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Impeccable Timing

Impeccable Timing


Well, what do you know, as soon as I say I want to write shorter posts I feel like chatting all about my day yesterday.

Ha ha.


Yesterday’s Workout:

3 mile treadmill run (it was supposed to be 5)

taught 45 minute BOSU class at the gym

taught 1 hour boot camp (kid friendly) class at home


Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve still been eating this cinnamon sugar breakfast STUFTwich pretty much daily.


And an iced perfect summer mocha every morning. Yesterday I left it in the freezer a little too long and the espresso mixed with my favorite cocoa powder got a little too icy.


Yeah, nice timing. Not only do I burn anything and everything, but I leave things in the freezer too long.


So, it’s no secret we’re doing the whole potty training thing around here. I’m happy to report that Judah is in big boy underwear. We’re doing diapers at night time only. (I know you were dying to hear an update.)

Unfortunately Joaquin is not quite there.

We’ve had a few more of these instances (not on the treadmill again thank goodness). I’ve regressed a bit and put pull-ups on him to prevent having to spend every waking minute following him around. Please don’t judge. And, by the way, is it possible for a toddler to pee every 5 minutes? What is up with that? Maybe he’s got a skill.


The boys and I had a pretty full schedule yesterday and my man Judah definitely did not win the impeccable timing award with the whole potty situation.

Let’s see, when did he have to go “pee pee” or “poo poo” in the potty?

On our way out the door to the gym. We got to the gym 20 minutes later than planned. My 5 mile treadmill run became a 3 mile one.

Then right before we left the gym.

Then five minutes later just as we were all buckled up in the car. It was then that I whipped out the travel potty in the gym parking lot and let him do his thing. Is that okay? I mean, that’s what you have to do, right?

Then we went to Costco. Sure enough halfway through our trip it was that time again. I’m not even kidding. We had to leave our cart, follow the maze to the darn bathroom, spend a good 10 minutes in there making sure everyone got the chance to go, and then attempt to resume our shopping.

I kid you not that he had to go again when we finally got to the check out line. Luckily he got distracted by holding the receipt for me and looking for the lady to draw a happy face on it. Phew.

At home, 15 minutes into his nap, he had to go “poo poo” in the potty again. I guess I can’t get upset. I understand and have been there before during a marathon. Ha ha.


I’m definitely entering into the next chapter of mommyhood. Why did I think it would be easier than diapers?


I have to show you a couple of my finds from Costco.

I’m so excited about this salad.


The boys were too (check out their excitement here).

I doubt I’ll make the actual salad with the dressing they give you and other goodies that come in the bag, but I will be roasting the heck out of that stuff or making my own salad dressing. Stay tuned.

Other purchases were 4 loaves of my favorite bread.


What can I say? Alpine Valley Multi-Grain bread is the best bread ever and we ran out the other day. It wasn’t pretty. Since it freezes well I figured I’d stock up.

I stocked up in my favorite wine, Ménage a Trois, too.


And I can never pass up a Costco chicken.


We also bought the last pack of underwear we could find. They had obviously been opened and two pairs were missing from the bag so I asked if I could get a discount.


I got them for $5 instead of $10. Thank you very much. I sure know how to work it. Ha.


After all the working out and shopping I scarfed down this salad for lunch.


Kale mixed with Yum Hum dressing (prepared just like I did the other day– mixed together and refrigerated for at least a couple of hours) and a Boca burger on some romaine with a tomato, some red onion, some Slap Yo Mama seasoning and some Brewer’s yeast.

I followed it with a nectarine with cinnamon


and another STUFT protein crispy treat topped with low calorie peanut butter frosting (made with PB2) and a scoop of PB Crave Cookie Nookie..


There are no words. It is THAT good. And those chia seeds in there that get stuck in your teeth for hours. Just marvelous.


Later we had a little boot camp session in the back yard and I introduced my workout ladies to my new friend The Ultimate Sandbag.


I’m pretty sure they loved him and the new moves we did. I’m also pretty sure they loved the BOSU burpees, BOSU mountain climbers, stairs and V-sit variations.

He he.

The boys and I also shot another video workout with this gem of a sandbag. I didn’t get head butted in the crotch this time thank goodness, but the boys did have squirt bottles. Good stuff.




Dang Kitty got out again.

Not good friends.


He’s getting smarter and faster and the boys are getting worse at keeping the screen door shut.


The rest of the evening in Kitty’s world was this.


Ha ha. Just waiting for another escape.


And to finish the night off I managed to burn a Costco take and bake pizza.


Yeah, I’m that good at burning things. I also burned my roasted zucchini noodles.

I don not have impeccable timing with my oven.

My poor boys.


Okay, gotta go. We’re officially kicking off “staycation” week today. Woot woot!


Do you have a favorite Costco “go to” food or new find?

I used to be addicted to the Costco jalapeño yogurt dip. Man I miss that stuff. 

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  1. 1

    Have a wonderful staycation! I haven’t tried that wine before but I’ve heard it is amazing – looks like I’ll have to pick up a bottle now!

  2. 2
    Miz says:

    welllllllll the child is addicted to COSTCO DRIED SEAWEED.
    I love the child.
    the scent of the seaweed makes me want to…uh…well…vomit 🙂

    may the staycation include some joint vlogging for us??
    Ive gots time next week!!

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh my gosh- mine too!!! We even made a “seaweed monster” video of how they munch it down. 🙂 I like it too though. 🙂
      Um… and yes to the joint vlogging. That would be AMAZING!!!!

  3. 3

    At least your consistent with the burning…..your boys won’t even know the difference! 😉
    Costco has great salsa (Kirkland’s) and it is MUCH cheaper than at a regular grocery store and these salmon patties are the best. If you like boca burgers you will LOVE these.

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      We just had Costco salmon patties the other night. Too funny. They’d been sitting in our freezer for months. So good though. Good point about the whole consistency thing. Ha ha.

  4. 4

    I love this Ginger salad dressing that I got at Costco last month – it’s delicious, low cal and healthy!

    I also love all the samples haha

  5. 5
    Kathy says:

    Hey I feel for ya with the potty training thing…we just made a bit of an impulse decision and brought a new puppy home with us from the cabin. YIKES! He’s a 6 pound mini dachshund~adorable ~ and loves laps but the house training…full time job and totally forgot the night time issues. (Whining so much b/c he wants to be with us and NOT locked in the mud room by himself.

    **It won’t last forever….It won’t last forever…where’s my drink?….It won’t last forever…** HA!

  6. 6

    Is it possible to not leave the house for a month while potty training? I think that’s my plan. 🙂

  7. 7
    Jessie says:

    I find it so amusing how you can honestly burn anything!! I think I need to buy you some sort of kitchen timer that you can keep on you to let you know the food is done!! haha 🙂

    This post has me wondering about who was potty trained first between my brother and i (I’m a twin). I think I may have to write my mom an e-mail and ask.. I’m so curious.

  8. 8

    Haha, I knew Joaquin would be potty trouble…he reminds me of Max in so many ways! Those boys are awesome and I want some Star Wars underwear! I would totally pee pee on the potty in order to wear those! Enjoy your men today!

  9. 9
    Kristy Doyle says:

    Can kitties wear sunscreen?

  10. 10

    They just started building a Costco here and I’m thinking I should check it out once it opens…is it like a Sam’s Club? Better? Do you need a membership to shop there?

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yes you need a memebership, but it’s the best place in the world. 🙂 I don’t know quite how it compares to Sam’s Club though. 🙂 You HAVE to go!!!

  11. 11

    whew mama your day is exhausting 🙂 i’m working two jobs and training, but i say anything that adds the words potty training wins

  12. 12

    Oh my, and I’m sure you dropped your mocha after this post so timing is not giving you a break huh?? I hope your staycation has all the good timing! Enjoy it! 🙂

  13. 13

    So I am curious about this kid friendly neighborhood bootcamp you do. I am in no way qualified to run one but I am interested in how you got the gals together. I would be totally motivated to work out harder if I was leading a little group? Thoughts? Anyone? 🙂

  14. 14
    Janet says:

    I’m so sorry to thank you for the giggles this morning!
    I remember the boys potty training. It will come for Joaquin…..not too many 18 year olds wearing pull-ups, right? (except maybe when they are running a marathon? 🙂 ) Hang in there! No judging- you have to “work it out” however you can! Hugs!

  15. 15

    I buy that yogurt dip every time I go to Costco – it’s amazing!

  16. 16

    Yay for staycations! And I don’t think anyone could judge you on going back to pull-ups. With 2 boys having to “go” constantly, that’s a full time job in itself! And no worries about burning things, I weirdly like food a little burnt… My roommates used to get so mad when I’d “accidentally” burn my popcorn and stink up the kitchen.

  17. 17
    Amanda N says:

    At least one of them has got it down. Joaquin will get there too! My mother always said I was very easy to train, she started and after a day or so I said I wanted big girl undies and never needed a diaper or had accidents! My sister though….she took a while and when my mom wasn’t paying attention I would help her put a diaper on haha I am the older sister, I thought I was helping!

    That yogurt dip sounds good. Looks like I need to find it some where since there is no Costco here.

  18. 18

    I’m impressed with how well your Judah is doing! I just started potty training my Judah today (I even splurged on a bunch of goodies to make it fun) and so far all that has happened is he snuck outside and peed on the sidewalk and pooped on the back patio, haha he’s going all primal on me. At least his older brother tried it out twice so we know the new potty works. But the beginning on potty training is the hard part, Levi was only potty aimed since last summer (so he was OVER three years ) and now he runs to the bathroom himself, he even gets up in the middle of the night to go. He still bugs me in the middle of shopping trips to go haha, but when we enter a store I ALWAYS ask him if he has to go before we starte roaming the store!

  19. 19

    I need to go to Costco (never been). It is like a mystical land I hear about, but never go…

    Pretty soon you will be through the potty training!! I swear it will all be over soon. Heck my 4 year old still has accidents – UGH! So there is something to look forward to… REGRESSION! 😉

  20. 20
    Laura says:

    I hear you on the potty thing… I started pushing it but now that we’re closer to 2 1/2 than 2, she is not interested in doing anything unless it’s her idea. So I’m backing off, but realizing that right now diapers are still easier… so many places we go do not have bathroom options (playgrounds, grocery store, etc) and I’m okay waiting a little longer. I hear most boys are ready closer to 3 so I wouldn’t worry if one of them is not up for it yet.
    I’m drooling over your crispy protein treat!

    • 20.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Totally realized diapers are easier yesterday when we were out and about all day. Holy smokes did we spend a lot of time in public restrooms. ha ha.

  21. 21

    are you going to do videos using your sandbag? I made my own, but would love to see some of your favorite exercises with it

  22. 22
    Lisa says:

    Have a great and safe staycation! You deserve a little break.
    Enjoy it!
    Gosh kitty just isn’t giving you any breaks is he?

  23. 23

    Honestly with boys it is a waste of time trying to potty train..for me anyways…we tried and tried and he would go outside no problem…we live on a farm…but then it was like one day he decided he was going to be potty trained and he never had problems after that…weirdest thing..someone told me boys decide on their own when they want to be potty trained…

  24. 24

    Haha, your potty training stories are too funny!

  25. 25
    Samantha says:

    Oh my gosh! The burned pizza. I bow down to the master. You have officially exceeded I think any of my worst disasters. 🙂

    That is rough with indoor kitty and kids. Especially since your kitty actually wants to get out.

    I watched two kids in potty training at the same time only the were different ages and “stages” one was more just trying to get there. One needed wiping help. It was exhausting and they weren’t even mine. I didn’t think it was possible to spend so much time in a bathroom. I sometimes wonder if kids either don’t get the signals correctly in the need to go or if they just don’t know how to empty the bladder completely while in there. Anyway, good luck. Hopefully he will catch up to his brother (awesome on the discount undies).

    Your boot camp sounds awesome! 🙂

  26. 26

    Don’t worry about using the potty in the parking lot – vehicle tires and trees work just as well especially with boys 🙂 Just make sure the tires belong to your own vehicle of course!

  27. 27

    I just discovered your blog and I have been enjoying reading it! I, too am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I’m a stay at home mom to my son, who is almost 2, and I ‘m just starting my own wellness coaching and personal training business, as well as a blog. I loved reading your very first post because I related to so many things that you mentioned! I look forward to following your blog!

    I love Costco’s yogurt jalapeno dip, too! I love Costco, but I hate when they discontinue items. 🙁


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