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It’s Flatterday!

It’s Flatterday!


Yep. That’s right. Flatterday.

Flat Kitty + Saturday = Flatterday

Brilliant. Obviously someone’s impressed.



Let’s see, first off this guy has been all about causing trouble and horsing around over here.


Poor horse. If only I could find the rest of him.

Flat Kitty tried to get back on my good side by helping me make some pumpkin protein dough.


His little plan worked and he got to tag along with Grandma D and I last night for a little ladies night out.

Don’t be confused, Kitty is a boy, but we decided to let him come because of his man boobs.


He is not the best photographer either. If only he had opposable thumbs.


We did the same ladies night out almost a year ago (yeah, we get out often). Last time at Pala Casino we got pedicures. This time we skipped the pedicures and went straight for buffet.


Oh the buffet. We did some damage.


We went for some salad first.


This smart dude made sure I had enough spice on the side to doctor up my food.


After salad it was on to some seafood.

They had this cool station where you pick your shrimp


and all your other goodies.


Then this guy cooks it all up for you.


Yep. I’m that girl who made a man put down his plate of shrimp to take a picture of me with my new shrimp sautéing friend. I’m nice like that. I told my sautéing friend to make me the spiciest shrimp he could. I think he underestimated how spicy I like things.


Oh and yeah, it was a buffet so of course I didn’t just get shrimp.


You’ve got to try a little of everything at buffet. If you pay that much for it (and this buffet was pretty pricey), you better test out all the options.

Crab legs are not the easiest things to eat.


I needed a little help of course.


My dinner date didn’t though. She knew what she was doing with those claws.


I love her (even though she did manage to fling a little crab meat my way more than once during our feast).

I took the night off from avoiding dairy to sample pretty much every dessert they had to offer.


That was not a good choice.

I’m feeling it today. Ugh. Not only is it messing with my tummy, but it’s messing with my head a bit too. I’m having to refer myself back to this post and trying to not feel too guilty about it.

After stuffing ourselves silly, it was time to win a little money.


Yep. We’re high rollers.


Mom sure knows how to work the penny slots.


Check her out.


Big winner. (That would be $5.50.)

Flat Kitty and I had to change machines to try to compete with her.


We showed her and won a whopping $2.74.


My $5 lasted a pretty long time until I decided to cash out my winnings.


It was one fun night. So fun that I was inspired to take a picture of myself in the bathroom stall with all my money.




On the way out I was peer pressured a bit by STUFT Daddy about a little roulette betting.


I played $20 and wouldn’t you know it turned up red.

There goes a box of Huggies. I better get on the potty training ASAP.




Okay, I started this post earlier today, but had to take a break to go teach a class. Someone accompanied me to boot camp this morning.


I didn’t subject any of my boot campers to photos. We did quite a few burpees this morning, so I’m not sure I was on their good side. Ha ha.


Now on to YOU my friends.

Flat Kitty has been having some fun this past week.

I’m always jealous of Heather from Better With Veggies and all her travels. At least someone in the STUFT house gets to go far away and have some fun. How cool is this picture?


Yeah, and right now she’s in Sydney. Must be rough.


My fun high school friend April got these shots with her cutie patootie son Maddox.


Now that’s just awesome.


Cute Carly got her Flat Kitty and it’s look like they’re already fast friends.



Flat Kitty got to work it out with my fitness instructing friend Sarah and her cute daughter Grayson.

He got to do Body Pump first and then got himself all tied up in the bands.



Michelle let this guy hang out by the pool. Hope he didn’t try to pull a fast one and go for a dip. I’m not sure he has the best swimming skills.


Then he got to check out the tomatoes.



Melanie gave Flat Kitty an echocardiogram.



Kathy introduced Flat Kitty to a new much furrier friend.


The new friend looks thrilled.


Hmm… maybe it will take a little while to develop that friendship.


Rhonda and her family took Flat Kitty to the wave pool. Um, yeah, lucky darn cat


and some pretty cool swimmers.



Flat Kitty wriggled his was into the only sun spot with Leela and Emile over at Samantha’s house.

Rumor has it he had to be rescued shortly after this


This next picture isn’t about Flat Kitty, but STUFT reader Sarah won the Better Chip giveaway from the other week and got all her goodies. Check out the trucker hat and the cool shirt. Ha ha.


Hey, we’re shirt twins. Speaking of twins, did you catch the “twinsies” comment in this video with Bob? Yeah, I’m that dork that Bob that him and are are “twinsies” (because we’re both left-handed). It’s about 2 minutes in when you see that magic happen. Go Kristin.

And well, this next one isn’t about Flat Kitty either, but STUFT reader Becca just completed her first half marathon last weekend. Flat Kitty wished he could’ve been there to give her a big congratulatory hug. Ha ha.


Way to go!


Okay, on with this Flatterday. I wish I could say it’s going to be a relaxing one, but we have one heck of a jam packed schedule. It just doesn’t stop does it?


Have a great rest of your weekend!

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  1. 1

    yay! glad you had a great day out with your mom! looks like some fabulous eats!

  2. 2
    Samantha says:

    I just want to cry your weather is so much nicer than mine. And flat kitty went to Sydney?! That is awesome.

    So in my area we can’t take photos in the casino which is annoying as anything. I got one of a sister in there on her 18th (no older sister of the year for me…for many reasons) and it almost caused an incident.

    The day after the buffet – blunt honesty – and I love you for it. You don’t need me to tell you this…but it was one meal of one day and you have an awesome diet. It is a blip on your little metabolic radar. Sometimes it is just down right liberating to just move right along after an eating event.

    Have a great day.

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yes, liberating and knowing that one meal is the whole scheme of things one big splurge at the buffet just doesn’t matter. I ate some dang good desserts and loved them. 🙂
      Oh and yeah, I don’t think I was supposed to be taking pictures in the casino. Oops. 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great weekend and are having some decent weather.

      • Samantha says:

        Hey…you got those photos in there! I love it. It is a stupid rule in my opinion.

        It has taken me a bit to just let the “bad eating decision” go. It is faster to move on and recover. 🙂

        We are having “decent” weather for fall and halloween…LOL. You would think I would be used to rain.

  3. 3

    Flatterday….here in the park…I think it was the forth of July…

    I love everything in this post. So so funny. I’ve got to start doing more with my Flat Kitty. He is, as always, sitting right here on my desk staring at me.

  4. 4

    I had to laugh at Andrew’s text – my Andrew always says the same thing when someone goes to the casino!

  5. 5
    sarah says:

    Aww, grandma D, cute:). Looks like a fun lunch! You have NOoo need to have any guilt over what you ate(ever), just concentrate on the nice experience and good company. You look gorgeous too!

    Seeing pictures of that pumpkin cookie dough never fails to make me smile and get my taste buds excited, haha.

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      OH pumpkin cookie dough makes my day almost every day. 🙂 The company was great and the desserts were fabulous. It’s just always a bit of a shock to the system to have that much sugar in one sitting. LOL. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  6. 6

    Looks fun! And what a great seafood feast!

    Check out my latest recipe @ bakingblissful.blogspot.com

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    These “Flat Kitty” photos are fun. Your girls day /night out looks great….even if it took you a year to do it again…always nice to get a chance to bond with out many interruptions…besides a kitty and loads of shrimp that is. 😉

    Smiles a plenty from this one!

  8. 8
    April O. says:

    Haha! Yea! We’re famous!!! Don’t you love how the second pic is in true Kristin fashion with a nice shot of my pit? Ummmm ya. Anyway, your mom looks just the same as I remember, tell her I said Hi. 🙂 Thanks for including us in your Flatterday post!

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      This comment was in SPAM April. And of course I LOVE the armpit shot. He he. Thank you for the fun pics. I especially love the one with Flat Kitty by the butt. Ha ha ha!!!!

  9. 9
    teabagginit says:

    love that your mom plays along with flat kitty and that he got to go on your date night out! ps – the bf said we can get a cat if it’s hairless like yours! i want a chihuahua cat, too! 🙂

  10. 10
    janet says:

    What an awesome night! I’m sure Flat Kitty would not have man boobs if he ate what you ate! Maybe he’s been sneaking some of your carbs? Looks like you had a blast- this is my first Flatterday and it is just too cool! Flat Stanley has competition! I would love Flat Kitty to meet Lil the Pil (lilly) our Obsessive Compulsive Maltese- I’m sure she would just love him! Have a fabulous day!!!! (I did the Mud Run yesterday @ Irvine Lake and survived! yay!) hugs!

  11. 11

    YAY – my flat kitty made the cut this week. 🙂 And I am pretty lucky with the travel, it’s helpful to have a hubby who loves to travel as much as me, we save every month for trips because we just love to roam. My new job with a home office is Sydney helps too!!

    Looks like you had an amazing ladies night out – I wish you would have won that big bet though – that would have been even better! 🙂

    • 11.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Heather- This comment was in my SPAM. Sorry. Let me know if you ever need someone to accompany you on your travels. I can bring along some zucchinis and protein dough. 🙂 Happy Friday friend!

  12. 12
    Anna W. says:

    Wowza! That buffet looks incredible! I love your cami/top…really cute!

  13. 13

    All the Flat Kitty pictures just crack me up!

    That sea food looks delicious! Jealous! When I go to the casino I play penny slots with a $20 and lose it all, and the fiance will walk out with like $60. So unfair.


  1. Oh Happy Day says:

    […] and if you have any fun Flat Kitty pictures you want to send me for a summer fun Flatterday post, I’ll try to get one together. Just email me a picture with a quote so I can cut and paste […]

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