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America’s Finest Half Marathon 2012 Recap

America’s Finest Half Marathon 2012 Recap


Well hello friends.


Ready for a little recap action?

If you’re not, well, I apologize in advance.

Last night…

I made myself a little homemade cheese less veggie pizza with some of Trader Joe’s wheat pizza crust. On the pizza- Classico pizza sauce, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, jalapeños, fresh basil, Italian seasoning, garlic salt, crushed red pepper and nutritional yeast.


I also roasted a crap load of non dairy kale chips and green beans.


I topped everything with a good amount of Cholula and Scotty B’s Ghostly Garlic sauce.



That’s right, even the night before a race. I like to live dangerously. Actually, last year I lived a little too dangerously and had a few um, shall we say, issues around mile 12. I don’t really want to talk about it, but the full recap from last year has a the details.

I sat by my lonesome on the couch with a pretty gourmet paper plate set up


and watched some good quality TV.


Do you know what show that is?

Yeah, I ate by my lonesome because conveniently STUFT Daddy had a little bachelor party in Vegas all weekend. He’s got good timing, huh? Just like he had to leave town for “work” for the La Jolla Half Marathon. He must be figuring things out.

So this morning Grandma D and Papap had race duty with the boys and I. I’m pretty sure they were thrilled.

I was up at 4:30 am after the boys and I were up from 3:30 am to 4:00 am. Supposedly Judah had to go “poo poo” (he didn’t) and Joaquin had a horse in his bed that scared him. Say what?

Luckily I got my race outfit ready the day before since I wasn’t thinking clearly this morning after not very much sleep.


Reebok Workout Ready Long Tank (find it online here)

Handful Sports Bra in black

Lululemon Turbo Run Shorts

my new Halo Hat in pink

*Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win that exact same hat here.


I was thinking clearly enough though to froth my milk


and put together a café Americano for the road.


I also threw my little version of cold egg whites and oats in a cup and top with a little Naturally More and a half of a banana.


Same old, same old in the car. I did manage to shave my moustache though and file my nails during the 40 minute ride. I’m pretty sure the following three pictures are the best I’ve ever taken.


Once we did the drop off, I barely had time to wait in the port a potty line 


ask a stranger to take my picture,


and then choose one of the short lines for the last few shuttles.


I got lucky and got one of the last seats on this double decker.


Here’s a few shots from the ride.


Once we got to the race start at the beautiful Cabrillo National Monument, I hit up one more bathroom line and asked yet another stranger to take a picture.


Then my Mizuno Elixirs and I were on our way for our next “brilliant run”.


The first mile I fumbled around a bit with my phone and the Nike+ GPS app. It gave me a chance to get a few action shots though.


It was darn hot. Even with a 7 am start time, by mile 2 I knew it was going to be tough. I started out slow on the first mile trying to dodge my way around some people, then went a little too fast to try to make up for it.

By mile 9 I felt like I needed to let up a bit because of the heat. I was hoping to PR and still at mile 10 I thought I might be able to, but it didn’t happen. Oh well.


That’s pretty cool from that Nike+ GPS iPhone application. I just realized you could do that.


Some thoughts along the way:


Why are so many other people wearing pink? I thought it would make me easier to spot at the finish.

It’s freaking hot.

San Diego is one amazing city.

I should’ve gotten more sleep.

Hmm….. at what mile will I feel like I’m going to barf? (It was mile 7.)

What’s for dinner tonight?

I wonder if everyone else thinks the cool straps on my tank top are as cool as I do?

My mind is tired and can’t focus, but thankfully my legs just keep going.

Please don’t have to stop to use the bathroom.

Beavis, all this water is getting my shoes dirty.

Where the heck is some stinking shade?

Oh no you don’t little lady. You are not going to pass me at mile 11. Not going to happen.

God is good. God is so so good.


While I raced, the boys had a little excitement of their own.


I’m not jealous or anything.



I finished in 1:34:16.

My friends Jenny and Erin got a couple of action shots.


Thanks ladies!




It seemed like a lot of people had a hard time with the heat, myself included. Can my shorts be any more wet?


Look at these awesome folks. Justin and Erin ran the 5K and both of them rocked it.


Then I met up with these cool guys who were obviously really excited to see me.


Here’s the whole race crew.


It was darn hot so I had to get my Triple Crown medal and make my way to get some samples pretty quickly.


Joaquin came along for the sample hoarding.


He spun the San Diego 6 CW wheel and got to choose any prize he wanted. I was hoping he would choose this.


He went with the big ball instead.


I talked my way into getting a cool face for myself though without even having to spin the wheel. Score.


Unfortunately it was right about then that my sunglasses disappeared and haven’t been seen since. So sad. So so sad.

Do not carry sunglasses on your shirt.

But do approach Dr. Andy Baldwin and tell him how awesome you think he is and that you follow him on Twitter and Instagram and ask to take a picture for the blog.


Ha ha.


Just a couple more words of advice before I go.

Make friends with the tiger.


Visit your favorite Clif Bar booth to sample every single bar and tell them how much you love their MOJO bars.


Strategically take a family photo in front of Clif Bar booth.


Take an additional picture by the Clif Bar van in hope that some day you can work for them. Or just get a lifetime supply of bars. Ha.


Meet up with some more friends, Paul and Laurie, who rocked the half marathon.


Check the results.


Make your family suffer in the heat while you wait for your award.

Keep an eye on your wild child when it’s finally time to accept your award.


Record another race in the books.


Report to the hubby that you got 3rd place out of 581.

Promise him you will work harder next time so you can finally win some money.

Admire your medals when you get home.


Take a shower and put on some Spanx and your cute Love Grown Foods tank top. Take yet another picture of yourself.


Apply some BioFreeze to your legs.


Make this spinach mocha smoothie.


Click here to see what’s in it. I’m too lazy to write it out at the moment.


And finally, call it a day. Or a night actually, because writing the recap post took entirely too long.

Holy cow, I really need to start writing shorter posts.


Hope you had a great weekend.

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  1. 1
    Becca says:

    You are one amazing lady!
    Congrats on your time that is so awesome. 🙂 Today I ordered my first pair of Mizuno shoes and I’m pretty excited to try them out. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size (size 6 is pretty popular) and they had to order them. : ( I’m kind of bummed because I have a race in 13 days and I really wanted to get another long run in, but the shoes wont be available for another week. Just my luck! Tonight I’m ordering some compression socks as well. Everyone I talk to swears by them and my tendinitis keeps flaring up so i think ill give them shot. I tried a lemon tea Nuun tablet today for the first time, and it defiantly wasn’t what I thought it would be (taste wise). Not bad just different, but I think I did feel a little more energized.
    Have a great week!

  2. 2

    The triple crown medal is awesome – one of these years I’m going to do that. Should have this year, really. Oh well!

    You kicked butt in this heat! I was looking at the current temps (some friends were running today, half and 5K) and it was like 77 at 8am in Balboa Park. So I knew it was going to be rough.

  3. 3

    Congrats! 3rd place is amazing, holy cow! I’m going to take my Mizunos for a short brilliant run tomorrow 🙂 Inside. Because this girl does not run (or walk or live) in the heat. Your pizza looks awesome and obvi you’re watching Bachelor Pad. hehe. Love your recap! Get some rest tonight!

  4. 4
    Bonnie says:

    Wow in every respect! You cram a lot into your days with a family and work, friend! 🙂 Amazing finish and speedy time – that’s about my 10.5 miles time! 😉 Loved the race recap and all the free samples – I love getting on that train too. 😉 Have a great week ahead!

  5. 5

    You are amazing!! Your pace is crazy fast! I have the same Mizuno running shoes too but my pace is nothing like yours!!! I got in a 13 miler Saturday:) If you hear from Clif, give them my name too will you! I enjoy one every morning for breakfast along with a banana:)

  6. 6

    Congrats on third place!!! And so sorry about the sunglasses 🙁 maybe cliff will send you bars to make up for it

  7. 7
    Rhonda says:

    Wow! Great job! Enjoy some well-deserved rest. I hope there are no horses in anyone’s bed tonight.

  8. 8
    Jessie says:

    Loved everything about your recap. Great job on the race girl. You are so speedy :). 3rd place is 3rd plac,e and Im sure the hubs will understand that you did try to win the family some $$$$, maybe next time?? Can’t stop laughing @ Joaquin’s dream. You have your hands full w/ those funny kids 🙂

  9. 9
    Liz says:

    Amazing girl! I had some of those same thoughts on the run (especially “where is the darn shade?”). Wish I could have seen you at the finish but so happy we ran into the boys and your parents (they are troopers in the heat!). Love yor race outfit by the way, especially that pink tank! 🙂

  10. 10

    Awesome job! Your race recaps make me want to run as many races as I can – thankfully I have one coming up at the beginning of October 🙂 I ordered a box of the mojo bars today (peanut butter pretzel) and am excited to try them – bars have become my new best friend since having Teagan!

  11. 11
    Jennifer Mykytiuk says:

    Congrats on placing 3rd in your nage group! That is awesome! That looks like a cool race! Love your race recaps! Great pistures too! Way to go!

  12. 12
    Fiona M says:

    What a smokin’ fast time! Please please share how I can get my speed down, actually it is coming down all the time, but too slowly for my liking, what have you done over the years to increase your speed. Also, you have fantastic legs!! Congrats on another great race, and thanks for a lovely race report!!

  13. 13
    Miz says:

    all Ive gots is you amaze me.

  14. 14

    Awesome job!! I think you’re being too hard on yourself…..your time was amazing. 3rd in your age group?!? I would be on cloud nine. WAY TO GO!!

  15. 15
    Kathy says:

    awesome recap….loved, loved, loved all the photos…kind of like I ran the race with you…ha! You would have to haul me out of there in a stretcher if I was cruising at a 7:12 pace like you!!!

  16. 16
    Angie Miller says:

    Way to go!!!! Awesome job!!!! Whenever I read your blog you make me laugh. : ) Such an inspiration!!!

  17. 17

    Rock on my dear – awesome time! I loved your thoughts along the way. So funny what goes through your mind. I got seriously jealous of the a-hole spectators on bikes during one race. I wanted a bike or a wheelchair or even a piggyback ride so bad!

  18. 18
    Kanoe says:

    Great job on your time and getting 3rd place! You go GIRL! I wish… one day :-). And again your posts are hilarious. Joaquin’s horse in his bed??!! I literally laughed out loud while I was reading this at work cuz you know we all have horses in our beds that scare us HAHAHA!! Reminds me of the Godfather LOL! 😀

  19. 19
    Samantha says:

    Good morning and thanks for the inspirational post. Well done in some really warm conditions! I have a feeling our weather is no where near as warm as your (as in not a chance) but in our latest stint of upper 80s and 90s I was getting up and hiking around 5 and still had to laugh that even my boots were soaked. It is amazing to dump that much sweat isn’t it.

    And I hadn’t heard of Dr. Andy Baldwin so it was nice to look him up. Also seems like a very inspirational man.

    Joaquin I hear you on the horse. Some dreams are pretty unpleasant. 🙂

  20. 20
    Annie says:

    Congrats to you on your half! I am impressed how cute you look pre AND post race. I usually look like a mess – I need massive improvement in this area. 🙂

  21. 21

    Oh my goodness I was tired from reading the post. This is why I can’t run way too much is involved and I just can’t pay attention that long.

    Congratulations to you for doing such an awesome job, I hope that Clif bar calls soon (if they don’t maybe Boyfriend Bob will :)!

    Have a great Monday!

  22. 22

    That looks like one super fun race. I have San Diego on my list of cities I want to race in at some point in my life. And my goodness you are superwoman with the running. Can I borrow your legs for awhile?

  23. 23
    Tracey says:

    Please,please, please post that pizza recipe in full details..I beg you:)

  24. 24

    Oh the random thoughts that go through your brain as you run. I think my best stuff comes at that time. Haha! Congrats! You’re one speedy Mama! 😉

  25. 25

    You never cease to amazing me! Congrats on another hardware finish – you are a rockin mama!!

  26. 26

    Congrats on such an awesome race- and placing 3rd! Yay!! Looks like the boys had a blast too. 🙂
    Hope your shoes didn’t get too dirty!

  27. 27

    Congrats to you! And I’m currently addicted to Mojo bars, especially the peanut butter one, ooooooh.

  28. 28
    Susi Hansen says:

    Hey girl– congrats on a great race! You are such an inspiration. The boys are so cute. Bless Granma D and Poppa. Rest up! No more bad dreams J–and both of you sleep in tomorrow!!

  29. 29
    Brittany says:


  30. 30
    Sasha says:

    3rd place – congrats!!! Rockstar with all those medals. Your pink tanktop is really cute.

    Horses in bed? Bachelor Dr. Andy? Photo of the boys on those special police bikes? Joaquin winning a giant yellow ball? You being proud of talking the people into giving you a free cutout of a cartoon head? Yet another classic post from my favorite fitness blogger…you crack me up! 🙂

  31. 31

    You rocked it out as usual! Congrats!!!

  32. 32

    congratulations! I volunteered yesterday, I handed out Triple Crown medals. I wonder if I gave you yours?

    I can’t wait to get my first Triple Crown medal next year. You are amazing for running in that heat!

    • 32.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Ahh….. I’m trying to think. I can’t even remember who handed me mine. Ha ha. Excited for you to get your first Triple Crown medal next year too!

  33. 33

    seeing all your race recaps makes me miss running races…well almost 😉
    and that picture of your boys on the police thing, too cute

  34. 34

    That is an awesome time!! Congrats!

  35. 35
    Lisa says:

    Congrats on the race! You are serious inspiration, my friend!
    Haha, when I nannied the little girl always had mysterious creatures that appeared at night, it was so funny to hear some of the things she thought were hiding out in her room!
    Awe, too bad about the sunglasses! Hate when that happens!

  36. 36

    Congrats on a(nother) great race!!! Such a fantastic time.


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