Snapshots and Spinach Salads

  Okay, so I’m in a rush right now to get a new post up since my last post just may be the worst post I’ve ever written. I’m tempted to delete it, but instead I’m keeping it as a reminder. Note to self: If you don’t have anything good (or the time) to write, […]


  I was hoping to get a good post written this morning and share this summer salad with you. But….. I just spent 15 minutes messing with Instagram to try to share this picture. It didn’t work and instagram is not my friend right now. And now if I want to have time to scarf […]

The Mizuno Mezamashii Project- Giveaway

  I’ve been promising this HUGE post for awhile. There’s no hiding the fact that I love my Mizuno running shoes. In fact, the word love might be a bit of an understatement. I LOVE (like wish I could marry) my Mizunos. I love them so much that I’m not even going ramble on about […]

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