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Flatterday Eats and Adventures

Flatterday Eats and Adventures


Flatterday is back. Try to hold back your excitement, okay?

I actually think I only did a Flatterday post once, maybe twice, but it’s a nice change up from Flat Kitty Friday, yes?

It makes me smile a bit. Hopefully it does the same for you.

I had high hopes of getting this written before boot camp, but a couple guys were up way too early over here for a Saturday morning (as seen here).



Yesterday’s workout was 10 slow miles in my new Mizuno Elixirs.


I had to take them for a test run before The San Francisco Marathon next weekend.

Today’s workout my boot camp class I teach and a quick 4 miles on the treadmill.


Here’s some eats as of late from this neck of the woods.


The boys and I made some low fat red velvet cupcakes the other day.



While I tried to stay away from the Dunkin Hines cream cheese frosting in the tub for the cupcakes,

I clearly have a new obsession with this vanilla dream protein frosting and this GNC egg white protein powder.

Yesterday the “frosting” went on pumpkin protein cookie dough (along with some peanut butter).


Which reminds me I have an updated protein cookie dough recipe using my new GNC protein powders so I should probably share that with you sometime soon.


Check out where the protein frosting ended up today. Oh yes. That will be on my next post for sure. Don’t blame me though for the tease. Blame Flat Kitty.


Ha ha.

I’ve been making that Yum Hum Dressing quite a bit. The other day it was mixed with this kale from Trader Joe’s.


I let it sit in the fridge for 8 hours or so and then served it up with some roasted zucchini noodles (and broccoli slaw and roasted brussel sprouts) and chicken and topped it with Brewer’s yeast.


I used it again the next day with these turkey lettuce wraps.


Again, thanks to Laura for that recipe.


We tried a new wine last night from Costco for our date night.


It was okay. Not my favorite wine, but it tamed down the heat from the broccoli slaw stir fry I created with just a few of our hot sauces.


Ha ha.


This is how I did up Chinese food last night.


And this is the new coffee I opened this morning from Jessica for my perfect summer mocha (iced of course for summer and all).


I brewed up those delicious beans in my stovetop espresso maker in pace of espresso. Pretty tasty.

Since it’s Flatterday and all, Flat Kitty and I were up super early today to try to get some pictures.


That’s Pat the parrot behind us. Yeah. It’s Pat, you know, like from Saturday Night Live? We rescued him (or her) awhile ago.

Oh and lovely deodorant mark on my shirt. I just noticed that. Lovely.


We got distracted by my ghost chili pepper plant that doesn’t seem to be producing any ghost chilies for me quite yet.


Darn plant.


Oh and after I ate a huge serving of summer surprise cookie dough dip this afternoon I ate a big bowl of microwave popcorn.


I topped it with some butter spray, nutritional yeast, Slap Ya Mama and some cayenne.


It was good stuff.


And although these PR bars are not dairy free and I didn’t have one today, I’ve had a couple recently that have been good.

I got them from the IDEA Health and Fitness expo the other week. (I have yet to fully recap the expo. All I’ve talked about is egg white jugs and outfits).


I had the chocolate mint one the other day.


They kind of have a lot of sugar, but they taste really good. It reminded me of a thin mint cookie.


I had tried the apple pie one in the car yesterday.


Why do I show you these awful pictures?



Flat Kitty made a few visits recently. His first one was to Jessica’s house where he tried to sneak some of her fat free biscuits with chocolate gravy and PB2 on top.


Lucky cat.


And he got really lucky when he got to accompany about 40 middle school students and 4 adults to Tampa, Florida on a science-related trip.

Susan was nice enough to share all the photos and recap the Flat Kitty festivities for us all.


Thanks for sharing Susan.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


And can I just say one more time that this whole potty training thing is really not that fun.

Not to name names or anything, but one of my guys sees to have it down while the other one could give a rip.



Question: What’s your favorite popcorn topping?

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  1. 1
    Annie says:

    Not going to lie…. I have popcorn at least 4-6 times a week!!! I love it and the quickest low calorie snack around! White cheddar is delicious if I want a salty snack, or I occasionally spray some cooking spray and put Splenda on it for a kettle korn taste! Cinnamon-Splenda is good too 🙂

  2. 2
    Emily Butler says:

    I have an obsession with fat free kettle corn, oh my goodness, I was actually finishing off a bag while reading your post haha, I don’t put anything on it, just enjoy the entire bag, except Judah has been sharing with me lately, so it bums me out when I only get part of the bag anymore haha. Those turkey wraps look amazing I could have really went for something delicious like that today but I was feeling SO lazy with cooking today.

  3. 3

    I’m really pretty good with any topping. Your’s looked very inventive! If I have to pick, it would be cinnamon/sugar combo.

  4. 4
    Amy says:

    May have to try your toppings…mine usually is some cinnamon. Just went to GNC yesterday and bought the Vanilla Egg Protein. Excited to try it and your frosting recipe!

  5. 5

    Those are awesome Flat Kitty pictures! He is really getting around! I never have popcorn but naturally I’d probably nooch it up. Aw it’s gotta be my buddy Judah that does not like the toilet. 🙂

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I miss your Flat Kitty pics. I need some with your goo creations. 🙂 And actually your buddy Judah has got it down. It’s the other little rascal that’s giving me a run for my money. Have a great day Sara!!!

  6. 6
    Becca says:

    Hi Kristen!

    I was thinking of training for the Disney full Marathon. I know you’ve said before that you do not follow a training plan, but I’m looking for a little advice. Jeff Galloway has a Disney beginner program that is 28 weeks long, and has you running 3x a week, and every other week is a long run.

    For example: Week 10 Mon. Rest Tue 3 mile Wed Rest Thur 3 mile Fri. Rest Sat 11 miles
    Week 11 Mon. Rest Tue 3 mile Wed Rest Thur 3 mile Fri. Rest Sat 3 miles
    Week 12 Mon. Rest Tue 3 mile Wed Rest Thur 3 mile Fri. Rest Sat 13 miles

    Number one: I run about 4-5 times a week so I’m not sure if 3 days is enough. However, I have only run in a half marathon so maybe this is a better strategy for my first full?
    Number two: I usually run at least 3x a week at 4-6 miles for my short runs then one long run at the end of the week. This has you only running 3 miles for short runs.
    Number three: I run a long run once a week and this plan has you running a long run every other week.

    Sorry so many questions. 🙁 But I figured you would definitely be the expert. 🙂

    Thank you!


    • 6.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Okay so I’m definitely NOT an expert, but my advice (again, not an expert so my opinion)…

      If you’re already running 4-5 times a week I wouldn’t necessarily go down to 3 unless you feel like you need to.
      A long run every other weekend when they get to be elonger might not be a bad idea, in fact I think most plan alternate the long run like that.
      A short run of 3 miles total seems short to me (if you’re only running three times a week), but maybe that doesn’t include the warm-up and cool down? 🙂
      I would say take the training plan and combine it with what you’re already doing. That’s usually what I do.

      Email me any questions or anything…. kristin@stuftfitness.com
      Good luck and have fun training!!!

  7. 7
    sarah says:

    Ppeanut flour and dark chocolate chips is one of my fave ways to flavour popcorn! Truvia and salt also makes for awesome sweet’ n salty popcorn.

    Don’t worry! Both your boys will be potty pro’s in no time- its just a tricky stage , but you’ll be past it soon:).

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I love both those popcorn topping ideas. Mmm….
      Potty pro’s huh? I’ll let you know when that happens. I wish they could just stand and do it on their own. It’s such a process.

  8. 8
    Lisa says:

    Kitty is being adventurous lately;)
    I actually don’t eat much popcorn. When I do I usually top it with some cinnamon+stevia+protein frosting, or nooch+coconut oil. So good. I should pick some up possibly!

  9. 9

    I love that there are young and older people with flat kitty pictures! Clearly flat kitty spans generations!

  10. 10
    Susan says:

    Kilmer Middle School LOVES Flat Kitty!! We had such a great time with him on our trip! He will definitely be “attending” middle school this year! Stay tuned for “Flat Kitty goes to Middle School”.
    Made cinnamon crisps today-most came out great, however, there is definitely a fine line between”done” and burnt… I seemed to have missed that line today….will try again! The crisps that “done” were great!! Love the recipes!

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh man, I burn mine the majority of the time. Ha. It’s such a bummer when it happens though. Thanks so much for the fun Flat Kitty adventures!!! 🙂

  11. 11

    I still need to print out my kitty! I love popcorn. I love it with carob powder sprinkled over it! Didn’t even think about the Slap Ya Mama!! totally doing that!

  12. 12
    Kristina says:

    Love the coffee – Amelia’s surgery was in Verona, Italy 🙂

  13. 13
    Miz says:

    that first picture started MY DAY (stalked you on FB) and made me SMILE GIGGLE and framed the day fantastically.

  14. 14
    Samantha says:

    I love the kale + hummus/ACV idea! I will have to try that.

    LOL on kitty in the hurricane booth. That is a pretty awesome photo journal. I loved it. 🙂


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