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Thursday Thoughts and Things

Thursday Thoughts and Things


I got to sleep in until 6:30 this morning. Um, yeah, that extra hour makes a world of difference. It didn’t even bother me that I had to strip Judah’s wet bed right away and clean up a couple piles of Kitty barf. If I’m well rested I can hack it.

Plus I got a little help with the laundry.


Unfortunately, I managed to burn my espresso just now while fumbling my way through my morning coffee routine, but that doesn’t seem to bother me that much either. Ha ha.

Yesterday I officially finished my first huge egg white jug.


Um, yeah, that was faster than I thought. I opened it on this day. That was about a month ago. Holy cow. I’m on my way to looking like that scary chicken. Ha ha.

I also think I might need to look into working for the company since I have a feeling I’ll be a frequent customer.

I finished that jug off the right way though with one heck of a cinnamon sugar breakfast STUFTwich.


My workout yesterday was a 6 mile run on the treadmill at the gym. I wore my Reebok Crossfit headband and bracelet to make sure the lady next to me knew I meant business.


Oh wait, there isn’t anyone next to me is there? Oops. I meant business anyway.

The boys and I took our business to Costco shortly afterwards for a quick little trip.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I can never really do a quick trip to Costco. So…… our quick trip took a little longer than planned and we ended up here at 8:15 pm.


Oops. I guess you can’t beat a hot dog for $1.50. Not the most nutritious dinner, but that dog was scarfed down in no time on the way home.



We were shopping so late, Costco didn’t even have any rotisserie chickens left. How dare they.

A few highlight purchases from our trip were these apple pears (I have yet to try them)


and three bags of that sweet kale salad.


This stuff is so good.


I’ve been roasting it up a little like this:

Spread it on a pan sprayed with cooking spray.


Spray the top with cooking spray or drizzle with a little olive oil and season with garlic salt, garlic powder, everyday seasoning, nutritional yeast, etc.


Roast in the oven at 400 regular or 375 convection for about 20-25 minutes.


Top with BBQ sauce and low fat ranch.


Add some chicken on the top and some cheese less sandwiches on the side (not pictured).


Oh, and top with additional hot sauce of course.


STUFT Daddy loves the kale salad too. He used the dressing and fun stuff that comes in the bag in the kit though.


I haven’t tried it that way, but he says it’s delicious and the guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to food.



I did a little something different last night for dinner.

After the hot dog smell got to me on the car ride home, I was craving macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. Totally random. I ate it religiously when I was pregnant. My comfort meal was a huge bowl (the entire box) of macaroni and cheese with veggie dogs and cauliflower.

So last night I did a little experiment.

I made a big pan of roasted cauliflower and roasted brussel sprouts with some veggie dogs thrown on there.


Not the best idea to roast veggie dogs, they might look okay but were a little tough to chew.

I put all my goodies together in a bowl and topped them with a nondairy “cheesy” sauce mix of nutritional yeast, a little Smart Balance, cumin, almond milk and crushed red pepper.


It ended up being sooooooo good. So good I need to show just one more picture.


I’m totally going to play with it again.

Maybe not with the veggie dogs though.


Dessert was ginormous as usual. “Layers” of Vitatops, protein chocolate frosting and almond coconut ice cream.



Okay so, I don’t know about you, but I use the few magazines I still get as motivation to do a little cardio at the gym. It makes me look forward to my time in the elliptical. I attempted to do a little reading the other day on the treadmill, but it didn’t do so well.

I did find a couple things worth sharing though from my Self Magazine.

Here they are for you.

I like this idea of writing down a gratitude list to avoid stress eating.


I’m totally a stress eater. When I’m tired and stressed I eat. A lot. I eat to distract myself from dealing with big life issues. Not one of my best qualities. This might be a good trick to try if you have the same problem.

Here’s one more reason to add greens to your diet.


And another reason why you might want to try this drink that has green tea in it.


And, yeah, with the amount of garlic powder I consume I’m pretty sure I don’t need to worry about ticks anytime soon.


I always wonder if people in my classes can smell garlic on me. No one ever says anything, but I swear I sweat that stuff out like crazy.

Lastly,I thought this was interesting.


My scale had the battery die almost a year ago and has been in the closet ever since. I’m not planning on taking it out anytime soon either. I used to weigh myself all the time, like every day. Funny how things change.

What are your thoughts on the scale?


We’re off to play at the park this morning. I’m going to try my best to focus on being a good mama today. I’ve been a little too grumpy lately and I really need to work on my summer priorities (even though summer is pretty much over).

I have a feeling this little beauty might come in handy.



Have a good one!

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    That’s a cute load of laundry. And holy egg whites!!

    As for the scale, I don’t weigh myself nearly as I used to. I don’t want the thing to rule my life – as I’ve lost 130 pounds already. I know I’m eating good stuff, working hard and that’s all I can do! I think everday is a little obsessive even if you’re trying to loose. We weight different amounts around different times and days of the month, etc.

  2. 2

    That’s kind of funny that the magazine suggests weighing yourself everyday. What happened to the once a week thing from a few years ago? I weigh myself very rarely. I go more on how my clothes feel. Weight fluctuates so much from day to day that you could drive yourself mad.

  3. 3

    Apple/Pears….I haven’t seen those yet. Let us know what you think. I wish my Costco would start carrying the sweet kale. I think I need to take up drinking green tea! 😉

  4. 4
    Amanda N says:

    I think I need to find a costco so I can get these salad mixes you buy all the time. They look so yummy! I can’t believe you went through that whole jug of egg whites already. That was quick! I didn’t have a scale for over 4 years before a month ago. Now I weigh myself when ever I am curious. I exercise and have been around the same weight forever. I just like to see the way the number can change from the time you wake up til bedtime depending on what you did and ate that day. I do not like tea, especially green tea. I’d really like to like it for it’s health benefits. Actually I lied. I do like blueberry tea, even though I don’t like blueberries.

    • 4.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      You’re funny Amanda. 🙂 How can you not like blueberries? Ha. And…. not all Costco’s carry that salad. I guess it’s only at a few. Go figure.

  5. 5
    Tammi says:

    Funny you posted apple/pears…I just tried one this morning! They are kind of strange. The texture of an apple and taste like a pear. I am OCD with the scale. I weigh myself every morning after my run….and write it on a calender next to the scale. I do this because I am trying to loose this darn baby weight and it shows me that every little tenth of a pound adds up to real progress when I look back.

  6. 6

    yum on that cheeze sauce! Sometimes I forget about nooch but I love the stuff!

  7. 7
    Linda says:

    I think if you are at the weight you want to be there is no need to get on a scale. I can tell if I’m up or down a few pounds very easily. Now if someone is trying to lose weight then I would say once a week. When I was younger I was obsessed with the scale. Now it’s only when I go for my yearly doctor visits. Sometimes I don’t even let them weigh me for impromptu visits! If someone is at a good weight then it’s not about the “number”. I know I get too fixated on that.

  8. 8
    Ren says:

    I used to weigh myself religiously, and it was very unhealthy. I know plenty of people who can have a scale and it’s a good tool for accountability, but for me it’s just a trigger and a chain. About a year after I left the hospital where i received inpatient treating for an eating disorder, I finally broke the scale’s hold on me and threw it away. I felt really free after that. I haven’t weighed myself since (so, since around 2008). Getting rid of the scale has helped me to learn to eat for health, wellness and *gasp* enjoyment, too.

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Good for you for not weighing yourself since. I didn’t realize you had such a history. Glad you now eat for enjoyment. Like that “gasp” in there. 🙂

  9. 9
    Samantha says:

    You look hot gal…don’t worry about weighing (and I mean that non-creepy).

    Anyway, any time I have regularly weighed it has turned into a problem and not exactly a self esteem booster. The reality is I am just not a “low number” girl, never have been. Roughly March I really wanted to lift heavier and was at odds with the increasing number on the scale. I decided to stop weighing, it was that or not build because I was willing to eat more to do so.

    I always laugh at things like green tea keeping you slim. With the amount I drink I should be translucent and a featherweight on my scale. LOLOLOLOL.

    • 9.1
      Samantha says:

      PS. Totally thinking about your hotdog and cheese combo (also something I used to eat a ton of. I usually microwave the veggie dog in water but the rest of this sounds fabulous…perhaps tonight.

    • 9.2
      STUFT Mama says:

      I didn’t mean to imply that I was worrying about weighing myself, I just wanted to hear other people’s thoughts on the issue. You mean green tea doesn’t make people translucent? LOL.

  10. 10
    Kathy says:

    Sweet Kale looks sweeeeetuh!!

    The scale? Yep, I probably weigh in every 3 days or so…it keeps me in check before I feel the pants getting tighter. I think you have to know your self and not get too obsessed with it. 😉 (duh right?)

  11. 11

    Oh veggies dogs. I never weighed myself and have never owned a scale. Whenever I go to the doctor I hop on backwards and tell them not to tell me because I had to get on a scale backwards everyday for like a year while I was in treatment. I forget that people get on facing the scale and the point is actually to look at the number, haha.

  12. 12
    Francine Morey says:

    So are you preggers then, if you were craving that again like you did during your 1st pregnancy!!!??? That would be exciting to say the least!!!!

  13. 13
    Gail Elise says:

    I personally think its too much to weigh yourself everyday. That just leads you to be more focused on the numbers instead of how you really feel.

  14. 14

    Costco hot dogs are the best! It’s seriously the best meal ANYWHERE. I rock the polish though.

    Additional hot sauce? I would expect nothing less.

  15. 15
    jennifer says:

    I weigh daily. I lack self control and it helps me stay focused and not go off the deep end with my eating! One pound could take a week or more for me to get off, I can afford to gain more and not know it.

  16. 16

    I hate the scale…. It used to make me obsess over my weight. Now I just go by how I feel and how my clothes feel. I don’t need to know the number.

  17. 17
    Kanoe says:

    Me & the scale have become better friends LOL but not the best HAHA!! I’m on a little weight loss journey over here so I have to talk to it sweetly sometimes ;-). That’s alot of egg whites LOL! And the that kale salad looks so good! I’m so obsessed with Kale right now :-D. Oh and I am a stress/emotional eater myself and since I have been getting healthier been trying to workout when I stress but I might try the gratitude list as well. Thanks!

  18. 18

    I go through egg white (both liquid and now powder thanks to YOU) insanely fast. But man, they’re so versatile and pure protein- doesn’t get much better than that!
    I love the gratitude list thing from Self. I personally feel MUCH better when my body is slimmer than it is now, but I don’t always remember that when I’m scarfing down an extra snack or second helping of something that I really don’t need!
    I’ve had a crazy relationship with the scale for years. I’ve gone from being obsessed (weighing myself more than once a day) to not getting on it in months. I haven’t weighed myself in almost 2 months, mostly just because I know I’ve gained weight and know that seeing the number would affect my mood in a negative way. That being said- I definitely stay on better track when I weight myself on a regular basis…

  19. 19

    Yay for green tea, I guzzle that stuff down like it’s going out of style!
    I currently weigh myself once a week, used to be every day, but once a week keeps me on track and not obsessive.

  20. 20

    I used to weigh myself everyday after having Eden, since I’ve gotten to my comfortable weight I just check once a week or every two to make sure im maintaining!

  21. 21
    Lisa says:

    I definitely don’t weigh myself anymore…I rely on the scale to determine my happiness and that is simply not a healthy way for me to view myself. I can’t rely on a number for happiness, but for my body to tell me if its happy, or needs more nutrients, rest, etc. I know everyone is different though! I got my sweet 15 starbucks drink card yesterday too!:) Love that gold card. Keeps me happy! Ha ha, I totally go through egg whites like crazy. I think I eat about 1 cup a day, as well as an egg or two…yikes! I should invest in that big jug! Hey, its never too late for you summer priorities, change it to your fall priorities now:)


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