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The Ultimate Breakfast Salad, a Long Run, and the Pro You Need to Know

The Ultimate Breakfast Salad, a Long Run, and the Pro You Need to Know


How is that for a freaking mouthful?

Holy smokes.

My post got cut short yesterday so we’ll see if I can pull off everything I want to share right now during my limited morning “office hours”.

Before I talk running, I just have to say that the day after a long run I can not stop eating. It’s craziness friends. I’m also super tired (like can close my eyes and sleep anywhere at anytime tired). That was yesterday.

Here’s just a peak at what I’ve shoved in my face the past two days after my run.


Um yeah, that’s a breakfast salad that is becoming my new obsession. I’ve had it the past three days in a row. It evolved from the breakfast pear STUFTwich. I just keep adding more toppings on each time I eat it. Ha.

It looked even better yesterday with the addition of some extra coconut cookie dough crumble.


The Ultimate Pear Breakfast Salad

3/4 cup egg whites or (2-3 eggs)

1 pear, thinly sliced (my favorite is bosc)



coconut oil

nut butter of choice (my favorite lately is Artisana walnut butter)


additional toppings:

low calorie peanut butter frosting

coconut cookie dough crumble 


Cook the egg and pear on the stove on a pan sprayed with cooking spray adding as much cinnamon as you’d like for flavor.

Place the eggs and pear combination on a bed of spinach. Drizzle with coconut oil. Add nut butter of choice.

The “ultimate” way is to also add PB2 mixed with maple syrup (regular or sugar free) to make a drizzle and also add some coconut cookie dough crumble (links above).

Oh man. This is so good. Breakfast salads just might be my new thing. I’m thinking a sweet potato one might be next.


Other things I’ve consumed in no particular order.


Some very crispy chicken.


Yes, I do a stellar job of not only burning vegetables, but chicken also.


Tuna sandwich with my favorite bread. Random.


A grain free microwave peanut butter cookie with an iced almond milk mocha made with cheap instant espresso. I was seriously desperate for caffeine yesterday afternoon.


Hey, look who decided to show her face on the blog. That’s Nala. Yeah, we have another cat besides Kitty. Who knew? She’s usually camera (and people) shy, but I think that microwave cookie got her attention. And um yes, in case you’re wondering, that microwave cookie rocked my world, but I didn’t really measure anything, so I’ll have to try it out again (oh darn) and write out the measurements so you can get your hands on it.


We also did some serious damage as a family at Souplantation last night after church.


That, my friends, is how you pile the biggest salad ever on just one little plate. They really should have bigger plates or bowls there. I added some dressing, crushed red pepper and Tabasco (I forgot to bring my own little hot sauce) after this picture, but it got a little messy so you only get the before picture. Ha.

Although I’m trying to limit my intake of artificial sweetener a bit, I’m still doing the low calorie ice cream thing at night.


Last night’s had one of these little Trader Joe’s Salt and Pepper Dark Chocolate gems on the side.


You might have to go to Trader Joe’s just to pick one of these up. Well, one of these and some broccoli slaw.




Okay, a little run chat next.

Since I have two huge events coming up in the next month, the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco and the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival, I had to do a little test run Friday morning.

The boys had some bonding time at home and I headed out early to the coast. I scarfed down a quick breakfast in the car.


A SunButter and jelly sandwich and a mocha smoothie with some egg whites in the mix for protein. I’ve been doing that a lot lately if I don’t have time for my breakfast STUFTwich.

Here’s what goes in the mix:

1/2 frozen banana

1/4-1/2 cup egg whites

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tablespoons dark cocoa powder 

1 tablespoon instant espresso


It’s not to shabby and I like that it gives you that little extra protein. You should try it!


I like running from the gym because I feel better about leaving my belongings in a locker rather than in my car. Not sure if it’s safer or not, but oh well.

I’m also not sure pictures in the locker room are allowed, but I took a “before” picture anyway.


My outfit- the new Handful adjustable tank, Halo hat, Mizuno Nirvanas, Nike shorts, fuel belt and cheapo sunglasses (that are now missing one of the nose pieces- nice).

I told myself I was going to run 24 miles. It didn’t matter how long it took, how many stops I had to make or how long I had to listen to Jillian Michaels (I listened to her podcasts and her book Unlimited), but I was going to finish those 24 miles.

It was long, it took me awhile, but there’s something about just running and letting my mind wander. It’s seriously the only time I’m not stressed out or anxious about life. It’s my therapy in so many different ways.

I stopped around mile 12 for a bathroom break, some vanilla GU and to refill my water bottles.

At the turn around point I stopped and had to ask a stranger to take a picture.


Don’t mind that half naked guy in the background. Ha ha. Sara will appreciate that I had to ask two different people to take my picture because the first lady said she couldn’t. I asked so politely, but she simply said “I can’t”. Say what? Doesn’t everyone ask random people to take their picture when they’re sweaty and gross and have run 12 miles? I thought it was a normal thing. Guess I was wrong and guess I didn’t make a new friend.


on the way back after carrying some Power Bar Energy Blasts in my shirt for 2 hours


it was time to dig in.


I usually like GU Chomps, but I didn’t have any so I went with these I got as a sample awhile back.

They were pretty darn good even though they were a bit melted. I guess that’s what happened when you stuff them in your Handful.


I made it back. The run ended up being a little longer than I had planned, but I made it.



I have to say, I know if you’re not a distance runner the whole running 24 miles thing sounds crazy. I used to think the same thing. I used to hate running and could barely run 3 miles. Somewhere along the way in the past couple of years things changed for me. I realized that God has given me this gift. I run because I can. I run because I love it. I run because I think someday I may have a little potential to actually get more competitive with my times. Gosh darn it I’m not going to give up until I win that money STUFT Daddy keeps asking to see. He told me he wanted to melt my one and only cheapo trophy I won to see if it was worth anything. Ha.


Okay, oops, got a little sappy there for a Sunday morning. Sorry about that.

Let me make it up to you.

Ever since getting my first pair of Pro Compression socks, they have been a part of my post long run recovery routine. They even got me a PR at the San Francisco Marathon.

Not only do I like to sport them for recovery, but I especially like to wear my calf sleeves for date night.


I’m fashionable, letting my muscles recover, increasing circulation and covering up my unshaven legs all at the same time. STUFT Daddy is one lucky guy.


And yes, I sometimes sleep in them and wear them next morning. (I also occasionally keep wearing them to teach boot camp. That may or may not have happened yesterday.)


Since the awesome creator of the wonderful Pro Compression socks is my new best friend (he might not know it yet though) and he has been kind enough to send over some socks,


I feel like it’s my job to pay it forward and give a pair away.

See those bright pink ones?

They’ve got someone’s name written all over them. It just might be yours.


I’ve been so selfish lately that it’s time to share the Pro Compression love.


That’s right. I LOVE these socks and sleeves and I’m pretty sure you will too (if you don’t already).


All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment here. Whatever you feel like sharing.

– Breakfast salad- yay or nay.

– Where you’ll wear these socks.

– Something fun you did this weekend.


You can tweet the following for an additional entry:

I want in on the @procompression love. Win a pair of these awesome socks from @stuftmama http://ow.ly/dVjEc 

Just make sure to leave a comment here letting me know you tweeted.


I’ll pick a winner Tuesday morning. Open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

Yippee!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. 1
    Annie says:

    I’m currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 28… my first marathon ever! I ran 19 miles yesterday for training, which is currently the most I have ever run. Training is the most fun, challenging, humbling, and crazy thing I have ever done, yet I know it will be worth ever second of sweat and tears when I cross that finish line! I love reading about your running, it is so inspiring! I’d love to win a pair of the compression socks- I’ve been meaning to buy them ever since I read about them here!

  2. 2

    I would wear the socks running, when sleeping, on airplanes, during races, and whenever I feel the need to look awesome

  3. 3
    Kristin says:

    Yayyy!! THANK YOU for hosting this giveaway!! I would LOVE to win because I’m a runner that struggles with VERY tight calves and shin issues. I would wear these socks everywhere.. during runs, under my work clothes, while sleeping..all the time 🙂

  4. 4
    Mady says:

    I would wear these socks EVERYWHERE! I would so love to have them! That breakfast salad looks amazing, I’ll definitely be picking up some pears soon 🙂

  5. 5

    i JUST started wearing compression socks and quickly became a huge fan. I’m currently training for New York and have made them a huge part of my weekly long runs. I’ve never tried the Pro Compression Brand and would LOVE TO!

  6. 6
    Maureen says:

    I ran my longest run yesterday! It was only 8 miles… Nothing like your 25 but it felt great! I’d love to win the pro compression socks!!

  7. 7
    Maureen says:

    I also tweeted 🙂

  8. 8
    Kalli says:

    I would live in these! First off I love pink and secondly I could not run every morning and then work all day in heels without my compression socks! Thanks for sharing the love!

  9. 9
    bethp262 says:

    I love pro compression socks and wear them all day after my long runs!
    I am also ravenous the day after my LR.
    Nice job on the 24! 🙂

  10. 10
    Karen says:

    I would wear those compression socks on my next 20-miler training run and probably during my first marathon which is in 5 weeks. Yikes! I’m still trying to come up with the perfect (not to mention ultra cute) marathon outfit. Great job on your 24 mile run.

  11. 11
    Jessica Jones says:

    Stuft mama! If I win I’ll be wearing these on my long runs for the women’s Nike marathon!

  12. 12
    Niki Bailey says:

    I’ll wear the socks while I run and work out….and maybe to work…steel toe boots are killing me these days! This weekend was not very fun….I had to work, but I did manage a 6 mile run between getting off of work and my little guy coming home from his grandparents on Saturday! Oh and I’m gonna tweet ya too!

  13. 13
    Nicole Bailey says:

    I would wear the socks while training for my first half marathon in November! I also tweeted the entry!

  14. 14
    Bonnie says:

    WOW! 24.9 miles just.like.that?! You’re amazing, Kristin! I’m only now delving into the world of compression and would love to try the PRO brand out I’ve heard so much about! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Sunday, friend. 🙂

  15. 15
    Bonnie says:

    Tweeted! (@bonnielang) – here’s hoping! 😉

  16. 16
    Christy Diller says:

    LOVE LOVE Pro Compression socks! Great giveaway! 24 miles, holy smokes!

  17. 17
    Katelyn says:

    Your breakfast salad looks delish! I eat enough salads for lunch, I never thought of one for breakfast! I’m addicted to my avocado green smoothies, not sure a salad could replace it! I would wear compression socks after my long training runs! Also on long flights and travelling. This weekend I loved my long run-14miles. Not nearly as long as your 24! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. 18
    Tracy says:

    Love the pink socks! Went to dinner with my husband and son for my birthday ( :

  19. 19
    Katy A says:

    Something fun I did this weekend was Costco shopping and shampoo’d my carpets! LOL … I’m not sure about the breakfast salad, I’ve never had sweet egg whites.

  20. 20

    That breakfast salad looks so good! I want to try it sometime. I’ve been trying to think of something a little different to have for breakfast.
    I would wear these socks everywhere! There is no limit haha. compression gear is amazing. I need more!!!

  21. 21
  22. 22
    Darbi says:

    I just started marathon training and the Pro Compression socks would be great to wear during and after my long runs!

  23. 23
    jennifer says:

    I am dying to try these socks! Ran 10 miles yesterday. Need to find a race to train for!

  24. 24
    Rachael H says:

    This weekend I drank champagne while playing kickball.

  25. 25
    kate says:

    I’d wear them after long runs or a hard workout! Great giveaway!

  26. 26
    Christine says:

    That breakfast salad sounds awesome! I have never worn compression socks before but I would definitely wear those pink ones.

  27. 27

    I’ve never thought to have salad for breakfast, but I love fruit in salads. SO GOOD!

  28. 28

    I also tweeted! 🙂 (@thextramile)

  29. 29
    Aubrie says:

    I’ve never worn compression socks, but would love to try! After getting over patellofemoral pain syndrome (fancy for runner’s knee), I’ve just gotten back into running and marking down a couple 5k’s on my calendar (as well as a 2 mile Alzheimer’s Awareness walk next week). Excited to be back in it and feeling great! Maybe compression socks would help me build endurance (until this spring I was the same girl who couldn’t barely run even 2 miles!)

  30. 30
    Andrea S. says:

    I used to hate running as well… and am still intimidated by a full marathon and 20+ mile training runs! OMG. So I’m still doing halfs for now.. at least one full is on the bucket list! I’m prone to shin splints and I was wondering if wearing compression socks during or after or both would help keep them away? Anyway, I’ve been looking into buying some pairs and PRO keeps coming up on every site i look through… I’m assuming they are great? It would be pretty cool if I WON my first pair 🙂 The breakfast salad looks AWESOME! I’m always looking for better ways to add spinach to my breakfast besides the good ol omelette. Thanks for your creativity and inspiration! 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  31. 31

    So i am a huge distance runner but have never tried compression socks. That is a reason for wanting to give these bad boys a try, my calves would love me too!

  32. 32
    Stacy H. says:

    I love the idea of a salad for breakfast. It looks delicious!!

  33. 33
    Stacy H. says:

    Also, I tweeted the giveaway.

  34. 34
    Katie H. says:

    I love what you said about why you run. You are such an inspiration to me–I ran 14 mi last weekend (my longest ever!) and look forward to increasing that mileage even more. Oh, and I’d LOVE some compression socks to try for recovery 🙂

  35. 35
    Katie H. says:

    Btw, I tweeted too 🙂

  36. 36
    Stephanie says:

    I look forward to one day running 24 miles! Or 26.2!! Thinking about signing up for the San Francisco Marathon next year! It’ll be my first marathon. 🙂

  37. 37
    Maria says:

    I would say no to the breakfast salad but I said that about your stuftwich and now it’s all I eat! Thanks for the chance to win! Way to go on the 24 miles, that’s awesome!

  38. 38
    Stephanie says:

    I also tweeted! Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

  39. 39
    Emily says:

    I wore my compression socks on a 12-miler this morning, and my legs felt fantastic! I NEED another pair!! 🙂

  40. 40
    Carli says:

    I spent the day at Six Flags yesterday. I’m not a huge fan of pear so not sure about the breakfast salad. Although a salad, in general, works anytime. I’ll wear the socks when I run and eventually take them off to be washed. Eventually.

    Got so excited I answered everything.

  41. 41
    Allison says:

    I love the socks although I am sure I will be like you and use them as an excuse to skip shaving my legs! My boyfriend will be most impressed 🙂 I also am going to try the breakfast salad- I have been trying to get more veggies into myself in the am and this seems perfect. I cannot wait for the sweet potato creation!

  42. 42
    Jess says:

    I am starting to become a fan of the compression socks/sleeves. I would wear them at home or out and about!! I had a nice 8 mile run yesterday morning after a 16 mile run Friday. They would be perfect to wear after my runs!!

  43. 43
  44. 44

    When you love Pro Compression socks and sleeves it’s perfectly ok to wear them for date night, to bed and then to work the next day. I do it all the time so that’s why I know it’s ok. 😉

    Awesome giveaway! I love my pink ones and have been eyeing the purple.

  45. 45
  46. 46
    Blakely says:

    The most fun thing I did this weekend was get in my second to last long training run (18 miles) before my marathon in October. I’m sure those compression socks would have been awesome for recovery after!

  47. 47
    Blakely says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  48. 48

    I don’t know that I could do a salad in the morning but I am also a total carb girl! I love the pear egg combo though. I’ve done eggs and berries and eggs and apples. Yum!

    And I want bright pink socks so bad! Haha love them!

  49. 49
    Anna W. says:

    Your breakfast salad looks marvelous!!!

  50. 50
    Katie says:

    I would love me some pro-compression socks. I work 12 hour shifts and then workout afterwards. I always need more time for recovery and I think these awesome pink socks would help, but they’re just not in the budget right now. So I must win them!

  51. 51

    I spent the weekend cheering for my husband at the Spartan Beast. I was actually thinking that, if I ever tried The Beast I’d need to get more hot pink gear to go with my pink camelbak!

  52. 52
    Abby says:

    Wahoo for compression socks 🙂 they feel so good to wear all the time! Went to a beer festival, fun but boy those little samples add up !

  53. 53
    Hilary says:

    Spent the weekend watching my boys play football (as usual). I did get a quick run in before, though. I used to HATE running too, as in just get irritated thinking about it and completely not understand why someone would just …run. Without a ball, without being chased, no race or reason….just go run. I’m learning to love it, sometimes crave it. If I won the socks, I would actually have a pair to wear! I bought the SAME pair (pink and all) for myself when they were having that special half off sale, and my son stole them for football! I guess it’s cool for football players to wear hot pink in Oct for breast cancer, who knew? (Actually I did and should’ve hid ’em or bought more!) Way to go on the run, girl! I hope to be able to run longer distances someday, I just don’t have the time to be gone for more than an hour :/ maybe someday…

  54. 54
    Mollie says:

    The verdict is still out on breakfast salads for me. I love pro-compression socks!! My first pair is highlighter yellow…you cannot miss me in them. 🙂 As the mom of 3 boys I feel it is my moral obligation to love pink enough for all of us. The most fun thing I did this weekend, booked a vacation for me and the hubs in Silverthorne, CO!

  55. 55
    Heather says:

    I ran a half-marathon this year without compression socks. I really want to run a marathon in 2013 (I turn 30 in February!) and I definitely want to try compression socks for that! Plus pink is my favorite color 🙂

  56. 56
  57. 57
    debbie says:

    The breakfast salad sounds yum, but too time consuming…. Would love to have your pb microwave cookie-I could do that!
    Ok, I’m running the Chicago Marathon in 2 weeks & would LOVE those babies. I’d even wear the bright pink to run the marathon & take a pic. of me sporting them for you……
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    I gotta tell you: the broccoli slaw (burnt of course) is my fav. I make it a couple times/week. A staple in my life.

  58. 58
    Snerry says:

    Yes! tothe breakfast. Salad. Would wear sox sleeping, running errands, spinning. Fun this weekend – used your plié squat twists and mountain climbers as a 4 minute tabata teaching my core and strength class.

  59. 59
    Sherry says:

    Yes! tothe breakfast. Salad. Would wear sox sleeping, running errands, spinning. Fun this weekend – used your plié squat twists and mountain climbers as a 4 minute tabata teaching my core and strength class.

  60. 60
    Kathy says:

    Love them! I too wear them to bed, then to work and maybe even to bed again…its narly I know…but, then I wash my bedding b/c it kind of grosses me out. 😉

    And we did have a super fun weekend!! (If you happened to read my blog post) Kenz had 2 CC meets…and 2 FIRST place wins!! One Friday night for the middle school mile and one on Saturday for the “C” team 2-mile!! She was ecstatic to say the least and so were we!! Very fun!!

  61. 61
    Rhonda says:

    Nay on the breakfast salad. I am a smoothie girl all the way. I would wear the compression socks out shopping with my tween daughter because it’s terribly embarrassing for her whenever I do that. So, I feel that it’s my responsibility to wear them all over the place and help build her character. (also, she can then tell her friends how weird her mother is and get some laughs) Fun this weekend- I played the piano while beautiful ballerinas danced at a concert. Life is good!
    Best wishes at your races- I’m in PA. I wish I could go to the Runner’s World half and meet you in person. (of course, we probably wouldn’t meet because you are fast and I am decidedly NOT)

    • 61.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Rhonda- You should come! We could just hang out at the festival! There are lots of different activities there. Even a kid’s race. 🙂 Love that you played the piano this past weekend BTW. 🙂

  62. 62
    Danielle says:

    I friggen love Pro. I have been known to wear them shopping and have little girls come tell me they love my tall bright socks. Their moms? Not so much. OWN IT.

  63. 63
    Karri S says:

    I think salad at breakfast is fine as long as you eat something substantial.

  64. 64
    lora lee says:

    Hey. If you are buds with the ladies at handful, ask them to make a sports bra or tank with pockets to hold our Gus and gels. Lululemon has one. I think its genius. I tried to make a recommendation on there website but had Internet problems. Yes, yesterday was a two cup or drink caffeine day.

  65. 65
    Kayla says:

    I have been dying to try these!!

  66. 66
    Beth says:

    Breakfast salad looks yummy!

  67. 67
    Tess says:

    Compression socks and salad breakfast!!!!!! LURVE

  68. 68
    EriGates says:

    I would wear these running and for recovery-which means all day! I have the black ones on right now!

  69. 69
    Lisa says:

    Holy moly, your run was intense I’m impressed. I would’ve never thought to have a breakfast salad, but I kind of like that idea!

  70. 70
    Michelle M says:

    I am not sure I can get on board with the breakfast salad. However, I do want to cook up some pears, they sound SO good! Now the compression socks? I am loving those and since they match my yet-to-be-worn tutu, I think I would have to rock them together! I also think I REALLY like the idea of covering up fuzzy legs!
    This weekend has involved way too much homework 🙁

  71. 71
    Michelle M says:

    Of course, I tweeted 😉

  72. 72
    Maria says:

    Tweeted! @cecirosesmom

  73. 73
    Brittany says:

    Haha I accidentally wrote my comment for the socks on your last post!! lol Fun thing this weekend was a Cider Mill 🙂

  74. 74
    Crystal says:

    I’m a fellow compression sock lover. I have several pairs of the full socks in black, white, and lime green. The addition of HOT PINK calf sleeves would round out my collection!

  75. 75
    Kaitlin says:

    I’m not sure I could stomach spinach so early in the morning; It maybe be something I will just have to try soon! Awesome job on your 24miler; I ran my last 21miler yesterday and now it is on too my 3 week taper madness; I wore my compression socks all day yesterday and may or may not have slept with them also! Great minds think alike!

  76. 76
    Karri S says:

    I tweeted

  77. 77
    Becca says:

    We had a busy weekend – HIIT class Saturday morning, wedding Saturday night, and a 5k this morning! I wish tomorrow wasn’t Monday, I need a break!

  78. 78
    JEN says:

    Can’t wait to try that salad. I’m always looking for new recipes that are quick, healthy, & tasty to get out of a food rut. I wish I had the time & energy to do a long run like that, most the time I only have time to run on my lunch during the work week so I make due breaking it up throughout the day with a morning workout also; sometimes I wish that my legs would hold up to that or even recover like they used to. Maybe these socks could help & I know the hot pink will match several outfits so I could wear them at any time 🙂 Thanks for blogging so I can learn more about healthy food & awesome workouts.

  79. 79

    I posted this on your previous post; OOPS! For breakfast I had a tBSTAE. Oh, what is that? A little spin on a BLT. turkey Bacon Spinach Tomato Avocado Egg sandwich! It was scrumptiously delicious!!! Plus I ran 20 miles this weekend and shaved 5 minutes off of my previous training 20 miler. Score.

  80. 80
    Lauren says:

    Just started a new plan for eating and supplements today. Also ran 6.5 miles which is the longest since my first half marathon last Saturday (1:48 time woop woop) in preparation for my second half marathon in 3 weeks. compression socks sure would help training!

  81. 81

    I tweeted! GREAT JOB ON THE RUN BTW!!!

  82. 82
    Beth Petrassi says:

    Breakfast salad – hmmm – I think I would love that if I could get my act together in the morning. I am a protein cappuccino girl because it is fast and easy and gets me out the door quickly – and I have very little appetite in the morning (the only time of day that is true). I am really trying to fall in love with running. How long does that take? I have been forcing myself out the door for the last 6 weeks at least 3X per week and have yet to feel amorous about it. Some days are better than others and some runs go by quickly, but still, I can hear a voice in my head saying, “Really, you think you are going to do this for much longer? You aren’t, so throw in the towel now” (I have a mean voice in my head sometimes ;)). I love reading this blog and others that say that it is not so unusual for runners to have had negative feelings at some point in there running lives, so that is helpful. Thanks for this !! Don’t know if I would wear compression socks, I have a pair and they are hard to get on and off, so I would put ‘em on and probably leave ‘em on for a while.

    • 82.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I should trade you some socks for the hat. 🙂 and yes, Beth, I totally have days (sometimes weeks) where it’s hard to get motivated to run. But… then I have weeks where it’s truly amazing. 🙂 You should sing up for Silver Strand Half. I’ll help you!

      • Beth Petrassi says:

        I would love your help to run the Silver Strand. I am terrified of signing up for it – I mean TERRIFIED!! I should have put the hat on so you could see how absolutely ridiculous I looked in it – you are doing me a favor for saving me from accidentally wearing it out in public 🙂

  83. 83

    Hmm, I’m not quite sure about breakfast salad. But I’m always willing to try something once 😉 I usually eat my morning veggies in the form of a protein shake. I’ve never used compression socks, but I bet they would be really great for recovery after long runs. I went on a nice 15 miler this weekend, and they sure would’ve been helpful yesterday!! It’s not as great as 24 MILES, but I’m just trying to work up to being awesome like you 🙂

  84. 84
    Sue says:

    Today is my birthday so I’m spending it the BEST way possible: running, eating, napping, and playing with my kids. Those sweet socks would be an awesome birthday gift! 🙂

  85. 85
    Linda says:

    Ran 18 miles yesterday. We have a half marathon this Saturday and then the following weekend we have 20 miles. After that it’s a two week taper to the MCM. I’m excited and nervous all wrapped in one!! Love those compression socks and thinking I should be running in them more and recovering in them…like now!
    Awesome job on the 24.9!

  86. 86
    Lexi says:

    Breakfast salad — I haven’t tried that yet but it sounds good. I have seriously been wanting to try a pair of pro compression socks. I would wear these everywhere! I’m also running the Nike Women’s Marathon, I would totally wear those socks during the marathon.

  87. 87
    Paulette says:

    I love Pro compression! I wear the socks a lot for recovery, sometimes when running.

  88. 88
    Amanda N says:

    I’ve never tried salad for breakfast…of any kind but I’ve heard of people that eat it daily for breakfast and I think it’s worth a try.

  89. 89
    Stacey says:

    I just ran the Delaware mudrun and was 1st female finisher!!! Need those socks!

  90. 90
  91. 91
    Janet says:

    Yes, I would love me some compression socks as my legs totally need compressing! I’ve got the biggest calves- must be an asian thing- anyways, I would have some if they weren’t so dang expensive! PICK MEEEEEEEE! Love & blessings!

  92. 92
    Laurel C says:

    I’m running NWM too so I definitely NEED these Pro Compression sleeves to match the pink shirt I have to run in!

  93. 93
  94. 94
    Susan says:

    I LOVE compression socks! I have some short ones that I wear when I run, and I actually got some for my son who plays tuba in the HS marching band. I would love to have some long ones-am trying to increase mileage and my legs would really benefit from them! It is a slowwwww process to be sure!

  95. 95
    Sarah @runfargirl says:

    I love the idea of the breakfast salad. Love the mix of savory and sweet totally up my taste bid alley:) and I’d love to try a pair of compression sleeves! I’ve got a pair of tights I like and would like to give something smaller a go:)

  96. 96
    Lena says:

    I LOVE breakfast salads! I’ve been eating those for a year now! You should DEFINITELY try it with sweet potato, make sure you put plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg on it. Out of this world!

  97. 97
    Lena says:

    I tweeted too! LOVE Pro Compression socks, they are my go-to socks as well! I need to try the sleeves too.

  98. 98
    Sarah @runfargirl says:

    I tweeted this giveaway too! http://ow.ly/dVjEc

  99. 99
    Kanoelani says:

    I saw that Breakfast salad on Instagram & thought to myself… Hmmm… possibilities indeed LOL! I’ll definitely be sporting these compression socks on my 1st 5K, The GloRun in DC. So excited. On this little weightloss journey so I’m pumped :-D. I had the most fun weekend especially today. I danced my little heart out & burned calories & the money went to this organization that helps to fight childhood obesity YAY!! At the same time there was a seminar w/ this guy who lost over 300+ lbs. He is AHHMMAAZZING!! And inspiring. My kinda weekend. Hope you had a good one Kristin. 24 miles??!! Sheesh HAHA 😀

  100. 100
    Kara says:

    These socks are a true life saver!!! I am not a spring chicken any more and am currently at a training academy with mostly men 15 years younger then me! There is a major physical requirement to pass the academy and make my position permanent! These socks literally allow me to get out of bed in the morning!!!

  101. 101
    shannon says:

    i may have to test out that salad tomorrow morning!

  102. 102
    Tracy says:

    I’ve been seeing more and more people wearing these socks. I would love to try them!

  103. 103
    Kim G says:

    I love these socks!

  104. 104
    Jen says:

    I ran my first 10K today after not being able to speed train at all and being injured 767 times in the last year, and I finished in exactly one hour!! 🙂

  105. 105
    Stephanie says:

    I eat a lot of non-traditional breakfast foods so what the heck. Make it a salad.

  106. 106
    Vanessa G says:

    I have wanted a pair of compression socks for about 2 yrs. I would wear them under my dress pants while I teach Kindergarten. I NEVER sit down all day(except 20min for lunch) and after school I go running. I would wear a pair to bed also to help with recovery. I’d dying for a pink pair!!

  107. 107

    I really admire your running. It is indeed a gift. That lady wouldn’t take your picture? haha It had to happen sometime. It’s just funny because you’re probably the nicest “stranger” to ever randomly approach someone and who knows what she thought. I’m down with breakfast salads. My breakfasts could pass for any other meal of the day. Okay I totally want some of these socks. I wish I had calf sleeves on right now. My left calf is so sore I’m kind of getting worried about it.

  108. 108
    Vanessa G says:

    Am going to tweet this giveaway as soon as I finish typing this. I must tell all mt runner friends at work as well. I want a pair soooo bad!!! 🙂

  109. 109
    Suzy says:

    I would love, love a pair of those babies for PHILLY 2012 NOV 18!!! I have wicked calf issues and these would be magic!

  110. 110
    Elizabeth G. says:

    I have never tried compression socks and would love to try them. I would wear those pink ones everywhere.

  111. 111
    Marissa K says:

    I’m completely excited about this giveaway! I am a first time runner and planned on beginning to train for a 5k tomorrow. When I run (though I’m pretty slow right now), I absolutely love the feeling it gives me.

  112. 112
    Tracey S says:

    Breakfast salad? Heck ya! I wonder how apple would work in place of pear? Hmmm… Oh, I also tweeted! @SupplementGal. Fingers crossed!

  113. 113
    Jill Morris says:

    Love the idea of breakfast salads! I’m already a fan of blending spinach into my eggs so ill have to give it a go this week! Get those veggies in early! My hubby and I celebrated our 2 yr anniversary last night at our favorite local restaurant and went to a movie. It was extra special because it was our first date since baby came along 🙂 I usually do my long runs early Sunday mornings… Maybe I can sport those pro compression socks to church? 🙂

  114. 114
    Jill Morris says:

    I tweeted too!

  115. 115
    Christine says:

    I am running the Nike Women’s Half marathon! I am so excited its going to be a very very quick vacation for me and my husband!

  116. 116
    Katie Lee says:

    I love breakfast salads! I like mine with an over easy egg on top and franks hot buffalo sauce! 🙂

    I would love a pair of those amazing socks! I just signed up for my first half marathon that will take place in January so I would love to sport them there:) I am really nervous/ excited for the race, I will be training hard for the next few months:)

  117. 117
    Christine says:

    I tweeted too!

  118. 118
    wendy says:

    Yay for getting the 24 (+) in!!! I am training for my first half that will be late October and I am a nervous wreck! I am still at a point where 24 miles sounds way too long and hard lol. I have some old lady compression socks and am so wanting a pair of ProCompression socks because I hear sooo much about them.

  119. 119
    wendy says:


  120. 120

    I would love a pair of these–I’m training for a half marathon right now and they would be a major help! Plus pink is my favorite color 😉

  121. 121

    just tweeted about the giveaway! (@Danica_ipnp)

  122. 122
    Kerri says:

    I have been drooling over those pink compression socks since the day after my first half marathon!!! Breakfast salad: yay. Esp if you use broccoli slaw, quinoa and turkey sausage! Fun stuff this weekend: playing Alphabet Bingo with the twins!! Nothing better!! Great job on that run!!

    • 122.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Kerri- I may have to try that salad combo. Do you have a specific recipe? Alphabet Bingo? We need to try that.

      • Kerri says:

        No recipe…just a general method! Take some Amylu’s chicken sausage (got mine at Costco!) and saute in a pan with cooking spray till cripsy. I usually slice mine up, but sometimes i cut the casing and then crumble it into the pan, then brown it. Add in a bag of broccoli slaw and about 2 cups of cooked quinoa (also from Costco.) Season with Bragg’s Amino Acids and cook it all like you would a stir-fry. All four of my kiddos gobble it up! Sometimes I add more quinoa if I need to “stretch” it…just depends on the mood and what I have in the fridge!
        Good luck with those toddler beds! That was NOT a fun little transition in our twin-rearing…but it beats hearing the dreaded “THUD” from a toddler dropping from their crib in the middle of the night!!

  123. 123
    Kristy says:

    Just recently found your blog and LOVE it! I have a pair of compression socks but not pro compression. I was shocked how fast I recovered from my last marathon after wearing them for only a couple days.

  124. 124
    Kerri says:

    I would tweet about it…but I have 4 kids. So I don’t tweet. I would much rather spend that time running. (and if I had those pink compression socks, I could get away with not shaving the ol legs, too!! Big time saver!!)

  125. 125
    Amanda says:

    If I won those socks, I would wear them all the time. My calves get sore pretty easily, so they would be a huge help!

  126. 126
    Amanda says:

    Also tweeted about the giveaway (@pb_adrenaline)

  127. 127
    Paula says:

    Big yay to breakfast salads! I would definitely wear those compression socks–those pink ones rock!

  128. 128
    Maddie says:

    Being indecisive, so to answer your questions:
    – Yay!
    -Date night, definitely
    -Slept until 8am! 2 kids, so that doesn’t happen often. Woohoo!

  129. 129
    Carlie says:

    This is going to sound really cheesy but oh well. When I read the part about you not being able to run 3 miles, and how now you are a marathoner, it helped me push myself more in my run today. 🙂

  130. 130
    Emily says:

    24 miles?! Girl, you are a rockstar!! I’ve never worn compression socks but I bet they are amazing!! I can’t wait for your peanut butter microwave cookie recipe!

  131. 131
    Corrina says:

    I have really been wanting to try compression socks!! And the pear salad looks interesting–I’d give it a try!

  132. 132
    Corrina says:

    I tweeted! And also—great run 🙂

  133. 133
    Megan D says:

    You are a machine!

    Salads are so versatile – I could eat them anytime of the day.

    I would wear those socks in a house or with a mouse. I would where them on a train or in the rain. I would wear them here or there. I would wear them anywhere (seriously!)

  134. 134
    Leigh S. says:

    It’s so hard to give up sugar. I’m not sure I could do it … I know I could never give up chocolate. But I’ve recently (successfully) given up coffee. And I feel like I get so much less accomplished (but at least I’m not jittery!).
    Re: running 24 miles no matter what. Yay for you! I really can’t imagine running that far. Back in the old days when I did cross-country (as a kid), I think the most I ever ran on a single LSD was 10-13 miles. Soooo, 24 miles seems like a bazillion miles to me right now, but I’m working my way back to distance after a hiatus from running.
    And finally, I don’t have any compression socks–a bit out of my running goodies budget–but I’d love to try some. Thanks for the chance, Kristin! Good luck everybody! : )

  135. 135

    Breakfast salads are a definite yay! This weekend I saw my favourite musician, Jason Mraz, in concert and it was amazing!

    Awesome job on the run!

  136. 136

    What a motivational post. And, I was DYING about “covering up unshaved legs” hahah
    – Breakfast salad: nay!
    – I will wear these socks ANYWHERE! (signing up for my first race)
    – I spent some much needed quality time with family this weekend!

  137. 137
    katie says:

    Ahh so great! something fun i did this weekend: I went on a date!

  138. 138
    Stephanie Sutherland says:

    Pick me, pick me!! I’d love a pair to try after the half in Oct.

  139. 139
    Stephanie Sutherland says:

    Just tweeted my desire to sport these pretty pink socks!

  140. 140
    Beverly Swanson says:

    I would wear those socks for running and probably when i get cold(which is often)Breakfast salad looks really good but for me i would eat that as a early lunch.

  141. 141
    Danielle says:

    That breakfast salad looks pretty crazy, but delicious! I’ve never thought of salad as a breakfast food, but I’m definitely going to try that out. 🙂 Im addicted to your cookie dough recipe ! yumm!

  142. 142
    Isabel Blake says:

    Thanks for putting my onto the right post! About 9 hours til I make the breakfast salad, can’t wait!! I also NEED compression socks ASAP! I just used the foam roller & it was killer!

  143. 143
    Maggie says:

    Yay to breakfast salad. I’ve never done it with sweet ingredients and it sounds good. Usually I go with egg whites, pico de gallo, spinach, and it’s like a deconstructed Mexican omelette. I would wear my Pro Compression under my pants during the day. Extra circulation and extra warmth bc it’s cold where I live. And something fun I did? Got completely caught up on doing and putting away laundry. Aw yeah.

  144. 144
    Stephanie says:

    I would love to win some compression socks as I only have sleeves and they are getting quite a workout lately. I ran 20 miles yesterday and I sported the sleeve all day yesterday and will again this morning. I cannot sleep in them as they are too hot! I cannot do laundry fast enough so another pair of compression anything would be awesome!

  145. 145
    ayesha says:

    tweeted! would love to give these a try! been eyeing them more and more.

  146. 146
    Shannon says:

    This weekend I went on an adventures run with some new girl friends with the Elk in elk groove for the first time. We ran 6miles!!! I would have worn those PINK socks afterwords 🙂 I probably would were them EVERY where because they are AWESOME!!!!

  147. 147
    ina says:

    Kristin…I’m all about a breakfast salad! I can’t believe I found a fellow BS lover (ha ha!)
    And I would wear those sleeves during my long run as I am revving up for a half marathon! Never used them before and I think they might be what i’m missing!

  148. 148
    Jessie says:

    I’ve never heard of a breakfast salad before ((am i crazy??), but it sounds delicious.. oh & i’d wear the sleeves everywhere & anywhere. 🙂

  149. 149
    Nicole says:

    I just tweeted the give away for the socks! But I would wear the socks and sleeves all the time since I am training for my first half!

  150. 150
    Amanda Z says:

    Breakfast salad- yay! But I would include chicken in mine.

    – I would wear the Pro Compression socks on the plane and during my runs.

    – I did a fantastic bootcamp class on Saturday. It involved a lot of partner work and I am still sore this morning!

  151. 151
  152. 152
    Cassie Britton says:

    I would wear the socks ALL THE TIME. I need to buy a pair. I think my legs will be happier after my runs.

  153. 153
    Cassie Britton says:

    I also tweeted about the giveaway (@CEB82)

  154. 154
    Krys O'Rourke says:

    My weekend included me backing out of a race due to extreme pain related to my TMJ. BOO! Surgery is tomorrow.

  155. 155

    You are jazzy. That is my comment 😉

  156. 156

    I would wear those bad boys for running recovery and occasionally to bed like you do. The BF complains about my prickly legs all the time so that would solve that problem haha. I have better things to do than shave my legs twice a day (they grow like weeds).

  157. 157

    And you know I tweeted about this 🙂

  158. 158
    Tara says:

    Would love to win!

  159. 159
    Tara says:

    I tweeted from @t_knowles

  160. 160
    Sara says:

    I’m running an Mega Marathon this Saturday so I will probably need to wear compression socks for the next month straight! lol

    Breakfast salad sounds like a winner to me! yay!

  161. 161
    Britt says:

    I’ve been wanting to try compression socks forever! This weekend was spent watching football and spending time with family! I think I need to try that salt ‘n’ peppa chocolate soon….

  162. 162
    Erica says:


    I would love to give these socks a try. Since I started doing backwards running intervals on the treadmill, my calves have been getting kind of sore!

  163. 163
    Annie says:

    I LOVE the socks…I have a half this weekend and a full November 3rd!! Gotta love when you run a half only to have to run 7 more right after to get your 20 in!

  164. 164
    Jamie A. says:

    I love their products. I have a pair of the sleeves and would love a pair of the socks. I also wear them to bed and maybe even sometimes to work the next day under my work pants!!

  165. 165

    Oooh – I need some new compression socks – mine are holey and I love the way they support running!

  166. 166
    Jill says:

    Those socks are awesome! I’d wear them for a nice long run!

  167. 167
    Elena says:

    I absolutely L-O-V-E those socks and just bought a pair of the calf sleeves for my running buddy (shh – surprise for after our marathon). I could definitely use another pair and really, a girl can’t have too much pink!

  168. 168
    Marcia says:

    Oh I could use a pair of those socks. But, it looks like I’m not the only one, LOL.

  169. 169
    Lizzie says:

    i recently got my first pair of compression socks and am in love. i was training for my first marathon (which is in two weeks) but unfortunately won’t be able to do it because of a nagging injury that just isn’t healing in time. BUT i would rock those ProCompression socks when i train for my next marathon in the spring!

  170. 170
    Maria says:

    OK, so I can’t comment on the breakfast or where I would wear the socks, I imagine wherever and whenever possible! But I can tell you that after my sister’s wedding this weekend, I know why people blog! It was soooo blog worthy on soooo many levels! From the people to the events leading up to! I can see blogging as therapy as much as running can be! Of which I think I need a lot more now! So cheers to both! – Thanks for thinking Pink (my favorite color!)

  171. 171
    Tracy says:

    I would love at chance at those babies! I have been considering purchasing some to try. Try ’em before you buy ’em would be great!

  172. 172
    Tiffany A. says:

    I would wear them on my next race.

  173. 173
    Susi Hansen says:

    Kristen–breakfast salad? Awesome!!! With sweet Potato? More awesome!!! I would wear my fabulous PINK!! comPression socks after a nice long walk–not running –yet. What was my fun thing this weekend??? Celebrating our church’s 125th anniversary!! It was good to see your Mom AND Dad there!!! Love ya–hug those boys big time. (and STUFT daddy too!)

  174. 174

    I neeeeeeeeed these!! I’m running my first half in FIVE weeks! I can’t wait until I can bust out 24 miles like that! 🙂

  175. 175
    Jessica Drake says:

    Breakfast salad: yay. I think I could handle eating a salad for breakfast.. But it’d have to be a fruity one.

  176. 176

    Those socks would feel so good on my legs right now from me getting back into running! Plus, it would help with running in the cold!!

  177. 177
  178. 178
    Nicole says:

    I tweeted this earlier! For some reason, my work computer wouldn’t let me comment!

  179. 179
    Michelle says:

    Breakfast salad looks great. Have been wanting to get a pair of compression socks but this jogging on a budget is no joke. Winning a pair would be awesome!!!

  180. 180
    Holly says:

    Sure I’d wear the purple ones. I’d say no to breakfast salad. And who has fun working all weekend?

  181. 181
    Shelley says:

    Love the breakfast salad idea!! I have never tried compression socks but would love to… 🙂

  182. 182
    Joanna says:

    Breakfast salad? maybe…I’d try it, but probably not for the family. Hooligan pancakes on the other hand? Just about every weekend 🙂

    Just started running…again (I “just start” a lot lately), so I’d definitely try the compression socks on a run…maybe it will make me keep going.

    Weekend fun? had a babysitter all day yesterday so we could organize and clean the garage…not so fun. We’re moving to Orange County next month (wah!!)

  183. 183
    SarahRuth says:

    Much to my husband’s delight ;), I would wear those socks pretty much everyday after work. Ha!

  184. 184
    Tara says:

    This weekend I ran the Color Me Rad Race in Albany, NY. Nothing is more fun than running and getting covered in color!

  185. 185
    ashley rose says:

    hello! this is my first comment ive ever posted on your page, which is funny since I read your blog on the daily!!! I absolutely love your recipes, little family, and you! im currently obsessed with your egg whites & oats, haven’t burnt myself out on that yet to try something different! I would however wear these socks EVERYWHERE! I have been running every morning lately (something new to me actually! I was inspired to give it a go after seeing you and your amazing power to workout!) this weekend was spent working and helping my sister plan for her wedding, but I did manage to squeeze in my treadmill time!! anyways, I love your blog!!! hope you had a good day.

  186. 186
    Renee says:

    I do not think I would eat uncooked spinach for breakfast but i would definitely eat that salad for brunch.

  187. 187
    Joanna says:

    I tweeted too! @jojobk

  188. 188
    Chanelle says:

    I could really use those socks right about now! I did my first cardio muscle class at my gym today and I can already tell that I will be sore tomorrow! If only post pregnancy fitness could be solved by pretty socks!

  189. 189
    nataliek says:

    Well shoot. I realized I left my comment on the wrong post! So here it is again…. Hope I win! Thanks.

  190. 190
    Joy says:

    Congratulations on a great long run!

    I would wear my compression socks for recovery after long runs. And I might sport them at other times just because they look awesome. 🙂

  191. 191
    Stacey says:

    i spent some quality time with the husband and passed my NASM Personal Trainer test!!!

  192. 192

    I have no idea if you’ve chosen a winner for these, but I really want these socks! I have been on Amazon for days checking them out and hoping they magically appear in my mail box!

  193. 193

    I just tweeted it too even thought I don’t know if this give away is over. I figure if nothing else you and Pro Compression Socks got a little more exposure!


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