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The Expo, an Apology and a Giveaway

The Expo, an Apology and a Giveaway


Holy long day yesterday.

It started a little something like this.


It was closely followed by an iced summer mocha and a triple layer cinnamon sugar breakfast STUFTwich.


That sandwich just doesn’t get old. My manicure, however, is another story. Don’t look closely.

So, yeah, I know I wrote in my last post that I wasn’t going to write my daily workouts. Well, I’m a liar. I don’t think I can not write about them. Yes, they may be a little excessive, but it’s my job, my therapy and well, STUFT Daddy says I better start winning some money soon in some of my races, so I have no choice but to train and try to compete. Ha ha.

So…. thank you to those of you who left comments saying you like reading about it. You all made me smile. If you don’t want to read about my workouts you can skip down to all the other crazy chat. I’ll put some extra pictures of Kitty or goo in so you’ll still be my friend. Ha.


Friday’s Workout:

7 mile run on the treadmill at the gym


I attempted to do a little reading, but it wasn’t that easy. I don’t know how people do that on the treadmill. I managed to fumble through a few pages of Self Magazine and saved a bunch of things I wanted to share with you all, but I’m too lazy to get up and get my magazine at the moment. Isn’t that nice of me.


I do know that I was inspired by this little blurb on Dara Torres. She gives me hope for figuring out my love for racing so late in life. I would like to be her, but with running.


After the gym yesterday we made a little pit stop.


Oh yes we did. I read about the whole soft drink deal on Skinny Runner’s blog the other day. I’ve been craving a ginormous diet soda since.

So yeah, I took the boys through the drive thru for the first time. I got them each their first Happy Meal. I got myself a large Diet Dr. Pepper.


How’s that for a health and fitness blogger? I’m not proud, but one stop for a Happy Meal isn’t going to make or break our life long health. We had an expo to get to and well, I just really wanted a huge diet drink.


Some cute toddler conversation on the way (in case you care):

Judah, “Mom, we’re going to get your race packet?”

Me, “Yes.”

Judah, “That is going to be so fun.”

Me, “Yes, I know baby.”

Judah, “Are you really excited Mom?”

Me, “Yes, yes I am Judah.”

Judah, “I’m really happy Mom.”

Me, “Me too.”


Love that guy.

Love Joaquin too, but he was too busy shoveling a plain cheeseburger in his mouth for any car conversation.



America’s Finest City Expo.


I’m so glad we went yesterday. It’s hotter than dump here right now so it would not be very pleasant in that circus tent of a thing.


It wasn’t crowded at all. Thank goodness because I do not do well maneuvering my double wide stroller these days.


These guys were not as thrilled as usual about the whole packet pickup thing.


So after picking up my race number and cool goodie bag,


we went searching for some samples.

Thank you Rise Bar for being there.


And thank you for not only letting me come back for multiple samples for the boys, but for pretty much feeding me lunch while I tested every single bar. I would like some more of those please.


After we took one too many samples we made a quick stop at the cute Running Skirts booth.


I have one of their shirts. I wore it to my very first date with “my boyfriend”. Their stuff is so so cute. Not to mention the lovely ladies behind the brand are so nice and stylish (and they’re super fast).


Oh hey look, it’s my opposite twin mannequin.


She’s got way more than a Handful. Ha ha.

Our favorite Halo hats were there too.


Friends, that sweat block technology they’ve got going on in their hats is no joke. It’s hard for me to run in any other hats now.


Naturally, I professed my love for their hats and how they do such an amazing job of keeping sweat off my face for the umpteenth time.


Even these guys know what’s up.



These guys also know what’s up with Bic Bands, which just happen to be the coolest headbands around.


I’m wearing one right now in fact. See.


I know you were just dying to see my sweaty mess right now. It’s hot here, I taught two classes this morning and now am pigging out on some fudgy STUFT protein cookie dough with an almond milk café Americano on the side. So classy.

So the Bic Bands. So so cute. Love them.


Pretty much want one to match every outfit I have. And Sandy, the amazing lady behind these bands is a runner herself and such an inspiration.


They’ll be more on the bands coming up this week because I’ve got a little something for you.


So the expo was fun.


My only purchase was a few Bic Bands.



We also went to Trader Joe’s on the way home yesterday and I’m pretty sure you don’t care, but I’m still upset about the fact that they were out of broccoli slaw. Why does that happen?

Oh I know, because I freaking forgot my bags.


Why can’t I remember those?

We bought a bunch of other veggies instead. Last night while the boys ate leftovers


we roasted a big mix of portabellas,


green beans and some Costco sweet kale salad.


I actually didn’t burn it for a change.


(I roasted all these veggies the same way I do roasted zucchini noodles or roasted broccoli slaw.)

It came together marvelously with some marinara, crushed red pepper and fresh basil.


It also went well with this Cupcake Red Velvet wine.


And was followed by a pretty hefty dessert with a couple Vitatops and some low calorie ice cream with some frozen frosting.



Something that didn’t come together so well last night was my poor sign from the Carlsbad Marathon 2012 I found laying around.


The only remnants I could find of Flat Kitty that used to be on there were these manboobs of his.


How sad.

Speaking of Flat Kitty, his very first debut was last year at this same expo. Pretty funny. Check it out here- A Debut.

I’m feeling really bad about not getting that Flat Kitty roast post up. I don’t have a good excuse except that it’s been a rough week emotionally and physically and I just haven’t gotten around to it. And now I have a really early morning tomorrow with the race and all.

All I have for you is this picture of Flat Kitty with my ghost chilies from last Saturday (Flatterday).


And a picture of my chilies from today.


I think they’re almost ready. I will not be messing with them tonight though. Not a good idea before a race and goodness knows I already have my share of issues.


So I’m sorry about the Flat Kitty roast thing. I’ll get to it sooner or later.


In the meantime I’m hoping a giveaway will help.

I kept a little something from you. I got something else at the expo yesterday- a pink Halo sports hat from the wonderful Halo people.


I chose pink to match my new Reebok tank (from this post)


and to go with my new Pro Compression socks (from this post) because I like to match like that.


And….. I didn’t get just one super cute pink Halo Sports Hat, I got two.


Yes, two.

One for me.

One for you.

You know, so we can be twinsies.


(And yes, the Halo people are just that awesome.)


All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave me a comment here telling me where you’d wear this Halo hat or something fun you’re doing this weekend.

Feel free to tweet this post for an additional entry if you want and mention @stuftmama.

Also, feel free to give our nice Halo friends a “like” on their Facebook page here just because they’re awesome and their hats rock.

Halo Headband Facebook Page


I’ll pick a winner Tuesday morning. Open to U.S. residents only.


Oh… and I haven’t heard from the winner of the Reebok custom shoe giveaway yet. Check the bottom of the post here and make sure it isn’t you.

Okay, I’m off.

Time to make my outfit is clean for tomorrow’s race. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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  1. 1
    Anna W. says:

    Hiking with the husband and the dogs tomorrow. I would wear that awesome hat on a hike, for sure!

    Your boys are too sweet and your veggies look yummy:) Have a great rest of weekend!

  2. 2

    awww, melt my heart with that conversation between you and Judah. Seriously, does it get any sweeter than that?!

    I could that hat to good use walking around campus all day. New semester starts on Monday so it would be perfect timing! 🙂

  3. 3

    haha that first picture reminds me of when Lori and I were young. There was always one twin that was happy and one twin sad.

  4. 4
    Claire says:

    Oh I have been dying to try Halo hats! I would wear this cute pink one at the 5k I am going to do in September on my birthday! It will be my first 5k in over 5 years!

    Good luck in your race tomorrow!!!

  5. 5

    I would wear it on my runs to keep the sun out of my eyes. They’re adorable, love the pink!

  6. 6
    Jen Weaver says:

    The better question is… Where wouldnt I wear it! I’ll wear it coaching track, so I can stand out even more around all the boy coaches! I’ll wear it in Indianapolis at the marathon and at the Nashville marathon and I’m not going to lie, I’ll wear it at the grocery store too!

  7. 7
    Maria says:

    Oh my goodness…I sooooo need a hat! I would wear it to my very first half marathon in October and during Ll my training runs up to that race. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. 8
    Cindy Graves says:

    Could use the hat to keep the sweat out of my eyes on runs here in MS. where the heat and humidity are craaaazy!!! You have adorable boys. Love your blog and recipes!!!

  9. 9
    Tammi says:

    I’d wear that awesome hat during my early morning runs, so I dont scare people with my crazy bed head.

  10. 10

    I love Pink! I’d sport that bad boy on a fabulous run! like the LR I did today! 😉

  11. 11
  12. 12
    Laurel C says:

    I’d probably wear my Halo hat on sunny runs or to the beach, both of which I’m doing this weekend!

  13. 13
    Laurel C says:

    I also like their facebook page!

  14. 14
    amanda daley says:

    I will be running the AFC as well as 5 miles before. Using it as a training run for Long Beach. I would LOVE to wear this hat on my next journey the 3day walk! Perfect color!!

  15. 15

    I would wear this hat everywhere, Lord knows I need a new one…like, soon (tmi?).

  16. 16
    amanda daley says:

    i like Halo on fb

  17. 17

    i live in 100 degree arizona, that hat would be lovely to keep the beating sun off me while i run! and i love pink!

  18. 18
    Kristin M says:

    I would wear that awesome hat in NYC!!! This weekend I’m beginning my vacation in Virginia Beach it would have come in very handy this week!

  19. 19
    erika spratt says:

    Well I wish I had that hat to wear tomorrow when I’m running the AFC! It would match my pink running skirt!

  20. 20
    Alexandra says:

    Awesome hat!! It would be perfect to wear on my run tomorrow since its hotter than hades in Florida right now! I have a goal to run 6 miles tomorrow…which sounds like nothing compared to what you do! You’re amazing and such an inspiration!!! Don’t know how you do it all!

  21. 21
    Andrea says:

    Id wear that hat during my training runs and upcoming half in October! Cow town in Sacramento and CIM in December are up next for me!!! Most of my runs are spent pushing my 3 year old while listening to Rafi…might need a hat to hide my exhaustion as well as keep son out of my eyes 🙂

  22. 22

    I’d wear this while running my next race!

  23. 23

    Well of course I’d wear the hat on my runs! 😉

  24. 24
    Liz says:

    Just realized (from your treadmill pic) that my new running shoes (I got them at Road Runner last month) are the same as yours! Yay for Mizunos! I bought a Halo visor for our very hot 1/2 tomorrow and my mom got an awesome Halo headband for spin (love Expo finds)! See you tomorrow, meet you at the potties ;), happy running!

  25. 25
    Janet says:

    The boys are just too cute, even when they are grouchy! I always wear hats when I work out or jog- my hair doesn’t look as cute as yours, even in a cute headband, I just look funny! SO, I would wear it jogging and if I DO WIN this hat, I will wear it at my first 1/2 Marathon in October!!
    Ps/ It is never too late to start something-C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…”. Heck, I KNOW your’e not older than me (47) and I’m just getting into this running thing!
    Love & Hugs!

  26. 26
  27. 27
    Megan S. says:

    Love that hat! Great to wear when I’m outside coaching or even running!

  28. 28
    Rhonda says:

    Aww… when you post stuff about the boys it makes me miss when my girls were that age. Today is my “baby’s” 9th birthday. I don’t know where the time goes.

    I would be your twin with my pink halo hat at the Erie Marathon at Presque Isle on September 16th. And I’d tell all my runner friends where I got it. (even the ones that don’t care)

    Also, I love that you said, “hotter than dump.” 🙂

  29. 29
  30. 30
    Tracy says:

    I would wear my Halo hat every time I go for a run outdoors or just enjoying the great outdoors? Love the color!

  31. 31
    MilaMarney says:

    I’d wear that hat during my upcoming early morning runs on Block Island, my favorite place in the world to go with my family. And I think I’d look might fine, running alongside the shore as the sun rises 🙂

  32. 32
    Katie says:

    I just started following your blog and I love how candid you are. I’d much rather follow a fitness blogger that is real and relatable than one who is seemingly perfect. 🙂

    I am currently training for a 10 mile run and I would wear that awesome pink hat on my long run tomorrow. It will be my longest run to date, 6 miles!

  33. 33
    Nicole says:

    I love Halo! You inspired me to purchase several head bands, which are fabulous at keeping that darn sweat away from my eyes – drives me bonkers! …. my kids and i are currently in training mode – my first 5k and kids 1 mile fun run. 🙂 Tomorrow is another day of getting out there and working it!

  34. 34
    Ren says:

    Super heartwarming conversation with your little one! And by a funny coincidence, I tried a Rise bar for the first time today. I had the macadamia nut & pineapple. I thought it was fantastic, unfortunately, my tummy didn’t agree :(.

  35. 35

    I would wear my halo hat on a run. I love race expos….there’s always such great energy and fun things. Great luck on your race tomorrow!!

  36. 36

    I would love to wear that fab pink hat while attempting to run (I’m a beginner & pretty bad at it right now, lol) or I’d wear it at the gym!
    We spent the day at my parents pool today & had so much fun!! Tomorrow is church, then another attempt at jogging/running. 🙂

  37. 37

    I tweeted about your giveaway!! LOVE your blog btw! 🙂

  38. 38
    Joy says:

    Good luck at your race!! I know you’ll end up posting a super-speedy time! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    I love that pink halo hat and I would wear it proudly on the streets in New York when I’m running. I love to wear bright colors and this hat would totally make me happy.

    And…totally off-topic…I thought of you today when I saw this on the Athleta website (don’t know if you have ever shopped there, but you came to mind when I saw this sponsorship opportunity). I don’t know if you’d be interested in checking it out, but here’s the URL: http://www.athleta.net/featured-athlete-faq/

  39. 39
    Jessica Jones says:

    Good luck tomorrow I know you’ll do amazing! I definitely would wear this hat to my next half marathon! And I ran a half marathon today it was called hell of a half and the race stuck to its name! Lol

  40. 40
    teabagginit says:

    i’m celebrating my engagement this weekend! picked out a dress pattern with my mom and having a big dinner with the family tomorrow!

  41. 41
    teabagginit says:

    I tweeted! and good luck!

  42. 42
    Kathy says:

    OK..that was an awesome long post…thanks for not going short on us or keeping us out of your workouts…it gives me inspiration girl. 😉

    Now, my weekend plans….well, today daughter and I walked our psycho 2yr. old dog and our adorable almost 4 month old puppy 2.5 miles around a nearby lake. Everybody wanted to ohhh and ahhh over the puppy while psycho was trying to attack them or their dog they were walking. ** NOTE to self….leave psycho at home next time to give puppy more people time**

    Tomorrow I am making a zucchini chocolate cake for daughter’s birthday (that is on Monday…the big 13!) I can’t wait to eat the cake and to have another teen in the house.

    Finally, what would I do with the HALO hat???? Wear it constantly when I RUN of course….I have a big issue with sweat and I totally need one of these…even if I don’t win can you work a deal to get a discount code from them in case I have to buy my own? THANKS! Totally want to be your TWIN! 😉

  43. 43
    Kathy says:

    I liked them on Facebook too….please, please put in another entry for me!! thanks again….

  44. 44
    Cassie Britton says:

    I was actually thinking TODAY on my run that it would be nice to have one of those, while I was wiping the sweat out of my eyes….so on ANY of my runs I would use it!

  45. 45
    Christy Diller says:

    I think that this is timely as school is starting and lord knows I won’t have it together to be presentable at preschool drop off without a hat….especially a cute pink one, that I can use for a run following said drop off since I will be done to one kiddo and he happens to actually like the jogger…

  46. 46
    Stephanie says:

    Cute hat! I’d wear mine out on the run. This morning was down at Belmont Park, but I’m training for the new USA Women’s Half Marathon next month!

  47. 47
    Ashley says:

    I would wear my Halo hat every morning while I’m walking/running with my dogs!

  48. 48
    Christine says:

    I would wear that hat on my long runs! I rundown a long lOng street with no shade!!

  49. 49
    Beth Petrassi says:

    Okay – with the way I sweat I TOTALLY need one of those Halo things you talk about!! I might have to wear it everywhere – in this heat I mean literally everywhere.
    Also, I just “knowingly” tweeted this article. I have a twitter (?) account, but I have no idea what that means. My computer is 1000% smarter than I so when I hit the little bird thing it said “tweet successful, return to previous page?”. I am so technologically stunted, but good luck tomorrow anyway:)

  50. 50
    Niki Baker says:

    I would wear the hat to Bootcamp of course. :):)

  51. 51

    I’d wear the halo hat while training for the Chicago Marathon, and maybe during the marathon if I love it!

  52. 52
    Tara K. says:

    I’m running my first 10k in October and it’s for Beyond Boobs, a breast cancer charity. That pink hat would be great with the blinged out bra I’m going to wear!

  53. 53
    Jenn says:

    I’ve never run in a hat, but would love to give it a try, especially if it keeps the sweat off my face. I was literally dripping like a faucet in my last workout and that was with a headband.

  54. 54
    Allie says:

    I would wear it while running the Race for the Cure next month. It would be perfect since pink is the color for breast cancer awareness. 🙂 Good luck with your race!

  55. 55
    Tiffany says:

    I would wear it ALL the time because it’s so hot in SOCal I sweat so much and my eyes sting like crazy! I want to stop all the activities i’m doing, but I just got to keep trudging through!

  56. 56
    Amy says:

    I’ve got some races coming up and could definitely use the hat for those. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. 57
    Bethp262 says:

    I wear a hat or visor every single run because I can’t stand hair/bangs on my forehead when I run!

  58. 58

    In honor of you, I’m going to try and run a half marathon with my son in the jogging stroller this morning! It sure would be nice to have a halo hat the next time I do it 😉

  59. 59
    Linda says:

    Been dying to try one of those Halo hats. All my hats are Nike and I definitely could use a new hat! I wear a hat every time I run but I think I would wear that hat to match my outfit in my combined 10k and 5k race coming up on September 16th!

  60. 60

    Those chilis kinda look like Kitty’s manboobs. Too much? 🙂
    Now I’m intrigued about these HALO hats.
    Also, I’ve been trying to find a headband to hold my bangs back while running for EVER. So the BIC bands do the job and do it well?

  61. 61
    Claire says:

    Cute hat!! Perfect to keep that Georgia sun out of my eyes on my runs.

  62. 62
    Becky Przy says:

    I would wear that hat on every run–I still haven’t figured out a solution for sweat in my eyes and I think the Halo hat would be the answer!

  63. 63
    marie says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d wear that hat during my long bike rides.

  64. 64
    Angie says:

    The hat would go everywhere with me. I would start with my morning bootcamp, then the kids bus stops, and of course off to run my errands. It’s so cute, why not? Plus I wouldn’t have to fix my hair.

  65. 65
    Kaitlin says:

    I would wear it for my Race to the top of VT next weekend and most likely for the marathon I’m running October; or during any run where the sun was a little strong. 🙂

  66. 66
    Susan says:

    I will wear that hat at the Disney Princes Half Marathon and at all my runs leading up to that! Coming off a little hip “issue” so will be plodding along slowly but surely … It will definitely go with my pink compression socks !

  67. 67
    Cassidy says:

    I would wear the hat running, it would come in handy since i’ve lost my old and hate having the sun in my eyes while running! Love your blog, you have been an inspiration to me to get back out there and run after I had my 4th kiddo a few months ago!:-)

  68. 68
    Annie says:

    Thank you for posting the workout! I needed the inspiration on this icky, sticky, humid and hot Sunday. 🙂

  69. 69
    maggie says:

    Id wear the halo hat at practice with my college’s cross country team! It’s preseason week 🙂

  70. 70
    Karen says:

    I’d wear the Halo hat during my training runs. I’m training for my first marathon. It’s the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C., held on October 28th. I’m so excited!

  71. 71
    Stacy says:

    I love the pink hat! I would probably wear it whenever I worked out to keep the sweat and my hair out of my eyes!

  72. 72
    Jess says:

    I would wear the Halo hat training for my two half marathons I have planned for fall. I need something to keep the sweat off of my face =)

  73. 73
    Kelsey says:

    I am a hat freak for when it comes to running! I wear one because I can’t stand sunglasses bouncing all over my nose and a bondi band only works when the sun isn’t out. Plus you can’t go wrong with pink! All of my hats are boring white, black or blue (blah). I need a little color to spice up my running life. I have a 10k this coming Saturday that I PR’d in last year and am hoping to do it again. Plus I have my 10th half marathon in October and am looking for another PR! Make me look cute please!

  74. 74

    Uh yea I’d totally wear a pink Halo hat whenever I run, right now i wear northing and my hair is semi short and is always flying all over the place and when I’m done it’s a complete disaster. If I don’t win just ship me that pink sparkly headband 😉

  75. 75
    Bridget says:

    to the BEACH!!

  76. 76
    Amee says:

    For fun this weekend, I just ran a fun 17 miles. And being sarcastic is fun too. I used to wear a hat when I ran, but then it got to be a wet, soggy, and salty mess. So I think the Halo one would be super cool to win.

  77. 77
    Sue says:

    I’d definitely wear that super-cool Halo hat to the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Philly on 9/16. A Rock & Roll race demands a cool pink hat!

  78. 78
    Angie Miller says:

    My boys were in a Surf ‘n Turf soccer tournament on Saturday – (one game in the sand, the rest on the grass) My 10 yr. old’s team won the U11 championship!! Go Stingrays!!!
    That super cool Halo hat would have been awesome to wear since I was out in the sun ALL day!!! If I am the lucky winner, def. will wear it to the other games we will be going to!!!! Thanks for sharing and caring!!! You rock!!!

  79. 79
    Alicia says:

    I would wear it out on runs and after so basically I would wear it all weekend!

  80. 80
    Jennifer Murphy says:

    Maybe this giveaway is meant to be! This is the exact same hat I’ve had on my gift list for, well, ever since you first wrote about it. DIdn’t get it for my birthday… Boo. I would wear it to the gym, and to drop off my kids at school, and to the grocery store, and to every soccer game, and to ballet practice. Should I go on. I live in my gym clothes so this would at least help my cute factor as everything is black! 🙂

  81. 81
    Kristin G says:

    Sure could have used a hat this morning for my boat ride out to snorkel with some manatees! Finally crossed that off my bucket list. What an experience with some gentle giants :0)

  82. 82
    Melanie says:

    I would wear the hat during my FIRST half marathon and during my training! Love your blog!

  83. 83
    Suzanne says:

    I would love to wear that hat during my runs to keep my scalp from getting too much sun!

  84. 84
    Marcia Schultz says:

    I am ruining in my first ever all women 1/2 marathon this weekend and the hat would match my outfit perfectly.

  85. 85
    wendy says:

    Oh my word, that conversation is way too PRECIOUS!!! So sweet! I am dying to try a halo product because I sweat A LOT!! I have some bic bands (which I totally love) but they dont block the sweat well, I still end up with it dripping down my face (classy I know).

  86. 86
    Jessica Drake says:

    I would wear the halo hat on my cruise coming up! It’s gonna be hot and sunny.. Perfect chance for a hat day!

  87. 87
    Jessica Drake says:

    I also tweeted!

  88. 88

    Your boys and you are seriously too cute!! You will be so proud of me… I’m finally able to run again on my knee. I just registered for a 5k next month! That seems so short considering I’m used to running half marathons, but I am swallowing my pride and doing it!

  89. 89

    I was in Boston this weekend, so that was tons of fun! 🙂

  90. 90
    chelsea says:

    i’d wear this hat running of course!

  91. 91
    Kanoe says:

    I love your posts! They make my day LOL! I’d wear the Pink Halo hat running or walking outside or even just running errands b/c that’s just how I roll LOL! But most likely some fun outdoor activity :-D. And I love Flat Kitty too.

  92. 92
    Alex says:

    Id wear that hat to run and then to run errands afterwards because I’m too lazy to shower right away HA great way to go incognito 🙂

  93. 93
    debbie says:

    I love HALO headbands, never tried a hat, but would LOVE to wear a hat while running the Chicago Marathon in October & during training….
    Thank you-

  94. 94
    Tina Friend says:

    I would wear that hat for my first half marathon in Sept.

  95. 95

    Please, please, please never stop posting your workouts or your meals!! Haters gonna hate.
    Love you and your posts!!!!! xoxo

  96. 96
    Sherryrk says:

    Visiting my cousin who is home on military leave from Afghanistan. I would rock this pink hat at the gym and probably the beach too!

  97. 97
    Kathryn says:

    I love rocking hats at the gym! It’s an essential piece of my “business” outfit. And if it’s pink, even better! Thank you so much for all of your honesty on the blog! Always look forward to reading your posts.

  98. 98
    Crystal says:

    I’d wear it training for my half coming up 🙂 Love the pink color!!

  99. 99
    wendy says:

    Tweeted about this!

  100. 100

    Love the hat! I have the same compression socks so we could totally be twinsies 🙂 I desperately need a pink hat!!

  101. 101
    Miki says:

    I could definitely use that hat for my runs! I would support this hat everywhere. Hats are a must when you can’t tame the hair. The color is also out of this world!! 🙂

  102. 102
    Michelle Moore says:

    I would rock that Halo Hat everywhere!
    Although my 14 year old son disagrees…I look cute in hats!
    As for the weekend (if you really care…lol) I canned homemade salsa!
    Seriously labor intensive!
    And I ran a rough 5k Friday evening!

  103. 103
    Annette says:

    I would love a halo hat for a run in the sun around the neighborhood. 🙂

  104. 104

    Ooooo, I need that pink hat for my really sunny long runs. Love the South, hate the sun on my face.

    I call sample tables a toddler buffet. If we hit up costco on a good day, it’s enough to keep them full until dinner time.:)

  105. 105
    Angela says:

    What a fun hat! And it keeps the sweat out of my face? Even better 🙂 my daughter and I have a race coming up that’s a princess theme & I would love to wear that pink hat in it! Great job on your half-marathon!!

  106. 106
    Susi Hansen says:

    Hi Kristen–I would wear that adorable hat everywhere for a number if reasons: 1. It’s pink – my signature color! (great outfit for your run!). 2. I think I beat you on the sweating thing-if I lost weight with each sweat, I’d be thin and gorgeous—just like you! 3. As I am a novice at this working out stuff-even at my advanced age-I need this to look cool!! Also, I think you need to ask Granma D about menu choices when she and Poppa have the boys–may or may not be a surprise to you. AND where is my Flatkitty??? Love you. Love your boys. Love your workouts-I have been following the 5 min ones–no weights yet! Hope the race went well–any $$$??? Haha

  107. 107
    Jill Morris says:

    I would wear the super cute pink Halo hat to run my FIRST race ever in September and while I’m training to run in my first half in September to raise money for WorldVision. I am so excited to finally start racing instead of just talking about it!! The Halo hat would be wonderful in the Texas heat!

  108. 108
    Jill Morris says:

    I also tweeted!! Chirp 🙂

  109. 109
    Leila says:

    Great giveaway! I’d wear the hat for an outside run.. duh!! 🙂 And this past weekend I was supposed to participate in the GloRun 5k (glow in the dark run!) but it got rained out.. boo! Hopefully it gets postponed SOON!

  110. 110
    Kari says:

    I liked the Halo Facebook page!

  111. 111
    Kari says:

    I would love to wear the Halo hat for my Half Marthon next month!

  112. 112
    Sharron says:

    I would love to try out that Awesome Pink Halo Hat!! Anything pink is great with me!!

  113. 113

    I would wear that hat ALL the time!!!

  114. 114
  115. 115

    I need a Halo hat because they are super cute and functional!

  116. 116

    Oh, and I’d wear one running!

  117. 117
    Tracy says:

    I’d wear that cute pink hat EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  118. 118
    Crystal says:

    Looks like the perfect hat for hot summer long runs.

  119. 119
    krystal amanda says:

    I’d wear the hat to the gym or on a run in sunny socal!

  120. 120

    I’d love to give that hat a try, so many of my visors are stretched out, I could use some new headgear. 😉

  121. 121
    Sabrina says:

    I would totally give it to my favorite running partner!! My mom would LOVE it! We are walking in a half marathon on Sept 15, 2012 in Terre Haute IN….The Blues at the crossroads!

  122. 122
    Tracy says:

    Definitely on bike rides with my son in the Florida heat! So cute! And LOVE the headbands!!

  123. 123
    Alexis says:

    I would love that hat for training for, and depending on the weather, racing in my first marathon – ING NYC – in November. That pink is gorge! And I’m the sweatiest person alive! Match made in heaven (me and the hat, I mean).

  124. 124
    HellCat says:

    I would wear that hat…at the Disney Half Marathon coming up Labor Day Weekend! I usually wear all black – black capris, black top, black banded Garmin…it’ll give me a nice pop of super-lady like color. I love love love reading your blog although your cat’s taking some getting used to. Have an awesome one!

  125. 125
    Holly says:

    I’d wear the pink halo hat to walk Diego on a hot sunny day. Even San Diego has a few of those days.

  126. 126
    Kristin says:

    I’d wear that awesome Halo hat on every warm weather run I do b/c I am a sweater!

  127. 127
    Kristin says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway.

  128. 128
    Kristin says:

    I like Halo on FB.

  129. 129
    SarahRuth says:

    I would wear my new hat on my long run…. training for the Marine Corps Marathon in the Texas heat! Lots of sweat.

  130. 130
    leslie says:

    I’d wear it on my outdoor runs. Thanks!

  131. 131
    lorie says:

    I would wear it all the time for my hot runs in Florida and workouts. I need a new hat and one that stops the sweat from running in my face?……I need it now!

  132. 132
    Hannah Bowen says:

    Hi Mrs. Stehly!!!! You might remember me as a student of yours at Bear Valley. I’ve been reading your blog ALL summer (pretty religiously, I might add) and you have been so inspirational to me in making sure I dont fall off my team’s training routine during the off summer months until I go back for my last year in college!

    I’m on the rowing team for my university and I have to say that I would wear that lovely pink hat pretty much every morning and afternoon while we train and row on the water . You know, while you row you cant use your hands or arms to wipe off the sweat from your face (cant take your hands off the oar). So rowers pretty much have to choice until the piece is over, but to let the sweat drip uncontrollably. You can only hope your hat will absorb the sweat. Its a tough life. =)

    • 132.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hannah- Of course I remember you!!!! 🙂 How awesome that you’re on the rowing team! I’m so glad you read the blog! 🙂 Yeah, sounds rough if you can’t wipe your face or anything. You definitely need a Halo hat. 🙂
      Congrats on being on the team and almost being done with college!! Where has the time gone? Crazy. I must be getting old.

  133. 133

    I’m doing a triathlon this weekend!

  134. 134

    weekend was great. Went to the grand canyon.

  135. 135

    I would wear the Halo Hat to a CrossFit WOD or running outside!

    BTW, I love the wine! We got that at Trader Joe’s a while ago and really enjoyed it!


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