am too cheap to subscribe again although I really miss it.) I’m almost embarrassed how excited I get to have some time with the elliptical and my magazines.

If I’m at the gym I plan my treadmill runs to watch Access Hollywood Live. (Side note- I have a girl crush on Kit Hoover that started way back in college when she was on Road Rules.) If I’m at home, I put in a good movie or an old Gossip Girl episode from Netflix. That usually gets my butt up and on the treadmill.


(Another huge bonus of working out at home is being able to wear whatever ugly old workout outfit you can find. A non-bonus for blog readers is to be subjected to the unflattering photo.)


5. Reward yourself. Sometimes it’s just a feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes you need a little more. Frequently I have to tell myself that I’m going to feel so much better once I get my workout in. I’m telling you, finishing a workout rarely (if ever) leaves you disappointed. That being said, there are time when I need a little more and I have to bribe myself with some fudgy STUFT protein cookie dough or some chia cookie dough dip.

I really want to bribe myself with a new video camera so we can make more YouTube videos and workouts, but that’s got to be one heck of a workout to get that reward. Ha! Hmm….. maybe the marathon this weekend will count.


Okay. I’m off. Judah just informed me he’s got poo poo on his back and his leg. Lovely.


Have a good day!

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  1. 1

    Great tips. I definitely think it’s so important to find something you enjoy doing. You’ll stick with it. I think too many people think that they have to run or do the elliptical or something like that. They do it, but don’t enjoy it and then end up hating it.

  2. 2
    Sara says:

    Wonderful tips, Kristin! 🙂 Have a good day too. I hope it isn’t filled with much poo.

  3. 3

    Ahhhhh i love these tips and I love the last note about “poop” LOL! you crack me up!

    Girl, your body is bangin!


  4. 4

    Great tips! They are pretty much the same reasons I give people who ask me for tips to find time to work out. 🙂

    I think its funny that your cat drinks out of the sink. Kiwi, my kitty, will only drink out of a fountain water bowl, or a cup of fresh water on my nightstand. She is odd, and a princess.

  5. 5

    I bribe myself with food ALL the time. Speaking of, I finally tried Katie’s ice cream on your recommendation. I used some Frangelico in mine… and I think I may have found heaven.

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Why do you always have the most brilliant ideas ever???? Must be your gorgeous hair do. 🙂 After the race I might have to put some amaretto in mine. 🙂

  6. 6

    I need some good rewards for myself that aren’t food based. But if you ask me, it’s the only way I can get through a long run sometimes (knowing that I’ll be able to treat myself to something).

  7. 7
    sarah says:

    Iv been wanting to ask for a while about your workout motivation- but I didn’t want to bother you , haha:p. You are SUCH a crazy, inspiring woman Kristen! You look gorgeous in the pics with your lovely family- the boys are blessed to have you as a mother. I can’t imagine being able to do your life.

    Oh, and I just have to mention I’m.in.LOVE with your recipe- for real. Iv been making a minimum of one a day practically since I found you(favourites are green micro muffs, green eggs & oats and the nack apple cake). Can ask, if pumpkin did not exist( it does not here in Scotland:(), what is the next best thing in your fudgy protein cookie dough(sweet pot, apple sauce, banana…), what would YOU do? Thanks:)!

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Sarah- you are WAY too kind. (Not to mention this comment just made my night.)
      Fudgy protein cookie dough- definitely better with banana rather than applesauce if you don’t have pumpkin. I have tried both though and still liked them. The banana one is sweet and has a creamier consistency (if you use a really ripe banana). Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  8. 8
    Amy says:

    haha ur boys crack me up. i love their shirts too…especially the eggs and bacon one…maybe they make one in my size? oh and ur cats hilarious too…so sassy!

  9. 9
    Anna says:

    I can TOTALLY relate to this post today. Between all of the activities going on and the holiday hours at the gym, I took three days off and it was hard to get back into the routine this morning. That is always a wakeup call to me to workout, if three days off is this hard, imagine a week!

  10. 10
    Jessica Jones says:

    Thank you for the tips, I really have been slacking, and it’s so difficult to start up again! Oh and good luck with your marathon on Sunday! Hydrate Hydrate!:)

  11. 11

    Oh no..Judah! I like that you write these things on the blog, lol.
    Those are great tips. There are so many options when it comes to fitness there’s no reason people should be doing something they don’t enjoy. I mean, even spending an hour gardening or washing the car is some good physical activity. Not for me though, I need some heavy plates and dumbbells to play with. My car IS dirty though so maybe I should change my tune 😉 Hope you’re enjoying the day!

  12. 12

    You are absolutely gonna rock this marathon!! Shooting for a PR??

    • 12.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I don’t think so. Going to take it easy so I don’t stress out my body too much. I’ve been putting it through a bit much lately. 🙂 Hugs!!!!! Hope the play prep is going well!!!!

  13. 13
    lindsay says:

    you are literally superwoman! marathon, twins, 6 classes, wife? HOLY SMOKES! Send me that time management. haha

  14. 14

    There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day but I always make it a priority to fit in a workout of any type or length. You are so right about it making us better people! My hubs has realized it too that I’m much easier to be around once I had a sweatfest!

  15. 15
    Lisa says:

    Great tips, I agree with everything you said! I tried being a runner, but I just hate running so much haha. I love spin though, so that is my go to stress reliever! I also saw that coffee article, and was pretty pleased by the results 🙂 , but yah a lot of coffee, I definitely don’t drink 6 cups a day. I will definitely mostly reward myself with my favourite snacks, that helps to get my booty to the gym

  16. 16
    Ali says:

    You are one fit mom, with some prett funny/crazy cat pics! Thanks for the chuckle ;).

  17. 17
    Kathy says:

    I needed the inspiration to get back at it…I am hoping a reality check at WW tonight will work and then a chiropractic appt. in my future. Good thing for friends to motivate my head. B/c it’s all in my head most of the time. 😉

  18. 18

    Awesome tips! I definitely think enjoying yourself is key. If you are hating every second, you won’t want to do it!

  19. 19

    Amazing tips! You have to make it a date! I always tell people to schedule your workouts like you schedule an appointment. Put it on your calendar! Always do what you love to do. The most important part is to just move! Love that smile on your face! You are too stinkin’ cute for words!

  20. 20

    Great tips! They’ll come in handy once the new baby arrives 🙂
    Our dog drinks out of the toilet. Always has and since he is 7 I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I’m probably one of the few women on the planet who gets annoyed if the toilet seat gets put down!

    • 20.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh, so you like him drinking out of the toilet? That’s funny. Kitty drinks out of the toilet too, then makes paw prints all over the house. Grrr…. I still need to send your package. Yikes!

  21. 21
    Susan says:

    OK, I just made your green chia cookie dough. Dee-lish. Threw in some vanilla protein powder and extra coconut milk for kicks. Ate with your flat-out cinnamon crisps. Perfect snack (plus – bonus – plenty left over for tomorrow). So thank-you for the great ideas! Keep ’em coming!

  22. 22

    Awesome tips – you are always so impressive with your ability to keep all those balls in the air and keep things together. =)


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