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Give Me 10

Give Me 10



I really should be in bed at 10:00 pm to get a decent night’s sleep. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened.

This is what I was doing at 10:00 pm instead.


Almond coconut ice cream with a little coconut cookie dough crumble mixed in in a Flatout cinnamon crisp bowl. Oh and some three ingredient fudge underneath.

Hmmm….. one of my best friend Bob’s Skinny Rules is to go to bed hungry. Can’t say that I do Bob. Oops.


If I had just 10 extra hours in a week day I might actually have a chance to get caught up with everything.


On average I’m usually running about 10 minutes late anywhere I’m supposed to be.


I teach 10 different fitness classes each week that don’t always get mentioned on the blog (2 of them today in fact).


I’m usually hungry about 10 minutes after I eat a Paleo inspired salad and in need of some serious bread.

Oh, except for this one from this morning.


Yes, I’m going to safely assume I’ll be having a version of either this sweet potato combo or this breakfast salad for the next 10 days.

What is this breakfast salad thing?

Let me just tell you. It started with the ultimate pear breakfast salad last week and has evolved of course.


STUFT Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad

fresh spinach drizzled with coconut oil

scrambled egg whites with cinnamon (optional sweetener if needed)

roasted sweet potato with low calorie peanut butter frosting (made with PB2), peanut butter and Artisana Cocoa Bliss


I prepped the sweet potato (microwaved for about 6 minutes and then roasted at 375 convection for about 10 to get it crispy). Then I added the toppings and set it in the freezer for a bit to let it chill and let the peanut butter/cocoa goodness harden up a little. I scrambled the egg whites with some cinnamon (from my new jugs) and put them in the fridge to chill a bit also. I wanted my salad cold. Then I put it all together on some spinach with coconut oil and some extra cinnamon.

Um yeah.

Breakfast salad is becoming my new thing. So are sweet potatoes like the rest of the blogger world. So are cold egg whites.



After attempting a nap, not being able to sleep and getting anxious after 10 minutes I whipped up this little afternoon snack to get me through the rest of the day and fuel my “office hours”.


A cinnamon coconut Americano and a pear, walnut butter, coconut butter and cinnamon sandwich.


It was pretty much my cinnamon pear breakfast STUFTwich without the egg whites.


I usually keep my vegetables in the oven about 10 minutes too long. They get rather crispy on a daily basis.



On a good day I have to remake my bed and put all the pillows back on about 10 times. It’s so annoying. What’s with toddlers and pillows?


Lately I sometimes want to cry about 10 times throughout the day for different reasons- fatigue, stress, my messy office, my untouched notebooks, deadlines, etc.

But……. I also want to smile, laugh, dance, sing and just be thankful a million plus 10 times a day because of these guys. They say and do the silliest things.


Examples: This picture was all their idea. They saw the bench and told me that they wanted to take a picture sitting on it. So we did.

During boot camp today Judah got my workout paper and was pretending to read off the exercises for us. Somehow I don’t think that paper only had “push ups” and “yoga” listed on it though.


I almost talked myself out of getting on the treadmill today about 10 times. I was tired and coming up with every excuse in the book. I rallied though and made it to the gym at night for a quick 6 miles.


I swear, no matter how tired you are going into a workout, you always feel better afterwards. Even if all you have is 10 minutes.


Oh hey, if you’ve got 10 minutes, I’ve got a little fun challenge for you to try.


And…. I know I keep saying this, but I really do have a special post in the works that has 10, yes 10, very special invites to give away that just might help spread the Mezamashii love.


Stay tuned.


The winner of the Pro Compression socks giveaway (chosen by random.org) is

#112 Tracey S.

Congrats Tracey! Email me your address and I’ll get your socks to you!



Have a good one friends!


Got 10? What’s the number 10 mean for you right now?

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  1. 1
    Tess says:

    WOW!!! you do about 10 hundred things in a day…..keep rockin’ it 😉

  2. 2

    Ugh, I feel like I’m running in about 10 different directions all the time! I’m so tired of the stress! I hope you have a good day. I know you really need it!

  3. 3
    Jen Weaver says:

    I always think that treadmills are truly trying to tell you not to work out on them!! If you look at the picture you took, there is a giant STOP every time you look down. The psychology teacher in me is thinking of the power of suggestion and the impact of words. We all know, if we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, the more likely we are to not be able to do that thing. If while we are running, we see the word stop constantly….what impact does this have on the psychology of your workout?
    1 more thought- If we live in a world where when we lose something we always have to find that thing. When we are constantly talking about losing weight, are we subconsciously thinking…we have to find it?

  4. 4
    Kathy says:

    K…since every other workout is great I guess I will give ya 10 later today …although, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with burpees. 😉 (The computer wanted to self correct burpees to burps…ha! sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with burps too!)

    I wish I enjoyed pears more but it is NOT a food that I have ever developed a fondness for…otherwise, food looks great! 😉

  5. 5
    Aubrie says:

    I have been eating cinnamon with my eggs for years! (And in my sugar days, I would eat them with a drizzle of syrup too!) Its the best undiscovered breakfast secret.

  6. 6

    Soo true – sometimes I just don’t want to work out and when I’m finished, I’m so thankful I did it!

  7. 7
    Samantha says:

    I LOVE the run/burpee challenge! Dang it I need a timer!

    I live on sweet potatoes…I get cranky when costco goes off season and stops stocking the boxes of them.

    Interesting on the going to bed hungry “rule.” Probably not happening for me. I don’t like going to bed over-full, but I am one of those people that if I don’t eat enough the day before I am probably going to be woken up in the middle of the night starving and unable to sleep if I don’t eat a little. I always wake up really hungry too.

    I don’t know what 10 means to me, but it is not a happy number. Right now it seems too large. (Except in the context of 10 minute burpee/run challenge…I am all over that).

  8. 8

    i love my sweet potatoes topped with peanut butter, but have never done it cold. i’m assuming you love it? i’m tempted and scared to try. haha. but i think i just might!!

  9. 9

    That breakfast salad sounds like a great idea!! I’m loving “egg white oatless oats” these days, but need to switch it up a bit. and that ice cream? uh-mazing. Right now i’m 10 minutes late for lunch… and hungry. off I go!

  10. 10
    Austin says:

    Haha. I don’t know what it is about toddlers and pillows, but my daughter is always pulling our pillows off the bed and dragging them around too! Some days I just give up trying to make the bed and I leave the pillows in whatever random parts of the house she takes them to.

    I’ve got nothing for the number 10 though. Maybe it’s the number of minutes I need to dedicate to housecleaning in order to preserve my sanity.

  11. 11

    Yup Deefinitely can’t go to bed hungry either, I cannot fall asleep or I’ll wake up at 2 or 3 Starving! I’m sure when I stop breastfeeding it will be easier not to have to eat at 10pm, but I kind of like that extra meal 🙂

  12. 12

    I love your breakfast COMBOS! I’m totally making a savory/sweet breakfast STUFTwich tomorrow night for dinner, because why not. I’ll make sure to post a picture. Um that 10 minute challenge looks painful. I hate burpees. 😉 Have a great day darling!

  13. 13

    I’m not sure I agree with Bob about going to bed hungry, maybe if you have like 100lbs to lose. I don’t know how you’d be hungry after a paleo meal, unless there wasn’t enough fat. Maybe you were craving bread, not necessarily hungry for it? 😉 Your sweet potato salad looks delicious!!

  14. 14
    Paula says:

    10 is actually my self prescribed bedtime. It is presently 10:15 and I am in bed….reading your blog and typing!! My New Year’s resolution (the past 2 years) is to get more sleep and I am usually blowing it by the end of Jan. but I keep trying.

  15. 15
    Susi says:

    Oh My Gosh–your breakfast salad looked amazing!! I just LOVE sweet potatoes, and will eat them plain, if need be. Prefer with cinnamon and just a drizzle of honey. Never thought of Peanut Butter. And your sandwich….I must not make one now, I must not make one now, I must not make one now. Thats what I get for reading your posts so late. I am taking your friend, Bob’s book with me…the rules one, and hopefully will have time to read on the plane, or in an airport. Psyching myself up not to do junk food while traveling…we’ll see how that goes! 10min: read devotional, wash dishes, probably should do a quick walk, clean the toilet….the walk sounds better already…Can I read and walk at the same time? Have a great weekend. PS–interesting note on Jen Post #3—thats a ten minute think about it!!

  16. 16

    I’m running 10K in less than two weeks so 10 is on my mind with every run.

    And seriously, what IS with toddlers/kids and pillows?! Lincoln makes pillow kingdoms all day long 🙂

  17. 17
    Miz says:

    oooh we could be roomies.
    bed by 10 sounds divine.

  18. 18
    Kanoe says:

    10 means to me I wish I had a free 10 minutes HAHA!! As I know you understand… to much going on and it’s not stopping for me anytime soon but I’ll get through it like I do everything ;-D. I might possibly do some primal yelling/screaming but I shall surive LOL! I do want to try this workout though. Your food as usual is inspring LOL. Never did cinnamon in my eggs but I have to try it now. Just bought some PB2 and coconut butter from Artisana so I’m excited to try that PB2 frosting of yours and that coconut butter on a sweet potato(just go those too… LOVE them!).

  19. 19
    Janet says:

    YES! To me church and workouts are like that- hard to get to sometimes, but I always feel better afterwards! Hang in there- maybe you need time w/your mom to “gamble” and while she gambles you can sleep!!! I’m going to try your 10 minute run/burpee addition this morning! Have a great day!!

  20. 20

    I am with you, I was dragging all day long today! I didn’t want to workout, but after I completed it, I felt so much better today! For me, ten means having an additional 10 minutes to myself each day! Oh, how I wish that could happen! 🙂


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