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It’s Okay to Be Jealous

It’s Okay to Be Jealous


Hey hey. Good morning!

Yesterday’s post was fun. I should do more of those confession posts. I’ll have to ease into them though so don’t scare you away. I’ve got some serious issues I could entertain you with. Ha.

Speaking of yesterday, it freaking flew by. Like really flew by. Anyone else? Now today is the first official day of summer? Say what?

Holy smokes.


Yesterday’s workout:

A total of 5 miles. 1.5 on the treadmill and 3.5 slow ones at the park with the double stroller.

45 minute BOSU Challenge class at the gym (that I taught).

Backyard boot camp class at my house. (Yeah, I convinced my friends to come over to try out a boot camp at our house. Suckers. It actually was really fun and might just be our new Tuesday afternoon thing. Thanks for coming ladies.)


I took exactly five pictures yesterday. Since I know you’re dying to see them, here they are.

My perfect summer mocha (iced of course for summer and all).


Ha ha. Yeah, Flat Kitty is back in my cool Starbucks cup. It’s okay to be jealous.

We went shopping after the gym. Don’t mind my foot, I was trying to show off my Mizuno shoes for a special project. And yes, these guys are my Stud Puffins.


We went to Costco for necessities (lettuce, my favorite bread, Flatout wraps, milk, bananas, a rotisserie chicken, egg substitute and strawberries) and to eat samples for lunch.

And yeah, this happened.


It wasn’t even the person handing out samples, it was an employee pushing his cart right by us while we got our hands on some Snapea Crisps.

He should try shopping with these two guys and take only one sample at each stand. I’m willing to bet he wouldn’t survive.

Maybe he’s just jealous.


This is the weirdest looking piece of bread I’ve seen in awhile.


It became a cheese less sandwich with my dinner.


This is a skill.


I can burn just about anything. I wish I could teach you my ways, but it takes a lot of multitasking.

Why yes, roasted zucchini noodles again. We’ve got just a few squash around here. It’s okay to be jealous.


This guy cracks me up.


He sure knows how to eat a cupcake and pretty much always gets the frosting to make the perfect moustache. I don’t know how he does it. That must be his skill. Yep, it’s okay to be jealous.


Um, yeah, so against my better judgment, I am up early today trying to wake myself up with my mocha before a long trip up to see my best friend Bob again. Yep, I decided to go.


I haven’t even recapped my last visit yet, but I’ll put both trips together since I don’t quite have time this morning.

I’ve got to do something about this mess


and cover up my dark circles under my eyes and try to hide that awesome zit on my nose. Not to mention I reek like garlic and basil. Lovely.

It’s okay to be jealous.


So my goals for today:

I’ve got to figure out a way to get in his kitchen with him to be in that segment for his online club. Wouldn’t that just be the coolest? To be all mic’d up and chatting behind the counter?

I’m also on a mission to get some video of the match made in heaven(Bob and I) together. He he.

I need some good questions to ask him. Got any for me?

I was also thinking I could challenge him to a handstand contest. Too much?


Okay, off to do my thing. Keep a look out on Facebook or Twitter for some fun. I’ve got to get this guy to realize how cool I am. Ha ha.

Let’s do this. Yes, you, me, Bob, we’re all in this together friends (even you STUFT Daddy- I’m going to make you proud).


(I’m not wearing that outfit. That’s an old picture, but a pretty awesome shirt huh?)

It’s okay to be jealous.


I’m even going to attempt to whiten my teeth in the car on the way up there. We’ll see how that goes.

Have a good one!

Have I mentioned I have the best family in the world to let me do this silly stuff?

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  1. 1

    i burn everything too, but i like it that way. when i make roasted eggplant it typically burns, just because i cut it so thin and my fiance is always like OH NO YOU BURNED IT. and i always reply oh no, it’s perfect. i do that with my sweet potatoes too. i love crispy burnt stuff.

    sometimes we go to sams club just for the samples too, but i always am honest and just ask for more than one. i like free stuff what can i say!

  2. 2
    Jessica T. says:

    I loved your backyard boot camp and I felt it this morning too! I hope it’s something that you continue to do. Have a great time today! I am sure you will figure out some great questions to ask him!

  3. 3
    Andrea says:

    Yup I’m very jealous ; )

    To the rude Costco guy – kids are people too! Does he really think
    one sample per FAMILY is the rule?? I’m guessing he doesn’t have kids. My little guy usually ends up with his sample AND mine lol

  4. 4

    I got my elixirs and LOVE them! Although, I always reach for my mushas first, I just love the minimal shoe. Mizuno rocks:)

    • 4.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I want to try the mushas. Do you like them better than the elixirs? I like the colors better. He he. Those will be my next pair.

      • Katie @ msfitrunner says:

        I like them a lot better than the elixirs. They just hug my feet better. In order, I go for the musha, then precision, then elixir, then wave rider. I have too many sneakers. Those are just the Mizuno ones;) lets not get started on brooks and saucony:)

        • STUFT Mama says:

          I have way too many running shoes too. Ha ha. I have to branch out with some other Mizuno ones though. 🙂 I have my standard Elixirs and Nirvanas.

  5. 5
    Samantha says:

    I don’t even have the two toddler excuse. 🙂

    I LOVE to burn brussels sprouts. Love it. Their little burned leaves. Heavenly. 🙂

    I don’t have any questions yet, but I am excited for your report on your goals.

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Samantha- Can you believe I have never roasted brussel sprouts? 🙂 I need to try them!

      • Samantha says:

        My guess is you will get addicted once you get into them. They are expensive up here, but I usually do a pound or 2 at a time and work on them over a few days. Your kitchen will stink whether you burn them or not. 🙂

        • STUFT Mama says:

          Ha ha. Worse than cauliflower stink? 🙂 I’m going to find some, but I better wait until I’m home alone to roast them. STUFT Daddy isn’t a fan.

  6. 6
    Katie says:

    Even I get two samples at Costco and I have ONE child. Geez Louise…that guy. Can’t wait to see more Team Bob!

  7. 7

    I’m totally jealous!!! Have fun and tell OUR boyfriend I said hi! Have fun and kick some booty!

  8. 8
    sarah says:

    GOOD LUCK with Bob today!! You’ll be awesome.

    I’m NOT jealous of your burning skills or your boys cupcake eating abilities-iv finely tuned the art of those things myself thankya;p.

    Count yourself lucky you get any samples- no stores give samples where I live, rude. Something to do with health&safety, hygeine…rubbish really.

  9. 9

    Thanks for the okay to be jealous. I am. ;- )

    Enjoy your day wrangling your way into Bob’s kitchen segment!

  10. 10

    I roasted some broccoli slaw yesterday and had to come here to find out how. it was gooooood.
    that is all.

  11. 11
    Coco says:

    Love that chocolate face!

  12. 12

    omg I want a team bob shirt!!! And that employee must not have seen your children… either that or he has no comprehension of children…

  13. 13
    Laura says:

    Backyard boot-camp, so fun! I would totally come if I lived nearby. Enjoy your time with Bob today- once the decision is made, no more mommy/family guilt!! Love all your creative wooing ideas. 🙂

  14. 14

    Pleassse challenge Bob to a handstand contest. You will be my hero. Even more so if you win. 😉

  15. 15
    Sara says:

    Always enjoy your blog–you’re just so REAL and I love that your house isn’t always perfectly put together, that you blog about zits and love odd things like weirdly-shaped bread (me too!) and burn things (me too!) You rock, Kristin! Keep up with the awesomeness. (Hopefully Bob will see how awesome you are too!)

  16. 16
    Amie White says:

    Micro not so good (kills nutrients) Micro and plastic toxic, to be serious. Chemicals can leach out into the food. Keep in mind FDA approved doesn’t impress me. So, when you look it up, keep that in mind. Here is a good list I found :The bottom line (I avoid the micro almost totally.)
    Here are some things to keep if choosing to use the microwave:
    Most takeout containers, water bottles, and plastic tubs or jars made to hold margarine, yogurt, whipped topping, and foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard are not microwave-safe.
    Microwavable takeout dinner trays are formulated for one-time use only and will say so on the package.
    Don’t microwave plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery store.
    Before microwaving food, be sure to vent the container: Leave the lid ajar, or lift the edge of the cover.
    Don’t allow plastic wrap to touch food during microwaving because it may melt. Wax paper, kitchen parchment paper, or white paper towels are alternatives.
    If you’re concerned about plastic wraps or containers in the microwave, transfer food to glass or ceramic containers labeled for microwave oven use.

    • 16.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Holy smokes you know a lot about the plastic situation. Thanks so much for the comprehensive list Amie. We miss you! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling well!

  17. 17
    Kathy says:

    I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!!! 😉 (of all of it!)

    The cute puffins, the burnt yummies (seriously I am the only one I know who will eat burnt toast…my kids think I’m nuts!), your boy friend…..maybe you could persuade him to go on tour with you? Could that be your question? “Bob, we are a “hot couple” ……people would pay to work out with us…let’s tour and sign books…should our first stop be in MN?” (You can thank me later when you are a celebrity …oh, wait you already are a STUFT Mama celeb…what was I thinking? ha!)

    • 17.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Ooo… a tour. Now that’s a GREAT idea. I’m sure he would go for it. Ha ha. Hmm… I have to admit I only like my veggies burnt, not my toast. 🙂 I’ll pass that one over to you Kathy.

  18. 18

    I don’t know what I’m more jealous of-the iced mocha or your trip to costco! I love that place!

    Check out my latest recipe @ bakingblissful.blogspot.com

  19. 19
    Katie H. says:

    Totally jealous over the workout!

    Can I ask you a random question? (And I apologize if you’ve said this a million times… I recently started reading and didn’t find it when I looked back.) What protein powder do you use? How often do you have it? I have always been wary because I thought it was extra unnecessary calories, but I’ve seen a few of your recipes and smoothies that call for it, and I thought I might give it a try…

    • 19.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I use Spiru-tein unsweetened vanilla most of the time. It’s my favorite. I used to use a different one from Trader Joe’s when I was having whey protein. I’ve since turned to ones without any dairy. I also sometimes use Vega, but it’s expensive. I have it almost everyday, but only half a serving at a time in “dough” or something.

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