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Oh Happy Day- Fun Finds, Packages and Brussel Sprouts

Oh Happy Day- Fun Finds, Packages and Brussel Sprouts


Good morning friends!

Yesterday was a good day. It was just one of those that makes you smile. No major catastrophes. A pretty good amount of sleep leading into it. All kinds of fun stuff.

I’m hoping today will be the same, but we’re going to attempt to ditch the diapers for a significant amount of time this morning so I’m not too sure how it’s going to go. And… pretty darn funny that I see this ad for Pull-Ups on my own blog this morning.


Yeah. We’ve been digressing a little bit since the potty charts were put on the fridge. Not me and my chart, I’ve got that baby filled up, but the boys are not as excited about it. I’m blaming myself. I’ve been too busy lately so this morning we’re going to hopefully go for it.


Yesterday’s workout:

8 mile treadmill run at the gym with this funny man staring at me through the window.


Then about a 3 mile run around the neighborhood last night. STUFT Daddy let me escape so I just took my house keys and jetted out the door. No music, no phone, no watch, just my Mizuno shoes (and clothes of course). I love running for that reason. You don’t really need anything and it can be done anywhere.

No workout photos. You’re welcome. The one photo I tried to take of myself and Kitty yesterday didn’t go over too well.




Other happy day happenings from yesterday. (That’s just fun to say. Try it.)


We had to make a quick stop at Costco since I ran out of these.

Not only did we restock my crushed red pepper supply, but this coolio Sharper Image Salad Spinner Mandoline Slicer thing was calling my name for $14.99.


See $4 off. It was a sign. I got one. I’m hoping it will spiralize my zucchini for my roasted zucchini noodles and for $14.99 as opposed to this spiralizer I figured it’s worth a shot.

Another fun purchase was these Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie brownies.


They’re not dairy free and pretty small, but since I’m out of my beloved Vitatops and won’t be ordering them anytime soon unless they’re a spectacular sale I wanted something on hand for those nights when I need a little something quick under my low calorie ice cream (which happens frequently). I think they might be a good dessert option for the boys too.


Here’s some other fun goodies that showed up at our house that made yesterday extra happy.

STUFT reader and my new best friend Jessica sent us a little Starbucks care package. Um…. yeah. I’m in heaven. That Café Verona is one of my favorites to use for a mocha and I haven’t tried that Blonde yet, but think it would make a great iced coffee afternoon treat. I might try to make some espresso cubes with that one.


She even sent cute little cups for the boys.


They’re so excited to have big boy cups like mommy.


Thanks Jessica! I still owe you a package and a Flat Kitty! He he.


We also received this amazing package of GNC goodness the other day.


OMG. OMG. OMG. Love GNC and their products and I’ve already created a new protein cookie dough recipe and a high protein pumpkin muffin with this stuff. Recipes coming soon.

Here’s a little preview.


Um yeah.


This also showed up on our doorstep (during naptime of course so the dog could bark and wake the boys up).


Yeah, those egg whites I ordered at the IDEA expo arrived.

Curious how they ship ginormous gallons of egg whites?


I got suckered into getting the cool pump too.



I think I’m set for while. Egg whites just rock. Although I’m not sure I’m a fan of this muscle chicken.


Check out those nutritional stats. I’ve turned to eating more of them as a protein source since limiting dairy. It’s a good thing we have two refrigerators.


Too bad I still need to get through these egg whites before I open my first big jug.


Ha ha.


And (yes, there’s more)…….

this is what STUFT Daddy brought home for me from his garden.


I know, right? I’m so lucky. He said it was like the Garden of Eden. I’m not to sure about that reference, but he is THE MAN.


He’s also the man who gets beat up by huge cranes at work while trying to artificially inseminate them. Check out his bird bruise.


(We’ll find out if he reads today’s post. Ha ha.)


Happy day dinner.

I picked up a little something else from Costco for an easy dinner for the guys.


They said it was pretty good.

I was feeling guilty for not getting enough veggies in for the boys yesterday so I made a little banana/spinach soft serve for dessert.


I know it looks gross, but oh well. In the soft serve was a frozen banana, a handful of spinach, a little agave and some cocoa powder. I just blended it together in the Magic Bullet.


The combination works really well as a smoothie too if you add milk (like the STUFT Tots Chocolate “Milkshake”).



I roasted brussel sprouts for the first time ever last night. People have been talking about them for awhile so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see if I could burn something new.


I just put them on the pan with my zucchini noodles.


I was too lazy to get out the new gadget from Costco, but copied my friend Mama Pea and her genius way to cut zucchini.

I sprayed the noodles and brussel sprouts with cooking spray and seasoned them with garlic salt, garlic powder, Italian spices, oregano, nutritional yeast and crushed red pepper (since it was back in the house).


I roasted them at 375 convention setting for about 20 minutes or so. I would think 400 for the same amount of time would work too, but I’m no expert. I burn everything.


Look at these though. They reminded me of roasted cabbage.


My special cut noodles turned out quite nicely too I might add.


Impressive, yes?

I topped it with my normal marinara sauce, chicken, fresh basil and a little more crushed red pepper.


Yep. Yum. I’m pretty sure I’ll be having it again tonight. Not pictured was my cheese less sandwich on the side. It was on my instagram pic though. Side note- How awesome is instagram? I love it.


Okay, dang, someone needs to shut me up. My posts are way too long. Oops. It’s so much easier for me to blabber on about the daily happenings than specific posts.


The 5 Premier Protein winners chosen by random.org from yesterday’s giveaway are:

#57- Yo Momma Runs

#94- Kaitlin

#109- Jillian

#34- Tammi

#51- Emily


Email me at stuftmama@stuftfitness.com with your shipping information and I’ll forward it along. Congrats!


Reminder- You have until 8 pm tonight to enter the second chance Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project Giveaway.

And.. two of the winners from the original giveaway haven’t claimed their invite yet. If they don’t claim them by tonight I will have to give away their invites since they expire on the 15th!!! Make sure you didn’t miss it! Check out the winners here.

Oh….. and if you have any fun Flat Kitty pictures you want to send me for a summer fun Flatterday post, I’ll try to get one together. Just email me a picture with a quote so I can cut and paste (and a link if you want to be linked up).


Have a great day!!!

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  1. 1

    Love those fiber one brownies, so good!! Roasted Brussels sprouts are soooo good! Awe kitty was shy!!

  2. 2

    Is that nutritional yeast your put on your roasted veggies too??? (haha or brewers in your case)….so the egg whites you got, are they in liquid form?? I guess that would make sense with the pump, I’m just really ansty to hear all about them so I can run out and get some, I put egg whites in my oats every morning, and eat lots of egg white omelets, love protein from eggs! The boys are so cute with their Starbucks cups! Oh and I got my mizunos today!! I had just got back from a run when they came, now I want to go out again to use them!! They are awesome!!

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Nutritional yeast- not brewer’s yeast, although I’ve been trying to fit both in here and there. I love egg whties and oats, but haven’t had time in the morning lately. But.. I did recently put it together the might before and then microwave it. I might have to try that again. Yeah that you got your Mizunos!!! Woo hoo!!! Let me know how you like them!

  3. 3
    Erica says:

    I love that your posts are long 🙂

    That pic of kitty and you is just adorable! Photos that don’t look ‘perfect’ are my favorite.

    I’m also officially putting egg whites on my grocery list now!

  4. 4
    Samantha says:

    Actually the photo of you and kitty is pretty cute! I am jealous of your boys’ desserts. Break them in young on “ugly” food. LOL.

    Hooray for brussels! I love when I have some burned running away leaves.

  5. 5
    Rhonda says:

    Hang in there with the potty training. It was a long haul with my oldest but she’s 11 and does just fine! 😉

    I’ll be happy to take any of those Mizuno invites off your hands any time. Y’know, just trying to be helpful.

  6. 6

    I really need to roast brussels sprouts and broccoli. I have both just waiting to be used.

  7. 7
    Sara says:

    I hope you like the brownies! I just got a big container from BJ’s Wholesale (do you have one of those in Cali? I love BJ’s and Costco. When you posted about BJ’s (the place to eat) it always confused me because our BJ’s is just a wholesale place!) Anyway, they had a coupon and I love them. 90 cal + Fiber + Chocolate, yum! Hope that variety is good too.

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh man, I still haven’t tried those brownies yet. 🙂 We don’t have a BJ’s Wholesale. Maybe it’s a good thing though since I already do enough damage at Costco. LOL.

  8. 8

    Yay, egg whites! You know I’m an egg white lover too! gotta get that clean protein in! Dang Stuft Daddy, that’s one heck of a bruise. Those birds must not have liked getting poked in their lady parts!

    Oh, so guess who started running with me this week? Tony! Seriously, not only did he start running, but he actually keeps talking about how great he feels from doing it and how much he’s looking forward to the next run! I know, shocking!

  9. 9
    Melissa says:

    How can one NOT claim their fabulous prize? I’m jumping up and down over with my hand raised here in the crowd so you can see me, you know, just in case you need to re-give one away.

    I am in LOVE with Kitty! I told my hubby about him and he said, absolutely not. I’m pouting. 🙁

    Good luck on the potty training!

  10. 10
    Kristy Doyle says:

    I swear, you are my blogging idol. I don’t know how you do it, but every post I read from you, the whole time I just can’t wait to get to the comments and talk about everything! So, here we go:
    1. I want your cat. I LOVE him.
    2. I love the Fiber One Brownies, but I haven’t had the cookie brownies yet.
    3. I need those huge jugs of egg whites, or at least just the big carton like you have. The grocery store I go to just has tiny cartons, I go through those in NO time. Guess I need to go to Target.
    4. Brussels sprouts are my favorite. I eat them every single day.

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I LOVE your comments!!! 🙂
      1. You can borrow Kitty anytime. STUFT Daddy might pay you to take him.
      2. I still haven’t tried the cookie brownies yet either.
      3. Yes, you do need big jugs. Ha ha. Yeah, those teeny egg white cartons- that’s just silly to maek them that small. It’s not stinking coffee creamer. 🙂
      4. I think brussel sprouts might be my new favorite too!!! Soooooo good! I never knew.

  11. 11
    Sherry A says:

    I love the egg whites and the pump makes it so much easier. I need to get some more myself. Brussels sprouts are awesome, can’t believe you have never had them. Roasting is my favorite way to eat them. Good luck with potty training. Working on my 3 yr old. I’m convinced he will still be wearing pull ups when he goes to high school:)

  12. 12

    Those waldo shirts rock…
    Espresso cubes? Yes! Magic Bullet? Yes! — I’m surprised you haven’t come up with a way to combine coffee and crushed red pepper. Sounds nasty, but if there is a yummy way to combine them, I’m sure you’ll discover and take a wonderful photo of it. I have faith.

  13. 13
    Kathy says:

    I made my zucchini noodles….I baked them on 400 …and they didn’t turn brown/burnt at all like yours…I actually was kind of going for that look since I usually like things a tad burnt…oh well, I tasted them and they were great….yes, I did post about it too. 😉

    Also, went to ALDI yesterday and bought some crushed red peppers for .99!!! Wow, was I excited…now, I get to be a step closer to really eating like you. hahahah!

  14. 14
    Francine says:

    Kristin, don’t blame yourself for the boys’ potty training…. well, maybe if they are 12 and still in pull-ups, which they won’t be!!! They will do it when they are ready. I had every potty incentive under the sun… potty charts, potty books and dolls with a potty, kid potties that rang a bell if they peed, new panties, and prizes and candy. I stayed at home for days in a row, over and over. And still nothing would make Marissa go like I thought she should, or had heard she “should” at age 2. Then the day she was three, she did it on her own. (Of course, I kept reminding her days before, that when she was three, there would be no more pull-ups.) She was so stubborn, she could have just ignored me again, but she didn’t. Kailey was closer to 2 and a half. By the third kid, I had heard boys can take longer anyway, so I just briefly introduced it to Shane at 2, then laid off of him, and he trained on his own by 3. Who gives a darn if they are trained at 12 months, 2 years or 3?! It doesn’t matter in the scheme of life. Don’t be so hard on yourself with everything. Know you are doing a great job!

  15. 15
    Linda says:

    I never liked brussel sprouts till I met my husband. We do a light marinade of EVOO, salt & pepper in a grill pan and then on the grill. And yes, sometimes we add red pepper! They come out so good!!!
    And zucchini, I made a yummy zucchini lasagna. The zucchini replaces the noodles. I use ground turkey sautéed with onion, carrots, peppers and garlic. Add basil, oregano, more basil and oregano and then I used low fat ricotta and rosemary asiago (my new favorite hard cheese from Trader Joes).
    Your posts are definitely not too long….so fun to read!! And how anyone could not have claimed those Mizunos yet, I have no idea. But I’m ready for a few more opportunities to win them!!

  16. 16
    Susi says:

    Kristin–you are my new ‘guilty pleasure’! I love your posts and am getting inspiration for my weight loss and fitness journey. Is 57 too old to start? I am going to try your dip and muffin recipes…they look yummy! I am a huge Bob fan too!! I just bought his book. Is it too bold of me to ask if you could have him sign it for me on your next trip to LA?? No harm in asking. Dolnt worry about the potty training. I was freaking out when my son was 3 and not potty trained yet. I finally got a grip on myself and realized he would not be going to college in diapers,—-he then trained by 3 yrs 2 mos. I think when you take the pressure off yourself, the pressures off them, and waalaa (sp?) they’re trained. I love the Premiere Protein bars–chocolate peanut butter and the yogurt peanut are the best. I’ve not learned to love the drinks yet. Also I want a FlatKitty!!! I love your cat!!!

    • 16.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      57 is definitely not to old to start. That’s just silly. 🙂 Susi- I will totally get your book signed (or try to anyway). If i go this week I’ll try to touch base with you somehow. 🙂 I’ll bring you a Flat Kitty and some protein bars to church. I might just need a reminder though. 🙂 Yay!!

  17. 17

    That muscle-y chicken is a little scary. I’m thinking he’s been GMO’d.
    I should try roasting something like that. I just do not enjoy veggies like “mmmm let me just eat this whole pile of broccoli with my dinner la-de-da”. Uck. I literally have to put my spinach in pancakes and make an effort to get things like tomatoes, bell peppers and onions in. Only recently can I eat tiny salads. I’m such a freak. I think I could burn the crap out of some squash and get it down. Stupid vegetables.
    I like that your posts are long. I feel like I settle in to read your posts. They are kind of a commitment, lol, in a good way. 🙂

    • 17.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Ha. Stinking vegetables- I think they’re so much easier to eat when they’re burnt. LOL. Thanks for making a commitment to read my darn lengthy posts. I need to shut myself up and do some laundry or something.

  18. 18
    Lisa says:

    Yay for a smiley day! I hope your day goes just as well today!! So jealous of your new mandoline slicer! I want one of those bad! You can make zucchini chips now!! Awe that is so cute of your reader to send you the best ever starbs! And even matching cups for the boys! I’m thinking I definitely need to be placing an order for giant egg white jugs, since I am too obsessed with those things. Yum, yum. The zucchini and roasted brussels looks like my fave meal ever. Brussels are the tastiest roasted.

  19. 19
    Amanda N says:

    I love roasted zucchini and have been wanted to try brussel sprouts too! how were they? You have massive amounts of egg whites. I guess we’re going to be seeing lots of egg white meal pictures huh? I love your long posts and the way you write. Reminds me a lot of myself actually 🙂

    • 19.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      They were awesome! I even bought more brussel sprouts at Trader Joe’s the other day.Yes, brace yourself for a lot of egg whtie pictures. Ha ha.

  20. 20
    Erin says:

    What did you think of the Brussels sprouts? They are my favorite! I make them nearly every week and have started adding onions and garlic. I just do olive oil with a little salt and pepper. Yummy!

    My friend orders those egg whites but in chocolate. She drinks them. Sounds a little strange to me but she said they are really good. It would take me a LONG time to get through that many egg whites. I know you’re up for the challenge, though. 😉

    Andrew has an interesting job to say the least. Inseminating cranes. Yikes.

    • 20.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      They sell egg whites in chocolate? That’s weird. They were sampling some chocolate stuff though and it wasn’t that bad. Hmm…..
      I’m sure there are a lot of people jealous of Andrew’s job. LOL.

  21. 21
    Stacey says:

    Wow wee that is a lot of egg whites!!! I’m heading out the door in 5 mins to venture around costco!! I love you posts!

  22. 22

    I had to read the artificially inseminating cranes sentence several times. I forgot he worked with animals first and was trying to figure out what that meant in reference to building cranes. 🙂 My brain is tired today, if you can’t tell. 🙂

  23. 23

    Woohoo! I won some yummy stuff! Thanks, stuft mama, for all of the great giveaways! Still keeping my fingers crossed for some Mizunos.:)

  24. 24
    teabagginit says:

    i’ve never gone to costco without discovering something else i “needed!” just think of all the time you’ll save by using that new cool tool – see, it’s saving you money (because time is money, after all!)

  25. 25
    Jessica Jones says:

    Yay! I’m so glad the boys liked their cups:) oh and thanks to you I drove to 3 stores looking for those choc. Chip brownies lol of course target had them!:)

  26. 26
    Jessica tan says:

    Love your posts!! Reading about the boys n diapers makes me laugh! I can only read w envy with the obscene amount of choices you get for health foods in your grocery stores!! In Singapore, we don’t have the population size (4.5mil) to sustain such varieties but we get loads of freshly farmed veg n even fresh meat n live seafood in our markets so I can whip up healthy meals abeit it takes abit of prep time. I log on to FB everyday hoping to catch your posts, that’s how much I love reading it n learning about stuff from you!! Thanks for doing this for all of us!! Blessed weekend!

    • 26.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Jessica- nicest comment ever. 🙂 Thank you. Cool that you get fresh veggies and meat in your markets. It would be so hard for me to be away from all the usual variety. 🙂 Thanks soooo much for reading. HOpe you had a wonderful weekend.

  27. 27

    All those egg whites are cracking me up!! Love it! I want some of the stuff from his garden. That looks amazing!

    • 27.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I know, that garden is insane. And… those big muscle chickens on the egg white containers crack me up everyday when I open the fridge. LOL.


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