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Wacky Wednesday Winners- Pictures, Eats and a Workout

Wacky Wednesday Winners- Pictures, Eats and a Workout


I’m not implying that the winners (announced at the end of this post) from The Chia Company Chia shot giveaway are wacky.

I am implying though that we, the STUFT family, are a wacky bunch.

Let me just show you.

We do wacky things.

We play outside. On the table. In the dirty dog water.


We have an impromptu “birthday party” in the car on the way home from the gym complete with singing. Nice happy birthday hats, huh?


We talk Grandma D into giving Kitty a bath.


We make messes. This one had something to do with the fireplace.


We wear Spanx under workout clothes.


Wait, I guess that’s just me. But…. it’s my new thing and now I want a few more pairs of these Spanx. I was hoping I could get hooked up with some free ones, but instead I got this tweet.



We use our T. rex arm to stuff our face with an entire bag of microwave popcorn on the way to the gym.


Oops. I guess that’s just me too. This popcorn had butter spray, a stevia packet and some cinnamon on it.

Since I’m speaking of just myself, I also made a little spicy STUFTwich version yesterday that was thrown together in about two minutes, but came out better than I thought.


Egg Wack Spicy STUFTwich

2 slices multigrain bread (I use my favorite bread)

1/2 cup egg whites

1 tablespoon brewer’s yeast

hot sauce

seasoning (Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning, Bagel Spice, Ghost pepper salt, etc.)


I’m fairly certain I’m going to be eating this again as soon as I finish writing this. I think I’ll try it in my sandwich maker this time (if you care).

I also sampled some new EnergyBits that I got in the mail the other day.


These EnergyBits are made from 100% spirulina algae and have a very high concentration of protein. They’re 1 calorie per tab and are supposed to help with energy and endurance (among many other things). I like the whole idea behind them and the nutritional benefits they have.


I tried them out yesterday afternoon before a little boot camp session.


It says to chew or swallow 20-40 bits when you need a quick high protein mini meal or energy boost. For some reason I expected them to taste like mints, they did not. They tasted like algae (or seaweed). I took 12 of them (1 serving). They got me through boot camp and through a little run afterwards, but I think I was too tired beforehand to actually really tell if they gave me an extra boost of energy or how they truly made me feel. I’ll have to try them out again soon for another little test. It might just be today. I’m hurting already.

You can check out all the benefits and information on these cute little bits on the website.


And now, well, we have a little Wacky Wednesday Workout for you. It’s a five minute full body workout with the Ultimate Sandbag again. We taped this awhile back and I wasn’t going to publish it, but it’s just that kind of day today, so here you go. It’s a really fun, quick workout that can be done at home. If you don’t have a sandbag, you can do it on it’s won or with a set of hand weights.


Video notes:

There’s a short ad at the beginning of the video. You know, I’m trying to see if I can afford an extra bag of the sweet kale salad this week. Ha.

I get head butted by Joaquin at least 3 times.

Don’t mind my short shorts and my wardrobe issue towards the end.

Yes, STUFT Daddy is drinking a beer on the patio while all this is going on.

If you watch the whole thing, you’re a really great friend.



Come do this wacky workout with us! 🙂




If you’re not into amateur workout videos, and you want to workout with my best friend Bob instead, check out this Team Bob video.


I guess I better tell you the chia shot giveaway winners before I go.

Here are the three winners:



Congrats! Email me your address at stuftmama@stuftfitness.com and I’ll get your shots to you.


Have a wonderful day friends!


Don’t forget to enter the Reebok custom shoe giveaway here:

Reebok Custom Shoe Giveaway

And send me some Flat Kitty roasting pictures for the Flatterday roast this weekend. He he.

We’ve been busy roasting over here to get ready for the post.


I’m off to see what wackiness the rest of the day has in store for us.

Anything wacky going on in your neck of the woods?


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  1. 1

    My life seems like one big wacky moment after another. If it wasn’t, what fun would that be? 🙂

  2. 2

    Oh my, my- I LOVE the video! I watched the whole thing- partly because your workout is awesome and now I want a sandbag- but also because those two high energy monkeys are HILARIOUS and I wanted to see what they would do next. 🙂 When Judah said “Hello” in the beginning my heart melted! They are just TOO CUTE.
    Awesome workout. And seriously- you’ve sold me in the handlebar sandbag.
    PS- love your captions in the video. Hope Daddy enjoyed his beer.

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Lauren- you are too nice. You should have seen that guy just kicking back with his beer while we taped that. No help at all. Ha ha. Thanks for watching. Next time I should wear a cup, yes?

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    Yes…it worked great….even though you didn’t know it did…time to work out now…I had to watch the whole thing first. 😉

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh thanks Kathy. You are too kind. 🙂 Let me know if you do the workout!!! 🙂

      • Kathy says:

        Well, yes I did the workout…platypus walk was awkward at first but then it burned and felt great…burpees always kick my butt ….loved it…I did two sets…10 minutes was all I had today!


  4. 4

    I really though the energybits helped me – I felt much more alert for my early morning runs. I’m saving the last serving for Friday.

  5. 5
    Annie says:

    Love that you are enjoying the cinnamon and stevia popcorn. It is for sure my go-to snack…but to be honest when I am done with the popcorn, I usually lick my finger and rub it in the bowl to get the rest of the cinnamon and sugar! I can’t let any go to waste…but sshhhh dont tell, it is kind of gross…or wacky 🙂

  6. 6

    You and your t-rex arm just kill me. I liked the energy bits, but no chewing for me. Bleh. Also…egg whack spicy stuftwich? LOL

  7. 7

    Oh your videos are just the best 🙂

  8. 8
    Kanoe says:

    I watched your video the whole way through & let me tell you your twins are SOOO CUTE & HILARIOUS HAHAHA!!! Really liked those moves though. Might have to add those to an at home workout as well. Ahh wardrobe malfunctions aren’t they great. Thanks & have a great day :-D!!

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yeah, did you see my bra pad popping out? So silly. Who publishes something like that? Oh yeah, me. Um… and I LOVE your name.

      • Kanoe says:

        HAHA yes I saw the bra pad part… classic might I add! That’s something that would happen to me… trust me LOL! Thanks on my name. It’s Hawaiian. Full name is Kanoelani 😀

  9. 9
    Amy says:

    Yay another sandbag video! Thanks! Now I just need to order mine 😉 Your videos crack me up!!

  10. 10

    I love your video! It reminds me of the craziness in my household! My husband would be drinking a beer, too! 🙂 I haven’t used a sandbag, but after watching your workout, I totally want to get one. Also, where can you find the energy bits?

  11. 11
    Sara says:

    Curious–do you buy light butter low-fat microwave popcorn and then add those toppings or is it plain?
    And I plan to make the boys’ chocolate milk that you posted earlier to enjoy while watching America’s Got Talent!

  12. 12
    Angie Miller says:

    You made me laugh this morning!! omg, how cute was that video. I totally want a sand bag now!!!! Making that b-day list for the hubbs. lol Thanks for sharing, sometimes 5 minutes is all the time you have!!!

  13. 13

    I’m not sure how I would feel about chewing something like that for energy…not sure. Sounds like you guys had some serious wacky times! Life is fun…especially with entertainment from toddlers!

  14. 14

    LOVE the video! Laughing my booty off! I just think it’s so great that you let your lil guys run around and play during your videos. Totally shows that you’re more concerned about being with them, than perfect videos every time. Plus, it’s just so much more “real” for us to watch. No excuses, if you can find the time, so can your readers. Keep it up! PS-Fav comment “I don’t think this video is working.” Lol

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