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The Morning Coffee Routine and the Expo

The Morning Coffee Routine and the Expo


So, it’s Sunday and I’m in a rambling mood. Hope you don’t mind.

It may be because my brain feels like it’s going to explode with everything I’m super behind on sharing.

I even bombed on doing a Flat Kitty Flatterday post yesterday. Maybe I’ll get my act together next week.

Oh well.


Workouts the past couple of days.


8 miles on the treadmill at home while watching the first half of this movie.



taught a boot camp class

a quick 2 mile treadmill run at the gym

taught 40 minute HIIT Y40X class

taught 25 minute back 2 abs class


Since I’m drinking a perfect summer mocha right now I thought you might want to see how it’s done here.


Depending on the morning I have two different methods. Last year I was smart and made espresso cubes. This year, I’m just not as smart. Go figure. Here’s the mocha low down.

If I have time I actually brew the espresso (or this coffee) in my stovetop espresso maker.


I love this thing. Oh, and I grind the beans up first. Sometime with a little “help”.


Where are his pants?


Then while it brews I measure out my milk (because I like to measure like that).


I usually do 1/2 cup light vanilla soymilk and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk.

Then I combine the espresso with the 2 tablespoons of my favorite cocoa powder in a separate mug and stick them both in the freezer.


Sometimes my brilliant freezer idea doesn’t turn out so well. Usually though, after about a half hour I combine everything with 2 tablespoons of some Torani sugar free syrup. I have just a few to choose from at the moment. Ha ha.



I keep mixing the milk with the chocolaty espresso so I don’t miss out on any chocolate. Ha ha.


My favorite sugar free syrup of all time is almond (if you care).


Ta da!


If I don’t have time for all this mess, I go the instant espresso route.


I just combine a tablespoon of instant espresso and two tablespoons of cocoa powder with about 1/4 cup hot water.


Add my milk, my syrup and some ice cubes


and viola.


(I should really fix his ear.)

It takes about 2 minutes. Then with my extra time I go outside in my pajamas and take some pictures.


And say hi to Pat.


Ha ha.


So since it’s been a week since I ran The San Francisco Marathon I figure it’s time to show you the expo.

You can read all about our other San Francisco shenanigans here.

In true STUFT style, we got to the expo at approximately 4:30 pm on Saturday. It closed at 5.


We like to live dangerously. Ha.


I love race expos. I get all giddy and excited to see what products are going to be there and what new friends I’m going to make.

STUFT Daddy doesn’t quite feel the same way about them.


He’s a good sport though. He even took some pictures for me and was the genius behind snapping this picture by sneaking up on the side while everyone else waited in line to get a better one with the cool sign.


We were late for goodness sake, we didn’t have time to wait around in a line.


Some fun things we found.

Yurbuds sports earphones. I’ve been hearing a lot about these and want to try them, but taking a picture at their booth and getting my hands on a little fan was all I could do.


Vega protein was there too.


I’ve only used a few of their protein powders and didn’t realize they had so many other options. I’m a big fan of the fact that they’re plant based and dairy free. The vanilla chai flavor makes the perfect pumpkin protein dough. They were nice enough to shoo send me away with a few samples of their performance protein powder.


I pretty much ran to the Clif booth.


I had to profess my love for all their MOJO bar flavors and let them know I had some packed in my travel bag.



I walked away with an extra Chocolate Coconut MOJO bar. Score.


They also had my new favorite BIC Bands there. Aren’t they just so so cute?


And wouldn’t you know the samples they were giving out at the Nuun table were my two favorite flavors- Lemon Tea and Kona Cola.


Um yeah. They know what’s up. Here’s how I do these two flavors up at home.

Mama’s Vanilla Kona Cola

After-NUUN Tea Delight


Andrew spotted this guy. I guess he’s a bit hard to miss. I don’t even know what he was there for, but I had to take advantage of taking a picture. I mean we were pretty much the same height and all.


Then I found the Ink N Burn set up. They were super nice there and let me try on their new denim jacket.


Ha ha. How fun would it be to run in that thing? They have some super cute stuff so hopefully I can get on their good side.



And well, since we only had about 30 minutes there, STUFT Daddy survived and was still smiling when we were escorted out at closing time.


He smiled all the way out the door until I decided we should try to ride the free bus to get closer to our hotel.


It didn’t get us very close. Oops.


It was fun. Too bad we didn’t have more time at the expo. But it probably saved us some dough.


Okay, gotta run. We’ve got some laundry to do, a little run to get to and some gourmet green pancakes to make.


Have a great day!!!


Do you have a morning coffee routine?

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  1. 1
    Becca says:

    Ummm Amazing Expo! As soon as I saw the Cliff Bar stand I knew you’d get a Chocolate Coconut. 🙂 Who wouldn’t? Those things are gold around here.
    I’ve never tried Nuun before, what are the benefits of using them? I have tried Vega Protein in the Berry Flavor and it’s pretty tasty. I’ve actually made an iced mocha with Starbucks espresso. I work at Starbucks so I get the coffee perks. 😉
    I still prefer my Sun Warrior protein but Vega makes wonderful products.

  2. 2

    Do I have a morning coffee routine?? 😉 Thank goodness it’s not as complicated as yours, lol. Just hot black coffee with a little almond milk. I do have a special Starbucks mug I use though. Love your thirty min run through the expo. All your favorite stuff was in there!

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    I do but mine is so much more simple. 😉 Coffee pot…grounds….water…filter…push go and wait to add sugar free creamer…done! See I am so simple I guess others may say boring but whatever.

    Just in case you were wondering or if STufT Daddy didn’t tell you YOU rocked that jean jacket look…really cute! You weren’t serious about running in it though? Or can you and the material just looked like a jean jacket? Hmmm..

  4. 4
    Amy says:

    My coffee routine is exactly like Kathy’s above 🙂 Simple. I always program it the night before so it’s ready when I wake up.

    Love the jacket! Looks great on you!

  5. 5

    Haha that is a LOT of work for some coffee – but it’s the simple things in life, right? Love it. I hope you and your pants-less boys had a great weekend!

  6. 6
    Sherryrk says:

    Grind fresh beans, brew in Kreig into my insulated Starbucks mug then add milk and ice. Depending on how the morning / week is going then I add a tbsp of Torani vanilla or caramel syrup. I too want to make coffee ice cubes but always forget. I will be soon thought bc I am dying for some coffee ice cream!

  7. 7
    Jessie says:

    Mmm so many yummy goodies :] Love that you & Stuft daddy rode a bus in hopes to bring you closer to your hotel. How funny!

  8. 8
    Miz says:

    checking in on you.
    hope it is a week filled with HAPPY TECHNOLOGY


  9. 9
    Lisa says:

    Love your coffee routine! Mine is just go to starbucks and pick up my americano haha. Not as much work.
    Yours does look MUCH more delicious though!! I love how it gets all slushy like.
    That expo looks great. I love that you got free vega samples. You’re right their vanilla chai is definitely the best for protein dough!


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